I'm having a hard time convincing myself to tell the story of my (probably) final encounters with the MOR Troupe from last Wednesday and my amazing PDS adventure from Sunday, so instead I'll say I saw 1789 again and I enjoyed it MUCH more the second time. Almost all of my questions/confusions were cleared up once I was capable of concentrating on the stage and hearing the dialogue. There are still some ridiculously silly moments and the chase scene is still way too long and I *still* hate freaking projections (if I wanted to watch I movie I'd go see a movie!) but it got me to thinking. So I've invented a new ratings system for my opinion of musicals and I'm sure EVERYONE will be DELIGHTED by that.

On a scale of 1-10, the things that are important to me are:
-use of dance/dancers
-acting talent
-singing talent
-use of projections

So let me rethink my ratings of ALL the French shows I've seen live!

Mozart l'Opéra Rock
Story: 8 (it's a little disjointed/uneven and a lot of the dialogue is sloppy but it's still an interesting and almost entirely-true story)
Songs: 10 (I think that's pretty clear)
Acting talent: 9 (I would have said 10 but then there's Mikele in the lead role)
Singing talent: 10 (considered bumping this down slightly cause Mikele's less awesome live but decided to give it to him since he's so fun to watch)
Sets: 9 (taking off a point for the pink wedding cloud, but otherwise it's a great use of columns, backdrops, and props to show tons of different spaces, and also I love the giant backstage framework)
Use of projections: 9 (hate the floating wedding scene flowers, love J'accuse mon père)
Use of dance/dancers: 10 (they never distract, they advance the plot, they work as extras, the choreography is organic and natural doesn't make you feel like you're watching a dance recital)
Costumes: 10 (they certainly aren't period-appropriate but that's the point of the rock thing, and i think it's best illustrated in the costumes--plus the dancers and guys show up once or twice in great period-appropriate looks)
Overall Score: 9.4

Story: 5 (VERY uneven, hate the use of voiceover letters to advance the plot, felt like I was going from song to song, can't tell where things are happening or how people are traveling so fast across Europe)
Acting talent: 6 (there are some heartbreakingly bad performances here, especially from Mina and Jonathan, our main characters)
Songs: 7 (took points off for terrible lyrics, but quite honestly I bloody love this soundtrack)
Singing talent: 8 (love the three stooges, don't love Jonathan/Marble Eyes/Julien AT ALL, cringed through most of his songs in fact, but man Lola is just a champion)
Sets: 8 (would have been t10 but I hate London as a white wall and I hated all the set pieces that looked like people-- also, minus one point for the "magic" wall alone)
Use of projections: 8 (projections as a backstory/setting change device? Totally down with that. Minus two points for the AWFUL 3D movie I had to sit through, though)
Use of dance/dancers: 2 (we know how I feel about acrobats in every scene and getting distracted by dancers instead of the plot, plus I HATE a tap-dancing man-beast as a scene change device so STOP IT OUALI! It's especially egregious since he used the EXACT SAME THING in Le Roi Soleil)
Costumes: 4 (I had to stop and think about this one cause some of the costumes are cool, but overall I just can't get behind slinky modern dresses in a Victorian piece, even if it is to make dancing easier. And Dracula's leggings were just NO. I don't even like Anais/Lucy's massive pink and red dress AT ALL. So no. I recognize the effort put into them, which is where the 5 comes from, but the only costumes I liked were Greggy D's and Lola's)
Overall Score: 6.0

Adam et Eve
Story: 2 (it was a good idea, but in the end the plot was worth fifteen minutes, not a 2+ hour musical)
Songs: 3 (I like Rien ne se finit, Le meilleur, Et dieu dans tout ça, and Ma bataille, but the whole rest of the show was just awful, and when the songs get stuck in your head they're there all day)
Acting talent: 8 (wooden, unlikeable lead)
Singing talent: 10 (yep, everyone was talented as can be)
Sets: 8 (that's right, I love one big stationary set that gets transformed into a million places, but I HATED the floating bubble prisons)
Use of projections: 1 (horrible. They get one point for the silly news broadcasts, but everything else was just abysmal, especially the screaming tattooed man during Game Over. Just bad)
Use of dance/dancers: 8 (this was a dance-heavy musical that I enjoyed, possibly because the plot was so thin, but I brought it down two points because a lot of the dance seemed same-y and silly, especially the Eden people having their elbows up over their faces and doing a Nazi walk)
Costumes: 4 (obviously the makeup WAS most of the costume in this show, so I'm mostly just giving them points for getting Nuno shirtless... the rest was basically a 70's yard sale)
Overall Score: 5.5

