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Two posts in one day!


This isn't necessarily my favourite song, but it is My Song.  And I'm amazed at all the nonsense I just found on youtube.

And I need you now tonight! )

And I found this website:  http://lulz.mn/totaleclipseoftheworld/
It basically lists all the languages in which the song has been performed and seems to have links, but I'm late to work and can't click any of them...

Silly people with youtube accounts and similar minds have done "covers" of it...

And I need you more than ever! )

There are also fanvids set to this song for every fandom I've ever had.  Not necessarily great vids, but nevertheless...

And if you only hold me tight... )

And here's something fantastic with which I leave you:

We'll be holdin' on forever! )
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I was in a stage play version of Repo at a high school and, ye Gods, I was Amber Sweet. I was backstage and looking over the script (I think it may have been a dress rehearsal: in any case, I was vastly underprepared) and in the next scene there was to be a GeneCo fashion show and I, playing Amber Sweet, was supposed to wear something slutty. Unfortunately, the costume was nowhere to be found and I had to go to my own closet, rushed because my entrance was coming up in just a moment. I was talking to someone at the time and saying "But what's the most cleavage-y thing I have?!?" We finally realised we would have to make to with a flannel shirt and a pair of shorts. The clothes were suprisingly Sim-ish. Or not suprisingly so. Unfortunately, having settled on an outift that was decidedly NOT slutty, I couldn't find a pair of shorts. The person I was with told me that I was wearing some right now, but in fact I was only wearing underwear.

Then I was watching the high school Repo performance on video with a boy I'm trying not to like. At the part where Amber Sweet is supposed to make an entrance, someone who wasn't me came out. I had to explain that, having rejected my costume and lost the self-confidence to dress scantily, I had given the part to someone else at the last minute. Good to know my self-confidence issues extend to my dreams.

The boy and I were on a train at this point, apparently going back to college from spring break. And college was in the French countryside. I remember telling myself I was going to study Basque (the dialect, not the character). The train was exceedingly narrow, comprised of only two rows where we could stand and hold onto those ceiling straps. As I was talking to that boy, someone else started talking to me. I turned around (every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never comin' round...) and saw THE GUY I LOVED IN HIGH SCHOOL. I was standing between the boy I don't want to crush upon now and the guy I loved in high school and still kind of adore despite the fact that I haven't seen him in years. I didn't know which to talk to. I had a brief conversation with the high school crush about cell phones. He was on his way to his college in Tennessee. Then I spent a long time wondering why I train heading to the French countryside was going to swing by Nashville first...

Anyway, that was basically it. Then my Dalek alarm clock went off and I wondered how many weeks I will have that thing before it wakes me up without giving me a mild heart attack.

To Do:
1. Homework. Finish reading Andromaque, read Le Cid, and study that history of the French language.
2. Find more disk space. Will probably have to delete my Doctor Who episodes. Meh.
3. Get a region-free DVD player! Might need to get paid first.
4. Burn some DVD's. Gotta free up that disk space.
5. Do something about the sudden loss of soundtrack for those two youtube videos. Megavideo, maybe?
6. Watch Monday's Heroes.

That reminds me!

Rather pleased thoughts within... )

Okay, now I'll pay attention to my professor for a while.
Things I learned from the Sims:

Life is really good if you set a few aspirations for yourself every day and then accomplish them.  Yesterday I saw Lost and Heroes and Scrubs and an episode of MST3K, and even DID SOME HOMEWORK.  Oh, and did I mention I made my Pavi mask?  Pictures forthcoming.  I only played the Sims for a couple of hours.  Shilob grew up into a kid and unfortunately inherited his dad's funny cheeks and got weird-looking lips from somewhere.  But he has the cool hazel eyes I put on Marni, so that's good.

Also, I love controlling people's lives.  It's fun.

And now, a brainstorm I had that will make my life easier.

Slightly Spoilery for, um, Everything )

Maybe I should go to bed earlier.
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I'm sick.

