And it was one of those times when the thing you wrote in a month turned out actually way better than the outline you'd been working on for like three years???


(Okay now this new layout is annoying because for some reason my menu of userpics won't load so I can't change off my default one? This would be such a good and rare time to use my old 2008 WINNAR icon buuuut I can't)
Gah I'm at this part of my book where, like... it's a GOOD part, okay, and every time I go to write it I just want to read it, but it's not written yet so I can't, and it's a lot of pressure to write it as wonderful as it seems to me... and I can't stop thinking about it, but I can't actually get it out and written down?


Like I want to just make someone else write the books but then I'm afraid they won't be as in love with the characters as I am because these are my babies who have been with me for what like four years now, you know?


Omg I just used that icon and yep it's true I first wrote my first draft of book one of my ~*trilogy*~ for NaNo 2008 omg

And now FOUR YEARS LATER I'm finally writing out the first draft of book two??? Omg I will be in a rest home before these three books are presentable.

Let's not even talk about how I don't have my outline for book three in order yet AT ALL.

A couple of hours ago I decided I would use NaNoWriMo to get back on track with my groupie memoir. Maybe it'll give me something to do in my free time other than fret over texts I'm not receiving and such. I need a distraction while waiting to develop a social life of some kind.

So not including the 73,130 words that already exist, I finally returned to my memoir after a two-month hiatus and guess how many words I wrote?

3251 / 50000 words. 7% done!

Hellz yeah I wrote like twice as much as I needed to. I'm still not really at a stopping point in the narrative, but whatever. I finally wrote the scene where I met Patrice for the first time. Go me.
[While watching the end of the Thanksgiving Parade]

Grandmom: Well, gosh, Santa looks so young!

Granddaddy:(resignedly) Everybody looks young.

Old people amuse me.

I'm working on NaNo today. I'm about 11,000 words behind, but I refuse to give up.

Also, I'm going to be putting in three ten-hour days at my reopened cinema starting tomorrow, so gah! Must write today.

Oh Listolier the laptop, when will you stop torturing me?

But at least he waited till the day after NaNo to explode, the poor dear.  I talked to the nice I.T. guy, and instead of saying "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" (A: Yes.) he explained that sometimes hard drives just go bad.  Fortunately, The Twin Sunsets was already backed up.  UNfortunately, the part of the hard drive that went bad was my desktop.  Whiiiich included all my I.T. Crowd (RICHMOND), Merlin, Mighty Boosh, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 and 2007, and my half-finished Mighty Boosh fanvid to "Guy Love" from Scrubs... *sigh*


BUT.  I really really want to write more random Richmulian-y stuff.  Oneshots.  And revision on The Twin Sunsets.  AND I CAN'T.  Mehhhh.

ETA: Now that I'm on the loaner computer I must verify that I only lost Einstein and Eddington (*sniffle*), the Merlin video diaries (*sigh*), a few tracks from the Mighty Boosh Radio Series (they're on my iPod anyway), the Jonathan Ross interview with Tennant and Catherine Tate (I already had it on megaupload), and a particular movie I had downloaded about sparkly creatures of the night only to let my friends watch it without supporting it financially.  So, I'm in the process of replacing these things.  It's gonna be okay.  AND I get a free new hard drive out of the deal!  Whooooo.
Okay, so I really love spending time with my parents and my brother.  They're hilarious, especially my dad.  I really love my dad and I'm really close to my mom, so I feel blessed in that respect.  I have a good family.

The thing is, Thanksgiving usually involves my dad's side of the family, which includes my cousin Sammie, so my brother and Sammie and I always end up watching a movie and generally enjoying each others' company and ignoring the adults.  But this year, since Granny was the glue that held us together, the rest of my dad's side ditched us and each uncle is spending the day alone with his family.  But my mom's side of the family is all here except my beloved New York uncle.  My Texas uncle even flew in.  So lunch was okay because my Texas uncle is hilarious and my dad is hilarious and it was nice.  Until my damn brain-damaged uncle had to run his mouth and ask why there weren't any green beans on the table.  And then someone had to explain to him that no one is ever allowed to make green beans again ever.  And then things got even weirder when dessert came along and Momma pulled a pound cake out of the freezer.  A pound cake that Granny had made.  She had made the Thanksgiving pound cake in advance and put it in her freezer, and Momma found it when they were going through her stuff.  It's like... should we eat this?  My mom was like, "I feel like we should shellac it or something."  But my dad kind of laughed and said, "My mother.  Would think that that was the STUPIDEST thing she had EVER heard."  And then we all laughed because we knew it was true.