1789: Les Amants de la Bastille
Story: 6 (they tried to cover TOO much ground like with MOR, but here they took way too many liberties with history and then spent too much time on the lovers who, though in the title, are pretty boring)
Songs: 10 (love it)
Acting talent: 8 (it would be 9 but my issue is with Louis Delort from the Voice who is extremely forgettable onstage so I'm punishing them for taking that role away from Mathieu who is instantly fascinating and incredibly talented. -1 for Louis, -1 again for choosing Louis over Mathieu)
Singing talent: 8 (both Nathalia and my beloved Roxane have trouble not sounding flat/rough onstage, which could be attributed to the difficulty of their songs, but also Roddy J messed up his lyrics TWICE Sunday and he's one of the writers)
Sets: 4 (there basically ARE NONE, though there are a few good set pieces here and there like the printing press, but most of the illusion of a set is given by platforms, columns, and pieces of walls, which I dislike)
Use of projections: 4 (it works a few times, like in the dream sequences and when characters are walking somewhere, but it's especially egregious because the projections are visible ON THE ACTORS' COSTUMES)
Use of dance/dancers: 6 (they're a little too distracting part of the time. I don't need them to show off their backflips to me, just shut up and be onstage)
Costumes: 8 (there's no reason for the hot actress playing the hot Polignac to be so ugly in her wig and costume. Also, there are just TOO MANY costumes in too many scenes and I can't understand why a lot of choices were made. How come the men change costume every three minutes and the women have to wear the same Je veux le monde dresses all through act two?)
Overall Score: 6.8

There we have it! So I guess it's only fair for me to say that Adam et Eve is my LEAST favorite of the PDS shows I've seen. I support that strongly. Time is making me kinder and kinder to Dracula... haha.
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If you were a fan, like the kind of fan I am who lives and breathes and adores characters and invites them into her mental family, of the television series 21 Jump Street...

If you felt love feelings or any level of compassion for or attraction to Hanson or Penhall while watching 21 Jump Street and cared about those two characters...





If you don't want to be spoiled for that movie stop reading now!

Spoilers )

It would have been an acceptable movie if that hadn't happened.

(I could also argue that the original team was a black girl, an Asian guy, Johnny Depp (who's white but looks like he's from Europe), and another white dude. And their boss was a successful, compassionate black man. So where was the diversity in the movie? It was just a bunch of white people... except one gay black boy who served as kind of a punchline and the black cop who said himself that he was a stereotype. As for Asian representation... I guess there's the weird "Korean Jesus" joke? And that's it?

Sigh. It could have been pretty good.

Also... does this post make anyone worry about my mental health? Fifteen minutes of noisy crying... just me?


Jun. 1st, 2011 10:27 am
I don't know what to say.  I don't know how to deal with everything.

On part sans savoir o meurent les souvenirs... )
 Okay livejournal.

What is the deal?

I have gotten about a million anonymous spam comments on my entries in the past few days.  I really don't want to turn off anonymous commenting, because I like to think of my journal as a place where ANY Anglophone MOR fan can tell me how jealous they are of my life, regardless of livejournal membership, but it's getting ridic.

I did turn on the CAPTCHA thing for anonymous comments; hopefully that'll curb the madness for a while.

...I was about to use the segue "anyway, about my real life" but I stopped myself because what I was going to say was actually about MOR.  And then I remembered that MOR IS my real life.

Some strange deranged expression of what's in my heart... )

Oh I'm back, beeyotches.

And I will see the Troupe in Amnéville.
Okay, so I got an email that said my Montparnasse wiki page had been deleted.  I did a little more investigative detecting, worried that my inactivity had somehow excluded me from the Les Mis fandom or something, and I found the thread on Abaissé that explained what happened.

