On the heels of all my complaining I was doing last night comes a chipper update!

Today I went to see the LM movie (for free because it was noon and we couldn't find anyone in the cinema to sell us tickets???) then went out to eat with the only friends who have bothered to contact me since I got home (and we've hung out TWICE now btw), then we went back to the cinema and saw The Hobbit in 3D! What a good day wow.

Then I get home and met... my new roommate!

We're doing a four people to a two bedroom apartment deal, so she's literally my roommate and not my flatmate or what-have-you, but she's adorable and a film major and partway through our conversation went on a small rant about Disney secretly promoting homophobia and when she asked if I had any pets I said no but I really want a hedgehog and she flailed her arms around in the air and offered to be a party to my dream of having an underground hedgehog breeding ground in NYC. Plus I don't need to bring ANY furniture and don't need to sign a lease! I can stay till about November 2013 or less, whatever works, and if I'm enjoying myself and the rent doesn't go up she's planning to sign the lease again and if we can afford it we might go down to two people with separate rooms.

It's East Harlem, by the way, and the other two flatmates will be boys, one of which is apparently the sweetest guy ever and the other of which is TBA.

Anyway, it's set, I can put in my notice at Target, I can buy my train ticket, because on February 1st I will finally be moving to NYC!

Oh and did I mention--the rent is $350 a month???

Now I'm trying to figure out temp agencies because my savings will run out pretty fast after I pay my deposit.

Oh, and from now on this is what the "my roommate" tag will be about, so yay!

New Year's Resolution: quit looking back and missing all those people who don't actually miss me.

Let's see.

1. The Merlin finale was perhaps the most perfect and beautiful finale ever and I've been listening to "You're the Voice" on repeat for about fifteen minutes at full volume.

2. The LM movie obviously wasn't a carbon copy of the musical or of the Book but for gods SAKE people it was one of the most accurate movie renditions ever and IT WAS ALSO THE MUSICAL *AND* THE GENERAL PUBLIC LIKES IT so anyone who wants to complain about it needs to expect me to roll my eyes HARD at your sorry ass.

3. The Hobbit was really good and I want to go back and see it in 3D because I missed PJ's cameo. So glad everyone else in the world loves Aidan Turner now. I read the book when I was a small child and don't remember a lot of specifics but if that dwarf dies I will be so so sad. As if losing Mitchell wasn't bad enough. NOBODY SPOIL ME.


4. oh yeah doctor who is still a show that's being made, almost forgot. I liked the Christmas special even though it didn't make much sense. Wish Clara wasn't flirting with the Doctor. We need more Donnas. But overall she was pretty great. Too much ableism from the Doctor directed at Strax, which made me uncomfortable, but the Vastra-Jenny-Strax team is great. Memory worm was unnecessarily gross. Why not just retcon people, Doc?
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If you were a fan, like the kind of fan I am who lives and breathes and adores characters and invites them into her mental family, of the television series 21 Jump Street...

If you felt love feelings or any level of compassion for or attraction to Hanson or Penhall while watching 21 Jump Street and cared about those two characters...





If you don't want to be spoiled for that movie stop reading now!

Spoilers )

It would have been an acceptable movie if that hadn't happened.

(I could also argue that the original team was a black girl, an Asian guy, Johnny Depp (who's white but looks like he's from Europe), and another white dude. And their boss was a successful, compassionate black man. So where was the diversity in the movie? It was just a bunch of white people... except one gay black boy who served as kind of a punchline and the black cop who said himself that he was a stereotype. As for Asian representation... I guess there's the weird "Korean Jesus" joke? And that's it?

Sigh. It could have been pretty good.

Also... does this post make anyone worry about my mental health? Fifteen minutes of noisy crying... just me?
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Things are so good that every once in a while I suddenly find myself (internally) lashing out at a cultural difference.  For instance, I saw that the Mozart l'Opéra Rock DVD comes out in November, and my reaction was along the lines of, "Well, that would be swell if I knew where I could find a NORMAL CD STORE IN THIS FLIPPING TOWN!!"

But other than the occasional teeny meltdown, life is superb.  I am so tired already.  I feel like I need to take some time and just be normal for a day, but that's not going to happen until I get back to the States in, like, June.  Because every day I'm here I feel like I should make the most of it and do something... Paris-y.

So this is what I've done so far this week:

Three days of Parisian blisters )

Such is my life!

