So a few things.

My roommate and I (the one I share a room with, not the boys yet) have fallen into a really comfortable pattern lately, possibly because Thursday I freaked out about the mess and the rat, pulled the oven away from the wall, and spent two hours and as many brillo pads on the floor scrubbing away a tomato sauce stain left by the girl I replaced in the house nearly two months ago.  It was FOUL but I feel so much better now that it's gone.  When she came home she saw the oven and gasped that it looked brand new, and ever since we've been giggling and conspiring about getting the boys to clean up after themselves and all in all it's just been really pleasant.  She's invited me out a few times but made it clear that she understands my preference for staying in a quiet, comfortable, internet-enabled space.  It was so respectful.  I'm really pleased.

I'm still waiting on a job.  My dad finally sealed the deal on selling my old viola, so I got just enough money for rent and one of my student loans from that.  I have probably enough for another month left in my Target savings, but I'd really rather have an income.  I want to buy an electric rat trap so badly... and a lot of other things.  The amazing receptionist job said they hadn't made a decision yet and were postponing everything until "early next week", ie tomorrow or so.  I feel sure that I'm the best candidate given my dedication and persistence, but now I'm starting to worry that they might have decided not to fire the other girl at all.  I'm still sending out résumés, but my heart is with that position.

Lastly, I randomly decided to return to fanfiction!  There was one unfinished story that has been haunting me for four years, so my priority is to get the rest out.  I sat down with a notepad document and came up with a plot that's twice as much fun as the vague idea I had before, but is also going to get pretty... well, violent, graphic, and disturbing.  But if a story didn't have those things it wouldn't really be me writing it, now would it?  Sigh.  I'll try my best not to push it too much further than, say... Fanteeney Todd.  Remember that one?  I'm still proud of that ending.

Anyway, the story is here obviously, "Zwischen Abgrund und Schein", and it's going to take a new turn that I hadn't originally committed to.  I'm pretty pleased.  For anyone who wasn't around four years ago or who doesn't remember the story, the concept is that Marius is in a depression-like funk, Cosette is very pregnant, and they take in a stray homeless chick who shakes up their comfort zone.  There's also de Lotbinière, which was a shoutout to the Québec girls, the first internet friends I ever met in real life.  The new chapter is probably kinda shaky because there of that brief hiatus, but I feel like I'll bring it all into place soon.
So, sometimes my life is all terrible and worthy of whinging, but not very often. It's much more likely that my life is like this:

I'm the one in the yellow spotted dress providing the main vocals along with my dear Katherine, who is at my side as she should be. Bonus points to anyone who can correctly count the number of people on this futon.

Also, stuff like this on facebook, which is a ridiculous time suck but I can't help it:

It's Petville, which is a terrible waste of time. Basically, you create a little pet character and then you put furniture in its house and drag that soap bar over it a few times a day to get points. I show you the picture only because I want you to see if you can guess what Kat's and my pets' names are. Give you a hint... mine's the one on the left with that random piece of hair on its cheek. And Kat's is emo. And they're bff.

So yeah, my life has gotten inane. But cheery again, so yay!

I've got my job back: my cinema reopened under new management and they know nothing about running the place, so I'm almost a consultant or something. I've been working since Thanksgiving and yesterday I finally got my first paycheck. I celebrated with delicious sushi and mango gelato. Oh man I love my life. Then came that futon experience that we caught on video. Last night I stayed up till 6am knitting and marathoning series two of Doctor Who with Tara, who is wonderful. I'm trying to finish this afghan for my parents for Christmas before I go home Wednesday, but I don't know if I have a chance at that. Meh.

Two more exams, both on Wednesday, and a take-home exam due by email Friday. One of my Wednesday exams is java. Oh dear God java. Do not take java or javascript classes unless you're just amazing at computer programming already, you guys. I went in thinking it was going to be, like, an advanced form of HTML. It isn't. It's math in disguise. D: The horrid thing is, I feel like I could really like it... but it just... moves too quickly? Or the class expects too much intelligence from me? Or something?

