Welcome to my third morning in my new place!  I left the neighborhood labeled Harlem and literally walked about fifteen blocks to a neighborhood labeled "Morningside Heights" which is, from what I understand, still Harlem but with a lot more white struggling actors lurking about.  I'm in a fifth-floor walkup (moving in was a bitch and my calf muscles are still hella sore and stiff) but now that I'm up here I'm OD'ing on joy.  I have my own little room with a loft bed and I built a little cuddle nook beneath it by folding up my futon mat and draping it with my quilt and reinforcing it with my pillows.  The guy who actually lives here has really classy taste, like everything in the room is gray and black and tan, and then there's all my hot pink shit shoved into corners.

My new roommates are pretty much never home the same time as me (I haven't even met one yet!) but are really cool when we run into each other.  My room gets dark at night when I turn the lights off, and there's a huge window for my plants to get all the sunlight they need.  Overall the apartment itself is at least twice as big as the one I left, with a pretty big living room area with a giant fold-out couch, an actual table with chairs around it, and a TV with a thing called Roku that basically means I can watch Netflix and Hulu Plus on it.  And there's a whole separate kitchen.  You can imagine that I might be very happy to be living in a safer place with nicer people and SO MUCH SPACE and all the appropriate cleaning supplies.  There's even a little five octave keyboard shoved into a corner which I plan to mess around with ASAP.

Anyway, I'm here till mid-August, after which I hope to move to that four- or five-bedroom geek girl paradise in Brooklyn that my new friends from the meetup club and I have been conspiring to found. I plan to go somewhere where I can paint the walls and will be able to stay for a matter of years, because I'm so tired of moving.  I want to put my blue suitcases away long-term.
Perhaps you have heard me complaining about Gordo, the roommate who doesn't clean up after himself or flush the toilet and thinks he's better than me and shows it by constantly lecturing me about things like how my new job (at a publishing company) means me giving up on my childhood dreams of writing a book.  Also he frequently accuses me of sexism because misandry jokes hurt his feelings.  Basically just imagine the biggest MRA neckbeard brony you've ever met and that's it, that's the roommate.

Well for some reason I seem to be the only person who calls him out on things like leaving hours-old shit in the toilet and never doing his weekly chore, so of course I'm sort of the local bitch of the apartment, so much fun.  Also, I get some form of anxiety about leaving stuff that belongs to me unattended around people I don't trust.  I bought a four-tier shower shelf for the roommates one day and to soothe myself about leaving my shampoo, conditioner, and soap unattended I put rubber bands around them so that if someone wanted to steal some shampoo mine would be difficult to negotiate.  I didn't expect it to actually DO anything except help me feel better.

Until the other day when I went to shower and saw the rubber bands were off the bottles and lying across the shelf, meaning someone had touched my shit.  There was only one roommate home, so I sent him perhaps the most polite message I've ever sent, and our correspondence went like this:

cut for your flists )

I am so fucking done that I have literally told Sophia that I'm moving out in a month. Luckily, I met the best person ever this weekend and she also wants to move soon, so we're going to be in a free no-Gordo zone by the end of the summer.



continued )


How long has it been since I've used a happy icon?

So Bubba Gump has my back both emotionally and financially.  AMC cut everyone down to two shifts a week, so I'm only there for the free movies now.  Meanwhile my bills can totally be paid by the Bubba Gump base pay, and I can live (and buy Subway or order pizza or buy shoes!) off the modest tipshare the bussers get (last Thursday I got $67!).  They consistently give me five seven-hour shifts a week, too!  And everyone there is so silly and adorable (and they all know showtunes!) that I always leave cheery and jazzed.