In other news, apparently Prince Poppycock is through to the final four on America's Got Talent, and that's without my input!  I'm so pleased!  It's now him, a guy who looks like Heath Ledger and plays guitar, a tiny girl who sings excellent opera, and that Fighting Gravity show thing.  I'm pretty excited about Poppycock's chances!
So I saw Dangerous Liaisons for the first time (we read the book in class) and it was epic. But the opening scene, seeing Glenn Close and John Malkovich put on all their awesome 18th century layers... I was, like, squeaking and going "SHIFT! STAYS! PANNIERS OMG PANNIERS! PETTI-FRIKKIN-COATS!" and, you know. I was having some sort of nerdgasm.

This is porn for me.
We were discussing this. Carolyn was like, "But it wouldn't be a striptease if you were putting more clothes back on..." and I was like "Actually, I'd rather see someone putting on layers of 18th century type stuff than anyone taking their clothes off for any reason (and yes, that pretty much extends to Tennant. I have a phobia of... well, you know if you know. Dingles.)"

And since my Grandmom and I are going to make me a robe à la française this summer (which means I am going to learn to sew.  Which means cosplaying is going to be an even bigger part of my already sad little life) I've had all this stuff on the brain.  I was going to make my robe this really nice dark blue, but then I found out that wasn't period appropriate (I'd kind of figured as much, to be honest) so now I'm going back to the taffeta drawing board.  

Also, I love this girl:

Also, I still haven't totally decided which patterns to go with.  I reckon I'll stick with J.P. Ryan, but that means separate patterns for the pocket hoops, the robe, the stays, and the shift/pockets.  Also, with her patterns you have to, like, send her mail.  With actual paper and stamps and stuff.  I guess if you're making a ballgown in the first place you shouldn't be too freaked out about writing a letter instead of using paypal... Anyway, all those patterns come out to about $55, but I really want to use patterns I trust and hers seem to be the best.  Oh, dang, that's the patterns before the shift and the pockets... well, I found this really neat website that has some basic pattern-y type things that my Grandmom will probably understand just fine.  I guess I don't technically need pockets since I've got pocket hoops, but I like them.  How hard can they be?  I mean, dang, I bet *I* could figure them out just by looking at a picture.  I'm also a little cranky at making strapless stays instead of the  more common ones (I LOVE the way the normal stays look) but practically strapless are probably my best best.  I mean, considering that I'm fail at sewing anyway, you know, how else can I make sure I won't mess them up and have the stays showing out the edges of my robe?  So strapless it is.  Sigh.  But at least this pattern is fully-boned.  I'm all about fully-boned stays.

This is the internet equivalent of me thinking out loud, by the way.

Oh, also, I bought a parasol off eBay.  Since apparently I have become a Sim vampire and going out into the sun really does make all my motives go down.

Okay, anyway, here's a piece of epic from Catherine.  I wanted to put it here because it makes me smile.  And because it's my birthday and I can do what I want.  So, the really awkward face with the specs is one of the many pictures of me making a strange face that can be found on facebook... I think it's from, like, years ago... I don't ever even wear my glasses anymore... But you should recognise the other face.

Made my day.

DANG.  What am I going to do about shoes?? I want good ones but I'm sure they're well expensive.  Wonder if I could make them... haha, sure...


Jan. 18th, 2009 07:27 pm
You have to go through four pages of my last.fm page to see anything but Repo...
-Someone's gonna hang if I don't get my coffee.
-I will shoot you in the face.
So.  I've been painfully sick since Tuesday.  Monday was fun, though.  Went with [profile] moon_dove  to see a certain movie in the theatre with the hopes of being able to mock it but, after about three minutes, were joined by a very intimidating couple who could have killed us with a thought.  We tried and failed to keep it down.  As soon as they left at the end we yelled "FAIL!" through the credits, though.  Then we ate Italian and flirted with a waiter.

And then Tuesday I was supposed to go shopping for clothes and a DVD of Interview with a Vampire, but I suddenly felt awful and decided I'd better stay in bed.  By the end of the night I had a temperature.  I tried to going to work Wednesday but barely made it through conscious and my parents came all the way out (a thiry-minute drive) to take me home because I didn't feel good enough to make the commute back myself.  I thought I was going to pass out on the highway.   I had to get people to cover my shifts Thursday and Friday.

