So by the way, the things I was talking about a couple weeks ago:

I'm not going to make a dating site profile open to guys and girls. I'm not going to open that profile back up at all. I don't need a relationship, I just need (my) friends. Am I straight? Maybe, maybe not.

I don't think I'm meant to be in a relationship. Maybe it'd be different with a different guy, but dating stuff has always seemed cheesy to me, I bristle whenever I feel like someone's treating me like we're not equals (a marriage proposal, for instance, as something a guy gets to contemplate for ages and ages but a girl is expected to say yes to in a matter of moments), and the idea of walking down an aisle in a fancy white dress embarrasses me. Not in a cute "Aww, you guys!" way, but actually in a being-forced-to-sing-karaoke-in-front-of-strangers way. I would feel like the wedding/engagement ring was trying to mark me as someone's property, sharing a home with someone would feel like a dead-end, and let's not even think about what a pregnancy would do to the way my mind works. I wouldn't want people to be confused if I didn't change my last name, or to have a joint bank account and not know who had earned the money I was spending, or to HAVE to share a bed for the rest of my life. None of that appeals to me.

I think a lot of this came from growing up assuming no one would ever find me attractive, but it isn't like that anymore. Now I feel like giving up my happy bubble to share it with a man would be a HUGE infringement on my... well, myself. My independence.

What I *can* see is me and my bff roomie lying on our stomachs watching crappy TLC programs together, sharing clothes, dying our hair together, doing coordinated Halloween costumes*, and then going to our separate rooms to sleep. I can see us going on silly adventures, cooking for each other, and ordering pizzas and crazy hours of the night. I have a background in this: this is what life was in the dorms, and this is what my summer with Kelley was (minus all the hours I spent lying facedown on the carpet crying over MOR and Maktav). This is the sort of relationship I'm familiar, comfortable, and perfectly happy with.

So yeah, add all this to my list of reasons why I'm going back to the States. Why break in new bff roomies when I already had so many?

*oh, and I've decided that my recent obsession with cosplaying comes from a person who is OBSESSED with Halloween not being able to make and put on a costume for going-on-three years.
I admit I find this one kind of terrifying.

This is an outtake.  I couldn't resist.

Gimme dat Flo
• Post ten of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.
• NO CAPTIONS!!! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.
• They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no googling or flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.
• You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. You can make them as mysterious as you like. Or you can explain them away as much as you like.

I think these ten basically sum it up. )

And I will def explain any of them that you don't understand... because that's how I roll.
I love my offline friends.  All of them.  Monday at Carowinds was epic and Wednesday (today?) is a going-away get-together at Mellow Mushroom (since, after SIX YEARS of my obsessive patronage, O'Charley's STOPPED CARRYING MY MUSHROOM SWISS BACON BURGER WHAT) for which I am super stoked.  And then we're going to try for a throwback to watch some Repo and maybe some Elisabeth.


I am so not prepared for this.  What kind of toothpaste will I buy?  Where will I bank?  How can I fit a decent selection of shoes into my suitcase?  How am I going to bring my teddy bear--surely I couldn't leave him behind--and who will take pictures of me jumping up and down on that Torchwood secret elevator when I take my trip out to Wales?
Well, that was an experience.

My yesterday started as perhaps the worst day in the world.  New developments in hall drama, though not directly involving me, were upsetting my friends (Parissss when can I move in with you where it's safe?), my computer got YET ANOTHER blue screen of death (apparently something is bad wrong with my video driver, so I'm just gonna have to suck it up and let the university guys install Windows 7 on my laptop to see what happens), I was about to take an exam for which I was grossly underpreparded (hadn't even been to the class in almost three months), and then... anything else?  Oh yeah, the mothereffing jewellery store FIRED ME.

Pissiness about that )

Well, I got the call from the jewellery store around noon and my exam was at four.  I cried for a while, took a shower, cried a little more, and then watched the Rifftrax version of New Moon to calm myself down.  Still I was miserable.  So miserable, in fact, that I put on a t-shirt for the first time all semester.  That's right--I was in a t-shirt mood.  And for me, that is NOT GOOD.

So I dragged myself off to my exam (not hideously bad, but I'm really only hoping for a C at this point), then to an extra credit event for my remaining French class (realised that all my former French professors hate me now... because I'm a terrible student, yayy), and then I had a dinner planned with two of my friends as a belated birthday thing.  I was so not in the mood for this, but they'd been planning it with me for several weeks and I knew they were really excited, so I called my hometown friend Stacyfacy, steeled myself, and tried to put on a game face. 