But just when I was content to stop sending out resumes and crying over monster.com postings, I got an email asking for a phone interview with a little publishing company here in the city.  The interview went well and I have an in-person one scheduled for Thursday.  THEN several hours later anOTHER job I'd applied to called and set up an interview for tomorrow!  The publishing company wants me for customer service (which I'm totally comfortable with and yay a publishing company!) and the other company needs an entry-level sales person to try to convince rich people to sponsor kids in Africa or something.  Obviously I want the customer service job.  But both of these are full-time with benefits!  AND if I don't get either I just stay at Bubba Gump, where I'm totally happy (honestly if I had to leave now, just two weeks after finishing training, I'd be really disappointed).

On April 23rd, the day tumbling Whovians were meant to draw tally marks on their arms, I remembered partway through my final training shift that I hadn't done it.  I sighed and mumbled "darn, it's April 23rd, I was going to do that tally mark thing" and the girl training me went "OH YEAH!", grabbed a pen, and started drawing tally marks on her own arms!  Later I was subwaypooling home with a different girl and we were talking about pasta and she said "well my favorite are bowties because bowties are cool" and I was like DID YOU SAY THAT ON PURPOSE, haha.  Plus I made one friend just by joining in uninvited on her singing Defying Gravity.  We spend a lot of time dancing and singing to each other.  Bubba Gump is like that.

Anyway, for my birthday I went out to my uncle's house in the Jersey suburbs, and my mom and grandma and uncle and aunt (and cuzband ughakfdja;lkf he hugged me and i was like i will never let go of you) had a lovely day of acting silly and eating delicious food.  It was honestly a better birthday even that the free Eurodisney trip last year, though it doesn't quite beat out my magical day in Bordeaux with Nunozart and bisous from Flo.  Still, my mom and I got into some champagne and produced this, which still makes me laugh my ass off.

Then I brought the fabric and sticky tack my mom gave me for my birthday back to my apartment and turned the loft Sophia bequeathed me into a hot pink fortress of solitude filled with MOR posters and glow-in-the-dark stars.  I'm sitting in it right now with my own personal light on and Sophia has gone to sleep out on her bed and it really feels like I have my own space where I have control of my life without affecting or annoying someone else.  She has also been really cool about the hideous print on my curtains, which I ADORE because it's just very very me.  I am in my perfect element right now on this little cot surrounded by paraphernalia.  I have money in the bank, I caught up on my bills, I have money in my wallet, and I even have another round of tipshare waiting for me at Bubba Gump from Saturday night.

My aunt drove me into the city yesterday morning with an old dresser in the back (meaning I finally put my clothes into drawers and am not living out of a suitcase for the first time since EARLY AUGUST!) and she's so enchanted by NYC that she helped me see my building and my neighborhood and the whole city with new eyes.  I'm not as determined to get out of here as I was a week ago.  I'm back on track for wanting to have a studio here someday and have a real person job, though I do still want to retire to the Appalachain mountains someday, or just move there once I've had enough of city.  I feel so much better though.  I have opportunities, personal space, spending money, and my perkiness back.
Last night I decided to rewatch the entire POTC trilogy before I went to bed.  Around 3:30am I saw Will and Elizabeth reunited after ten years, heaved a conflicted sigh, and set off toward the bathroom to refill my water bottle and brush my teeth.

That was when they attacked.

Ratsplosion 2013 )

I woke up this morning with a rat in my hair.  We've had a maintenance man come to patch the holes but he was unable to find any and announced that the rats must have come in through the open windows, and that they don't live here.  He then opened the cabinet under the sink to be met with a small rat, who he believes is the shuffly fifth roommate who has been singing us to sleep for the past few weeks, and is (hopefully) the one in my hair.  An hour later an exterminator arrived to scatter rat poison and pass me a handful of cheap sticky traps.  We think that only the little guy is left, and our whole apartment is now booby-trapped in an effort to get rid of him.
So a few things.

