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Hello there!

Gosh, I feel like I've been so busy since I got home. First off the plane portion of my journey took all day Monday and the train portion all day Tuesday, then Wednesday my mom let me spend $100 on some new clothes (I had NO pants after donating most of my clothes in order to get my luggage down to three suitcases), Thursday I did grocery and pharmacy errands and dismantled my broken laptop, Friday I had two interviews for season jobs (I got a job at Target, starting next Sunday!!), and today I'm going to finally finish going through my stuff and arranging everything in my room. I get to put my belongings in DRAWERS for the first time since early August! Still on my to-do list are VOTING FOR BARACK OBAMA and calling my doctor to find out what we're gonna do about m blood thinners and stuff.

I am so happy to be back in the US, and back in a rural town. The trees are so beautiful here (just google "Blue Ridge mountains fall" and you can imagine what NC looks like this time of year--I'm not in the mountains, but those are the trees I'm seeing) and it's been so sunny I haven't had to put on a jacket since I got off the train. People are friendly and easy to chat with, Subway has mushrooms and banana peppers, and I can watch new episodes of Top Model with my mom on our big enormous four foot screen. My mom's dog is adorable, the cat is a thousand times less shed-y and obnoxious than Vincent's, and I've been reunited with things like my extensive nail polish collection and $2 yarn at Walmart!

I filled out two job applications online while I was in France, and when I got to the house I saw two job interviews on the calendar for me. I interviewed at Target in the morning and Ulta in the afternoon, and Target hired me on the spot. The Ulta people were a little bit snottier (I was gossiping with my Target supervisor about people she knew in college for fifteen minutes before she got around to the actual interview) so I don't give a crap if they don't hire me. Plus the Target people want to put me on the clothes floor! I need a red shirt and khaki pants now.

My biggest triumph is that my darling laptop Listolier, who had been getting startlingly hot lately, finally gave up and told me there was a fan error, refusing to boot up at all. I refused to let him die on me after all we've shared, so I used the family desktop to find instructions on dismantling a thinkpad and, with the help of my sonic screwdriver screwdriver I gutted my poor friend, clearing out all the dust bunnies and cat hair (thanks, Vincent's stinky apartment) and finally had the computer fan in my hand, which I sprayed with compressed air. I reassembled everything (losing one tiny screw in the process unfortunately), and, fully expecting the computer to refuse to boot up or to give me another fan error (or be broken from me touching the wrong thing) I tried to restart it and... success! Not only does it no longer have a fan error, it no longer gets super hot! Right now it's on my lap, which before would have turned it into a scorching oven, but when I put my hand on the edge where the fan is it's cold as ice! I'm so excited!

Emboldened by that success, I went ahead and ordered a new keyboard for $20 off ebay, because my number three key sticks and my backspace and shift have been broken and see-sawing for months. Plus I know the compressed air didn't get all the gunk out from under these keys, so it'll be nice to just replace it myself like the badass I secretly am.

Can you tell how happy I am from the tone of this? If not, I AM A HAPPY PERSON. I know what phone plan and phone I'm going to get from Verizon (everyone's recommended network) once I move to New York, but I unfortunately am without a phone for the time being. My parents give me an old flip phone of theirs so I'm trying to find some cheap pay-as-you-go type plan for that. It would be nice.

Question: if I plan to use my future smartphone's wifi VERY sparingly, like only to check maps or directions or whatever when I get lost, is 250MB of internet enough or should I spring for 1G? I've never had a smartphone before--I've been using a flip phone for two years that didn't even have a camera in it--and my parents have become Apple zombies and keep trying to convince me to get an iPhone with unlimited wifi like their plan, but I don't want to always have access to tumblr or I'll retreat from the physical world and never use my mouth to communicate again. But I *do* want access to the internet if I get lost or confused in New York, where I'll be living come January. Anyway I'm figuring all this out from recommendations from friends and stuff.
I got my laptop fixed! My real laptop, not the teeny slow one!  I got my laptop fixed and I just got to reintroduce myself to my ITUNES which means ALL THE MUSIC I HAVE THAT ISN'T ABOUT MOR and and and and I am ROCKING OUT right now to No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and there's ABBA and Ke$ha and Jekyll & Hyde and it's just... THERE IS MORE TO LIFE AND I'M GONNA BE OKAY





Omg and like.  I love everything right now.  I haven't been this happy since I left Toulouse.