Oh! And I've started contemplating that fanfic again. The one I'm writing about how Éponine and "de Lotbinière" are boarding with Marius and Cosette. And I'm having trouble understanding the floor plan of Gillenormand's house. In various movies (2000 and '82) it looks ridiculously giant, but I swear I read in the Brick that it was a first-floor apartment. Really? But... I got the idea that there were stairs between Marius and Cosette's bedroom (formerly Gillenormand's bedroom, right?) and where ever it was Valjean was chilling when he decided to clear things up with Marius. And I know there was a room set aside for Valjean, wasn't there? Or was that just in the 2000 miniseries? Oh geez, has that movie supplanted canon somehow in my head? Not acceptable. Also, wasn't that a downstairs room of some sort where Valjean had to meet with Cosette post-wedding? And where do Nicolette and Basque go? I don't understand ANYTHING. Speaking of which, Nicolette is just the cook, right? And they tried to take Toussaint on as a housekeeper but it didn't work? So who cleans up after them?
I can finally bust out my Christmas icon!

Still a bit all over the place lately, though those who know me in person might disagree. No fixed schedule yet for work ( :D ) so I'm still never sure until about an hour beforehand whether or not I'll have the afternoon free. Have to start knitting again: no way I'll finish presents for everyone as I've done in years past, but I'd like to at least finish the afghan for my parents. Good luck with that.

Getting used to the idea of having a chance to catch my breath. November was so full of so many assignments and NaNo and that one weekend where I worked thirty hours that the idea of relaxing makes me feel guilty inside.

But! I'm attempting to put away my homemade dolls and get Victor Hugo's back out, so to speak.

Check out these amazing fashionplates! I was looking for a reference for one of the pictures I was drawing from the epilogue of my NaNo, and I stumbled across these. I'm in love.
I might start doodling Cosette a lot more.

And I gotta get back to fanfiction, obviously. Arrrgh okay I'm off to work.

ETA: If it gives you any idea how weird I've been lately at pulling myself together and getting things done: Florent Mothe--yes, THAT Florent Mothe--sent me a message on myspace TWO WEEKS AGO asking me some questions and I still haven't answered. WTF why am I not doing that right now? I don't know. I need a Saturday.


Mar. 2nd, 2009 04:34 pm
I had these FIVE messages in my inbox, PM's from someone called cullenist1918...

1. :O MY name's erin and *I* love Les Mis ASWEL! i share the love with my friend
Ashley. She *apparently* gets Marius from the 1998 movie, and i get Melchior
from Spring Awakening.

2. psshh, Gavroche is made of awesome and you know it.

3. Eponine isn't ugly/crazy, you're just a Cosette lover (yeah i'm going through
your profile and PMing you in the process)

4. alright, Gavroche is effing awesome, he's effing awesome man

5.  i like Cosette as well, but give the other characters some chances!

I've liked Les Mis for NINE years.  I think I've given Eponine and Gavroche their chances.
Okay. Here is the problem.

"La Fille Miserables," aka n00b's first Sue.

It's the tragic tale (I assume it'll be tragic, but I also love saying "tragic tale") of Kierra Lynnia, a foreign girl who, homeless in Paris, stumbles upon les Amis and, for some reason, immediately becomes one of them and starts living with Courfeyrac (who says "Sacre bleu" in chapter one. I kid you not.) in a sisterly way. She has green eyes and blonde hair. She goes to a meeting and immediately starts huffing and crying about how revolution is bad and Enjy's attempts to help the poor are going to FAIL.

There are eleven reviews for this story and NOT ONE of them is positive. The first one from me is curt and rude, but I couldn't care less.

Anyway, each time she gets flamed, this little authoress posts another chapter and makes some note about how she doesn't care what reviews say. After reading the most recent one I got annoyed and posted this rather lengthy... rant.

Long  )

I later wished I had added something like, "I look forward to your response, which I'm sure will either be a poorly-worded dismissal of one point I made here or an outcry against my meanness," but oh well. I was working under a huge fever at the time. But the little bugger outdid me completely when, three days later, I had this little gem waiting in my inbox!

I do not ignore ALL of my reviews. I will listen to reviews, and I have, in fact, done some of the things other people have told me to. I do not, however, like being told that I'm a stupid ignorant little twit who knopws nothing and that I should stop writing. And I have just gone back in my printed copies and I'm fixing my typos.
And I do realize that there are stories that don't just "re-tell" it and are not mary sue, but most characters are still never completely in cxharacter and most details are still not completely accurate. I'm not saying that makes what I am writing any better, but you're the one who started the comparing. ANd if you have read the book, you will note that during this period in which mine is set, there is not much detail said to follow, since at the point you don't hear much from the barricade boy end.

Can... can anyone help me decode that last sentence?

(Also, I am indeed doing much better! Nothing but a stuffy nose and a cough now. Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post! You guys are great.)