My roommate and I (the one I share a room with, not the boys yet) have fallen into a really comfortable pattern lately, possibly because Thursday I freaked out about the mess and the rat, pulled the oven away from the wall, and spent two hours and as many brillo pads on the floor scrubbing away a tomato sauce stain left by the girl I replaced in the house nearly two months ago.  It was FOUL but I feel so much better now that it's gone.  When she came home she saw the oven and gasped that it looked brand new, and ever since we've been giggling and conspiring about getting the boys to clean up after themselves and all in all it's just been really pleasant.  She's invited me out a few times but made it clear that she understands my preference for staying in a quiet, comfortable, internet-enabled space.  It was so respectful.  I'm really pleased.

I'm still waiting on a job.  My dad finally sealed the deal on selling my old viola, so I got just enough money for rent and one of my student loans from that.  I have probably enough for another month left in my Target savings, but I'd really rather have an income.  I want to buy an electric rat trap so badly... and a lot of other things.  The amazing receptionist job said they hadn't made a decision yet and were postponing everything until "early next week", ie tomorrow or so.  I feel sure that I'm the best candidate given my dedication and persistence, but now I'm starting to worry that they might have decided not to fire the other girl at all.  I'm still sending out résumés, but my heart is with that position.

Lastly, I randomly decided to return to fanfiction!  There was one unfinished story that has been haunting me for four years, so my priority is to get the rest out.  I sat down with a notepad document and came up with a plot that's twice as much fun as the vague idea I had before, but is also going to get pretty... well, violent, graphic, and disturbing.  But if a story didn't have those things it wouldn't really be me writing it, now would it?  Sigh.  I'll try my best not to push it too much further than, say... Fanteeney Todd.  Remember that one?  I'm still proud of that ending.

Anyway, the story is here obviously, "Zwischen Abgrund und Schein", and it's going to take a new turn that I hadn't originally committed to.  I'm pretty pleased.  For anyone who wasn't around four years ago or who doesn't remember the story, the concept is that Marius is in a depression-like funk, Cosette is very pregnant, and they take in a stray homeless chick who shakes up their comfort zone.  There's also de Lotbinière, which was a shoutout to the Québec girls, the first internet friends I ever met in real life.  The new chapter is probably kinda shaky because there of that brief hiatus, but I feel like I'll bring it all into place soon.
On the heels of all my complaining I was doing last night comes a chipper update!

Today I went to see the LM movie (for free because it was noon and we couldn't find anyone in the cinema to sell us tickets???) then went out to eat with the only friends who have bothered to contact me since I got home (and we've hung out TWICE now btw), then we went back to the cinema and saw The Hobbit in 3D! What a good day wow.

Then I get home and met... my new roommate!

We're doing a four people to a two bedroom apartment deal, so she's literally my roommate and not my flatmate or what-have-you, but she's adorable and a film major and partway through our conversation went on a small rant about Disney secretly promoting homophobia and when she asked if I had any pets I said no but I really want a hedgehog and she flailed her arms around in the air and offered to be a party to my dream of having an underground hedgehog breeding ground in NYC. Plus I don't need to bring ANY furniture and don't need to sign a lease! I can stay till about November 2013 or less, whatever works, and if I'm enjoying myself and the rent doesn't go up she's planning to sign the lease again and if we can afford it we might go down to two people with separate rooms.

It's East Harlem, by the way, and the other two flatmates will be boys, one of which is apparently the sweetest guy ever and the other of which is TBA.

Anyway, it's set, I can put in my notice at Target, I can buy my train ticket, because on February 1st I will finally be moving to NYC!

Oh and did I mention--the rent is $350 a month???

Now I'm trying to figure out temp agencies because my savings will run out pretty fast after I pay my deposit.

Oh, and from now on this is what the "my roommate" tag will be about, so yay!

New Year's Resolution: quit looking back and missing all those people who don't actually miss me.

Loony: (having just watching Michael Ball and Phil Jupitus break it down on Buzzcocks) You can't stop the beat! Ever since we first--
Molly: I'll stop YOUR beat.
Loony: Oh?
Molly: I'll stop your HEARTBEAT.
Loony: *giggle fit*
Molly: I will. I'll do it! Yeah! I'll... I'll stop your...
Loony: *still giggling*
Molly: I might have gone slightly insane.