Also, I think in my book it should be a rock opera version of Dangerous Liaisons.  I am seriously thinking about calling it Les Liaisons DangeROCK or something equally ridiculous.  Valmont is a crazy glittery Italian, he has unnecessary amounts of UST with Chevalier Danceny because they rewrote the plot a little for the musical, and also Valmont's servant dude Azolan was on a reality show ten years ago and I'm his only fangirl.  Y/Y??




I named her Constanze because she wears pink and she was my second choice.

The laptop crisis has gotten pretty terrible.

It won't stay on more than fifteen minutes at the absolute max, and that's only when it makes it through the entire bootup process, which is maybe one out of five tries.  So like.  Ugh.

I've been spending my time on my knitting project and listening to my also-broken iPod.  Wouldn't ya know this would happen to me the 


HEY SO my laptop died right there.  And wouldn't restart.  So I took a shower, got dressed, tried some more, and it still wouldn't restart.

So now I've recharged my navigo for the week and sneaked into the computer lab at the Foyer at St-Michel.  Trustworthy internet, hi!  Except now I can't log in to yahoo for some reason.  Gahhhh why.  Once I've tired of being online I shall go to La Droguerie and buy some more sparkly yarn.  Red, black, and gold.  Vu qu'ils ont du noir, because they didn't have any when I went there before break.  So I just bought a lifetime supply of silver.

I can see how I could get a little bummed out if I wasn't careful.  I've only got one friend left in Paris and she's busy babysitting all the time, I got no show to stalk at night, my laptop won't work... so like.  What am I supposed to do for the next couple of weeks?  Knit, I guess.  Knit and listen to my iPod.  Until the battery dies and I can only charge it for the .24601 seconds before my computer commits suicide.

OH POO I was just stalking Flo's myspace like I do every single time I'm ever online and I noticed that myspace has a thing that tells you who's been looking at your profile.  Haha... uhhhh well.  Not like he doesn't know I stalk him.  Not like there aren't five bajillion French preteens who do the exact same thing.

Sherry pointed out that my new little laptop will have a French keyboard.  Argh.  But at least it'll have Windows 7 so it'll be easy to make it type like the US International Keyboard that I'm used to.

OMIGAH AFTER AN HOUR I FINALLY MADE IT INTO MY YAHOO ACCOUNT. And there weren't even any new emails.  But now I can see that my new little laptop is prevu d'etre expedie le today o'clock.  I don't know if that means they expect it to arrive today or they think they might get around to mailing it today.  I'd prefer the former.

ALSO HEY I used my beautiflo Florum to make one of the British fans hunt me down a hat like Flo's!  You know the hat.

THIS is in the mail on its way to my host family's address!!  I know, I know, I'm creepy.  But hey, I was actually considering knitting myself one somehow over break before I got distracted with my project for the Troupe, so... Wait, actually, which is creepier?  Knitting yourself one, or finding out that they're only sold in the UK, then coercing an internet friend who lives in the UK to buy one and mail it to you?

In case you can't tell, this stream-of-consciousness post is basically ALL THE THINGS I WANT TO SAY before I leave this glorious computer lab.

Oh and hey! I'll know by tomorrow whether or not I won a sweeps to get backstage tickets to hang with the Troupe in Lille!  Because I learned that stagedooring in Lille is gonna be craptastic.  The Troupe comes out in costume to sign stuff behind a table in the lobby after the show.  So like... not much of a Floto op given there's a table in the way, and even worse I'm doubting people like my love MAKTAV or even Nuno would bother to COME ON for such a madhouse.  So Lille is gonna be a disappointment.  SIGH.  Plus you have to have a ticket if you want to be at this signing, and the cheapest tickets are around fifty euros.  Which is why we were only planning to go to the show once, then stagedoor the rest of the weekend.