I have had cold chills all over my body, dizziniess, a stuffy nose, weird cloggy ears, a cough, a throat sore from all the coughing which has now begun to swell and bleed, headaches, an occasional burning sensation in my feet, sore muscles, and lots of lots of exhaustion.  I have gone through two boxes of tissues but every time I clear my nose it clogs back up again almost immediately.  And now my lips are chapped from breathing through my mouth.  WHIIIINE.  The PAINNNN.  Still, my fever seems to have broken and now I'm just left with the throat and sinus issues.  Owwww.  And I move back into the dorms Sunday and classes start Monday.  And my mom just now brought me some of that nasty cherry throat spray with an expiration date from 2005.  I became suspicious when I saw it was covered in dust.  lol my parents.

Anyway, because I've been lying in bed with my laptop for four days (passing out every few hours), I've been able to do some catching up.  I saw The Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the North, that one episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl with Matt Smith, AD/BC (AMAZING!), Living Till The End, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (also amazing), the first two episodes of Scrubs season eight, The Next Doctor (again) (lol Tennant), The New Earth with in-vision commentary (aww Tennant), two episodes of The IT Crowd from s2, the pilot of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and then I went through my iTunes and tidied up all the file names and stuff.  And I just now got a copy of Repo squeeeeee.  Also I'm almost done reading Interview with a Vampire.  Yayy for French bloodsuckers with capes who sleep in coffins and DON'T SPARKLE!  I want to see Claudia and Renesmee Edwob Charlislie Jasplice Rosemett Mikssica Carlie in a fight.  Because I have no doubts about who would win.  And it would be glorious. 

Ahh my mom just came in with some Vicks VapoRub and, just to be sure I checked for the expiration date: 2003!  Jeez, people!  It's probably going to burn a hole through my chest or something!  Also, lol.

Actually I started this post with the intention of whinging about a certain amount of self-absorbed spamming that's going on at MdN and how it's really starting to irk me, but now that I've whinged about my ILLNESS I'm out of steam.  Maybe that's good.  Don't need to go around making enemies on the netz.

Also, can someone help me here? It is unacceptable for David Flipping Tennant to lose to that sparkly b*tch lovechild of Conan O'Brien and Rick Astley.

ETA: A final whinge.  Tomorrow would have been my day to see the Signature Theatre Les Mis with Emma before she goes to study abroad in Ireland.  Highly doubt I'm up for that.  And no one in a black box theatre would want to hear me snorting into tissues every two minutes.

Oh well.

Nov. 24th, 2008 03:47 am
Didn't make it to 40k today, but I have no choice but to do so tomorrow.

I DID, however, finish watch Princess Tutu with Kat (FAKIR. OMG.), watched the greatest Batman movie ever (Wow! Let's commandeer a taxi!), organised my schedule for next semester (I better do better than this one, let me just say), cleaned my room (SIX PIZZA BOXES), and did fifty percent of my French homework. All in all, most productive week I've ever had. And I DID write over two thousand words today, which was pretty thrilling. Then I got bored and made Sophie pass out. Because I suddenly realised she hadn't done that yet, and all good French ladies MUST pass out at least once. XD

39027 / 50000 words. 78% done!

Today's word count meter is Carolina blue.  Because it should be.

I'm also in the process of making my own moodtheme.

OH!  And plz to be signing this: Petition to Save Pushing Daisies
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I'm watching How to Lose Friends and Alienate People because Simon Pegg is in it. But I'm only eight minutes in and I've already seen Jen and Roy from The I.T. Crowd and Agatha Christie from Doctor Who and every time one of these people pops up I completely flip out because OMG OMG OMG. And then there was Bambi from Secret Diary!! ...movie over. Other than some scarring nudity, I proclaim it win.



Okay, this week's Pushing Daisies, the curtain thing was flipping annoying. Maybe it's Aunt Irma's fault, but I enjoyed this week's episode despite Chuck and Ned... ugh the Booshy curtain thing. I want pie. I want to eat an entire pie. I actually kind of enjoy having my once-a-month excuse to be pissy, though. Yayyy I'm pissy. Now YOU SHUT UP. Need moar Aunt Vivian. And WTF is Chuck wearing??

OH MY WORD. I just watched the love song and the ending of Les Parapluies de Cherbourg and it made me feel so much better in some way. I swear to God that movie is one of the greatest things ever. I may have gotten lightheaded at the awesomeness. So. Amazing.