I do not blame the newbie who started the thread, obviously. He/she had no idea that the people involved in the wiki are real people and were active very recently in the fandom.  I agree that some of the jokes in the wiki weren't my cup of tea--I especially fretted over all the Cosette/Courfeyrac and worried that some dummy would think that was canon somehow--but I enjoyed the overall joke and the sugar-high tone, thought the concept was hilarious overall: in short, l really rather like that silly little wiki.

I especially liked the Montparnasse page.  Which I spent a lot of time on.

So here's the point of this post's existence, guys: I am appalled.

The first person who was active when the wiki started should have posted in a way that acknowledged that the creators of the wiki are/were valued members of the fandom and are delightful, funny, energetic people who are really enjoyable to chat with, especially in jest.  Even reading that thread as someone who agrees that the wiki would be better if it were more factual, I am deeply offended by the way the wiki's creators were treated and talked about as though they were idiots or enemies or children.  A lot of people whom I ADORE jumped on that bandwagon and bashed those girls, and that's the main reason I'm so surprised.  I know it's an elitist, snobby fandom, but I thought we all still liked each other, at least a little bit.  We're all playing for the same team!  Some people have different ways of enjoying Les Mis than others, but nobody is "right"!  So knock it off!  

I am not directing this at just one person, by the way, so don't go thinking I'm actually mad at anyone in particular.  There's a whole group of people whose behaviour shocked me, but my lasting reaction is more surprise at the attitude on Abaissé and offence on behalf of the girls who were being insulted rather than any sort of grudge or anger.  Has the fandom always been this mean?  I know I've been away for a long time, but I don't really remember things being quite this elitist.

I just reread the thread to make sure I wasn't overreacting, and I'm not.  If anything, I'm more upset now.  I didn't have to log in to read that thread.  You guys were namecalling a group of fans (who are probably younger than you) on a public forum.  This is what cyber-bullying is.

I am so sorry to have to go all holier-than-thou on people I love, but this is ridiculous.

Long story short, I'm taking Abaissé off my Opera speed dial and strongly considering making my current hiatus more of a retirement.  I still think of Les Misérables as my favourite thing, and I hate to have to feel this way when I'm in Paris and could benefit from you guys' expertise so very much, but I don't want to be a part of an environment that would be so cruel in a public space.  

I don't know what to say to make this entry sound less condescending... if I could phrase this more delicately and tactfully, I would.
Les Mis, lifelong love, why am I ignoring you like this?  A mere train ride away and yet I don't deign to go visit you on your birthday when I know full well I will NEVER have such a chance again?

I'm going through some sort of... thing... right now where I can't stand any form of elitism or judgement, which is weird because the only way I decide someone is too judgemental for my taste is by judging them and where does it end??  But seriously.  I'm not currently active in any fandom at the moment.  It's weird.  But it's also the first time my real life has been so constantly interesting.  Right now my fandom is "wandering the streets of Paris." I think you'll agree that that's perfectly acceptable.

In other news, I may get tickets to a taping of Nevermind the Buzzcocks for, like, November 6th or something.  I put in a request for two just in case somebody wanted to join me at some point.  If these come through, that means I'm going to skip two days of class and take my British holiday that week in November...?  But I have to be back by Saturday afternoon for Mozart l'Opéra Rock!

GOD that would be a stellar week.

Except I just remembered [livejournal.com profile] misatheredpanda was going to come visit me at some point.  Uhhhhh.

Oh, and for everyone who responded to my vacation plans post, a group of friends from grammar class are already working on planning a trip to Italy in December!  After that most everyone else is going back to America (or wherever) and I'll be stuck in Europe.  Gah what a terrible situation.  I plan to go all over the place.  I'mma get me one of them eurail passes.  And oh man, can you imagine seeing the Neuschwanstein Castle in the snow?
I getting sick of it.  Elitism, idiocy, snark.  I'm sick of all of it.