ETA:  [ profile] cattylina !  Your review is amazing.  Please please please let me know how she responds.


I'm kind of freaking out, because I was reflecting on my quest to slash Montparnasse with every character in Les Mis before I die in one way or another, and I got bored just now and made a list of as many characters as I could think of.  Well, I got to the double quartette and all of a sudden I remembered that I WROTE A FIC about young Montparnasse hanging out with Fantine and baby Cosette!  And I was like, "Holy crap I never finished that where is it???"  (I talk in run-on sentences when I get worked up.)  And I went plunging into the bowels of my laptop and all my carefully-sorted fanfiction (My Documents > Fanfiction > Les Petites > Montparnasse or Les Petites > Fantine) and I found NOTHING.  

But I'm POSITIVE I started this fic a while back (a while back could be many years...).  POSITIVE.  

In the meantime I found of ton of other abandoned ficlets ranging from one about R that I saved as "Comically Drunk!" and will probably never even look at again to a decent one about Fantine getting dumped to a weird one about Babet's misplaced family, but nowhere did I find that Montparnasse and Fantine fic.  

And then I thought maybe I'd written it in a notebook somewhere and not on the computer at all!  So I got up and tore through my room for a while, only to realise that I took all my notebooks with writing and doodle sections to school and left all but the most recent one in my dorm over the holidays.  FAILLLL.  

I really hope that fic is around somewhere, because, if I remember correctly, it was almost finished.  And it will haunt me until I write it.   But I don't want to have to rewrite it.

This is all REALLY BLOODY STRANGE because I'd completely completely forgotten it existed (or almost existed) until a few minutes ago, and now it's all I can think about.  Fic, where are you??

ETA:  Yayyy the newest Opera update is slightly less buggy when it comes to livejournal!  Meaning when I enter a tag and type the comma, the cursor doesn't mysteriously bounce back over to the beginning of the bar and force me to go click at the end of the bar to enter another tag!  (I really like tagging entries.)

ETA again: Knitting update!  I all but finished that little dog I'm doing for my relative Anne (I'm still not sure *how* she's related to me, but I know she's at every family function, so I'm positive she is...) and then all I have left to do for family members is that prayer shawl, which I'll be able to whip out quicksmart, I'm pretty sure.  Especially if my mom takes me to a bunch of movies at The Theatre Where I Used To Work.   Knitting on a pattern + a movie theatre = FINISHED PRODUCT.  But I always like to dress real purty when I go over there, cos that's where The Ex works.  Still.  ANYWAY.   Once I've done the family presents, next on my agenda is Little Jack.  Because my lovely Stacyfacy LOVES Jack (I don't know why.  I'm so over Jack and John Barrowman right now...) and if I make her a Little Jack then whenever we watch teh Who together I can cling to my Little Ten and she can cling to Little Jack.  And Little Rose can watch us jealously.  I feel daft putting Little in front of their names, but it's the best I can come up with.  So there.  Also, it's almost 4am.

lesmisloony: (knitting and Saboo)
I feel like I haven't posted in FOREVER. Mostly because today was entirely spent knitting and knitting and knitting. Well, except for the one part where I played the piano (Les Mis conductor's score FTW!) and the other part where my family and I went out to this weird steak joint and then I ran by Michael's and got some pretty blue Lion Brand yarn for MOAR KNITTING. It's almost Christmas and that means OMG KNITTING. Because of my tendency to knit presents for everyone and my other tendency to procrastinate. And I crochet a few bits here and there, but I hate crochet cos I feel quite faily at it. I was going to save this icon for the day I eventually post the pictures of my lil Old Gregg and Hitcher dollies, but it sums up how I feel so perfectly that I shall debut it now. BUT! I finished the little racist-looking mariachi dude for my uncle who lives in Texas and is weirdly obsessed with Mexico! Meaning, since I don't have to do that complicated thing I had planned for my Granny (though to be fair, I sure wish I had reason to do it...) I've only got two gifts left! A prayer shawl and a creepy puppy doll with a State jersey on. 'Course, then I found out since my dad's side of the family is still broken up over losing Granny (as am I. I think about her every day and have come near tears at least twice this week. Oh my gosh I love her so much.) that half the people I wasted time knitting presents for aren't even coming in this year and I've gotta mail them their presents. I've decided I'm gonna start my friends' presents either after Christmas or after I finish the family presents, whichever comes first.