On the way to one of the friends' car, she asked if we could stop by the Battle House (a kind of community house thing for kids involved with the Baptist Campus Ministry or something... like a sorority house for Christian kids, but no one lives there, I guess) to grab some stuff.  I said sure.  I sulked along, and right as I was grumbling about how no one cares about Solal when they could be watching an interview with Flo or Mikele, I looked up and saw this:


And, peering from the windows of the Battle House, all the people I love (all of my favourite dorm friends [that is, the ones who have never made me cry myself to sleep], my friends from my home town [including Stacyfacy, to whom I'd just been talking on the phone], my favourite person from the old version of my cinema job, and my mother!).  The whole dinner was a giant setup for a surprise birthday party.

Read more... )

My mind is still blown.

Kelley, playing Fantine, has the lyrics to her first part written on her arm.  :D
("When he wounded me, they took me from the barricade...")

It cut off our final note, which, by the way, was actually genuinely amazingly harmonised.  Trust me on this.
Our "band" performed at the community talent show tonight. It was a surprise hit--after all, everyone else was doing long, weird solos accompanied by harmonicas and acoustic guitars. We passed out lyrics and invited people to join in. Fun times.

 If you understand this and are not one of those two people, you too are awesome.

Kind of a spoiler for The Shadow in the North. )
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So far this semester is absolutely amazing.  I have one class on Mondays, which is at 2:00, two classes on Tuesdays (12:30 and 3:30), and then I add a class at 3:00 to Wednesdays and a recitation at 5:00 to Thursdays.  And there's nothing on Friday.  NOTHING.

I'm unofficially in a single room, so I stay up late watching things like Secret Diary of a Call Girl or just listening to my iTunes, and then I sleep in as late as I want without hearing feet shuffle or keyboard keys or the fridge door squeaking open.  In fact, I've got my own fridge, and it's crammed full of yoghurt, skim milk, cheese, hot dogs, those amazing Deli Creations flatbread things, and, of course, ranch dressing.  All the essentials.

My room is also organised awesomely such that I have an open space right under the disco ball.  I call it my dance floor, and last night all of my favourite people on the hall convened for a dance party that lasted at least an hour.  It was exhausting and wonderful.  My favourite part was when we all belted Assasymphonie and Kat came running in pretending to slit her wrists with a paintbrush (in lieu of a baton).  Then I pretended to be one of those blindfolded flail-y dancers for a while behind her.  It was good times.  Oh, wait, my other favourite part was when Kat and Leigh each took the dance party up a level, literally, by climbing up on to the empty bed and doing a series of bizarre dances that were hilarious and mortifying.  Or when Kelley came in and calmly munched an apple while the rest of us spazzed out.  Anna and I bonded over not knowing any songs until we hear the refrain and Sarah O impressed us all by apparently knowing every song ever.  And Asian Becca dancing with Anna is simultaneously one of the cutest and most unsettling things I've ever seen.  R.A. Becca even joined us briefly, but then she slumped away to do homework.  Oh, and Tara discovered her latent DJ skillz!  Except one dance party will get Bad Romance stuck in your head for the rest of your life.  Also, my adorable little rug (which has giant water stains on the bottom for which I  was certainly not responsible--this is my not funny face) managed to migrate halfway across the room due to the dancing.

I also have this little space behind my dressers and under the empty bed that is really fun to crawl into.  All the cool kids are doing it.  So much fun.  And so pointless.

Also!  Tara, Leigh, and Kelley all watched Doctor Who over the break, so now people are actually noticing that I spend about a third of any conversation quoting and making references to Doctor Who.  It's always a little surprising (and delightful!) to hear someone actually laugh or say "I see what you did there!" after I mumble "Trust me on this," or "Chan, is this a tradition amongst your people, tho?"  Or whatever.

As for the actual school part of school, I've only been to three classes so far.  

One is a Global Issues class whose professor seems like one of those people who grow great vegetables and wears toe socks around the house.  The first day was learning about how Disney is a terrible douchebag company that exploits Haitians.  I'm so worried that this class will turn me off of WalMart.  I know WalMart is evil, but it's also where I get all of my food and most of my clothes!  I need it in my life.  Don't take it from me, Global Issues Class.

I also have two French classes.  My French pronunciation class is with this amazing old guy who got a doctorate at Harvard and speaks three languages.  I had him for history of the French language last year, and I'm genuinely only taking this class because he's teaching it.  And I recognised several people who were in my class last year who were coming back for the same reason.  He's adorable.  He's also the one who told me Victor Hugo thought they were going to rename Paris "Hugo, France." I haven't heard that anywhere else, but I choose to believe it.  Ol' Vic's ego is legendary.  It just makes sense.  Also, I love this professor.  He shuffles around the classroom bumping into desks, but he makes jokes under his breath and you just know he's an absolute genius.  As for my other French class, it's taught by one of the heads of the French department, and she speaks VERY QUICKLY.  It's about francophone Africa, which isn't exactly my cup of tea, but we get to read a book called "Tintin au Congo" for class Friday and just by the cover it looks delightfully un-PC.

