I keep almost posting to lj but not having that much to say. I have an outline for my third book finally. I'm still working 39 hours a week but it seems that will drop off next week because after Christmas it won't be as busy... I'm in talks with ANOTHER person to be my roommate but for chrissake i cant fucking trust ANYONE and i'm slowly learning to hate all of humanity and never have any friends again

oops that was bitterer than i usually am, just dont fucking get me started on failed roommates

ummm I'm weirdly addicted to Finding Bigfoot, like it's the only show I sit down at the tv to watch every week (Sunday nights at 10) because other shows I catch up with later online... I miss Conan and Jon Stewart REALLY BADLY because i tend to work past midnight, but hopefully once the store starts closing at 10 again they'll come back into my life...

guns shouldnt be legal for private citizens to own

i dyed my hair again

this icon is the first gif i ever made in my whole life and i cherish it

hope the world doesnt end before christmas

OH ALSO I finally opened a damn etsy shop! It's here and everyone should buy these dolls because they take three or more days to make and I'm selling them for stupidly low prices but I'm just worried people won't be willing to pay for them. Ugh. How come people will buy a $200 Tony Stark action figure but when I knit a doll of him WITH GLOW IN THE DARK ARC REACTORS and offer it for $26 no one gives a shit? I'm not internet-famous enough I guess.
Here's an update while I continue to procrastinate from sleeping for no reason!

My mom told me if I can condense my stuff down to three suitcases to avoid baggage fees, she'll buy me a whole new wardrobe when I get home! So I'm doing crazy stuff like giving away clothes I don't wear enough, giving all my shoes to the American student living here, throwing away the cases to my Sims games and keeping them in a zippy CD case thing, and knitting for the first time since Bercy in an effort to use up my yarn! Also, I've seen nine and a half seasons of Friends in a little less than three weeks.

Started stagedooring 1789 yesterday. I saw Yamin, who teased me and said wow nice tan and I was like b-b-but I dont get tans and he was like yeah I was kidding and i was like ohhhh. Also saw a very beardy Solal on a red scooter who was looking for Yamin. Also met Danton, or David Ban, and he was super nice!!! Also, it seems like Roddy J is ALREADY sick of fans, which makes me sad because when I saw him a year ago at the MOR reunion concert he was SO PRECIOUS AND CHARMING but now he always has a look on his face like he's anxiously waiting for you to shut up and stop bothering him. Boo Roddy J, I mean really what did you expect. Also, the little Dracula understudy named Sebastien who I didn't want to love, IS SO SWEET. And the new guy who replaced Mathieu has a lot of tattoos, including all over his neck... huh. OH and Tamara smiled and waved at me! She's so pretty and nice gah.

ALSO I WILL VERY LIKELY BE ABLE TO FIND AND SAY GOODBYE TO MY MIKELE ON SEPTEMBER 15TH. As for Flo... I just hope I'll catch him when 1789 starts up.

Alright, and about masters stuff, I started looking at the courses required for the translation masters at NYU that I was initially interested in, and after the first TWO it all becomes accounting and contracts and patents and my soul died just thinking about it. I don't have a good head for reality. THEN I discovered a literary translation master ALSO at NYU, but it was two semesters in NYC and then a summer program in... PARIS. And I was like GAH I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO GO BACK TO PARIS (though secretly it sounded amazing) and I was telling the family that's hosting my right now and they were like "Oh that's easy, just come live with us again!" I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.

But now I'm worrying again, because I never intended to do higher education and now I realize how badly I need to. But my GPA was 2.76, and apparently 3.0 is low for NYU standards. I could probably kick ass on the GRE (I'm not stupid, I just made a lot of dumb decisions in college including playing the Sims during class... often) and I have a lot of experience and could probably write a good letter of motivation or whatever in order to prove that I've changed in the what-will-have-been two years since getting my French degree... geez.