Anyway so like.  I randomly remembered I have a tumblr?  And then I started using it.  So, if you're interested in being spammed by pictures of Flo and other Mozart-y things, I'm lesmisloony over there too.

Okay.  I have looked at all the websites and I think I'm ready to leave the internet behind for the day.  I'm off to La Droguerie and then to Monoprix from some food and then back to my little yellow garret!  My knitting project is going quite well.  I'll post pictures once my little pink laptop arrives.

ETA: No backstage passes for me!  BOOOoooo.
Now that my jetlag and my pity party are over, I have one thing to say to the nervous fangirl I was being yesterday.

And it's under the cut. )

Take THAT yesterday!self.

Also, my laptop has developed a curious habit of randomly stopping all things.  I'll be minding my own business (by which I mean "minding Florent Mothe's business") and all of the sudden the screen goes black and all the little green lights at the bottom go out.  To make it restart I have to unplug it and remove the battery for a second.  As if that wasn't worrisome enough, only moments ago my laptop did this SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW.  I wouldn't even get it restarted before it killed itself again.

This does not bode well for my funds, as the free laptop fix-it people live on the other side of the Atlantic now.
It's only Tuesday and already Tiny has pooped in every room of the house and tried to rape Sad Dog a thousand times and Sad Dog has knocked me over to charge into the house at least once a day and can't be removed without a treat and the daggum rabbit peed all over its cage including in and under its food dish and completely filled its litterbox thing in one day and then I couldn't find the bags to empty the litter box so I had to carry the pee-stained piece of crap into the bathroom and dump all the clotted nastiness into the toilet and then my hands were covered in rabbit peeeeeee

and Tiny keeps chewing on me and follows me from room to room and has a panic attack every time I try to bathe because he can't see me when I'm in the giant tub or in the shower so my hair is greasy

by the way he woke me up at 5:30am this morning and my watch battery is dead for the first time in the four years I've had it

meanwhile my laptop is ready to be picked up but it's thirty minutes away and if I haven't gone to get it by tomorrow they're going to start charging me for holding on to their mofo loaner which is supposed to be so great given that it's running Windows 7 but actually it bluescreened EVERY DAY

Tiny thinks USB cords and electrical wires are fun to chew on

I have an assignment due for my online class but all my books are back at my actual house along with the other pets I need to feed, ie my beloved dumb Cocker Flossie, while my parents are at the beach but Tiny is too tiny to leave the house so I have to wait till he falls asleep, shut him in his cage thing, and then make a run for it and hope I can run all these errands by the time he wakes up


On the bright side, Tiny slept all day yesterday while Kelley and Sarai were over here and we watched from The Idiot's Lantern through the end of series two.  Meaning I got to see alt!Pete and Jackie's big reunion (perhaps the sweetest thing ever in the history of Who and I REALLY LOVE PETE TYLER) and Mickey being so cool and, you know, Bad Wolf Bay.  BUT THEN THERE WAS DONNA.

While Tiny is chewing on a rope, I'm going to quickly inform the internet of how much I love Mickey Smith.  I think I'm more proud of his evolution throughout the series than anybody.  Every time I see him pull out a giant gun and aim it at a Cyberman with that precious sneer I remember him clutching Rose's legs stammering "He's an alien, he's a- he's a thing!"  You go, Mickey Smith.  I feel like if I ever met Noel Clarke I'd want desperate to hug him.  Oh, and then there's Ricky, whose terrible acting is one of my favourite things in the history of ever.  Most specifically the scene where he goes, "Wha' am I doin' THEH?" and points at Mickey.

OKAY! Tiny fell asleep!  I have to shower, feed Flossie, and then drive back to campus to pick up my laptop.  Gahhhhhhh.
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Well, I've managed to keep the Great Afghan hidden from my parents all day, but if tomorrow's a snow day they'll both be home and I won't get a chance to work on it unless I hole myself up in my room.