So that's school so far!  I've already spent a lot of time lying across the futon showing clips of things to my friends.  And Kelley and I have made a pact to watch Ruby in the Smoke and Shadow in the North at some point this week.  We gotta get our Matt Smith love ready for series five!
So, sometimes my life is all terrible and worthy of whinging, but not very often. It's much more likely that my life is like this:

I'm the one in the yellow spotted dress providing the main vocals along with my dear Katherine, who is at my side as she should be. Bonus points to anyone who can correctly count the number of people on this futon.

Also, stuff like this on facebook, which is a ridiculous time suck but I can't help it:

It's Petville, which is a terrible waste of time. Basically, you create a little pet character and then you put furniture in its house and drag that soap bar over it a few times a day to get points. I show you the picture only because I want you to see if you can guess what Kat's and my pets' names are. Give you a hint... mine's the one on the left with that random piece of hair on its cheek. And Kat's is emo. And they're bff.

So yeah, my life has gotten inane. But cheery again, so yay!

I've got my job back: my cinema reopened under new management and they know nothing about running the place, so I'm almost a consultant or something. I've been working since Thanksgiving and yesterday I finally got my first paycheck. I celebrated with delicious sushi and mango gelato. Oh man I love my life. Then came that futon experience that we caught on video. Last night I stayed up till 6am knitting and marathoning series two of Doctor Who with Tara, who is wonderful. I'm trying to finish this afghan for my parents for Christmas before I go home Wednesday, but I don't know if I have a chance at that. Meh.

Two more exams, both on Wednesday, and a take-home exam due by email Friday. One of my Wednesday exams is java. Oh dear God java. Do not take java or javascript classes unless you're just amazing at computer programming already, you guys. I went in thinking it was going to be, like, an advanced form of HTML. It isn't. It's math in disguise. D: The horrid thing is, I feel like I could really like it... but it just... moves too quickly? Or the class expects too much intelligence from me? Or something?

Oh! And I've started contemplating that fanfic again. The one I'm writing about how Éponine and "de Lotbinière" are boarding with Marius and Cosette. And I'm having trouble understanding the floor plan of Gillenormand's house. In various movies (2000 and '82) it looks ridiculously giant, but I swear I read in the Brick that it was a first-floor apartment. Really? But... I got the idea that there were stairs between Marius and Cosette's bedroom (formerly Gillenormand's bedroom, right?) and where ever it was Valjean was chilling when he decided to clear things up with Marius. And I know there was a room set aside for Valjean, wasn't there? Or was that just in the 2000 miniseries? Oh geez, has that movie supplanted canon somehow in my head? Not acceptable. Also, wasn't that a downstairs room of some sort where Valjean had to meet with Cosette post-wedding? And where do Nicolette and Basque go? I don't understand ANYTHING. Speaking of which, Nicolette is just the cook, right? And they tried to take Toussaint on as a housekeeper but it didn't work? So who cleans up after them?
How to explain what just happened? Perhaps it is best we start with the EPIC video clips Anna and I found today.

Even if you completely ignore all my rambling about Mozart l'Opéra Rock, don't speak a word of French, and don't know who Salieri was, you must watch this.

The following clip I *think* is the first time Salieri heard an opera of Mozart's. Like this but with a rock band. He's super-duper jealous because Mozart is awesome without even trying and Salieri bangs his head against his harpsichord all day and comes up with one measure of mediocrity. The skanky dancers seem to symbolise the music itself. Every once in a while the camera pans up and you see Mozart above, lit in green, conducting the opera. At the end Mozart's diva opera chick joins in and makes the song even epic-er than it is on the CD.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS CLIP: right around 2:10 Salieri makes a noise. This noise is the most WTF-y and wonderful noise I have ever heard in my life. It's on the CD and I've been imitating it goofily in the car all summer, but never once did I imagine that a) it would be in the live show and b) it was made by SALIERI HIMSELF. Watch it.

From that noise the ridiculousness began.

I made the wrong wish at 11:11 )

By the time I stopped laughing at that I had tears in my eyes.