Oh dear.

Nov. 19th, 2009 03:09 pm
Loony: The cheese is stuck in the cracker hole! I can't get it out... wait, no, there it goes. I got it.
Molly: ...
Loony: I had to go in the back way to dislodge it.
Molly: That's what SANTA said.
Loony: He had to go in the back way to get what he wanted?
Molly: He had to go in the back door... instead of the chimney...
Loony: Hurr hurr, breaking in the back door instead of coming down the chimney?
Molly: Because the back door was open and he knew there wouldn't be any alarms.
Loony: But someone might cry out upon witnessing his entrance.
Molly: Someone might scream when he comes in the back door.
Loony: Unless he slips.

Molly: I wanna watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."
Loony: I wanna take a great pumpkin and smash it over Charlie Brown's funny-lookin' head.
Molly: I wanna take my paring knife and cut out your innards.
Loony: ...

Alrighty, so now I need to talk about how freaking amazing my Sims game just became...
And I wonder why I'm so far behind in my reading... )

Can you tell I'm just procrastinating from studying?  I watched Repo for the seventeenth and eighteenth times last night.  Today we watch Amadeus!  I'm excited and not just for the costumes.
So, seven years ago I learned HTML from the middle. Like, I was on the internet and I needed to change my font colour and I googled it and that's it. The rest was sort of gradual. But my wonderful COMP 110 class (Chapter 1: Where is the Start Button?) is teaching me all sorts of exciting basic stuff that I should have known all along. I feel like a total HTML beast right now. I got so excited about it I completed my weird webpage assignment already and it's not due until the 2nd. I can do all sorts of cool HTML crap now. Like type Misérables without going to Word and getting the e with the acute accent.  Next up, I fix my own angelfire site.  It's in need of help.  It uses the word "timline."  TIM-LINE.  I can't spell.

Today was the first day I didn't watch Repo since last Friday, but I made up for it by obsessively stalking through websites, capping the film, making icons, and watching youtube clips of the old stage version and stuff.  Last night [livejournal.com profile] suchcuriousity and I were waiting to watch it and in the process decided to attempt to put on Pavi and Graverobber makeup.  We only had this dark red lipstick, black lipstick, white powder, and black liquid eyeliner, but the end effect wasn't awful. Here's me on my roommate's bed in a successful attempt to terrify her.  We're special special people.  And then I found a website about how to MAKE PROSTHETICS out of, like, tissues and stuff, so I think I got this Pavi thing under control.  Now I just wish it was Halloween.  I might get bored and make my stolen face mask over spring break or something anyway.  And then put it on and run up and down the halls making people uncomfortable, which is fun to do.  I gotta work on my Pavi walk.  And then today Kat decided to dress up as Blind Mag, so I shopped some Mag eyes and pale-ified her face a little.  Here.  And here is a better one of my and  Graverobber.  Don't we look special.

Oh!  Epic win today in English.  Kat came in and just starts going, "I'll keep those vultures guessing.  I'LL KEEP THOSE VULTURES GUESSING."  And this girl goes, "I LOVE that movie!"  And we were all "...REALLY?"  And then we decided she was our new BFF.  We talked about Repo like crazy people until class started.  During class, I doodled a chibi!Pavi in a school uniform and a dunce cap with the caption "Little Pavi fails at fractions."  Ten out of nine, Pavi?  Either that or the ninth Gentern has two heads, which was my second doodle.  Let's see if I fail that class.  But then after it was over this dude (the only boy in the class) comes up and goes, "Hey, were you guys talking about Repo earlier?"  It r so famous.

Last thing and then I sleep!  My TA for Western Civ is extremely attractive and adorable.  I think he's the lovechild of my NaNo boys.  He has the hyper and the fluffy brown hair and the stubble and the skinny from one and he has the blue eyes and perfect skin of the other.  Oh my gosh, he's amazing.  He was wearing this little Simon Amstell-ish sweater/collared shirt/tie outfitand he had had four cups of coffee and couldn't sit down for more than a second.  Watching him would have made my moodtheme collapse in exhaustion, but I have never been so interested in Plato in my life.