I'm only posting right now because I'm procrastinating from finishing my take-home exam for that awful film class (and I literally did take the exam home, by the way).

My new cord came in for my laptop. Why have I shorted out two cords since freshman year? The second one only lasted about six months. What am I doing wrong here?

It may snow tomorrow, which is good, but there are holes all in my rubber boots so I'll certainly have wet feet. Sad.

My brain has been very Doctor Who this week. Probably from marathoning series two with Tara. I miss Rose. The show was much cuter and very, very different when she was around. I still adore the show, obviously, but I was just in love with it then.

I've managed to completely avoid all spoilers for The End of Time except that one picture of Ten in that funny hat and a few clips with the sound turned off that played under an interview he did. I survived all the squee of watching him on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (poor Catherine Tate) but the regeneration is still worrying me. Not as much as RTD leaving worries me, though. I mean, he's done his stupid things, but he also made me weep for three days simply because two characters would never see each other again. Tara had a similar reaction. No matter what anybody says about Rusty, he definitely knows what he's doing. I adore him, evil overlord that he is, and always will. The Moff has done some good episodes, of course (Blink and The Empty Child are some of the best that have come out of this show so far) but then there's always Silence in the Library, which was a giant ball of wibbly fail. The Moff has no regard for the over-arching stories, have you noticed? Girl In The Fireplace, for example (which I like to refer to as GITFace thanks to the tags at ihasatardis) completely ruined the snippy jealousy that had been going on between Mickey and Rose while undermining (and I know there are those who like this aspect, but they can stfu) the Doctor and Rose's growing relationship. Like it or not, this show started off as the story of a girl whose life was changed by a man in a blue box, and it wasn't until The Runaway Bride that the Doctor was the real main character. Even that Absorbaloff moron knew that it was all about the chavvy blonde. But Moffat just ignored that. And wasn't there some frustration between him and Rusty regarding having angels as the bad guys? You know, between Blink and Voyage of the Danged? I don't know, I just don't trust Moffatt for the long run. But we'll see. Nothing I can do.

I really hope Matt Smith is wonderful. Heck, I hope that in about six months' time you'll see posts from me about how much I adore the man. I hope he gets an even bigger fanbase than Tennant and I hope the show gets even better and runs for a million years. And I hope that someday there's a companion who is not a female from the early 21st century.

How awesome would it be to have someone from the eighteenth century as a companion? Or someone like Chantho? Or a guy? Or more than one person? Two people who then fall in love with each other and not the Doctor but are from different times or planets and are convinced that it will never work?

I should do my homework.
So, sometimes my life is all terrible and worthy of whinging, but not very often. It's much more likely that my life is like this:

I'm the one in the yellow spotted dress providing the main vocals along with my dear Katherine, who is at my side as she should be. Bonus points to anyone who can correctly count the number of people on this futon.

Also, stuff like this on facebook, which is a ridiculous time suck but I can't help it:

It's Petville, which is a terrible waste of time. Basically, you create a little pet character and then you put furniture in its house and drag that soap bar over it a few times a day to get points. I show you the picture only because I want you to see if you can guess what Kat's and my pets' names are. Give you a hint... mine's the one on the left with that random piece of hair on its cheek. And Kat's is emo. And they're bff.

So yeah, my life has gotten inane. But cheery again, so yay!

I've got my job back: my cinema reopened under new management and they know nothing about running the place, so I'm almost a consultant or something. I've been working since Thanksgiving and yesterday I finally got my first paycheck. I celebrated with delicious sushi and mango gelato. Oh man I love my life. Then came that futon experience that we caught on video. Last night I stayed up till 6am knitting and marathoning series two of Doctor Who with Tara, who is wonderful. I'm trying to finish this afghan for my parents for Christmas before I go home Wednesday, but I don't know if I have a chance at that. Meh.

Two more exams, both on Wednesday, and a take-home exam due by email Friday. One of my Wednesday exams is java. Oh dear God java. Do not take java or javascript classes unless you're just amazing at computer programming already, you guys. I went in thinking it was going to be, like, an advanced form of HTML. It isn't. It's math in disguise. D: The horrid thing is, I feel like I could really like it... but it just... moves too quickly? Or the class expects too much intelligence from me? Or something?