Anyway, under the next cut are more videos of Mozart l'Opéra Rock being live and awesome. Most importantly of all is this new clip of l'Assasymphonie. Because SALIERI MAKES THE NOISE. This noise has never been a part of this song. Even on the CD it is in Le Bien qui fait mal. But I guess that day he just decided it should happen here. Also, he seems to be trying to slit his wrists with a baton. Seriously, tell me if I'm seeing that wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm not.

I now desperately want to see this live. DESPERATELY. )

While I was typing this Kat entered the room with a very serious face and sat down next to me to say, "If Florent insists on calling himself Flo, which is kind of a girl's name, do you think it he was really Salieri he would call himself Sal?" to which I replied "Well, technically Salieri's name would be Antonio." Her reply was, "Anne, then?" And I said "Well, I guess I'm just glad Mikelangelo doesn't call himself Mik. Or Wolf. Or Moz." She nodded gravely and tiptoed out of the room.

This is my life.
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First, thanks so much to everyone who always posts sweet and supportive comments to my whiny posts.  You guys always make me feel better no matter how serious or trivial my angst is. 

Second, I would like to say that actually my life is really, really good.  I'm on a slow and steady upswing after I hit a complete depression a few months ago, and other than the occasional emotional setback every day is better than the last.  I'm loving the friends I've been hanging around with and everyone has been very nice despite the fact that I've been blasting Tatoue-moi all up and down the hall for weeks.

The thing is, when I'm happy I don't really post to livejournal... but when I'm angsty I feel the need to come over here and rant.  My life really is good, I promise!  Like, Sunday I had a delightful dinner with a group I don't see enough of and we were joined by a couple of guys from the dorm.  Then we decided to build a fort in the study lounge but unfortunately there were people studying in all of them for some reason.  So instead I went and stood around in a guy's room on fourth floor and he demonstrated his juggling skills.  He tried to teach me but I am extremely uncoordinated.  It was wonderful.

And Monday!  Monday a big group of us went to the dining hall where we generally acted like morons and sang loudly to each other despite the weird looks we were getting.  And then we skipped back to the dorm shouting our love for each other to the world.  And then!  Then a guy came running up and told us the basement of the dorm was unlocked.  He led a secret tour down there and it was amazing.  There were about eight of us.  The basement of our dorm is huge!  And incredible!  There are massive hot pipes everywhere and this thing that looks like a torture chamber, seriously.  And then he showed us this tiny door in the wall which led to a long, pitch-black passageway.  The ceiling was kind of low because more of those pipes were running above us.  There were no lights, so we lit the way with our cell phones.  We had to duck under cobwebby light fixtures and at one point we almost had to crawl.  And when we finally emerged on the far side of the passage we were in a completely different building. The tunnel took us all the way out, under our dorm, under the tennis courts, under part of the parking garage, and up into the ground floor of a dorm I'd never been to!  It was MAGICAL.  Then I spent the rest of the evening sitting on a friend's floor NaNo'ing while a group of us tried to study despite the wonderful distraction of each others' presences.

Today has also gone quite well.  I was in one of those REALLY REALLY good moods wherein I blast Mozart l'Opéra Rock and danced to myself in my room like a nutball.  And then I went out to eat with some of the same people from the previous fun times and we ended up sitting in the restaurant laughing and giggling for several hours.  And now I'm on the futon trying to NaNo (obviously that isn't going so well) while Kat sits by my feet and paints.  Earlier we all Myers-Briggs'd ourselves and discovered that Katherine and I are soulmates.  The internet says so.  So you know it's true.

No news yet on getting my old job back under the new owners, though they told me to fill out a "routine application" today.  The theatre will reopen on the 27th.

So!  In short!  I'm desperately sorry I keep coming across on livejournal as such an emo kid and I thank you all for being so sweet and supportive.  My Myers-Briggs test told me that I'm desperate for constant positive reinforcement and attention from others, like I didn't already know that... So science agrees that you guys are awesome... haha, I'm getting sleepy.  But thank you!  And please don't let me act like I have a terrible life.  My life is quite spectacular, in fact.

That is all.  I must get some words written now before I sleep.
Ohhh dear heavens.
So, for an art project Kat encouraged us all to put poetry and art and whatnot on a wall in our hallway. An expression wall. For a long time, nothing went up but Kat's initial picture of a giant girl. Then we all decided to change that, so the Nuts coloured some pictures from a colouring book, tore them out, and put them up. Good fun. I also wrote some Twilight poetry just for lulz:

Twilight Poetry...ish... )

(There was another haiku that started out "He sparkles in light" but I can't remember the rest.)

Anyway, all good fun, right? But I came back from class and the last two lines of the Jacob Black poem were scribbled out. I was annoyed, but whatever. Then Kat wrote them back in.