The end!  Sleep nao.

ETA: I almost started buying the stuff to make prosthetics last night.  Would that be weird, if I made my Pavi mask, like, next weekend?  And why can't it be Halloween all the time?  I swear, when I move to NYC after college I'm going to cosplay at all sorts of conventions and stuff, because it's pretty much the funnest thing to do ever.  I want everyone to let me make their costumes every Halloween.  Like, everyone in the world.  Costumesssss.
lesmisloony: (knitting and Saboo)
I just felt like showing off some of the Christmas presents I've been churning out of late. So here are some pictures! Yay.

Old Gregg: This was a gift for my friend Ashley. I actually found some glow-in-the-dark paint for a lovely mangina effect. I didn't tell her this. One night, it will surprise her. Hopefully. These little Boosh guys were so small that I just used paint to give them some creepy faces instead of yarn, as I tend to do.

I got somethin' to show ya... )

The Hitcher: Made this one for my darling Kat, [livejournal.com profile] moon_dove , who was wonderful enough to be the Hitcher to my Old Gregg on Halloween even though, being in America, no one recognised her. I love her a lot, really I do, so this was her Christmas gift. Yayz. She also does a pretty wicked Hitcher voice for a lady.

I love you, boy. )

And here are the Hitcher and Old Gregg holding hands and being stalked by Little Ten and Little Rose, just because I'm a dork.

And then the present I did for my roommate Slagathor. She's addicted to Wicked, so I decided to modify an old pattern for a flip doll. And then I got mad at the flip doll pattern and totally abandoned it. Ever since Little Ten I've kinda stopped using patterns...

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Well, first let me say that I stayed up till SEVEN THIRTY IN THE A.M. last night because I decided to watch the last episode of Firefly, which was BRILLIANT, and then I was like, eh, what the heck, I'll watch Serenity. I got finished right before Molly's alarm clock went off, so I leaned over the side of my bed and went, "MOLLY LOOK I'M STILL AWAKE DON'T LET ME SLEEP THROUGH MY TWO O'CLOCK CLASS!" and scared her out of her mind.

Dear Serenity: NO. I REJECT YOU. YOU ARE NOT CANON. NO. Love, Loony. P.S. Thanks for the David Krumholtz and a few lulz near the beginning. Oh, and a couple of awesome fightings.

But the last episode? Was AMAZING. I really had no idea what was going on there at the end (trying not to be spoily for the sake of my dear Sarah) until the big reveal, and then I literally punched the air and had to surpress a squee. Because that bounty hunter guy was amazing, but then River and Simon became equally amazing! Amazing! It was amazing! Seriously, the show got cancelled just when it was threatening to steal mah brainz.

But I'm home now, sitting in front of a working telly but watching mah kitteh take a nap in front of a fire. I forgot how much I loved having dinner with my family. My dad is hilarious. My life is so good. I did cry a few times, though, because when we drove by Granny's house the light was on, and then when I walked into our house there were all these things there that were hers. Like a Christmas present I made her when I was in elementary school, a planter made of a laundry detergent scoop with a cactus inside, which was suddenly on our windowsill instead of hers. Meh.

Speaking of good, I was writing on my NaNo when I SUDDENLY GOT THE GREATEST IDEA EVER and I completely freaked out. All I had to do was adjust a few details in the first chapter and everything is all set up for a final sequence that's going to make me squee myself. Until I cry because I'm not sure how it'll end, but I *am* pretty sure it won't be good for at least one of my poor characters. If I pull it off well, though, the big reveal at the end of my story will be good, but this little reveal will be even better. Because anybody with half a brain can probably guess what the big reveal is. The little reveal, though... muahaha.