And then I retreated to the den to work on my NaNo.  I'm four thousand words from finishing, and I've already written five hundred thus far.  I want to finish this thing.  And then do a happy dance.  But I'm conflicted about the ending.  The one I've had planned all along seems too mopey after a general perky book, but I'm incapable of a completely happy ending.  I guess I'll just keep writing and see what happens.

I really miss my Granny. It's not getting any easier.

ETA: For the love of the bishop, why isn't there any decent LM fanfic anymore?  It's all incomprehensible parodies and boring poems!  Where's the Patron-Minette?  Where's the angst?  Geez.


Nov. 27th, 2008 12:26 am
lesmisloony: (amazing Richmond)

Hi there. I'm a writing fool. Look. Look. Look at my word count. I feel awesome.  I wrote about three thousand words today.  THREEE THOUSANNND.

Man, I wish I was a good writer, though.  This story deserves to be told by someone who can actually write.

46135 / 50000 words. 92% done!

ETA: Adorable-est picture of Tennant ever?  
lesmisloony: (squee ChanTho)
Well, first let me say that I stayed up till SEVEN THIRTY IN THE A.M. last night because I decided to watch the last episode of Firefly, which was BRILLIANT, and then I was like, eh, what the heck, I'll watch Serenity. I got finished right before Molly's alarm clock went off, so I leaned over the side of my bed and went, "MOLLY LOOK I'M STILL AWAKE DON'T LET ME SLEEP THROUGH MY TWO O'CLOCK CLASS!" and scared her out of her mind.

Dear Serenity: NO. I REJECT YOU. YOU ARE NOT CANON. NO. Love, Loony. P.S. Thanks for the David Krumholtz and a few lulz near the beginning. Oh, and a couple of awesome fightings.

But the last episode? Was AMAZING. I really had no idea what was going on there at the end (trying not to be spoily for the sake of my dear Sarah) until the big reveal, and then I literally punched the air and had to surpress a squee. Because that bounty hunter guy was amazing, but then River and Simon became equally amazing! Amazing! It was amazing! Seriously, the show got cancelled just when it was threatening to steal mah brainz.

But I'm home now, sitting in front of a working telly but watching mah kitteh take a nap in front of a fire. I forgot how much I loved having dinner with my family. My dad is hilarious. My life is so good. I did cry a few times, though, because when we drove by Granny's house the light was on, and then when I walked into our house there were all these things there that were hers. Like a Christmas present I made her when I was in elementary school, a planter made of a laundry detergent scoop with a cactus inside, which was suddenly on our windowsill instead of hers. Meh.

Speaking of good, I was writing on my NaNo when I SUDDENLY GOT THE GREATEST IDEA EVER and I completely freaked out. All I had to do was adjust a few details in the first chapter and everything is all set up for a final sequence that's going to make me squee myself. Until I cry because I'm not sure how it'll end, but I *am* pretty sure it won't be good for at least one of my poor characters. If I pull it off well, though, the big reveal at the end of my story will be good, but this little reveal will be even better. Because anybody with half a brain can probably guess what the big reveal is. The little reveal, though... muahaha.


43011 / 50000 words. 86% done!

And look!  So close!  My new goal is to finish it  by Friday, or at least by the time I go back.  I want to be able to print off a copy for my mom to read and work her English teacher magic upon before I go back to school on Sunday.

Wrote today. Wrote and wrote. Also watched Heroes and applauded the return of sexy!Mohinder. GTFO lizard skin.

GEEZ. Last season we were all panting for Mohinder to lose the shirt! This season he was unexpectedly naked (albeit covered in craft store cocoon web)!  Also, if Claire (or Peter) were to die I would do the happiest happy dance ever. But I know this will never happen. Only the awesome characters stay dead/invisible on Heroes. DL? Claude? I'm talking about you. And Adam, so far.