Right after Heroes last night I started feeling AWFUL.  It was probably all that icky het.  Thank God for Sylar being Sylar again.  But Mohinder's FACE!  WHY???  Gah, I used to be proud to be a Heroes fan, but now I'd rather admit to adoring Merlin than Heroes.

Speaking of which.  MERLIN.  I.T. CROWD.  WHY WERE THEY BOTH SO AMAZING THIS WEEK?  And even more amazing?  Those video diaries from the Merlin DVD!  It was the most amazing thing EVER.  AMAZING I SAY.  Bradley James and Colin Morgan are SO. HILARIOUS.

And the I.T. Crowd is proving that it doesn't even NEED the magic of Richmond Avenal to be awesome. Unexpected!Hitler last week, and the amazing technique to distract the cops this week?  I LOVVVVE THAT SHOW.  Srsly guys, Ayoade for Eleven and Colin Morgan for companion.

"Je m'appelle Angel.  Je suis LOSER."
"Oh, je ne clean pas le room pour no loser!"
"And once again the balance is restored to nature."
"It was just complete euphoria from start to finish.  It was like the greatest moment of my life.  All rolled into one day."
"If our names were actually representation...al... of who we are, I'D be called Angel.  She'd be called ... ... ... HUSSY."
"We don't really understand the French but what he think [the radio] is singing is... 'We're all going to die.'  We're GOINNNG to that great big rollercoaster in the skyyyyy!  To join themmm!  ...in a MINute."
"Bloody he-- I mean, holy-- I mean... whatever.  OH MY GOD.  YEAHHHHHHHH.  AOOGA.  AOOGA."
"I think we keep getting warnings in French for me to turn off my camera.  But don't worry, Merlin fans, it's not gonna happen.  Cos I have the magic phrase.  (singing) Je ne comprends pas!  Je suis anglais, heh-hey!"

I had no idea Anthony Head was so awesome.

Basically, [livejournal.com profile] suchcuriousity and I are going to Parc Asterix.  As soon as I'm well enough to stand up.  We're going to hijack a bus and go.

I randomly wrote something that might be considered fanfiction for my own NaNo last night.  I may or may not let anyone see it.
Wrote today. Wrote and wrote. Also watched Heroes and applauded the return of sexy!Mohinder. GTFO lizard skin.

GEEZ. Last season we were all panting for Mohinder to lose the shirt! This season he was unexpectedly naked (albeit covered in craft store cocoon web)!  Also, if Claire (or Peter) were to die I would do the happiest happy dance ever. But I know this will never happen. Only the awesome characters stay dead/invisible on Heroes. DL? Claude? I'm talking about you. And Adam, so far.

Aughhh the NaNo site is down whyyyyy I cannot show off how much awesome work I got done today.

Anyway, here.


41079 / 50000 words. 82% done!

Brown like the feathers of a soon-to-be-eaten turkey. As for me, I'll take a piggy any day.  Om nom nom ham.


[livejournal.com profile] suchcuriousity drew me the cutest picture ever of small boy!Richmond and small boy!Julian in a bubble bath playing with a rubber ducky. And then I spoke to someone who called gaydom "being liberal."  Hmm...

I didn't know I had so many thoughts... )

In a related note, I watched Einstein & Eddington today. I didn't expect to really like it too much, but I actually cried my eyes out over Tennant's Eddington's love story and the soldier and all that. Oh Tennant. It ripped at the scars I still have from Doomsday. Similar level of pain. But what a delightful little film it was!


Oct. 13th, 2008 10:35 pm
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How can this sort of stuff NOT be hilarious?  The Jane Eyre one was pretty good, but now look at this!

Moulin Boosh by MB4ever
Summary: Mighty Boosh X Moulin Rouge. Howard Moon, a penniless jazz musician and writer unwittenly falls in love with Vince Noir, the star courtesan from the Moulin Rouge and finds himself fighting off Vince's affections with Dixon Bainbridge, the Duke.

Except then I started reading it and it was basically just all the words from Moulin Rouge but with the Boosh's names in it.  Boo.

