In a few short hours I am going to go find [ profile] misatheredpanda and we are going to make Paris a little bit cooler with our antics.

MOST IMPORTANTLY she got us front row centre balcony seats to see Mozart l'Opéra Rock tomorrow... ON OPENING NIGHT. :DD

Last time we were in Paris together (with [ profile] josiana , of course) we performed Les Mis almost in its entirety on the RER C and at Versailles (alarming a bunch of schoolchildren), managed to successfully create a potential Les Mis/Repo crossover (the mechanics of which I have completely forgotten), wondered what would inspire Montparnasse to wear a flower in his butthole, and found out what an opercule was.  Or did we?

SHORT STORY SHORTER I am super stoked.
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This concept was born during a fangirl all-nighter at [ profile] 10littlebullets 's *incredible* Parisian apartment the night of June 6th (or, more accurately, the morning of June 7th).  Because we weren't ready to leave before the Metro closed, we decided to stay until it reopened.  When someone asked why a Harry Potter theme park was a better idea than a Les Mis theme park, a terrifying idea was spawned.  And we were so loud that someone yelled at us from across the street.

(I didn't want to shame you guys by linking your names to this, but know that this is a collective piece of work from a lot of brilliant, twisted minds.  All I really did was record it for posterity and future lulz.  And if you don't mind being associated with this project, tell me what I left out!  The conversation went on for ages and we were all half-dead.)

Entry Fee: Free with the donation of your hair and front teeth!

The Javert Ride: a log flume whose cars are all carved out in the shape of Javert, top hat and all, which you ride down a huge drop from a bridge into a river.  And no, it doesn't come back up.

The Coaster of Stalkery: two versions of this were proposed.  One involved three tracks representing Cosette, Marius, and Éponine, wherein three cars would be released from their stations at once and would all appear to be following each other.  The other had tracks for Valjean, Marius, and Courfeyrac, with the same basic concept except that the Courfeyrac car never left the station as it doesn't want to follow a car which seems to be following a car.

The Boat Ride: a scenic tour of the Parisian sewers as described by Hugo.  The poop, rats, and pickpockets are all real!

Child Care: an elephant with a hole torn between its front legs for easy access.  Once inside, your child will love fighting off rats and huddling beneath a bit of chickenwire for safety!

The Éponine Ride: a lazy river down the Seine.  If you have a functioning nose and have ever stood near the Seine, you're wincing right now.

Refreshment Cart: a pie stand, but watch out for Bamatabois!  He's been known to knock people down with his walking stick and steal a slice of their pie.

The Barricade Ride: the sort of rollercoaster where your feet dangle and the people below try to shoot water guns at you.  But instead of water guns, they're actual guns.

Enjolras Kissing Booth: if you can get past an enraged Grantaire and his broken-off bottle, you have the right to plant a kiss on those marble Adonis Apollo Sunshine lips.  Beware of the lethal lasers that will immediately blast from Enjolras's eyes and into your skull.  And Grantaire might just bury a bottle into your back before your head melts.

The Test of Strength: a coffin with only a few tiny air holes into which you will be placed and then partially buried.  If you can get out, you win a stuffed urchin!  If you can't get out, you suffocate.

Water Fountains: they will be positioned all over the park for the guests' convenience.  However, only about a fifth of them will actually produce water.  The rest will be Cholera Fountains.

Hugo's Ferris Wheel: Ride a model of the spinning corpse of Victor Hugo round and round his grave!

The Bishop's House: a nice place of rest, relaxation, and a full meal.  You can also get a good night's sleep if you don't mind sharing a small bed in the alcove with any other guests.  Stealing the silverware is advisable as it tends to lead to the best outcome somehow.

The Exit: If you've managed to make it this far, you're to be congratulated!  However, in order to leave the park you must choose between sitting through every known cinematic version of Les Misérables or a recording of the entire Book being read aloud.  With no breaks.  Bathroom breaks are punishable by death.
If you make it out of the park, you are allowed to choose: royalist or republican?  Royalists are then met by a waiting guillotine.  For republicans, there will be a firing squad.

And the whole park will be powered by orphans and patrolled by handsome, murderous pickpockets.
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Also, Katherine spilled water all over my futon.  That whore.

Also also, I'm working on a graph to illustrate my thoughts on the LM fandom.

Lastly, I have to write a paper and I don't seem to be doing it.  Maybe I'll at least go to class tomorrow. 

Ooh, and I got Pets on the Sims!  Richmond and Julian are raising Petit Julien, the greyhound who is actually a girl but Julian insisted they name it for him before they knew this (that happened in my canon, not in, like, the game...) and Tara and I made cupcake dog.  I can't seem to figure out where the screencaps are being saved anymore, though... because I really need to post pictures of my Amis, the Patron-Minette, Valjean and the gang, and... like... everyone else.  Oh!  And though the best cheat ever, the Tombstone of Life and Death, I made the Doctor give birth to my child.  Yes, like that.  His name is Papageno Zydrate.

Also, this.  Oh my good Lord.


My Pavi mask!

Ten out of Nine will say... )
Oh my worrrrd.
My geekery is complete.

You guys.  I downloaded every single one of those and installed them.

Also I got a David Tennant, Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre, Voldemort, Vince Noir (zookeeper version, of course!) and the entire Cullen family (just for lulz). 

