Me every year at Carowinds.

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PS I know there is a picture from 2007 because I went with a bunch of people from my job... or maybe that was 2006.  No yeah, 2007 I went with friends from high school and there was no group photo, and the year before, 2006, I went with friends from my job.

Man I go to Carowinds a lot.

After spending two days with some crazy wonderful German girls stalking the filming of the next series of Merlin at Pierrefonds (yep, I saw Colin and Bradley and the gang IN THE FLESH and then went off to bother Florent Mothe the next day) I swung back by my house in Paris, showered, changed, repacked, and set off for Rouen.
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 All better?  Or all in my head?  lol what am I doing with my life.

Seriously though it's all better.  But I'm sticking to the theory that Florent Mothe threatened Patrice Maktav's kneecaps because it just makes sense.  And because when I was being all dejected over Maktav not loving on me Floflo was all over me in a tragically non-literal way.  He stopped and talked to me like four times in under an hour.

DEAR DA PONTE.  It should not be easier to spend time with SALIERI than with you.  Quit it.

But seriously though it's all good again and I am sunburned and blistered and SO TIRED but I'm so content that nothing can touch me.

Rennes was really good.

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Voilà!  It was a good weekend and I am a happy fan.
Whatever happened to our love?
I wish I understood
It used to be so nice, it used to be so good...

lol okay.

So as you may have heard, Patrice Maktav broke my heart in Lyon.  And then a few hours later he stomped on it.  He honestly does not know or understand what he has done, but that does not change my melancholy.

But a lot of really good things happened too, and some of them are entirely thanks to Maktav!  So I will not give up on you, Patrice Maktav.  I will simply... I guess I'll just... gah I don't know.  I'm just gonna have to see what happens in Rennes.   I have not really changed my behaviour since Strasbourg, which was when I fell in love with him, and I have definitely not changed my behaviour since Dijon when he was banging on a bus window to wave at me, so I don't know what's gone wrong between us.

Here follows my CR of Lyon.

The best part was when Flo got jealous.

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We're going to Rennes Saturday.  I've already finished two dolls and hope to whip out a third maybe.  We'll see what happens.

But seriously, third party types... did I do something wrong here?  Did I overstep the fan boundaries or something?
 How can I not return Patrice Maktav's love?  Nobody has ever ever been this nice to a fan.

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Okay so now I have to go to class, but I will continue this saga tonight.
 I don't even know.


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Clearly I have done something amazing to deserve the life I have.
 I want to lock myself in a soundproof box and SCREAM REALLY LOUD.


Kelley and I are planning this epic trip at the end of my semester.  I awkwardly asked if she maybe wanted to perhaps possibly go down to Toulouse and see MOR that weekend and she was like UM YES I DO and then I started bashing random capslock phrases of glee out on my laptop.  And then after my LAST EVER weekend stalking the Mozartour (I actually teared up as I was looking at ticket prices) we're going to go to London to see that David Tennant/Catherine Tate Much Ado.  And then Kelley said "So do you want to see Les Mis in London?"

It will be the best week of my fangirl life.  Leaving the MOR cast behind will break my heart wide open, but we're going to stuff my two other fandoms right into the cracks to try to stem the blood flow.

I DON'T WANT MY MOR TIMES TO BE OVER.  I mean, they aren't yet.  BUT SOMEDAY THEY WILL BE.  And that someday will be May 30th.  Oh my God on high.


That should help.

Obviously this is all just in the planning stages right now.

Does anyone have any London advice for two people who will be going there for the first and probably only time?  Or... Toulouse advice?  Haha.
 I paid for airport wifi!

Three things and I'll go back to my Sims game.
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Okay.  I'm sitting on the same metal bench where I spent the night that time I missed my flight in June.  Remember that?  Oh yeah.  Well, I'm back.  I can't check in for another, like, six hours.  Haha.  AT LEAST I WON'T HAVE TO SLEEP ON THIS BENCH TONIGHT.
Spent my last night in America at Kelley's house and we randomly discovered it was the anniversary of the birth of our love!  So I ate a lot of chocolate, sang along to my iTunes loudly as possible for a long time, and generally annoyed her and her roommates.  Then Kelley and I burst into an unexpected dance party to Song for a Lunatic and No Good Deed, which is a really strange combination but hey, it's my iTunes.  Then I coerced her into watching Amadeus with me.