Oh! And I've started contemplating that fanfic again. The one I'm writing about how Éponine and "de Lotbinière" are boarding with Marius and Cosette. And I'm having trouble understanding the floor plan of Gillenormand's house. In various movies (2000 and '82) it looks ridiculously giant, but I swear I read in the Brick that it was a first-floor apartment. Really? But... I got the idea that there were stairs between Marius and Cosette's bedroom (formerly Gillenormand's bedroom, right?) and where ever it was Valjean was chilling when he decided to clear things up with Marius. And I know there was a room set aside for Valjean, wasn't there? Or was that just in the 2000 miniseries? Oh geez, has that movie supplanted canon somehow in my head? Not acceptable. Also, wasn't that a downstairs room of some sort where Valjean had to meet with Cosette post-wedding? And where do Nicolette and Basque go? I don't understand ANYTHING. Speaking of which, Nicolette is just the cook, right? And they tried to take Toussaint on as a housekeeper but it didn't work? So who cleans up after them?

I love Windows, but still, lol.


HTML fail and I don't care.
So, Leigh was asking for this link and because of that I will love her forever.  :D
Iz mah "novel"!  Warning: iz bad.  Will be better someday.

Also, since Howard Rice apparently SUES people who write fanfiction (WTF Howard Rice?!?) for her oh-so-ficworthy novels which I just can't not love having moved on past Baby Jenks, I've turned to the next-best thing: deviantart.  And I equally love the cuddly boys pictures and the comics.  Things like this, which made me snicker until I had hiccups.  That's the most hilarious and wonderful Louis I've ever seen.  Also he kind of reminds me of my Richmond.  In similar news, facebook!Montparnasse went on a friending spree that I find hilarious.

So, about Howard Rice (with whom I am eternally annoyed: curse her for enslaving my soul to her ridiculous and wonderful vampires then depriving me of fanfiction!  curse her I say!)... I've read the first three books and I love them a lot (except for Baby Jenks, who almost made me quit reading).  I ship Armand/Daniel hardcore, though I'm worried a little about Armand.  Especially after I saw Drew Sarich turn him into a moustache-twirling old-timey VILLAIN.  I mean, I know Armand has some serious problems, but he's not pure evil.  And Marius CERTAINLY didn't hate him!  WTF, Lestat musical.  WTF.  In other news, Louis and Lestat make for some adorable comics on deviantart.  As previously illustrated.

I made some comment on youtube about how I loved the sexy gay vampires and somebody tried to start, like, a philosophical debate on whether or not they were gay... I was like, dude.  1. It's a compliment.  I said I like them.  and 2. When I see a boy kissing a boy, I am going to say that that is homosexuality, mkay?  I don't care if they're vampires or humans or penguins.

Tara and I decided we wanted to make all the sexy gay vampires on the Sims.
OH DID I MENTION NO I DON'T THINK I DID MY SIMS ARE NOT DEAD THEY FIXED MY COMPUTER WITHOUT WIPING IT FOR ONCE YATTA.  Though they did manage to knock off one of those rubbery grip things on the bottom of the laptop...
In celebration we made the Kamaras family, which consisted of Mate, der Tod, Herbert, and The Narrator (Lucheni).  Three of them are very similar-looking brothers.  I'm in love with the Herbert one as a real person and was working on being in love with him as a Sim too, but instead he developed a crush on Pavi Largo and said alt!Julian was HOT.  Slight fail, though accurate.  Carolyn gets Mate and Molly gets der Tod and Tara gets The Narrator.  Also, the Mate one kept trying to kiss der Tod.  Lulz.

Also, I watched Tanz der Vampire yesterday.  Maybe the problem was that I don't speak German or that I didn't realise Herbert's part was so insignificant, but oh my word I didn't really enjoy it.  I like that big crashing theme it uses once in a while, but I'm not sure what else I expected from a musical whose biggest number seems to be Total Eclipse of the Heart... Herbert's song is fun, though, as is the fast one that that old professor type sings.  I'm just very unsurprised that it was a huge fail in the US.  I suppose it might grow on me... or maybe I'll just stick to the Herbert parts.  Aww, Herbert.