BUT! I found some late-night time to start work on another movie summary for This one is the Lino Ventura Valjean movie, the 1982 miniseries where Montparnasse is a giant Gavroche and Javert looks like Mrs. Trunchbull. I'm halfway through part one of mah recap.

And then I ganked a meme from[ profile] squeegee_burblecos they're fun.

Here it is! )


Dec. 12th, 2008 05:08 pm
Vacation is upon me, and I feel the need to do another LM movie recap. I've sort of abandoned the '78 one because, as I've said in multiple places though no one seems to notice it, my version of the movie was abridged. I just can't continue to antagonise John Gay knowing that the Coffin Escape really WAS there but was cut from my DVD.

So I got out of bed this (afternoon--I stayed up all night giggling with Tara and Molls for no reason) and was like, "Today I shall begin a new recap!" but then I couldn't decide which movie to do and wound up just reading my old recaps and staring at my LM collection and eating leftover Pokey Sticks with some delicious ranch dressing given to me by [ profile] suchcuriousity for Christmas.

Speaking of which, I epically failed at finishing her present before she went home, so I swore to finish that Christmas story I was working on. Well, even after staying up till 7am I failed at that too, so instead I'm just gonna post my creative writing assignment from a few months ago. Now, when I wrote this I had no idea who Sophie and the boys were. This was the first time I got them out to play with them. In fact, I don't think I even knew that Julian was her brother. It makes me smile because they're extremely different from what they eventually became. And because I clearly had no clue what was going on in her bewigged head.

lol what? )

Okay, so I really love spending time with my parents and my brother.  They're hilarious, especially my dad.  I really love my dad and I'm really close to my mom, so I feel blessed in that respect.  I have a good family.

The thing is, Thanksgiving usually involves my dad's side of the family, which includes my cousin Sammie, so my brother and Sammie and I always end up watching a movie and generally enjoying each others' company and ignoring the adults.  But this year, since Granny was the glue that held us together, the rest of my dad's side ditched us and each uncle is spending the day alone with his family.  But my mom's side of the family is all here except my beloved New York uncle.  My Texas uncle even flew in.  So lunch was okay because my Texas uncle is hilarious and my dad is hilarious and it was nice.  Until my damn brain-damaged uncle had to run his mouth and ask why there weren't any green beans on the table.  And then someone had to explain to him that no one is ever allowed to make green beans again ever.  And then things got even weirder when dessert came along and Momma pulled a pound cake out of the freezer.  A pound cake that Granny had made.  She had made the Thanksgiving pound cake in advance and put it in her freezer, and Momma found it when they were going through her stuff.  It's like... should we eat this?  My mom was like, "I feel like we should shellac it or something."  But my dad kind of laughed and said, "My mother.  Would think that that was the STUPIDEST thing she had EVER heard."  And then we all laughed because we knew it was true.

And then I retreated to the den to work on my NaNo.  I'm four thousand words from finishing, and I've already written five hundred thus far.  I want to finish this thing.  And then do a happy dance.  But I'm conflicted about the ending.  The one I've had planned all along seems too mopey after a general perky book, but I'm incapable of a completely happy ending.  I guess I'll just keep writing and see what happens.

I really miss my Granny. It's not getting any easier.

ETA: For the love of the bishop, why isn't there any decent LM fanfic anymore?  It's all incomprehensible parodies and boring poems!  Where's the Patron-Minette?  Where's the angst?  Geez.
Well, so far I've only written about a thousand words today (NaNo recommends 1667 per day, though I did, happily, exceed that yesterday) but I'm still kinda working on it. I just thought I'd go ahead and post while I was procrastinating. It's about time to introduce the boys, so I'm almost nervous.

Look I have a new default icon! I love that dress. Staring at the poster for The Duchess (which I never saw and don't really mind) over at the cinema was, I'm pretty sure, where Sophie was born. I. LOVE. THAT. DRESS. I don't care about Keira Knightley or the movie, but that dress... I fangirl it. Lookit those panniers!

