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Hey guys,

For anyone who doesn't keep up with French gossip, there was an explosion at the Palais des Sports in Paris last night (Friday) only two and a half hours before what would have been the second performance of the new, revamped version of 1789: les amants de la Bastille.  Apparently someone was using a buzzsaw on some piece of set and a spark set off all the gunpowder they keep for the rifles/cannons they use during the show.  The resulting explosion caused a ceiling to collapse into a basement, shut down a big chunk of the Parisian tram system, and sent fifteen stagehands to the hospital.  Last I heard, five were in critical condition.  The actors and dancers who arrived early for rehearsal experienced some hearing damage and were physically knocked over by the force of the explosion, but none were kept at the hospital as they weren't as close to the blast as the stagehands.

Here's where you come in.  Most of the stagehands working on 1789 were the same stagehands who worked on MOR, so I know their faces but never spoke to them, and I feel like I've been punched in the gut.  Making matters worse are the posts I'm seeing from certain French fans expressing relief that it was "just the stagehands" who were hurt.  Five of them are in critical condition.

As such, tumblr user aquoitudanses had the idea to pull together a project for these injured members of the team, and I volunteered to take charge.  Basically, if you have a spare moment, please write a little note of support for the injured stagehands and their families (you can write it in any language you want, but please provide an English transcription if it's not already in English or French so I can do subtitles).  You can scan the note, turn it into a graphic, put it on a poster and take a picture of yourself holding it, or read it aloud in a short video.  Even if you just write #staystrong1789, the hashtag Sébastien Agius used for a very moving graphic he posted earlier in the evening, every little bit helps.  However, I'd really like it if you could make note of your country/state so the team knows that their work has touched people all over the world, and that essentially the whole world is rooting for them.

Please send images and videos to me at lesmisloony at yahoo.com by Sunday night (EST-ish) so I can pull a video together and start trying to get them to see it.
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