Anyway, so I don't know how coherent that was, but it was an update! I've been really hungry ever since I closed my bank account. I went from constantly eating everything in the pantry of the family I worked for to eating less than two meals a day because I don't want to spend all my money and I don't want to take advantage of the amazing family that's hosting me right now. My mom is sending my resume to places that'll hire me for "seasonal work" while I'm in North Carolina.

Oh I'm still typing? Okay sorry. I'll sleep now. Going stagedooring again tomorrow!
 For a little less than an hour, Mozart l'Opéra Rock has been over.

Nutella party and a slapdash costume under the cut )

This picture was posted to Merwan's official fanpage yesterday.


"Ça va, ne sois pas triste car nous avons nos poupées avec nous.. c'est un peu de toi avec nous!  Bisous!"  -Patrice Maktav, 25 March 2011
 Spent most of the day problem-solving.  Kind of.

Called my mom and talked about getting me a bike to ease the transitions between buses and such (thanks for that suggestion, I don't know why but I NEVER would have thought of that).  Everyone around here has a bike.  There are bike rack things on the buses.  She's gonna look into it, especially since she's kinda wanting a bike too so if I move in January I can just give her the bike.

Talked to Sherry.  She says if she does move in it won't be till August and she didn't seem super thrilled about sharing a room and I was like I'LL GO SLEEP IN THE LIVING ROOM AND JUST LEAVE MY STUFF IN HERE SERIOUSLY THE LIVING ROOM IS BIG ENOUGH I JUST CAN'T AFFORD THIS and she was like hmmmm well it IS a pretty good option.

Meanwhile I remembered that I was gonna sell dolls and if I do that I'll be charging for the French/European fans in euros, so with about six dolls (each doll takes about two days) I have a month's rent.  So I went ahead and opened a fanpage on facebook and I'm gonna start selling them soon.  Gotta finalise my pricing ideas in my head.

The page is here.  Like it and tell your friends to like it.  I don't limit my doll-knitting to MOR, you know.  I started this with Doctor Who dolls, remember?  I'll knit absolutely anything you send me a picture of, provided I have the right yarn.  And I have a TON of yarn.  I have gold.  I'll knit an Enjy vest if you want.

My mom told me that if I find myself a sure job in France she'll pay for me to get my work visa and she'll pay for the plane ticket to get me there.  A fan's mom offered me an assistant teaching position an hour and a half out of Paris, but ideally my dream would be to get back to my city.  I even miss battling tourists on my way to class.  So I was looking at websites for other teaching positions for private institutions IN Paris (preferrably ones that teach adults due to my issues with patience) and... I found this site.


There are FIVE of this company in Paris.  Granted I'm not finding any sort of job application section on the site, but SOMEBODY has to be doing that translating.  More importantly, if this company exists, others do too.  THIS IS A JOB THAT EXISTS.  LET ME DO IT.  Translating French stuff to English is basically MY DREAM JOB.  I'm not afraid to be a substitute teacher on the side.  Subs make like 35/hour in France apparently.  I'll put up signs in tabacs offering to proofread English homework and stuff too.  I did it for my host sister, I'll do it for strangers.

Basically, for the first time I see a job that seems like something I would be good at, something I'm qualified for, and something I would enjoy.  Literally for the first time since I picked French as my major.


Except um clearly I'm not going to be moving to France RIGHT NOW or anything... but Phoebe graduates next year and she's been looking for jobs too.


I'm a little teeny teeny bit reluctant to make any of this an official plan because I wonder if this homesickness will wear off and I'll develop, like, Stockholm Syndrome for America.  I don't know, maybe it'll be okay and I'll decide I like it here.  There were things about America that I missed while I was in France... I just find I miss the France things much much more when I'm here.  I felt like a badass every day.  And I already know the métro like the back of my hand...
 All better?  Or all in my head?  lol what am I doing with my life.