HEY could the Anne Rice vampires make a vampire out of, like, a possum?


Anyway, this: Get Your Own Fledgling, Armand!, was the first fanart I saw that made me decide I needed a "lol deviantart" folder of awesome saved pictures.  The look on each of their faces!  Especially poor Louis, who just wants to read poetry and emote... Poor Louis.  We had a joke earlier this year about Louis using  a straightener... I drew a picture of him straightening his hair surrounded by dead poodles... lol Louis.

ETA: All ten Vampire Chronicles books and the .exe for Microsoft Reader, possibly the most wonderful program ever... something.
ETA: All thre
  • 04:16 Is the Lestat musical supposed to be funny? Saricch's Armand was CRAP. Panaro wins. Love those sexy gay vampires. Sleeping nao. #
  • 12:45 Laptop even more broken. I want to die. #


Mar. 26th, 2009 02:35 pm


In other news, we'll be having a memorial service for my departed Sims.  And I managed to watch the Lestat with Hugh video last night before my laptop died and I have a DVD of Tanz.  I shall do what I can to make it an avi.


This post in loving memory of:
Nathan, Marni, Shilo, Shilob, Blind Mag, Goopy, Abel Magwitch, Montparnasse, Goopette, Astrolabe, Pootinani, Herbert, Jailbait, Voldetta, Voldina, Edward Cullen, Edwardo Cullen, Little Satan, Rotti Largo, Luigi, Pavi, Amber Sweet, Richmond, Julian, Sophie, George, Actual Satan, Marilyn Monroe, Lee Harvey Oswald, Marilyn Manson, Tara, Emo Boy, Gracie, Erin, The Doctor, Papageno Zydrate, Elphaba, the Hitcher, Mohinder, Sylar, Sylinder, Yo Yo Ma, Stacy, Captain Jack, Skippy, Edwob, Bartholemalla, Nikolai, Adephaide, Rose Tyler, Cloney, Jackie, Conan O'Brien, alt!Richmond, alt!Julian, the Batman, Katherine, Josh, Molly, Carolyn, Marius, Cosette, Fantine, Jean Valjean, Mlle Gillenormand, Gillenormand, Enjolras, Grantaire, Feuilly, Joly, Jean Prouvaire, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Bossuet, Claquesous, Babet, Gueulemer, Sarah, Daniel Plainview, Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn, Anni-Freid, Eponine, Madame, Monsieur, Azelma, Gavroche, Bertha Mason, Rochester, Jane, Mrs Fairfax, Adele, Jasper, Stavros Scandaloso, Legolas, Aragorn, Arwen, Gandalf, Orc, Creepy Don, Ivy, Leigh, Diane, Slutty, Slaggy, Trailer Trash, Hookery, Skanky, Anna Curtis
Octyabrina, Astyanax, Sycorax, Broxholm, Xephysienne
Paradox Cat, Cupcake Dog, Gollum, Koko, Flossie, Petit Julien, Pilot, Ronroneo, Louise Take Two, Speshul Kat, Winkers, and Russell Brand


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Malheureusement, the on/off still isn't doing anything. 
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I made madlibs!!!!


This here here is the link!


Unfortunately I spent so much time trying to get the bugs out of the nitty-gritty document.write and crap that I decided I was too lazy to figure out how to do the input part without those darned annoying popups, so before you click that link be aware that you'll have to enter twenty-eight words or hit okay/cancel twenty-eight times if you decide not to do the madlib. 

HOWEVER I think you should do it and and and CAROLYNNN post your result because I want to see it and I love madlibs a lot and all this energy is coming paradoxically from exhaustion so maybe I should take a nap before work.
Oh my worrrrd.
My geekery is complete.

You guys.  I downloaded every single one of those and installed them.

