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Okay I just want to talk about my parents for a second.

My mom and dad met because my mom was working at a gas station to help pay her way through college.  She was the daughter of the new pastor at a church in a little plaid mill town home from college for the summer, unimpressed with her parents' new digs.  She tells the story of this skinny little guy with big glasses and a mustache who came into the store every day to buy M&Ms and Mountain Dew, and, as she phrases it, "I thought that guy sure did like M&Ms and Mountain Dew.  It took a long time for me to realize that it wasn't the snacks he liked, but me!"

When they started dating she found out that, though he couldn't read music, he and his brothers had formed a popular bluegrass band that toured the country on an old bus.  My mom didn't care for bluegrass, but every weekend she went with them to their shows and felt kinda cool that the cutest guy in the band was her boyfriend.  They dated for something like five years before one day they were in a gas station just a few yards away from the one where they had met and he said, "So, my brother Johnny says we're not playing anywhere August 8th. What do you say we get married?" to which she replied, "Well, if you're sure Johnny thinks it's okay."

They're not perfect human beings, but I was born four years later and, even though I grew up repressed and with a lot of body image issues I inherited from my mom, I'm still really grateful for having had a very happy, healthy childhood.  And I turned out to be a stagedoor groupie, so I think it's hilarious that my mom was so grumpy about being the girlfriend of "the cutest guy in the band" and having to travel along with their tours.  Also, I don't care for bluegrass either but I'm really proud of my dad.

I don't know.  I see a lot of people talking about having been bullied as kids or in high school and I feel really blessed to have been so caught up in my own world that if anyone was trying to bring me down, I didn't notice.  I'm not saying it's easy when all your negativity is coming from within you, but at least you can be made aware of it and change yourself.

Yeah.  I'm lucky.

And tomorrow I move out of the Harlem nightmare and into a great little summer sublet.

Also, most of my financial worries seem to be behind me.

And I had an avocado for breakfast.

I'm very happy.

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