I hadn't seen the movie since all this MOR stuff started happening to me, and it was a lot of fun to watch it and randomly be like "Et pourtant... sa musique est sublime..." We laughed at Salieri's obsession with food (it's actually hilarious if you notice how often he's eating and/or giving other people something to eat--he's like Lupin.  We decided we needed to go visit Salieri and get some chocolate) and at that big wobbly fat Italian guy's facial expressions and at the way Constanze never uses contractions.  Except you should never START the director's cut of Amadeus late at night, because by the time you get to that epic last scene you're having a lot of trouble staying awake.  Still.  Fantastic movie.  One of my top five for sure, costumery fail aside.

Anyway! I booked today's flight out of NC and into New York that's quite early in the morning, meaning I'm going to have an eight hour layover at JFK.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.  I will take NO CHANCES this time and I WILL NEVER EVER EVER spend the night at the JFK baggage claim EVER AGAIN.  I also don't want to take an unplanned vacation to Iceland please.

So!  Hopefully next time you hear from me it'll be from my little yellow garret room in the suburbs of Paris and not stranded in an airport somewhere weeping. :D 
I can't believe I'm home.  Like... I'm home.  I haven't been here since August and yet it's like I never left.  The dog got a haircut and that's the only thing that's different.

My family laughed at me because at dinner I was holding my fork upside-down in my left hand like a French person, but I genuinely could not imagine another way to eat lasagna.  And then out of habit I stacked everyone's plates and helped my mom clear the table (with my host family clearing the table is a team effort) and the SHOCKED look on my mom's face was a little bit amazing.

My brother is still a douchebag.  I found out that my overall Sorbonne grade was a SIXTEEN--I got a 14,5 on the written exam and, get this, 18,25 on the oral.  DUDE I AM A GENIUS.  I got that grade without paying ANY ATTENTION IN CLASS EVER because I was so busy doing things like this and this and this and this.

FLORENT MOTHE. If you ever stop by my livejournal again, I MADE AN 18,25 on my oral exam at the Sorbonne.  I am a GENIUS.  YOU SHOULD MARRY ME.  (I mean, we all drew a topic we'd discussed in class and I just *happened* to draw Demain dès l'aube, meaning my topic was VICTOR HUGO FOR GOODNESS'S SAKE, so really I lucked out.  But remember when I talked about dancing around my room to Victime de ma victoire instead of studying??  THIS IS THE RESULT.)

Anyway I was saying.  My brother was like eighteen? That's failing.  And then he made fun of my host family's name and he made fun of the gifts they sent my parents and he talked over everyone at the table about his life going to a party school at the beach, because THAT'S what we all want to hear about.  Not the girl who hasn't been home since August because she's been living in a foreign land.

I mean, he doesn't mean any harm.  He's just really not fun to deal with.

I'm lying in my bed now--MY bed, my actual bed!--after a full night's sleep.  The train ride was pretty awesome.  I left Trenton at 8am, never got out of my seat, the lady next to me gave me some cake, and we ended up getting delayed for an hour in Washington.  And then we were ten minutes from home and we had to pull over for like thirty minutes while another train passed, and all the other people on the train were like losing their minds because they were going to be SO LATE and they were like NOOO I'M AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE and I was like I'M FOUR DAYS AND AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE but I was kind of laughing the whole time because honestly.  After what I've been through, I don't know if anything will ever upset me again.  Travel-wise.

I played Sims the whole way home, stopping every once in a while for MOR or Conan.  My game is pretty epic right now, but I'm going to post my screencaps later in a friends-locked post because I don't want to be ashamed of myself again.  Oh, and I spent an hour and a half making a much better Flo Sim than my previous one.  He's not in the game yet because my previous one still is, but you know he will be soon.  The new Flo has the Flonytail.

I watched the MOR video with my subs on the plane and again on the train (IT WAS RESEARCH) and caught like four spelling errors (emporer, reqiuems, fun stuff) and one sub that flashed by WAY TOO FAST.  I'm going to watch the video with my mom today who speaks no French, is an English grammar teacher, and has no idea what to expect to get her opinion (she'll finally understand me when I tell her stories about her unwilling future son-in-law!).  Then I fix my errors and SUBTITLES FOR YOU FOR CHRISTMAS, INTERNET!

