I keep almost posting to lj but not having that much to say. I have an outline for my third book finally. I'm still working 39 hours a week but it seems that will drop off next week because after Christmas it won't be as busy... I'm in talks with ANOTHER person to be my roommate but for chrissake i cant fucking trust ANYONE and i'm slowly learning to hate all of humanity and never have any friends again

oops that was bitterer than i usually am, just dont fucking get me started on failed roommates

ummm I'm weirdly addicted to Finding Bigfoot, like it's the only show I sit down at the tv to watch every week (Sunday nights at 10) because other shows I catch up with later online... I miss Conan and Jon Stewart REALLY BADLY because i tend to work past midnight, but hopefully once the store starts closing at 10 again they'll come back into my life...

guns shouldnt be legal for private citizens to own

i dyed my hair again

this icon is the first gif i ever made in my whole life and i cherish it

hope the world doesnt end before christmas

OH ALSO I finally opened a damn etsy shop! It's here and everyone should buy these dolls because they take three or more days to make and I'm selling them for stupidly low prices but I'm just worried people won't be willing to pay for them. Ugh. How come people will buy a $200 Tony Stark action figure but when I knit a doll of him WITH GLOW IN THE DARK ARC REACTORS and offer it for $26 no one gives a shit? I'm not internet-famous enough I guess.
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Yay knittings! Lots and lots of pictures... let's hope the cut works.
This is a little stereotypical-looking Mexican guy. His name is... uh... I forgot. But I decided he was secretly an undercover cop and not a Mexican at all which is why he's playing a lute and not a guitar. Also, that poncho is a separate piece if you can get it over his head. Yayy. He was for my uncle Jon who lives in Texas and always sends us weird Mexican Christmas tree ornaments that look like death heads or something.
Don... Jose... Sanchez? I don't remember his name. )

Here is Brunnhilde. She was for my uncle Peter who loves the opera, kind of as a joke. I love my uncle Peter. He has cancer. :(
Brunnhilde! )

Here is ugly cat. He's for my Aunt Barbara who likes cats and my Uncle Rick who likes the Cubs. He is ugly.
Ugly Cat is Ugly. )

This is Cletus. He's a country bumpkin guy for my aunt Sheila who used to own the bluegrass park. He's got booze. A HUGE thing of crocheted booze.
Cletus )

Here's a creepy kangaroo! She's crocheted. Which is why she's a little crappy looking.
Kangaroo )

This dog is a little messed up, but I like him. He's for my (somehow related to me somehow person) Anne who reportedly has a dog just like this...?
Fat Dog )

This is my favourite of this batch. I call him Little Stuart. He was the predecessor to Little Ten (Little Ten's head was smaller and he was less fat, but I was just trying it out at the time.) and the first doll I made.
Little Stuart! )

And here's the whole lot.

WAIT NO! I forgot the most important part!

Little Jack! )

I have a headless Little Jack lying over there on the table next to Little Ten.  Unlike the other two, Little Jack is not undressable.  (Ironic, isn't it?)  Because that would take too much time I don't have.  I still have to finish that stupid prayer shawl.

Ugh, the prayer shawl.  It's been so long since I used a pattern and needles other than my trusty dpn's!  I kind of hate it now.  But good-naturedly hate it, like the way I hate... um... oh gosh it's so late.  Um, the way I hate my brother.  Yeah, that.

Anyway, I thought I'd screwed Little Jack up right away and almost took him apart, but with some creative stitching he came out all right.  And, considering he only lacks a head and a big swishy jacket, I'm pretty sure he'll be done by tomorrow.  Which is super exciting, cos I only started him today and he's a big doll, the same size as Little Ten.  (Big meaning about as long as my foot, whereas the presents I made for most of my friends and family were more like the size of my hand, like Old Gregg and the Hitcher.)  After Little Jack gets his head and coat, all I gotta do is finish the stupid prayer shawl (I think one more skein oughtta do it, but I hafta go back to Michael's and get one) and add tassels to the tree skirt I made for my parents back in spring.  And then wrap everything!

And then, right after Christmas, I gotta get back on the presents for friends.  All I'll have finished is family stuff and the doll for Stacyfacy.  Because we'll be getting together on Christmas to watch the Christmas Special.  Duh.  And then she shall receive Little Jack.  And Little Jack, Little Ten, Little Rose, and Big Loony and Big Stacyfacy shall all have fangasms together.

And it shall be good.  Presumably.
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I just felt like showing off some of the Christmas presents I've been churning out of late. So here are some pictures! Yay.

Old Gregg: This was a gift for my friend Ashley. I actually found some glow-in-the-dark paint for a lovely mangina effect. I didn't tell her this. One night, it will surprise her. Hopefully. These little Boosh guys were so small that I just used paint to give them some creepy faces instead of yarn, as I tend to do.

I got somethin' to show ya... )

The Hitcher: Made this one for my darling Kat, [livejournal.com profile] moon_dove , who was wonderful enough to be the Hitcher to my Old Gregg on Halloween even though, being in America, no one recognised her. I love her a lot, really I do, so this was her Christmas gift. Yayz. She also does a pretty wicked Hitcher voice for a lady.

I love you, boy. )

And here are the Hitcher and Old Gregg holding hands and being stalked by Little Ten and Little Rose, just because I'm a dork.

And then the present I did for my roommate Slagathor. She's addicted to Wicked, so I decided to modify an old pattern for a flip doll. And then I got mad at the flip doll pattern and totally abandoned it. Ever since Little Ten I've kinda stopped using patterns...

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Okay, so my lovely Little Ten was getting all lonely in the shoebox TARDIS, so I made him a friend.

Presenting... Little Rose! )

Anyway, I stopped there because I wasn't sure how to do the GITFace tshirt which was technically next on my agenda, and then I thought I'd skip it and do the Cybermen pink jacket thing, but it's almost but not quite identical to the pink jacket from Satan Pit, so I got hung up on whether I should just make one or make both or... just stare hopelessly at that accursed GITFace tshirt.

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