My roommate and some hallmates are squeeing over hot guys, so for the first time this month I listened to music while writing. It usually distracts me, but I put on the soundtrack-y Doctor Who type stuff and some Mozart. Or anything in a language I'm unlikely to be able to understand. With the assistance of headphones, I accomplished this:


32183 / 50000 words. 64% done!

Today my word count meter is the colour of Sophie's dress.

I hate that Marie Antoinette movie, but I do love the costumes.

Also, to a certain friend of mine: every time I say "blargh I've only written [insert very small number] words today!" it is not time for you to say, "Well, I've only written eight thousand total, so..." because it is not in any way my fault that you are too fail to do NaNo.

I'm actually excited to go home for Thanksgiving, though that empty place at the table is really going to hurt.

Oh! And I even had time to write a fanfic yesterday! Please don't ask my how my classes are going.

30344 / 50000 words. 61% done!


Nov. 16th, 2008 03:09 am
I still have a thousand more words to do tonight but I DON'T WANT TO.

I saw Madagascar 2 today.  It was adorable.  Almost as wonderful as the first one.

The Merlin CIN thing was REALLY AMAZING.  The dl description was "Camelot is attacked by a one-eyed bear; Merlin gets pelted by vegetables and felt up by Arthur... again."  Hilarious.  I think I'm going to need a Merlin tag before too long. 

(No progress bar because I'll presumably type another 1000 words before I go to sleep.  I've done nearly eight hundred thus far.  Yeesh.)

ETA: Screw it.  I still need about eight hundred more, but I'm just burnt out.  I have work tomorrow.  As long as there's not a massive matinee crowd for James Bond I should be able to get plenty done.  And anyway, I want to watch Firefly.  Because the characters are all cliche thus I'm only really interested in the shepherd, but somehow I can't stop watching.  Is it brilliant or is it terrible?  I just don't know.  And anyway, if I thought "I think you may have a problem with your brain being missing" was funny, that was before I saw "Dear Diary... today I was pompous and my sister was crazy.  Today, we were kidnapped by hill folk never to be seen again. It was the best day ever."  Also, unexpected!Zac Efron for the WTF!

ETA again: Jaynestown!  Shepherd!  Hair!  Kaylee!  Simon!  Yay.

So I guess

Nov. 8th, 2008 01:21 pm
I guess I'm the only person out there who doesn't really care about Ianto (or Janto) and thinks John Barrowman's funny borders on annoying...

Well, maybe he was in a particularly obnoxious mood when he did Buzzcocks. Just... wow.

Also, Simon Amstell is far more attractive than Barrowman, anyway.

Oh! And I fiddled around with GIMP in my procrastination and made this terrifyingly shoppy cover art for my nano:

lol shoppiness )

I like that the Tennant one's head is, like, ten times the size of his companion's.  Clearly I should have my GIMP license revoked.  (And, yes, I cast Tennant, Noel Fielding, and Virginie Ledoyen as my main characters.  Why not?  I've been saying I was in love with my characters... now you know why.)

ETA: Okay, I'm gonna talk some more.  I just watched the trailer for Twilight, and the "romance" stuff made my teeth curl inside my head.  In a bad way.  But I have such a weird thing for vampire types (Richmonnnnd I love you) based probably on Montparnasse for some reason.  No, I haven't read Twilight and I never want to.  But anyone who's been around me lately can tell you I have a fascination with capes and top hats and vampiric-ness.  So I might give in and see that movie, but definitely not in theatres.  I wouldn't be caught (un)DEAD watching it in theatres.  And no way will I financially support it.
No that is not a crack pairing.

Just wanted to say my hallmates and I, the Nuts... watched The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning today just for lulz, but it actually turned out to be a decent movie.  We were all shocked and impressed.

See for yourself! 

And secondly, yay another new icon!  I have borderline unlimited icon space, beeyotch.
Ohh, I'm watching this 1930something Jane Eyre movie and not ONE detail has made me happy.  It's, like, completely crap in every way.