I also have two more MOR reviews and three-ish more stagedoor stories to tell.  And that forum is definitely going to take shape soon.  I don't know much about such things, so I'm investigating to see if lefora is a better thing than forumotion or whatever... idk.

I went through all my clothes and put on a look-how-big-everything-is-now fashion show for my mom.  AND THEN!  Three years ago I bought this CHIC AS A MOFO coat thing with cape sleeves off eBay but it was too small.  It was SO CUTE that I just kept it in the back of my closet all these years.  Today.  It fits.  Oh my gosh, I'm going to be the most amazing person in France.  I'll post a picture of that life-changingly awesome coat at some point so I can blow all your minds.  I forgot I even had it!   I finally got on an American scale--I've lost forty pounds since I left America.

OH MY GOSH birds are tweeting outside my window.  I have seen nothing but pigeons since August.  BIRDS!  I forgot about living in the woods and stuff.  There are birds!

I don't remember if I had anything specific to say in this post other than SQUEE AMERICA.  Basically, I woke up at 6am and decided to internet.  I kept dreaming I was in airports or at the stage door trying to tell Flo and Mikele I got home safely (because they are obviously worried about me) and then I'd wake up, squint around and be like Wait, where am I?  And it would hit me--HOME!--and I'd cry a little and then go back to sleep.  And next time I go to sleep I'll wake up and it'll be Christmas!  Wow.
1. Wow, suddenly I feel like the least annoying fan in the world.
3. Stagedoor Mélanie!
4. I keep thinking I was there this night?

Most Annoying Fan Since Pushy Fan

I was trying to figure out if I was indeed there by going through my facebook albums since his hair and outfit really seemed to match my pictures from opening night, and in the process I paused it at 0:44 and THERE I WAS, looking anxious and wearing a pink scarf.

IN FACT I think I was standing right behind... STAGEDOOR MÉLANIE!  Chick is haunting my life man. 

Saw me again looking equally anxious and stare-y at 1:44.  I don't remember hearing ANY of this conversation.  Nor do I remember some harpy following him with a camera and irritating the life out of him.  Nor do I remember that air-kiss or that sassy sassy "t'as pas coupé ta langue" moment.  Probably because I was being slowly driven insane by how shocked I was at his attractiveness and kindness.  Á en perdre la raison.

IN FACT at 1:18 you can see that lady confiscating my pen and getting all geared up to pass it to Flo!  Even though I now own quite a few things that have been touched by Florent Mothe (including one shoulder) that pen will always be special to me.  Man, my beloved Flo pen is really getting some screen time around the two minute mark.  Hahaha and around 2:30 that stylo-snatching lady took the pen back and someone went "NOW HE DOESN'T HAVE A PEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING" and they gave it back to him.  I used that pen to doodle Mozart-y things in my notebook all semester, and look what became of it!

Hahaha around 3:19 I hear Stagedoor Mélanie reciting the beginning of the Rosenbeeeerg scene for the annoying video harpy.

THIS IS MY LIFE NOW. I am stalking other people's stagedoor videos because that part of my existence has been over for approximately three days and I don't know how to deal with it.  I wept over one of my ninja stagedoor videos a few minutes ago even though I promise I'm not depressed or anything.  I don't know.  When I was a Mikele fan I was a lot more emotionally balanced.  Florent Mothe, if you marry me I can promise you American citizenship, to ask nothing but that you smile in my general direction every once in a while, and that I will punch annoying people like this IN THE FACE so that you can still be the nice one and you'll just have an evil American wife/bodyguard.  Promise.

This post is comin' atcha from the Reykjavik Hilton, by the way.  They say I might be able to get out of Iceland tomorrow, but as long as they keep the free swanky hotel rooms and free meals coming they can keep me here till Christmas eve for all I care.  Youtube is a big place.

Also. I should probably quit fronting and just add a "Florent Mothe" tag to this journal, even though I will then probably have to go back and add that tag to most of my MOR entries too.  Clearly this post is not about the musical.

