Jan. 10th, 2013

Thanks for fretting with me, guys. I kind of figured it wasn't anything urgent because the doctors in the French hospital told me when I went for my one-week checkup that having made it up eight flights of stairs earlier that day meant I was almost definitely clot-free, and yesterday I did a fifteen minute starter jogging thing again... basically, if I'd had a blood clot in my lungs, I would have passed out, and I knew that, but when that tightness was still there at the end of the day and I had jogged that MORNING I kind of freaked out. I mean, you would if you were me.

BUT I am scheduling a doctor's appointment before my move anyway so I know how to transfer my INR appointments, my rat poison prescription, and I also want to discuss my natural substitutes idea with her... I know American doctors are heavily paid by pharmacies to sign people up for their pills, but I like to think my doctor and I have seen enough of each other that she'll understand and take pity on me. I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but the doctor at the American hospital told me he thought I should take blood thinners indefinitely (that's $12 a month for the pills and at least $30 each time I get my finger pricked to test the INR, which is at least once a month but occasionally more frequently). I did some research and am convinced that taking Omega 3 supplements and focusing my diet on more food that naturally thins blood (I have a list) and harshly limiting anything with vitamin K *should* do an adequate enough job, along with regular exercise and a promise to never again take birth control or sit still for more than a few hours at a time. I want to talk to her about that--I'll even agree to keep getting my finger pricked for the first few months I'm off the rodenticide--and my parents' pharmacist friend. ANYWAY I'm also going to mention my little scare (and the sinus infection I've been fighting since Christmas) when I'm there.

The thing is, I get really really paranoid about any sort of irregular chest thing... obviously. Like, sometimes my bra is too tight and I start writing out my last will and testament. So basically what I assume happened is I went running for the first time in six months on a really fucking cold day after having not-quite recovered from a stubborn sinus infection, and what was left of the infection got agitated in my lungs and irritated me for the rest of the day. By the time I woke up it was gone, and there was no sign of it all day today. Were it another pulmonary embolism, the running probably would have knocked me out and it would be getting worse, not better.

So yeah, no worries, but I will mention it to my doctor within the next couple weeks (and you can bet your asses I'll be on red-alert until then).

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