43011 / 50000 words. 86% done!

And look!  So close!  My new goal is to finish it  by Friday, or at least by the time I go back.  I want to be able to print off a copy for my mom to read and work her English teacher magic upon before I go back to school on Sunday.

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Molly: I want some Pokey Sticks.
Me: I want to inappropriately touch David Tennant.
Molly: I gather.
Me: He's skinny.
Me: ...? What?  How is that sick?Molly: YOU WANT TO SKIN HIM???

Also, I almost stopped, like, three times tonight because I was just tired.  It's hard to write a story in which they're taking the alternate reality version of Richmond out to dinner.  The narration gets all "the other Richmond" did this.  But!  I've planted the seeds for him to become awesome later!  And he finally said his catch phrase for the first time!

23176 / 50000 words. 46% done!

Tomorrow's Saturday.  I will not rest till I hit 25000.  Hopefully before SNL.
For the record, if you were to ever click on the "my roommate" tag, you'd notice the recent ones saying how awesome she is and then a couple of older ones saying how she never talks to me and life is embarrassing with her. In case it's not clear, the "how awesome she is" ones are my current roommate, the fabulous Molly, while the awkward ones are my freshman roommate whose name I sometimes forget. That said, sometimes Molly and I IM when we're sitting in the same room.

Stupidest chat ever. )


16959 / 50000 words. 34% done!


*punches fist in the air* 
Hell yes.  Every time prop eight is supported, Richmond and Julian cry.

OH!  Carolyn!  I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU.  Something... Colin Morgany.
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Oh my word. As much as I adore rambling about my NaNo, I hate trying to initially explain what it's about and then having to justify the characters' names. (Not picking on you specifically, capnspaulding, because this has happened multiple times. Understandably.)

I call it... RICHMULIAN. )

*throws the canonocity of the manlove at Prop 8* Take THAT!

Also, here is the best synopsis I can do, because I keep rambling about my NaNo here but only [info]suchcuriousity actually knows what's going on.

Okay. )


lol Molly. I was trying to think of a way to boost my word count, and she goes, "Make one sing a song!" So now Julian is singing Chiquitita to Sophie after he pisses her off. It's a beautiful moment. I was writing it and randomly went "If Richmond joined in on the chorus I would PEE MYSELF." but it was so OOC I couldn't make myself do it. Hahaha, if it wasn't 3am I'm sure I wouldn't think it was so hilarious. And with the help of ABBA, look what I've done!

15267 / 50000 words. 31% done!

ETA: Because why *just* use lj to procrastinate from NaNo?  Let's procrastinate from my THREE FRENCH ASSIGNMENTS due in two hours as well!

The Chiquitita Scene. )
It's art, isn't it?
I decided to make up for yesterday's Obama distraction (PRESIDENT OBAMA SQUEE) by writing well over two thousand words today. The boys took Sophie out for dinner in New York (in the eighties) where Ju proceeded to dump ranch dressing on everything. I was describing Julian to my roommate, and I was like "He's really dorky. And he's IN LOVE ranch dressing... and with a guy who wears a cape and has long pretty hair and more than slightly resembles Noel Fielding." And my roommate was like, "Um, this is clearly about you." Dude, they're all kind of me, aren't they? Isn't that the point of writing? But when I'm hyper, yeah, I do act exactly like Julian. I mean... he acts exactly like me. Whatever.

8128 / 50000 words. 16% done!

Also, speaking of my roommate, she saw this picture at [livejournal.com profile] dt_pic_daily just now and fell in love.  SCORE.  We then spent half an hour going through all the other pictures while she squeed about how cute he was.  WIN.  Except all the pictures she likes most are my least favourites and vice versa.  Whatevs.  And then she literally fell asleep in less than ten seconds while I was talking to her.  Which is hurtful/adorable.