Also I got a David Tennant, Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre, Voldemort, Vince Noir (zookeeper version, of course!) and the entire Cullen family (just for lulz). 

Someday I'll post pictures.  Today I made a pretty darn decent replica of the Wallace house for my new Sim family, Shilo and Nathan.  The house includes a random Marni grave and the hall of creepy Marni pictures!  And then alt!Richmond wandered over and immediately became friends with Nathan!  And then alt!Richmond sat there and played chess by himself in Shilo's room for what appeared to be twenty-four hours, but finally Shilo came over in her pyjamas to join him.  But they had some sort of row and Shilo stomped into the bathroom.  Then alt!Richmond came into the bathroom and they screamed at each other and he ran out of the house!  You guys... that was so weird.

Oh!  And then Nathan got electrocuted.  But he's okay.

I'm trying to convince myself not to go play with all my new dresses right now because I need to sleep for my exam at oh I don't know ELEVEN A.M.

(PS I hate Sim!Shilo.  She won't do her homework and keeps missing the bus.  She has an imaginary bunny bff.)
Who'd have thought that the arrival of our long-awaited skeleton Edwob would not be my favourite part of this day?  Even when I came home from work to find Edwob sitting in our chair, dressed in a bunch of my clothes with my laptop on his knees, my headphones on his... ears?... and a box of pop-tarts under one arm. 

Because my favourite part of this day was... obtaining... a copy of the Sims 2 and all its expansion packs and having it actually work.  And then I created alt!Richmulian (since the real ones are doing just fine in Kat's Sims world thingy) and moved them into a house and got them jobs.  Of course, the first thing I did, even before the boys, was to murder an entire family that was already in Pleastant...ville... or whatever it's called.  We found a family with a mother called Mary Sue and a father who was cheating with the maid.  Well, we let the father make Woohoo with the maid and then had Mary Sue walk in.  Then we put the maid in the swimming pool and took out the ladders.  While she was drowning, the mother managed to set fire to the kitchen without our help!  Then some guy named Dominic came running in and died by fire.  Then Mary Sue died by fire.  Then we put Daniel (the dad) and his obnoxious teenage daughters (and their friend from school) in a room with no doors and fast-forwarded until they all starved.  

The Grim Reaper is HILARIOUS.  He makes a call on his cell phone to get the little white light to beam dead people up!

Anyway, *then* I got around to alt!Richmulian, though alt!Julian somehow looks like Nine.  Also, he's a pickpocket.  Even more hilariously, scalpel wielding murderer alt!Richmond is an EMT.

I haven't used *any* of the expansion packs yet.  Heck, they might not even work.  All that matters is I now have very little disc space and even less reason(who knew it was possible?) to do homework.

*bangs head against desk repeatedly*

Oh my word I need sleep so badly.

(PS- Edwob is on facebook!)
Oh Listolier the laptop, when will you stop torturing me?

But at least he waited till the day after NaNo to explode, the poor dear.  I talked to the nice I.T. guy, and instead of saying "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" (A: Yes.) he explained that sometimes hard drives just go bad.  Fortunately, The Twin Sunsets was already backed up.  UNfortunately, the part of the hard drive that went bad was my desktop.  Whiiiich included all my I.T. Crowd (RICHMOND), Merlin, Mighty Boosh, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 and 2007, and my half-finished Mighty Boosh fanvid to "Guy Love" from Scrubs... *sigh*


BUT.  I really really want to write more random Richmulian-y stuff.  Oneshots.  And revision on The Twin Sunsets.  AND I CAN'T.  Mehhhh.

ETA: Now that I'm on the loaner computer I must verify that I only lost Einstein and Eddington (*sniffle*), the Merlin video diaries (*sigh*), a few tracks from the Mighty Boosh Radio Series (they're on my iPod anyway), the Jonathan Ross interview with Tennant and Catherine Tate (I already had it on megaupload), and a particular movie I had downloaded about sparkly creatures of the night only to let my friends watch it without supporting it financially.  So, I'm in the process of replacing these things.  It's gonna be okay.  AND I get a free new hard drive out of the deal!  Whooooo.

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