OH HEY I found a few more of Flo's old Canada songs.  I'll upload them when I trust the internet I'm on.  Meaning when I'm home.  WHENEVER THAT IS.
I made it to Iceland and Icelandair put everyone up in a really nice hotel.  I have a double room to myself with beds so cushy I want to cry (I've been on a thin mattress over a crooked board all semester) and we get free breakfast and lunch.  I already went to the breakfast, and now I've tried two different kinds of herring.  That was neat.

Then I called about the flight to New York today, and apparently it's booked.  So is the one tomorrow.  They've put me on a waitlist and encouraged me to get to the airport early just in case someone doesn't show and I can slip into their seat.

OH WOE IS ME.  I just want to go home.

Iceland is weird.  It's almost 10am and it's pitch-black outside.  There are Christmas lights on like every window, and even though we're supposed to be in Reykjavik I don't see any tall buildings.  It kind of looks like a spread-out college campus.  The landscape SUCKS, by the way.  It's all flat, craggy rocks with snow and a few weeds clumped around here and there.

The Mozart cast is being filmed in 3D today for Asia.  My deep desperate desire of my soul is for ANY sort of DVD or leaked bootleg or ANYTHING of this performance to be released.  Preferably in 2D, but then again I'd love to have 3D Florent Mothe waving a knife around in my face while he weeps.  It'd be like seeing the real thing... and imagine what THAT must be like... FLOL.

Oh and SPEAKING OF FLOL, there was a remarkable display of interest in a possible silly English-speaking MOR fan forum after my last post.  I think as long as NO ONE EVERRRR hotlinks any content from the official site (if you see that watermark you better STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND BACK AWAY) and as long as we make it clear we aren't affiliated with the forum or the actual show we should be able to play in our little corner of the internet.  I think the reason they threatened to sue over my first attempt at a website with the translations is because I didn't make it clear that I wasn't the official English-language MOR site (because a URL with "weebly" in the title isn't a good enough clue...) so maybe?

I was thinking of naming the forum something like "Beautiflo Mikelomanie," words that I INVENTED THUS BELONG TO ME, and that way it'll be less likely to trigger any sort of "YOU FAN-STEALING DOUCHESSSSSS" alarms with the... fan-suing douches.  And we can make sure there are links back to the official forum for anyone who stumbles on the site and wants ~*~serious discussion~*~ about the show.

I was thinking.  A fanworkings section, like for art, tributes, other sites, fic, and RP; one section to be obsessed with Flo and one to be obsessed with Mikele; another section for Everybody Else (NUNO AND DA PONTE!!); a section for eyewitness accounts (reviews, news, stagedooring, etc) and someplace for flotos and videos (videflos?) unless those would fall under the Mikelangeflo category.  AND we would have to have a silly section for singalongs and silly dialogues in the Flole New Mikelanguage.  Would that about cover it?  I don't have much else to do right now than ponder this.
 Well, yes, I am incredibly lucky to have a host family to go to.  My host family is so amazingly nice that when I rang the doorbell at 10pm my host mom and sister IN THEIR PYJAMAS fetched sheets from downstairs and re-made my bed, then told me to help myself to anything in the kitchen.  I'm languishing in the bed now because I imagine it'll be the last time I'm in one for quite a while.

La vie est plus douce ailleurs )

In happier news, one of Katherine's roommates took a picture of her receiving that wonderful postcard from Florent Mothe.

Yet another human female whose day has been made by Florent Mothe's outrageous kindness.

ETA: Three things.

2. Would anybody here be interested in joining an English-language MOR forum?  I'm thinking about knocking up a crappy little free one.  We could put in a role-playing section and a fic section and it would be a place for "beautiflo" and "Upgraded Latino Mikele" type jokes to blossom and run free.  Obviously we'd have to work VERY HARD to make sure we don't step on the official forum's toes, as those beeyotches LOOOVE to sue.
3. I will release those MOR subtitles as soon as I'm back in the States!  Promise!!  I've heard back from the betas and have to make a couple of changes.








 Unless Roissy has gotten free wifi since June, this'll be my last post in France for 2010.

Yesterday was the best goodbye to MOR I could have had.  I'm leaving feeling strong positive feelings toward everyone--including Mikele, so don't worry about that anymore, Mikele fans!