Seriously though it's all better.  But I'm sticking to the theory that Florent Mothe threatened Patrice Maktav's kneecaps because it just makes sense.  And because when I was being all dejected over Maktav not loving on me Floflo was all over me in a tragically non-literal way.  He stopped and talked to me like four times in under an hour.

DEAR DA PONTE.  It should not be easier to spend time with SALIERI than with you.  Quit it.

But seriously though it's all good again and I am sunburned and blistered and SO TIRED but I'm so content that nothing can touch me.

Rennes was really good.

Read more... )

Voilà!  It was a good weekend and I am a happy fan.
 SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY.  I was having a wangst fit.  It happens sometimes when the good things in my life overload my circuits.

So I got on tumblr like WAHHHH WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY FANDOM WHEN THE SHOW CLOSES and Becky answered thusly:

Razorblade sales will plummet. Parks will be tended to. There will be strange sightings in the sky at night (Is it Peter Pan? Superman? Somebody’s uncle?) People will not take twenty minutes to say just kidding. Otters will no longer dance. Latinos will not be upgraded. And things that were once beautiflo will just be beautiful.

But there will be an odd circumstance - something that resembles a harem (though more modern, more western, and actually legal) where a certain collection of individuals will gather around one individual. Some of us will knit. Some of us will write. Some of us will form sculptures, and others make a scrapbook of razorblades, all to the gently melody of a trumpet tune. And there will be a certain individual in the midst of it all, wondering if he should wish he had regular fans who would learn to let go of their fandoms and find new interests, or if he should accept it, and follow through with that signed promesse de mariage before it shows up in court.

There is just no saying. All we can predict is that it will mikelemazing.

You guys are my favourite.

Also, Maeva put a picture of my doll on her facebook!

Tell me if that's too big and I'll cut it.
lesmisloony: (geeky owen)

Oh my good Lord.

I don't think my life is real.
 I AM GOING TO SKIP WRITING ABOUT THE ACTUAL SHOW FOR NOW.  I'll review it later.  It was fine.  Solal's understudy was on and Nuno was weirdly only semi-present, but Mikele was busting it out and Flo was having a pretty good day too (nothing like what we saw in Lille, though).  Ariane (Maman Weber) was being really silly and I liked it.

Je suis souveraine de mes rêves au milieu de fous qui se levent )

lesmisloony: (knitting and Saboo)

How does one go about knitting a Merwan?

Like dis.

Surtout pour les petits )

I think I need therapy after all that.  I see stripes in my sleep.

I am having some sort of very calm mental breakdown right now that is making me really not want to write the tale of Friday.

I don't know.  Because there are REALLY GOOD STORIES here.  So maybe I'll just force myself to start typing and I'll get all caught up in how epic my life is and suddenly I'll have made an excellent livejournal entry.

After all, I'm sure you all want to know why I've been running around the internet telling everyone that Merwan is my new bff.

So I'll just start talking.

You're-a grrreat! )

And we trekked back to our hotel under the creepy bridge (we found that singing the "J'ai bu l'amour au souffle amer" part of C'est bientôt la fin really helped make that experience less horrible) and past the weird camper park.  Oh Lille you beautiful town.  And once we were back at the hotel I finished my Friday review, which took me till something like six in the morning.  Awesome.

The next morning we had to be ready to check out of the hotel by 11.

I should always knit things in two days.

Read more... )


Now all the other ones that I spent more time working on look TERRIBLE by comparison.

I guess it's just the power of my love for Flo making me really good at recreating him somehow.

SORRY IF THIS IS SMUG.  I literally finished the thing about fifteen minutes ago so I'm still feeling pretty self-satisfied about it.

Ma petite troupe!
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Tomorrow I have to deal with things like giving him a head and feet and hands.  And a cravat.  Oh Lawd.

BUT STILL I did all that in one day and am feeling pretty self-satisfied about it.  I also had time to eat a whole lotta one-euro Monoprix pastry type things.