So, creative writing. I think my big giant end-of-the-class project is due, like, Tuesday, and I got nothin. I don't really want to write about Sophie and the boys because I'm NaNo-ing with them and writing a short story with them would confuse me. Unless I recycled that boys' first kiss story I wrote for my own evil purposes, but it's not about Sophie AT ALL. And I think the short story is supposed to be about Sophie. Screw it. My other thought is recycling a fanfic. How crap is it that I put so much work into the little assignments, but when it comes to the grand finale I'm so tied up in NaNo that I start considering recycling a fanfic? Just, you know, changing the names of the characters... If I did that it'd be a toss-up between the Cosette/Monty rapey one and the Fantine one. I dunno. All that matters about the short story is that the protagonist change somehow. I actually kinda like the idea of using the kissy one, but I'm kinda ashamed of the actual kissing. I can write whatever I jolly well please on the internetz because I'm kinda anonymous, but then in class I get more concerned about it. Which is weirdly hilarious because you internet folk know me a billion times better than any of my classmates. Weird.

I can't stop staring at this icon. If I were to ever become a massive gayist it'd be for a dress like that. PANNIERS.

Oh! I was already thinking about next Halloween. It's fun to be something people recognise, but I kinda wanna be Chantho. I was watching Utopia today. I've never seen anyone do a Chantho costume, and if I could pull it off it'd be epic. I ADORE Chantho for some reason. I don't know how I could get those face feeler-y things to move, though.

And, finally, rl.
I'm back home for the day because my mom wanted my help putting together a picture slideshow thing for Granny's funeral. She's still alive, but they've moved her to a hospice home. You know that scene in The Mighty Boosh Live where Naboo is on the table, dying, and Bollo keeps thinking he's dead and covering his face and then Naboo's like "What're you doin?" and Bollo uncovers his face? And it's like "Ya... no. Yeah! No. Yeah. No." forEVER? And finally Bollo gets tired of it and just finishes it off himself? Yeah, I'm considering watching Peep Show tonight. For my family's sake.

OH! But I want to tell you. My dad said the greatest thing. I kinda said earlier that she was my favourite and I was pretty sure I was her favourite, but I didn't *really* know if that was true. Well, my dad says in her wallet there were two pictures: one of her with all of her sisters, and one of me. She has four other grandchildren, but I was right! I'm the favourite. Yay. It's mutual, though, I adore my Granny.

Awesomeness contained within. )

Okay, enough of that.  This post is too long and I've flooded your flist.  Back to my NaNo!

ETA: Well, that's that.  She went on without the help of Peep Show.  I might cry some more.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 01:35 am



"Vince disided to keep his feelings in check, making sure he didn't hint or blert them out again." 

Yeah, you can scoff and say, "Well, whaddaya expect from such a plebe-y fandom?"  But just shut your dirty mouth right now, cos I have discovered an AWFUL LM fic that actually made me laugh my head off.

Painful lulz on the other side of this link.

Actually, her stuff makes me want to write Eponine again.  But, you know, MY Eponine, the Eponine I write.  Except I've written everything I have to say about her.  What else is there to say about the most obnoxiously distorted then squeed-over character in the fandom?

A long time ago somebody challenged me to write a story in which Marius and Eponine fell in love, like forserious, and it totally blew my mind.  I thought about it, thought about it, then gave up and wrote another Cosette/Montparnasse.
Dear Mighty Boosh fanfiction:

Please stop using "Jazz Maverick" interchangeably with Howard's name.  It makes me laugh incontrollably through McCain and Palin's speeches. 

(Also, new moodtheme again!  It must have been tough to make an entire moodtheme based on Vince Noir seeing how Noel Fielding is more or less always smiling so endearingly.)
How can this sort of stuff NOT be hilarious?  The Jane Eyre one was pretty good, but now look at this!

Moulin Boosh by MB4ever
Summary: Mighty Boosh X Moulin Rouge. Howard Moon, a penniless jazz musician and writer unwittenly falls in love with Vince Noir, the star courtesan from the Moulin Rouge and finds himself fighting off Vince's affections with Dixon Bainbridge, the Duke.

Except then I started reading it and it was basically just all the words from Moulin Rouge but with the Boosh's names in it.  Boo.

Anyway.  I have to write another scene for creative writing.  I have my three characters and I know their story, sorta, which I'm gonna use for NaNo... I used Sophie in my character sketch and in my first scene because she's my protagonist, but now I want to write something with my boys, Richmond and Julian.  Yes, those are their names.  Shut up.  I just like those names for them, and I was sorta using them in my preliminary scribblings, and they stuck.

And I have some ideas for a scene.  In fact, I have one scene that I wrote out just for lulz, but I don't think I'm going to use it because it culminates in a big ol' kiss, and I'm too ashamed to write something like that and then have the entire class read it.  So.  I should be working on one of the other choices right now, but I'm not in the zone...