Then, tonight, while we were all having our nice little Elisabeth mit Mate (hottie Mate, as Diane calls him) all the poetry was ripped from the wall and replaced with this:

There once was a silly girl
Tales of Twilight she liked to tell
She ruined the story for everyone
Now no one is having fun.

1. Limerick fail.
2. You have NO RIGHT to rip other peoples' stuff off the wall, you idiot.
3. Twilight is NOT good enough to warrant any reaction this strong.
Meanwhile, they had put up a bunch of terribly-coloured pictures on their end of the hall to mock ours. And we know who it was, because only one person on this hall hasn't read Twilight AND has a bunch of vindictive jerk friends.

Well, I was going to talk myself down and keep myself from being mean, but everyone else was ready for an all out war... and so it began.

We went down to their pictures and Kat captioned one "lol passive aggression is fun lololzors rofl"
Then we unleashed the anger onto our own segment of the hall with the following:

PAN, eat your heart out. )

So.  Apparently the Nuts are gonna have to cut some people up.  We'll see what happens in the morning... when our RA wakes up...

In happier news, Mate!  I mean... Elisabeth.  We came up with some good times during our Elisabeth screening.  Hottie Mate was probably my favourite, though I also taught the other girls "Schlaffen mit mir in meinem Bett." in case we ever meet him.  And I wrote on Tara's board "Dear Tara, let's ta-danz!  Love Death" in an attempt to halp her remember those pesky German pronunciations... 

AND AND AND.  A COMMUNITY IN WHICH I AM WHICH I LOVE JUST POSTED THE ENTIRE CONDUCTOR'S SCORE FOR ELISABETH.  AND SOMEONE IN THE PAST WENT IN AND HAND-WROTE ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS UNDER EVERY LINE.  MEIN GOTT.  I AM REALLY EXCITED.  Whenever I love something I want to play it on the piano (still waiting for Repo sheet music, ha) and and and this is just too good.  I'm printing it up and buying a notebook for it TOMORROW and then I'm going to go play it and disappear into the practice rooms for HOURS.  The music is SO GOOD.

Alrighty, so now I need to talk about how freaking amazing my Sims game just became...
And I wonder why I'm so far behind in my reading... )

Can you tell I'm just procrastinating from studying?  I watched Repo for the seventeenth and eighteenth times last night.  Today we watch Amadeus!  I'm excited and not just for the costumes.
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Something very exciting is going to happen tomorrow.



Feb. 3rd, 2009 03:12 am
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I know I told some people I was going to make an angry post, but I didn't.  Because.

I was playing my game The Movies... okay wait no let me start at the beginning.

We watched Madagascar on Saturday (I. LOVE. THAT. FILM.) and it made me want to play Zoo Tycoon.  So I went to my room to get Zoo Tycoon and it was tragically missing from its case.  The only other game I had was The Movies, so I put it in my computer and started playing that instead.  Then, tonight, during Heroes (um I didn't even pay that much attention, which is a bad sign) I got it out again and was mostly doing stuff during commercials.  And Kat was like, "That reminds me of the Sims!" 

Now, I had never played the Sims before, so Kat decided I needed to see them.  She got hers out, and before either of us knew what we were doing I'd badgered her into making little Sims of my boys from my novel.  And we worked for ages on getting their looks right (fun fact: Richmond would look ridiculous with a mohawk and in some hairstyles he starts to look like Joan Jett) and then she made them roommates and built them this adorable little house with a piano.  And then some aliens came to visit and they almost got bit by a werewolf and within two days (two hours-ish, our time) she had made it go from Richmond being annoyed at Julian's piano-playing to them "making woohoo" which was the most hilarious and awkward thing I'd ever seen.

And the best part?  Was that Julian's personality was somehow dead-on.  He would be in the midst of wooing Richmond and suddenly feel the need to start a waterballoon fight with the neighbours.  He often got urges to jump on couches and he always sulked when Kat told him to clean up after himself.  At one point Richmond was brooding in the kitchen and Julian was in a hot tub with some strangers, and Kat goes, "Wait, what?  Julian got in the hot tub?  Then you're getting in too, buddy!" and drags Richmond over there.  Also she gave them a big giant canopy bed with leopard print sheets.

The moment they fell in love little hearts popped out of their heads and harp music played.  And then Richmond immediately decided he wanted to get engaged to Julian.  At other points they had pillow fights and tickled each other.  You guys.  You guys, it was so beautiful.

When the Sims 3 comes out I am BUYING that thing.

I will make the Doctor and I will make my friends and I will make characters from Les Mis you guys.  And I will get bored with it really fast.  And I will still somehow manage to let it keep me from my homeworks.

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