By the way this picture exists because I was trying to supply him with my own head in lieu of a knitted head.  That's why I am making my Salieri face.
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LJ just ate this entry and I have very little energy to retype words, so here, have some pictures.

Read more... ) 

Tomorrow I start on Flo.  SO MUCH PRESSURE.  I have to finish him in two days.  CAN IT BE DONE?
I just saw some French fans posting obscene things about Florent Mothe on facebook. Now I am indignant and have no one to complain to.

Come back to America with me, Flo. Kelley and I will take good care of you and feed you omelets and let you watch television and play guitar and check your myspace all day long. We will pull you around Central Park in a wagon and if you ever don't want to go to a gig Kelley will paint on a beard and go in your place.

Honestly. And this is the girl who's, like, friends with Flo's brother on facebook! Let's be respectful, children.

Also, here is a video I took the other day in which I complain about my laptop, do a tour of my room, and play with dolls.

That is why I don't do video blogs.
The laptop crisis has gotten pretty terrible.

It won't stay on more than fifteen minutes at the absolute max, and that's only when it makes it through the entire bootup process, which is maybe one out of five tries.  So like.  Ugh.

I've been spending my time on my knitting project and listening to my also-broken iPod.  Wouldn't ya know this would happen to me the 


HEY SO my laptop died right there.  And wouldn't restart.  So I took a shower, got dressed, tried some more, and it still wouldn't restart.

So now I've recharged my navigo for the week and sneaked into the computer lab at the Foyer at St-Michel.  Trustworthy internet, hi!  Except now I can't log in to yahoo for some reason.  Gahhhh why.  Once I've tired of being online I shall go to La Droguerie and buy some more sparkly yarn.  Red, black, and gold.  Vu qu'ils ont du noir, because they didn't have any when I went there before break.  So I just bought a lifetime supply of silver.

I can see how I could get a little bummed out if I wasn't careful.  I've only got one friend left in Paris and she's busy babysitting all the time, I got no show to stalk at night, my laptop won't work... so like.  What am I supposed to do for the next couple of weeks?  Knit, I guess.  Knit and listen to my iPod.  Until the battery dies and I can only charge it for the .24601 seconds before my computer commits suicide.

OH POO I was just stalking Flo's myspace like I do every single time I'm ever online and I noticed that myspace has a thing that tells you who's been looking at your profile.  Haha... uhhhh well.  Not like he doesn't know I stalk him.  Not like there aren't five bajillion French preteens who do the exact same thing.

Sherry pointed out that my new little laptop will have a French keyboard.  Argh.  But at least it'll have Windows 7 so it'll be easy to make it type like the US International Keyboard that I'm used to.

OMIGAH AFTER AN HOUR I FINALLY MADE IT INTO MY YAHOO ACCOUNT. And there weren't even any new emails.  But now I can see that my new little laptop is prevu d'etre expedie le today o'clock.  I don't know if that means they expect it to arrive today or they think they might get around to mailing it today.  I'd prefer the former.

ALSO HEY I used my beautiflo Florum to make one of the British fans hunt me down a hat like Flo's!  You know the hat.

THIS is in the mail on its way to my host family's address!!  I know, I know, I'm creepy.  But hey, I was actually considering knitting myself one somehow over break before I got distracted with my project for the Troupe, so... Wait, actually, which is creepier?  Knitting yourself one, or finding out that they're only sold in the UK, then coercing an internet friend who lives in the UK to buy one and mail it to you?

In case you can't tell, this stream-of-consciousness post is basically ALL THE THINGS I WANT TO SAY before I leave this glorious computer lab.

Oh and hey! I'll know by tomorrow whether or not I won a sweeps to get backstage tickets to hang with the Troupe in Lille!  Because I learned that stagedooring in Lille is gonna be craptastic.  The Troupe comes out in costume to sign stuff behind a table in the lobby after the show.  So like... not much of a Floto op given there's a table in the way, and even worse I'm doubting people like my love MAKTAV or even Nuno would bother to COME ON for such a madhouse.  So Lille is gonna be a disappointment.  SIGH.  Plus you have to have a ticket if you want to be at this signing, and the cheapest tickets are around fifty euros.  Which is why we were only planning to go to the show once, then stagedoor the rest of the weekend.

