May. 22nd, 2013

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So I haven't been here in a while but HEY GUESS WHAT I got a full-time job with a salary that adds up to exactly twice what I was making at Bubba Gump (but it's full-time and not part-time) and also... benefits!  I now have great health insurance including eyes and teeth, FSAs, a 401K that I'll probably set up next year, discounts on hardware and software and tickets to movies and Broadway shows and all sorts of things, a potential scholarship fund if I want to take any classes that I can pretend are for the job (my translation certification!), end-of-the-year bonuses, ten paid vacation days a year AND ten paid sick days a year, and probably other things I've forgotten.  Plus I make twice rent in a WEEK.

Things this means: well, besides the obvious (I'll have a doctor soon in case another embolism decides to pop up), I'll have enough money to go back to France if something important happens AND I'll be paid the whole time.  I can finally afford things like furniture, new clothes, food, an accordion, to get the viruses off this laptop, a kindle, maybe even a desktop someday...!  (And obviously I could even get a NEW laptop but that'll be my last priority since I feel very loyal to Listolier, the laptop I've had for six years.)  AND I CAN GET THAT ROBOT DINOSAUR.  And when the lease is up here with the roommates who frequently make me want to scratch my skin off, I'll pretty easily be able to afford going to somewhere where I have my own room in a 3- or 2-bedroom!!!

Yes.  Oh and did I mention, the job is customer service at a publishing company?  A textbook publishing company, but still it's a foot in the right door!  And I have all the things I've always wanted: a huge cubicle with a fancy chair, a job that involves me doing a thing on a computer from nine to five, a watercooler, an hour for lunch, a cool boss, and an excuse to wear my pencil skirts.  Omg.  We even have a half-day Friday and Monday off because of Memorial Day or something, but it's all paid!!!

Okay off to work.  Next time I update I'll tell you about my stagedooring adventures.

(And though this is all amazing, I just started Monday and won't get paid till the 7th, and I only have $30 to live off of until then, so the end of my misery is in sight but not quite here yet.)

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