First off, Jane is a blonde and everyone keeps saying how pretty she is.  Also she loves telling people off.  Even as a kid she was a total brat.  And they sent her to an orphanage where she acting like a brat, became a teacher, and then acted like a brat some more.  And then she met Rochester via the horse crash, but she, well, told him off.  Like a brat.  And then once they hit Thornfield she always wears these gorgeous dresses and has little tea parties with Rochester, who just acts like a gentleman.  Also it has NO SCORE.  At all.  Which makes for all these long awkward sequences with no tension.  (How interesting that the last movie I saw that had no score of No Country For Old Men... speaking of tension, I mean.)  There are whole sequences that are silently watching a pen move across paper and slowly reading what Jane's writing about, even though it's usually just needless repetition of scenes that just took place.  And, um, who exactly is she meant to be writing to?

Adele is in no way French and is Rochester's niece.  Also, she's apparently a klutz because she keeps falling over or getting stuck in trees and flowerpots and  then bursting into noisy tears.  Also, [livejournal.com profile] capnspaulding32 , she totally looks like a mini you.

But if Rochester is just a nice Gary Stu to everyone and Jane is just generically pretty and finely dressed, what on Earth is the conflict?  And if Jane is a total brat and Rochester is a total flat... character... how come this movie is even called "Jane Eyre"?  Also, Blanche Ingram isn't very pretty at all.  Um?

Oh, did I mention that Rochester occasionally looks like Nathan Lane?  If Nathan Lane were one of those tall gentleman types from the 1930s?

Okay, so it just got to their wedding day, and they're getting married in the house.  And Bertha just kind of wandered in, looking identical to Blanche Ingram, and was all "Oh, Edward, dear, are we going to get married again?  Is this young lady one of the guests?" and no one has any emotion in their voices at all expect Mrs Fairfax.  Anyway, the priest was all, "WOT'S ALL THIS THEN?" and Rochester was like, "Well, we're getting our marriage annulled soon." and the priest was like "Call me when that works out, then!" and took off.  And then there were screams from off camera and Mrs Fairfax comes running in like, "Oh, we can't control her, she's so violent!" and then Jane looks all abashed and leaves.

Apparently she takes work in a nun kitchen or something and "the reverend," whom she calls Mr Rivers, tries to marry her so they can all (all?) go to India together.  But that's also THIS IS HIS ONLY SCENE.  I just don't feel I've had ample time to understand his character and motiviations...  Then Jane agrees to marry him and is working in the kitchen while some lady whose accent *might* resemble Cockney tells her how lucky he is.  And then Sam Poole, Grace Poole's husband DUH, shows up at the soup kitcheny place where she's working and tells her about the fire.  She flips out, demands to know where Rochester is, and is told it's the caretaker's cottage.

Okay, so he did go blind, but he does have both hands.  And in the big reunion the acting remains at the same crap level it has been the whole time.  No chemistry, no interest level.  Damn, he just said this:

"You pity me.  Yes, pity, pity.  Strange.  You pity when I'm blind, and yet when I was worse than blind you had no mercy.  We don't belong to each other.  We never did.  You went out of my life once.  Please go now."

UM.  Sorry, NO?  What about all the clutching and holding and  I thought you were a dream?  And then he says "Mrs Fairfax, has she gone?" and Jane grabs him and goes "No, I haven't gone!  And I'm not going!  You want me, you know you do.  Nothing has changed.  I belong here with you.  I'll never leave you again!"  and then Adele runs in and says "Uncle Edward, it's our Jane!" and hugs Mrs Fairfax and that's the end.  Which is GREAT, except Rochester still looks pissed off that Jane's forcing a cuddle on him.


And I'm sitting on my futon wearing my Old Gregg wig, watching this on my laptop.  The door's open, so people walking by in the hall keep backtracking and laughing at me.  I totally don't mind being a weirdo, of course.


Sep. 10th, 2008 03:39 pm
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You guys I'm so happy right now not even two three papers due next week and the torrential rain can upset me.

1. I was leaving my French grammar class when a familiar logo caught my eye.  I whipped around and, sure enough, the girl who had been sitting behind me had not one, not two, but THREE Doctor Who buttons on her bag.  I was trying to run back and talk to her but the giant crowd of people separated us.  It's okay, though.  She's in my class.  I'm debating wearing my sloppy homemade DW tshirt to class on Friday, or should I just bring my sonic screwdriver and bleep it at her...?  ;)


I'm sooo going to see the Sexy Jesus movie tonight, even if I have to go all the way out there alone in the rain.  Seriously.  I saw the Batman movie.  It was meh.  My favourite Batman is and will always be this one.

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