Anyway.  I have to write another scene for creative writing.  I have my three characters and I know their story, sorta, which I'm gonna use for NaNo... I used Sophie in my character sketch and in my first scene because she's my protagonist, but now I want to write something with my boys, Richmond and Julian.  Yes, those are their names.  Shut up.  I just like those names for them, and I was sorta using them in my preliminary scribblings, and they stuck.

And I have some ideas for a scene.  In fact, I have one scene that I wrote out just for lulz, but I don't think I'm going to use it because it culminates in a big ol' kiss, and I'm too ashamed to write something like that and then have the entire class read it.  So.  I should be working on one of the other choices right now, but I'm not in the zone...

Anyhoo.  Heroes.  Just... wtf.  I did have a COMPLETE FIT when that future!Sylar thing happened.  SO GENIUS.  But really... future!Mohinder WOT?  I don't know.  That show has gotten so ridiculous.  Where's HRG at?  And why doesn't Molly AGE?  And if Tracy or whatever dies, will we have to have Ali Larter in the form of "Barbara" next season?  And why did they introduce us to Monica last year if we're never going to hear from her again??  And, most importantly... KRING.  TIM KRING, LISTEN TO ME.  FIND THIS LJ AND READ THIS POST, TIM KRING.  TAKING AWAY MOHINDER'S SEXY IS A REALLY, REALLY BIG NO-NO.  FAIL ON YOU, TIM KRING.  FAILITY FAIL ON YOU.

Seriously, I'm interested in Sylar and HRG and, quite frankly... all the rest of the characters, though I really do love some of them, can just shut up.  Especially Peter and Matt.

But yay David Anders is back?

Secret Diary of a Call Girl was flipping upsetting.

Pushing Daisies was freaking adorable.

Sarah Palin is a condescending moron.

Heroes was really confusing.  But Sylar is badass. 
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I don't know.  I say it and I wanted to do eet.  And I started running out of ships about halfway through, so I got desperate.
I have quotes from my shippy ships, and you guess which is which.  In da comments.

1.  The young chief stopped to have a chat with your daughter.  (Montparnasse/Eponine, Les Mis;  [livejournal.com profile] viorica8957 )
2.  That's what this is all about!  Me and you!  The arguing, the bickering!  It's all because of the sexual tension!  The deep, powerful, molten sexual tension that's been brewing up between us! (Howard/Vince, Mighty Boosh; cheers to [livejournal.com profile] meerkitty868 !)
3.  Oh! One day, at the Luxembourg, I had a good mind to finish breaking up a veteran! (Marius/Cosette, Les Mis; [livejournal.com profile] viorica8957  and [livejournal.com profile] xthe_ingenue )
4.  Yeah?  And how was that sentence gonna end? (Rose/Cloney or Rose/Ten, either works, Doctor Who; [livejournal.com profile] viorica8957  and [livejournal.com profile] xthe_ingenue )
5.  I'm going to take a sample of your spinal fluid. ...and it's going to hurt. (Mohinder/Sylar, Heroes; congratuwelldone [livejournal.com profile] suchcuriousity !)
6.  We never did get that date, did we? You and me. We sort of, uh, missed each other. It was my fault. I didn't... didn’t notice until it was too late. I'm sorry. (Owen/Tosh, Torchwood; [livejournal.com profile] viorica8957 )
7.  You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it's beautiful.
8.  I'm going to hug Digby and pretend he's you. (Ned/Chuck, Pushing Daisies; [livejournal.com profile] meerkitty868 )
9.  Reader, I married him. (Rochester/Jane, Jane Eyre; [livejournal.com profile] elyse24601 )
10.  "Thou tellest of running a race to a man whose knees are tottering beneath him! I must die here! There is not the strength or courage left me to venture into the wide, strange, difficult world alone!  Alone!"  "Thou shalt not go alone."

Come on, seven and ten?  Anybody?



Sep. 23rd, 2008 06:24 pm
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The end.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 10:04 pm
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