Someday I'll post pictures.  Today I made a pretty darn decent replica of the Wallace house for my new Sim family, Shilo and Nathan.  The house includes a random Marni grave and the hall of creepy Marni pictures!  And then alt!Richmond wandered over and immediately became friends with Nathan!  And then alt!Richmond sat there and played chess by himself in Shilo's room for what appeared to be twenty-four hours, but finally Shilo came over in her pyjamas to join him.  But they had some sort of row and Shilo stomped into the bathroom.  Then alt!Richmond came into the bathroom and they screamed at each other and he ran out of the house!  You guys... that was so weird.

Oh!  And then Nathan got electrocuted.  But he's okay.

I'm trying to convince myself not to go play with all my new dresses right now because I need to sleep for my exam at oh I don't know ELEVEN A.M.

(PS I hate Sim!Shilo.  She won't do her homework and keeps missing the bus.  She has an imaginary bunny bff.)
Who'd have thought that the arrival of our long-awaited skeleton Edwob would not be my favourite part of this day?  Even when I came home from work to find Edwob sitting in our chair, dressed in a bunch of my clothes with my laptop on his knees, my headphones on his... ears?... and a box of pop-tarts under one arm. 

Because my favourite part of this day was... obtaining... a copy of the Sims 2 and all its expansion packs and having it actually work.  And then I created alt!Richmulian (since the real ones are doing just fine in Kat's Sims world thingy) and moved them into a house and got them jobs.  Of course, the first thing I did, even before the boys, was to murder an entire family that was already in Pleastant...ville... or whatever it's called.  We found a family with a mother called Mary Sue and a father who was cheating with the maid.  Well, we let the father make Woohoo with the maid and then had Mary Sue walk in.  Then we put the maid in the swimming pool and took out the ladders.  While she was drowning, the mother managed to set fire to the kitchen without our help!  Then some guy named Dominic came running in and died by fire.  Then Mary Sue died by fire.  Then we put Daniel (the dad) and his obnoxious teenage daughters (and their friend from school) in a room with no doors and fast-forwarded until they all starved.  

The Grim Reaper is HILARIOUS.  He makes a call on his cell phone to get the little white light to beam dead people up!

Anyway, *then* I got around to alt!Richmulian, though alt!Julian somehow looks like Nine.  Also, he's a pickpocket.  Even more hilariously, scalpel wielding murderer alt!Richmond is an EMT.

I haven't used *any* of the expansion packs yet.  Heck, they might not even work.  All that matters is I now have very little disc space and even less reason(who knew it was possible?) to do homework.

*bangs head against desk repeatedly*

Oh my word I need sleep so badly.

(PS- Edwob is on facebook!)
I was trying to think of a way that the RIDICULOUSNESS of Twilight could be made more obvious, but then I just started thinking generically about ~*sparklepires*~ and how insane that general concept is and how I'm glad no one in any of MY fandoms sparkles (possible exceptions: Vince Noir and Cybermen) and then I thought...

...what if Montparnasse was a sparklepire?


*imagines a sparkly Gueulemer*

Let's all hope together that nothing comes of this errant thought.

But I laughed my head off when it surfaced in my mind.


Ohhh gosh need sleep. I'm sure this post will shame me in the morning.
For the record, if you were to ever click on the "my roommate" tag, you'd notice the recent ones saying how awesome she is and then a couple of older ones saying how she never talks to me and life is embarrassing with her. In case it's not clear, the "how awesome she is" ones are my current roommate, the fabulous Molly, while the awkward ones are my freshman roommate whose name I sometimes forget. That said, sometimes Molly and I IM when we're sitting in the same room.

Stupidest chat ever. )


16959 / 50000 words. 34% done!


*punches fist in the air* 
Hell yes.  Every time prop eight is supported, Richmond and Julian cry.

OH!  Carolyn!  I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU.  Something... Colin Morgany.
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Once upon a time there was a Cockney called the Hitcher. He was green and wore a giant polo over his eye. He liked eels. He also liked to urinate on people's faces, comin' out of 'im like a yellow cable. It was not funny at all and really quite disgusting when he did this, but it was his way of showing love. So was raping. But he didn't rape geezers.

Once upon a time there was a scaly man-fish called Old Gregg. He was green and wore a tutu. He liked Baileys. He also liked to show people his mangina until the light that came from it knocked them out. It was sort of funny but mostly really quite awkward when he did this, but it was his way of showing love. So was forcing people to marry him. He had his own wedding dress.

Alas, for Old Gregg the half-fish half-man and the Hitcher, who loved eels, have never met. But if they were, it would be true love. The Hitcher would try to rape Old Gregg and Old Gregg would force the Hitcher to marry him and the Piper Twins and the Funk would be bridesmaids. Naboo would perform the ceremony. Then Old Gregg and the Hitcher would ride a rocket made from wheat all the way to the Moon, where they would have a nice little honeymoon. Honeymoon. On the Moon. The original Moon. The full Moon.

And all their babies would be little green Noel Fieldings. Some would have seaweed, some would have polos, and some would have painted-on mustaches. Except one that would be pink and have tentacles instead of a body.

This is not fanfic. This is common sense. And it's our new OTP.

Artwork provided by Katherine:

Pictures or it didn't happen: )
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Well, we all know the Doctor keeps getting younger and cuter... know where I'm going with this.  I read it on someone else's page and couldn't help but repeat it.

Noel Fielding for 11!

(...I know.)

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