Anyhoo.  Heroes.  Just... wtf.  I did have a COMPLETE FIT when that future!Sylar thing happened.  SO GENIUS.  But really... future!Mohinder WOT?  I don't know.  That show has gotten so ridiculous.  Where's HRG at?  And why doesn't Molly AGE?  And if Tracy or whatever dies, will we have to have Ali Larter in the form of "Barbara" next season?  And why did they introduce us to Monica last year if we're never going to hear from her again??  And, most importantly... KRING.  TIM KRING, LISTEN TO ME.  FIND THIS LJ AND READ THIS POST, TIM KRING.  TAKING AWAY MOHINDER'S SEXY IS A REALLY, REALLY BIG NO-NO.  FAIL ON YOU, TIM KRING.  FAILITY FAIL ON YOU.

Seriously, I'm interested in Sylar and HRG and, quite frankly... all the rest of the characters, though I really do love some of them, can just shut up.  Especially Peter and Matt.

But yay David Anders is back?



Oct. 4th, 2008 01:49 am
lesmisloony: (Eels)
Jane Eyre vs. The Mighty Boosh  by Maestro

Summary: Vince Noiyre, a young governess, takes a position at Thornfield Hall under the watchful eye of Howard Moonchester. But what are those noises coming from the attic? Why does everyone think Vince is a girl? And how old is Naboo?

There is no way this fic will not be hilarious.  I haven't read it yet, but still.  Lulz.

Also, I started working on my Old Gregg wig today, but I ended up burning the shizznit out of my fingers with the hot glue gun.  My pinky has a giant welt and I'm typing with the pointer finger of my right hand and the first three fingers of my left.  It's slow going.  Oww.

Anyway, I'm using part of an old pair of greenish tights for the scalp-y part and a cheap green inflatable pool rafty thing from Walmart as the seaweed.  Unfortunately, once you unfold and start to cut up the raft, it becomes kind of see-through and flourescent, so apparently I'm going to have to paint it as well.  Meh.

Oww my fingers.  Dearest flist, never ever hot glue something that is ATOP YOUR HEAD, especially without carefully watching your progress in a mirror.  Owwwwww.
lesmisloony: (wtf Ten)
DON'T WRITE SMUT ABOUT TWO GUYS WHO ARE ACTUAL GUYS THAT'S JUST WROOONG.  They are PEOPLE.  This is creepier than Who Porn because the Doctor is still a character, you guys, but writing fanfic about hot sexxins between Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt after a performance or something is just weirdweirdweird.

I ship them like Petrellicest.  Like, I grin at it and pretend to see it in places where it more or less isn't, but I don't really care about whether or not it's trufax and I certainly don't want to read your smut about it because that is WRONG.


That said, Howard and Vince fluff is really really cute.  Fluff, though, like nervously  watching each other  or, my favourite, the ones where Vince has a nightmare and comes into Howard's room, and Howard's all "gah my love is so unrequited" and stuff.  Cuddles are cute.  The sexxins are awkward.  Ish.

Also, Halloween!  Even though I have the sexy white boots, I found a pair of flat white ankle boots at the Halloween store for ten dollars and bought them.  Because sexy ankle boots aren't exactly functional for roaming all about the place on Halloween, especially if I wear my costume to work.

So!  I have the tutu (it's technically two tutus, but once they're combined it's awesome), the jacket (just came in today, but it's my first leather jacket and I didn't expect it to REEK), the green tights, and the boots.  Now I need the black shirt, the green tie, and to make my wig.  And I need one rubber glove and to figure out how on earth to do that flippery hand...


I have all the fixins for my wig, incidentally, though it's going to be rather too bright for me to be completely pleased with it.

ETA: Hey hey hey!  Tis the one month anniversary with the Boosh!  I first watched Killeroo exactly a month ago... which is really really ironic, because I actually watched Killeroo in its entirety today just because I was putting off homworkings.
 Post JE fic is like porn for the emotions.

And sometimes it's just straight-up porn.
Oh my word I flippin' started crying at a fanfic you guys.

This one.

Because because I ship Rose/Cloney so hard now, and I got to the end and it said that Cloney was doing the same thing for Rose that Rose did for Nine, waking her up after she'd been through hell, and the thought was so beautiful I literally burst into tears.

GOD I am so emotionally attached to this fandom you guys.

And Rose/Cloney is definitely WAY BETTER than Rose/Ten. They're so complex and they have so many possibilities!

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