The day was full of Nuno and Da Ponte and Flo, or "Da Fluno" as Joanna and I began to call them.  I'm sure that within the next few weeks I'll have nothing better to do than post all about my last week of stagedooring.

Next time I have wifi I will be in a country with HEATING GOOD GRACIOUS FRANCE I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS CONSISTENTLY COLD FOR SUCH A SUSTAINED PERIOD OF TIME and ranch dressing and Kraft macaroni and cheese.  I'll probably be at my uncle's house in New Jersey.  Soon I'm going to see my adorably retarded Cocker Spaniel Flossie and my Mikele-tempered cat Mimi and those people called my parents.  I've never been away from home this long.  Christmas music and a bed that isn't falling apart and Hobby Lobby and my Lord of the Rings posters on the walls!

Goodbye, Mozart l'Opéra Rock.  Or, hopefully, au revoir.

(Or, as Mikele spells it, "j'espere te revoire".  Bless.)
Les Mis, lifelong love, why am I ignoring you like this?  A mere train ride away and yet I don't deign to go visit you on your birthday when I know full well I will NEVER have such a chance again?

I'm going through some sort of... thing... right now where I can't stand any form of elitism or judgement, which is weird because the only way I decide someone is too judgemental for my taste is by judging them and where does it end??  But seriously.  I'm not currently active in any fandom at the moment.  It's weird.  But it's also the first time my real life has been so constantly interesting.  Right now my fandom is "wandering the streets of Paris." I think you'll agree that that's perfectly acceptable.

In other news, I may get tickets to a taping of Nevermind the Buzzcocks for, like, November 6th or something.  I put in a request for two just in case somebody wanted to join me at some point.  If these come through, that means I'm going to skip two days of class and take my British holiday that week in November...?  But I have to be back by Saturday afternoon for Mozart l'Opéra Rock!

GOD that would be a stellar week.

Except I just remembered [ profile] misatheredpanda was going to come visit me at some point.  Uhhhhh.

Oh, and for everyone who responded to my vacation plans post, a group of friends from grammar class are already working on planning a trip to Italy in December!  After that most everyone else is going back to America (or wherever) and I'll be stuck in Europe.  Gah what a terrible situation.  I plan to go all over the place.  I'mma get me one of them eurail passes.  And oh man, can you imagine seeing the Neuschwanstein Castle in the snow?
 Okay, livejournal friends.  Tell me what I should do while I'm in Europe.  (And the cheapest way to get there...)


Since Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was basically the movie that defined my childhood (after Charlotte's Web and The Little Mermaid) it is very important to me to see the Neuschwanstein Castle.  So I have now invented a trip to Füssen, Bavaria and even found a 25euro youth hostel that includes breakfast nearby, but getting there is apparently about a billion dollars by train (read: 300euro round trip) so now I have to whittle that down...

What else do I need to see?
I love my offline friends.  All of them.  Monday at Carowinds was epic and Wednesday (today?) is a going-away get-together at Mellow Mushroom (since, after SIX YEARS of my obsessive patronage, O'Charley's STOPPED CARRYING MY MUSHROOM SWISS BACON BURGER WHAT) for which I am super stoked.  And then we're going to try for a throwback to watch some Repo and maybe some Elisabeth.


I am so not prepared for this.  What kind of toothpaste will I buy?  Where will I bank?  How can I fit a decent selection of shoes into my suitcase?  How am I going to bring my teddy bear--surely I couldn't leave him behind--and who will take pictures of me jumping up and down on that Torchwood secret elevator when I take my trip out to Wales?
 Okay, so I'm gonna sum up my visa stuff all in one post, and as quickly as I can given I have a six-page paper due either today or tomorrow and I haven't even started. :D

Day One )

So that was day one, where everything was great and smooth.  Day two... was the opposite.

Finding the Consulate )

Getting in to my Appointment )

The Waiting Room )

My Appointment )

The Georgia Aquarium and the HORRIBLE TRIP HOME )

But we finally made it home and went to bed without even unpacking the car.  I awoke this morning to find that my mother had impersonated me and emailed my study abroad advisor about that new letter of acceptance, and I got an email back on my actual email account that says they're working on it.  So... Atlanta.


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