Anyway so like.  I randomly remembered I have a tumblr?  And then I started using it.  So, if you're interested in being spammed by pictures of Flo and other Mozart-y things, I'm lesmisloony over there too.

Okay.  I have looked at all the websites and I think I'm ready to leave the internet behind for the day.  I'm off to La Droguerie and then to Monoprix from some food and then back to my little yellow garret!  My knitting project is going quite well.  I'll post pictures once my little pink laptop arrives.

ETA: No backstage passes for me!  BOOOoooo.


I don't think I can even focus enough to tell the whole story.

But I will give it a try )

I literally, actually grinned all the way home.  I tried to stop several times on the métro, once at St-Lazare, and a few times on the train, but a few minutes later I always realised I was grinning again.
So in case haven't been within a million feet of my facebook or twitter, here's the big news of the day:

Lots of rather beautiful photos under the cut )

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So, having finished my epic afghan, I decided I was ready for a Doctor Who scarf.  And being me, I picked the longest one: the series 16 scarf.  And being an idiot, I didn't believe that 60 stitches would be wide enough, so I ended up with a scarf that is over a foot wide.

I started on Christmas eve, and as of right now I've got this:


Because everyone loves a progress bar.

I'm pretty satisfied.  I decided to use the same brand of yarn I used for the afghan because it's slightly softer than your normal Red Heart type yarn, but it's nothing ridiculous or intended for babies.  Vanna's Choice.  And because I decided to go with all one brand (and expediency) instead of being super careful to follow the knitting Whovian rules, my colours are probably somewhat off.  Especially my tan and my grey.  But I'm pretty sure anyone who sees me in a ginormous scarf isn't going to say, "Well, I'd think that was a Doctor Who scarf if only that big stripe there was slightly less taupe."  Actually, I was only on that first red bar over there at the beginning on Christmas and a guy hanging around outside my theatre recognised my knitting as a Doctor Who scarf and started ranting about Sarah Jane and Axons and Mars.  Then he offered to sell me weed.  Hmm.

I don't mind that my scarf is so outlandishly wide because I can fold it in half and it will be super warm.
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Well, I've managed to keep the Great Afghan hidden from my parents all day, but if tomorrow's a snow day they'll both be home and I won't get a chance to work on it unless I hole myself up in my room.

I'm only posting right now because I'm procrastinating from finishing my take-home exam for that awful film class (and I literally did take the exam home, by the way).

My new cord came in for my laptop. Why have I shorted out two cords since freshman year? The second one only lasted about six months. What am I doing wrong here?

It may snow tomorrow, which is good, but there are holes all in my rubber boots so I'll certainly have wet feet. Sad.

My brain has been very Doctor Who this week. Probably from marathoning series two with Tara. I miss Rose. The show was much cuter and very, very different when she was around. I still adore the show, obviously, but I was just in love with it then.

I've managed to completely avoid all spoilers for The End of Time except that one picture of Ten in that funny hat and a few clips with the sound turned off that played under an interview he did. I survived all the squee of watching him on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (poor Catherine Tate) but the regeneration is still worrying me. Not as much as RTD leaving worries me, though. I mean, he's done his stupid things, but he also made me weep for three days simply because two characters would never see each other again. Tara had a similar reaction. No matter what anybody says about Rusty, he definitely knows what he's doing. I adore him, evil overlord that he is, and always will. The Moff has done some good episodes, of course (Blink and The Empty Child are some of the best that have come out of this show so far) but then there's always Silence in the Library, which was a giant ball of wibbly fail. The Moff has no regard for the over-arching stories, have you noticed? Girl In The Fireplace, for example (which I like to refer to as GITFace thanks to the tags at ihasatardis) completely ruined the snippy jealousy that had been going on between Mickey and Rose while undermining (and I know there are those who like this aspect, but they can stfu) the Doctor and Rose's growing relationship. Like it or not, this show started off as the story of a girl whose life was changed by a man in a blue box, and it wasn't until The Runaway Bride that the Doctor was the real main character. Even that Absorbaloff moron knew that it was all about the chavvy blonde. But Moffat just ignored that. And wasn't there some frustration between him and Rusty regarding having angels as the bad guys? You know, between Blink and Voyage of the Danged? I don't know, I just don't trust Moffatt for the long run. But we'll see. Nothing I can do.