And, of course, today was my granny's funeral.  I was all cheery and OBAMERIFFIC up until the moment we walked in and the casket was there, and then it all kinda hit me and I spent the duration of the funeral alternating between crying and laughing at my brother's antics.  The sermon-y part was wonderful because it was clear that the woman doing the service was pretty familiar with her, but the man who did the rest of the service is the evil evil pastor who swore at my dad six years ago and chased him out of the church he grew up in.  I mean, I'm not complaining because it got us out of that dead-end soulless Lutheran church and into a rockin', fantastic contemporary church, but every time we have to go back to the Lutheran church it's weird.  Anyway, Douchebag Pastor was presiding as well.  And I spent the whole service wiping my nose on my hand cos I didn't realise that the crying just DOESN'T STOP in the presence of the coffin thus forgot to bring tissues, so after the service when Douchebag Pastor went around shaking everyone's hands I whispered to my brother that he better not touch me cos my hand was all gross, but he did anyway, so as soon as he walked away my brother and I both went "Ha ha!" at the same time.  It was glorious.  Douchebag Pastor also messed up the creed (inspiring my brother to hiss "NO!" in the middle of it, which also cracked me up) and one of the page numbers on the list of hymns on the wall from Sunday's service was 666.  I kid you not.  But afterwards we all went and ate covered dish dinner.  Which means I ended up with a plate of one piece of ham and three kinds of macaroni.  I don't really ever want to eat green beans again because no one will ever make them the way my granny did.  Granny green beans.

Anyway, I found myself really clinging to my mom's mom, my grandmom, which made me wonder if I just have some sort of grandmother-latching mechanism.  If so, Grandmom better get used to me hugging her and linking arms with her while we walk, because she's the next oldest.  And the next most accessible.  Even if she is a little annoying and nowhere near as wonderful as my granny was.

I also wanna say thanks so much for your support, guys.  This *should* be the last post about my granny, since most of the mess is behind us now, but it's been so weird.  She's always been a constant thing in my life, and all of the sudden, with absolutely no warning, she was dying.  I'm still afraid of the idea of Christmas without her, or a Thanksgiving where no one protests "Oh, honey, that's too much!" every time someone offers her food.  The only other family members whose loss could have possibly hurt me this much are my parents.  Thanks so much for being so kind and for putting up with my endless rambling about her in your flists.  ...and now I'm tearing up again.  I'm also really upset that my hypothetical future children didn't get to meet her, or that she couldn't come to my hypothetical future ABBA-themed wedding (to Montparnasse).  I mean, I knew she was old and I was perfectly aware that she wasn't immortal, but I never considered life without her right down the street.

Anyway, to end on a happy note.  My mommy bought me two new pairs of shoes today.  When we walked into the shoe store, the clerk said, "How are you?" and my mom's answer was "Full of hope and change!"


My French grammar class is a very textbook sort of class, taught by the lady who actually WROTE the textbook we'd been using since forever ago, right? I like her. She looks like a small Blon Fel Fotch Passameer Day Slitheen, actually, (in Margaret form: I'm not saying my French teacher is a big slimy green alien) but she's rather friendly. Still, the class is usually quite serious.



If you don't speak French, she's basically like, "Hi, I'm Mrs Vandertramp! Let me tell you why the name of our town has changed!" and then she goes outside and her neighbour is like "Our baby was born! Come look at it!" and she goes, "Oh, it's not a normal baby!" and then it turns out the mother is a t-rex named Betty. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

And then her cat gets stuck on the roof and by the time the fire truck gets there it gets down by itself.

And then some random diabolic villain comes in and says "THIS TOWN IS MINE NOW!" but is defeated by Betty! Which is why the town is now called Bettyville.


Other amazing ways to learn the Vandertramp verbs:

The Umbrella Song This one is actually really cool. The following ones are a bit lame.
A Rap Performed by an Obnoxious Chunky Kid
Something About a Pedophile and a Battle with Homework

Also my roommate is very sick and has a horrible cough and I'm worried about her cos I love her.

Also I started watching Merlin and it's loltastic.

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