Aughhh the NaNo site is down whyyyyy I cannot show off how much awesome work I got done today.

Anyway, here.


41079 / 50000 words. 82% done!

Brown like the feathers of a soon-to-be-eaten turkey. As for me, I'll take a piggy any day.  Om nom nom ham.


[ profile] suchcuriousity drew me the cutest picture ever of small boy!Richmond and small boy!Julian in a bubble bath playing with a rubber ducky. And then I spoke to someone who called gaydom "being liberal."  Hmm...

I didn't know I had so many thoughts... )

In a related note, I watched Einstein & Eddington today. I didn't expect to really like it too much, but I actually cried my eyes out over Tennant's Eddington's love story and the soldier and all that. Oh Tennant. It ripped at the scars I still have from Doomsday. Similar level of pain. But what a delightful little film it was!

Oh well.

Nov. 24th, 2008 03:47 am
Didn't make it to 40k today, but I have no choice but to do so tomorrow.

I DID, however, finish watch Princess Tutu with Kat (FAKIR. OMG.), watched the greatest Batman movie ever (Wow! Let's commandeer a taxi!), organised my schedule for next semester (I better do better than this one, let me just say), cleaned my room (SIX PIZZA BOXES), and did fifty percent of my French homework. All in all, most productive week I've ever had. And I DID write over two thousand words today, which was pretty thrilling. Then I got bored and made Sophie pass out. Because I suddenly realised she hadn't done that yet, and all good French ladies MUST pass out at least once. XD

39027 / 50000 words. 78% done!

Today's word count meter is Carolina blue.  Because it should be.

I'm also in the process of making my own moodtheme.

OH!  And plz to be signing this: Petition to Save Pushing Daisies
I only got about two hundred done Friday, so I'm slipping a little.

Wonder if there's any chance I'll be able to break 40.000 by the end of Sunday (today/tomorrow, depending on how you look at time).

Probably not.  But I'm going to try.  I'm grounding myself off AIM until I hit 40k.  Which might be stupid, as chatting with [ profile] suchcuriousity is the way I get through most of my big brainfarts.

36282 / 50000 words. 73% done!
Today's word count is TARDIS blue because it's TARDIS Day!  Yayyy.

Oh.  And Merlin tonight was one big present to the slashy shippers.

And I went looking for an ABBA or Amadeus moodtheme, but neither seem to exist.  Big fail, internet.  BIIIG fail.


Nov. 21st, 2008 03:32 am


34243 / 50000 words. 68% done!

Today's word count bar is the colour of a daisy that is not being pushed.

ETA: Firefly episode nine.  EW EW EW EW BLEEDY STICKS.  But I think I kind of love Zoe now.  She's really good at delivering those good ol' fashioned badass lines.  And my annoyance at Mal has traded places with my apathetic sort-of-like for Kaylee.  They're all growing on me. And I really want to watch the next episode but it's UM FIVE THIRTY A.M. and I have to go to office hours at 10am tomorrow.
*watches it anyway*
I'll just sleep all day Saturday.

ETA again: Oh Wash.  You get all the snarky lines, but you only pull off a few of them.  Yet when you do, it's glorious.  That said, omgjealousangst is REALLY UNNECESSARY.   And aww, Simon and River.  Villainy man is REALLY CAMP.  All he needs is an albino lackey with a wheelbarrow.  And lol Zoe.  And yayyy return of the shepherd!  He is win.  As is "I'll be in my bunk."  EW EAR EW WTF.  And then!  The preacher!  The gun!  The kneecaps!  I LOVE HIM.  He's like my granddaddy if my granddaddy was AWESOME.  And the last five minutes made me explode with happy.

Okay.  6:12 am on November 21 and Firefly has officially gotten me.
lesmisloony: (omg enjy)

I'm watching How to Lose Friends and Alienate People because Simon Pegg is in it. But I'm only eight minutes in and I've already seen Jen and Roy from The I.T. Crowd and Agatha Christie from Doctor Who and every time one of these people pops up I completely flip out because OMG OMG OMG. And then there was Bambi from Secret Diary!! over. Other than some scarring nudity, I proclaim it win.