I hate it when people try to pick fights.  I hate it when people are needlessly, repetitively stupid.  I hate it when people are argumentative just for the sake of being one of the enlightened few who can disagree.  I hate it when people leave the first two letters off of the word "you." I hate Sues and I hate OOC crack and I hate new forum members and I hate old forum members.  I hate cliques.  I hate the way *I* act so much more obnoxious on MdN than I do at Abaisse, presumably because few people are MdN are worthy of being treated as well as the fans hardcore enough to find Abaisse?  Or maybe it's because there's no introduction topic at MdN and people with only a passing interest for the show/Book can drop in and out all the time.  There's no real opportunity to actually remember names and personalities.

So a new person comes into the fandom with their crappy stories.  I did it.  I still rather like my first fic, but after that it went downhill for a long time.  But I kept writing because other people were silly enough to follow me and give me advice on how to get better.  I read better fic than mine, I read the Book more, and I eventually felt like my stuff started improving a little.  I'm still not one of the people who posts that great, allusion-filled Hugo-esque stuff, but at least I have a basic grasp on most of the characters (and try not to write those about which I know nothing).  And then, once you transcend the crap phase, that's when you start hating the people who are still in the crap phase.  And yes, I do this too.  I'm doing this now.  

BUT if the person listens to reviewers and makes an effort to improve without getting defensive, that's when I'll generally back off.  But seriously.  I feel like I came into the fandom with an attitude that I was going to be awesome (hurr).  I can specifically remember every unkindly-worded review I got on those crappy fics and all the concrit I got from people I respected.  In fact...

>this story has a good plot so far, but maybe you could write a bit more about what the characters are feeling/thinking, etc. and basically go more in-depth...(sry I haven't r&r-ed for forever) you're POTO fic looks interesting *grins and goes off to read it*

>I'm glad there was some more "stuff" in this instead of saying "so-and-so did this, said that"...

Those were the friendly ones that poked me into actually trying to reform my writing style when I was in, what, ninth grade?  "2004-08-07" is the date on the second one... so that was five years ago.  Wow. 

Anyway, between going through the sweet reviews on my old bad Sue-y fic and Russell Brand doing standup on TV, I've cheered up a lot in the last couple of minutes.  I don't know.  Oh, and I took the advice of those of you who told me to rethink my position on that Kiera Sue fic.  I took your advice and I didn't say anything for as long as I could.  But some strange inner sadism inspired me to keep reading it, and I finally couldn't not leave another review.  I tried to be more civil and level-headed about it, but I don't know.  I guess a Sue is definitely better than a lot of the crappy crack I've been seeing lately.  I've only got a few in mind when I say this, and I don't dislike the person/people who wrote them, so I haven't said anything.

There's something else about the fandom.  I'm hyper-sensitive to the way I come across in print, seeing how, you know, internet people don't actually know me (though I feel like I can eventually get a good idea of most people's personalities after a long time) so I always take pains to try not to be a jerk.  I don't see why other people enjoy picking arguments over the slightest thing.

Okay, seriously, all my angst is fading away and I'm losing my train of thought.  Being cheery is nice.  And Russell Brand is just hilarious.

I had put together a fandom flowchart to demonstrate the vicious cycle of newbie to snob, but I lost it.  Oh well.

(None of this is directed at anybody in particular, by the way.  I'm basically frustrated because I don't want to be a jerky elitist or a hyperactive idiot and I don't see much middle ground... I feel snarky towards new members and petulant towards old ones...)
Trying my hand at that meme that's been going around, woo. 2008 meme.

Fandom meme, wooo. )

Okay now I need a shower and then I'm going to see Doubt. Wooo.
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I don't know.  I say it and I wanted to do eet.  And I started running out of ships about halfway through, so I got desperate.
I have quotes from my shippy ships, and you guess which is which.  In da comments.