I really hope Matt Smith is wonderful. Heck, I hope that in about six months' time you'll see posts from me about how much I adore the man. I hope he gets an even bigger fanbase than Tennant and I hope the show gets even better and runs for a million years. And I hope that someday there's a companion who is not a female from the early 21st century.

How awesome would it be to have someone from the eighteenth century as a companion? Or someone like Chantho? Or a guy? Or more than one person? Two people who then fall in love with each other and not the Doctor but are from different times or planets and are convinced that it will never work?

I should do my homework.
So, sometimes my life is all terrible and worthy of whinging, but not very often. It's much more likely that my life is like this:

I'm the one in the yellow spotted dress providing the main vocals along with my dear Katherine, who is at my side as she should be. Bonus points to anyone who can correctly count the number of people on this futon.

Also, stuff like this on facebook, which is a ridiculous time suck but I can't help it:

It's Petville, which is a terrible waste of time. Basically, you create a little pet character and then you put furniture in its house and drag that soap bar over it a few times a day to get points. I show you the picture only because I want you to see if you can guess what Kat's and my pets' names are. Give you a hint... mine's the one on the left with that random piece of hair on its cheek. And Kat's is emo. And they're bff.

So yeah, my life has gotten inane. But cheery again, so yay!

I've got my job back: my cinema reopened under new management and they know nothing about running the place, so I'm almost a consultant or something. I've been working since Thanksgiving and yesterday I finally got my first paycheck. I celebrated with delicious sushi and mango gelato. Oh man I love my life. Then came that futon experience that we caught on video. Last night I stayed up till 6am knitting and marathoning series two of Doctor Who with Tara, who is wonderful. I'm trying to finish this afghan for my parents for Christmas before I go home Wednesday, but I don't know if I have a chance at that. Meh.

Two more exams, both on Wednesday, and a take-home exam due by email Friday. One of my Wednesday exams is java. Oh dear God java. Do not take java or javascript classes unless you're just amazing at computer programming already, you guys. I went in thinking it was going to be, like, an advanced form of HTML. It isn't. It's math in disguise. D: The horrid thing is, I feel like I could really like it... but it just... moves too quickly? Or the class expects too much intelligence from me? Or something?

Oh! And I've started contemplating that fanfic again. The one I'm writing about how Éponine and "de Lotbinière" are boarding with Marius and Cosette. And I'm having trouble understanding the floor plan of Gillenormand's house. In various movies (2000 and '82) it looks ridiculously giant, but I swear I read in the Brick that it was a first-floor apartment. Really? But... I got the idea that there were stairs between Marius and Cosette's bedroom (formerly Gillenormand's bedroom, right?) and where ever it was Valjean was chilling when he decided to clear things up with Marius. And I know there was a room set aside for Valjean, wasn't there? Or was that just in the 2000 miniseries? Oh geez, has that movie supplanted canon somehow in my head? Not acceptable. Also, wasn't that a downstairs room of some sort where Valjean had to meet with Cosette post-wedding? And where do Nicolette and Basque go? I don't understand ANYTHING. Speaking of which, Nicolette is just the cook, right? And they tried to take Toussaint on as a housekeeper but it didn't work? So who cleans up after them?

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