Okay, this week's Pushing Daisies, the curtain thing was flipping annoying. Maybe it's Aunt Irma's fault, but I enjoyed this week's episode despite Chuck and Ned... ugh the Booshy curtain thing. I want pie. I want to eat an entire pie. I actually kind of enjoy having my once-a-month excuse to be pissy, though. Yayyy I'm pissy. Now YOU SHUT UP. Need moar Aunt Vivian. And WTF is Chuck wearing??

OH MY WORD. I just watched the love song and the ending of Les Parapluies de Cherbourg and it made me feel so much better in some way. I swear to God that movie is one of the greatest things ever. I may have gotten lightheaded at the awesomeness. So. Amazing.

My roommate and some hallmates are squeeing over hot guys, so for the first time this month I listened to music while writing. It usually distracts me, but I put on the soundtrack-y Doctor Who type stuff and some Mozart. Or anything in a language I'm unlikely to be able to understand. With the assistance of headphones, I accomplished this:


32183 / 50000 words. 64% done!

Today my word count meter is the colour of Sophie's dress.

I hate that Marie Antoinette movie, but I do love the costumes.

Also, to a certain friend of mine: every time I say "blargh I've only written [insert very small number] words today!" it is not time for you to say, "Well, I've only written eight thousand total, so..." because it is not in any way my fault that you are too fail to do NaNo.

I'm actually excited to go home for Thanksgiving, though that empty place at the table is really going to hurt.

Oh! And I even had time to write a fanfic yesterday! Please don't ask my how my classes are going.

30344 / 50000 words. 61% done!
God bless alt!Richmond and his tendency toward creepy monologues. Today's words came out easily! I only started about an hour ago, and I already managed to pwn my goal for the day into the ground! And! And! And! I think things are turning around for me! I'm sure with the two major ideas I have left I can make it to 50,000, surely! And alt!Richmond's random creepy monologue today turned out to be ridiculously full of backstory and stuff. Also, he random whipped out a scalpel which he was keeping in his pocket. I mean, I guess it makes sense that he would have it considering Sophie and the gang basically grabbed him right out of his daily routine, but then again, it did have its own little case...

Basically... alt!Richmond crazy! AND. He said his catch phrase again! This time he said it to intentionally freak Sophie out, though.

28585 / 50000 words. 57% done!

Ow, chicka chicka!

Ooh ooh ooh wanna see the random creepy monologue? I mean, it's going to be awful because I just wrote it and haven't proofed it but, as they say, it's NaNo!

Ruth, the lovely waitress of whom Richmond and Julian are very fond, said Julian could have as much extra ranch as he wanted every time he came to her restaurant when he offered to help her get her wannabe-musician ex-boyfriend Brendan, who calls himself Not Johnson, and his deadbeat friend The Eric, to vacate her apartment. They don't pay rent but she's so nice they won't leave when she asks. Julian tried a little and failed, so all of a sudden alt!Richmond wanders over, sits down on the futon next to Not Johnson, and put a hand on his shoulder. Then this happens.

Not Johnson, the Eric, and the other Richmond. Wow. )

Ooh.  But he got the jerks to leave, so I guess he was really just helping?

Hahaha, that's really sloppily written.

It's 4:35 and my eyes are crossing and I feel like I might fall over at any second but I finally caught up... and then pulled ahead two hundred words.

It's the weirdest tangent ever. The gang (including alternate reality!Richmond) have all gone back to that restaurant in NYC in the eighties and now they're trying to help the owner of the restaurant get her lame ex-boyfriend and his bandmate, whose names are Not Johnson and The Eric, to get their lazy butts out of her flat. But I tell myself that this way you get a chance to see what a freak alt!Richmond is and I get a chance to thank all my friends who are helping me with this story by making Not Johnson and The Eric go on and on about how lovely two of the members of another band, May Contain Nuts, are. And yes, they have the hots for Coco Nut and Hazel Nut. They also mention Macadamia Nut in passing, because Molly helped too. No word on whether or not this scene will still exist after I hit 50,000 and NaNo is over, though it also gives a little peek into the shenanigans that were the life of the gang before the whole Sophie Dying In The First Place thing happened.