1.  The young chief stopped to have a chat with your daughter.  (Montparnasse/Eponine, Les Mis;  [livejournal.com profile] viorica8957 )
2.  That's what this is all about!  Me and you!  The arguing, the bickering!  It's all because of the sexual tension!  The deep, powerful, molten sexual tension that's been brewing up between us! (Howard/Vince, Mighty Boosh; cheers to [livejournal.com profile] meerkitty868 !)
3.  Oh! One day, at the Luxembourg, I had a good mind to finish breaking up a veteran! (Marius/Cosette, Les Mis; [livejournal.com profile] viorica8957  and [livejournal.com profile] xthe_ingenue )
4.  Yeah?  And how was that sentence gonna end? (Rose/Cloney or Rose/Ten, either works, Doctor Who; [livejournal.com profile] viorica8957  and [livejournal.com profile] xthe_ingenue )
5.  I'm going to take a sample of your spinal fluid. ...and it's going to hurt. (Mohinder/Sylar, Heroes; congratuwelldone [livejournal.com profile] suchcuriousity !)
6.  We never did get that date, did we? You and me. We sort of, uh, missed each other. It was my fault. I didn't... didn’t notice until it was too late. I'm sorry. (Owen/Tosh, Torchwood; [livejournal.com profile] viorica8957 )
7.  You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it's beautiful.
8.  I'm going to hug Digby and pretend he's you. (Ned/Chuck, Pushing Daisies; [livejournal.com profile] meerkitty868 )
9.  Reader, I married him. (Rochester/Jane, Jane Eyre; [livejournal.com profile] elyse24601 )
10.  "Thou tellest of running a race to a man whose knees are tottering beneath him! I must die here! There is not the strength or courage left me to venture into the wide, strange, difficult world alone!  Alone!"  "Thou shalt not go alone."

Come on, seven and ten?  Anybody?

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DON'T WRITE SMUT ABOUT TWO GUYS WHO ARE ACTUAL GUYS THAT'S JUST WROOONG.  They are PEOPLE.  This is creepier than Who Porn because the Doctor is still a character, you guys, but writing fanfic about hot sexxins between Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt after a performance or something is just weirdweirdweird.

I ship them like Petrellicest.  Like, I grin at it and pretend to see it in places where it more or less isn't, but I don't really care about whether or not it's trufax and I certainly don't want to read your smut about it because that is WRONG.


That said, Howard and Vince fluff is really really cute.  Fluff, though, like nervously  watching each other  or, my favourite, the ones where Vince has a nightmare and comes into Howard's room, and Howard's all "gah my love is so unrequited" and stuff.  Cuddles are cute.  The sexxins are awkward.  Ish.

Also, Halloween!  Even though I have the sexy white boots, I found a pair of flat white ankle boots at the Halloween store for ten dollars and bought them.  Because sexy ankle boots aren't exactly functional for roaming all about the place on Halloween, especially if I wear my costume to work.

So!  I have the tutu (it's technically two tutus, but once they're combined it's awesome), the jacket (just came in today, but it's my first leather jacket and I didn't expect it to REEK), the green tights, and the boots.  Now I need the black shirt, the green tie, and to make my wig.  And I need one rubber glove and to figure out how on earth to do that flippery hand...


I have all the fixins for my wig, incidentally, though it's going to be rather too bright for me to be completely pleased with it.

ETA: Hey hey hey!  Tis the one month anniversary with the Boosh!  I first watched Killeroo exactly a month ago... which is really really ironic, because I actually watched Killeroo in its entirety today just because I was putting off homworkings.
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I know some people hate namesquishes, and I gotta admit Towen or Owosh or whatever does NOT work, and Janto gets on my nerves, but Epparnasse is a good one, don't lie.

BUT BUT BUT this is what I just discovered!

Howard/Vince?  Is Howince.

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The reason I adore the Mighty Boosh, besides Noel Fielding being pretty, funny, and talented and besides my obvious anglophilia, is that every time I see it, it's funnier.

That doesn't happen a lot, okay?

For instance, watch this:

 Just ignore the part at the beginning with annoying Bob Fossil and his annoying voice.  And, by the way, the one annoying member of the group?  American.  Go figure.

Okay, the first time I saw that, I giggled.  The second time, I lol'd.  Then, someone just *linked* me to the video, and I had an absolute laughing FIT just THINKING about it.  Ow, chicka chicka!  Am I right?

And then I was walking back from class and I started imagining a fanvid about Howard's relationship with the Spirit of Jazz set to "Confrontation" from Jekyll & Hyde and I started cracking up out in public for reasons no one around me could see.

The Mighty Boosh has become an addiction, seriously.  *twitches*

(Also, the Spirit of Jazz?  Played by Noel Fieling, of course.)

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