26841 / 50000 words. 54% done!


OH ALSO!  It looks like Emma and I might take another last minute trip to see Les Mis next month!  Oh my word, I've missed it so much.  Four hour drive?  Bah, totally worth it.


Nov. 16th, 2008 03:09 am
I still have a thousand more words to do tonight but I DON'T WANT TO.

I saw Madagascar 2 today.  It was adorable.  Almost as wonderful as the first one.

The Merlin CIN thing was REALLY AMAZING.  The dl description was "Camelot is attacked by a one-eyed bear; Merlin gets pelted by vegetables and felt up by Arthur... again."  Hilarious.  I think I'm going to need a Merlin tag before too long. 

(No progress bar because I'll presumably type another 1000 words before I go to sleep.  I've done nearly eight hundred thus far.  Yeesh.)

ETA: Screw it.  I still need about eight hundred more, but I'm just burnt out.  I have work tomorrow.  As long as there's not a massive matinee crowd for James Bond I should be able to get plenty done.  And anyway, I want to watch Firefly.  Because the characters are all cliche thus I'm only really interested in the shepherd, but somehow I can't stop watching.  Is it brilliant or is it terrible?  I just don't know.  And anyway, if I thought "I think you may have a problem with your brain being missing" was funny, that was before I saw "Dear Diary... today I was pompous and my sister was crazy.  Today, we were kidnapped by hill folk never to be seen again. It was the best day ever."  Also, unexpected!Zac Efron for the WTF!

ETA again: Jaynestown!  Shepherd!  Hair!  Kaylee!  Simon!  Yay.
lesmisloony: (amazing Richmond)
Molly: I want some Pokey Sticks.
Me: I want to inappropriately touch David Tennant.
Molly: I gather.
Me: He's skinny.
Me: ...? What?  How is that sick?Molly: YOU WANT TO SKIN HIM???

Also, I almost stopped, like, three times tonight because I was just tired.  It's hard to write a story in which they're taking the alternate reality version of Richmond out to dinner.  The narration gets all "the other Richmond" did this.  But!  I've planted the seeds for him to become awesome later!  And he finally said his catch phrase for the first time!

23176 / 50000 words. 46% done!

Tomorrow's Saturday.  I will not rest till I hit 25000.  Hopefully before SNL.


Nov. 14th, 2008 03:31 am
,I'm tired and I'm running out of plot.

Thank goodness for the "adopt a subplot" thread on the NaNo forums.

Also,[ profile] suchcuriousitydrew the most epic Richmulian picture ever today. I heart it.

21237 / 50000 words. 42% done!

Also look look I has a Simon Amstell icon!

Also I finally gave in and started watching Firefly.  Because what better time than when you have two novels to read for French class, office hours to attend, and two essays due tomorrow, one of which is on a movie you've not yet seen?

Maybe I could just kill myself.

Anyway, Firefly thoughts.  As a protector of all that is Southern accents, I disapprove of Zoe (?) ever saying "ain't" and of Jayne using "gorram."   They both sound silly.  I also kind of hate the captain (Mal?) because he's such a boring, stereotypical character.  Like the way Jack is on Torchwood.  Ooh, he's snarky and mysterious!  Lame.  BUT COWBOYS IN SPACE.  And the line "Sir, I think you may have a problem with your brain being missing."  But the captain/the whore is SO not interesting.  The happy girl/the doctor is more like it.  It would be EVEN MORE like it if Jayne liked the happy girl too.  I get that vibe.  Also not happening is the preacher/the whore.  Anyway, I may or may not watch the third episode before I sleep.

Basically I started watching it because[ profile] suchcuriousity informed me that the movie contains David Krumholtz, for whom I have always had strong feelings.  That coupled with[ profile] viorica8957 's little nudges here and there, so I have caved at last.  Not addicted, though.  Just passively watching, like Call Girl and Peep Show and Garth Marenghi and The I.T. Crowd (unless Richmond Avenal is involved--then it's an addiction).


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