...in other news, Noel Fielding apparently looks like this: http://twitpic.com/1aj48f/full


So I guess

Nov. 8th, 2008 01:21 pm
I guess I'm the only person out there who doesn't really care about Ianto (or Janto) and thinks John Barrowman's funny borders on annoying...

Well, maybe he was in a particularly obnoxious mood when he did Buzzcocks. Just... wow.

Also, Simon Amstell is far more attractive than Barrowman, anyway.

Oh! And I fiddled around with GIMP in my procrastination and made this terrifyingly shoppy cover art for my nano:

lol shoppiness )

I like that the Tennant one's head is, like, ten times the size of his companion's.  Clearly I should have my GIMP license revoked.  (And, yes, I cast Tennant, Noel Fielding, and Virginie Ledoyen as my main characters.  Why not?  I've been saying I was in love with my characters... now you know why.)

ETA: Okay, I'm gonna talk some more.  I just watched the trailer for Twilight, and the "romance" stuff made my teeth curl inside my head.  In a bad way.  But I have such a weird thing for vampire types (Richmonnnnd I love you) based probably on Montparnasse for some reason.  No, I haven't read Twilight and I never want to.  But anyone who's been around me lately can tell you I have a fascination with capes and top hats and vampiric-ness.  So I might give in and see that movie, but definitely not in theatres.  I wouldn't be caught (un)DEAD watching it in theatres.  And no way will I financially support it.
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lesmisloony (4:33:13 PM): yeahhh suck on that, ENJ
imcatandimsnappy (4:33:30 PM): yeah enj
imcatandimsnappy (4:33:34 PM): whatcha gonna do about it???
imcatandimsnappy (4:33:41 PM): come out of les mis and shoot us???
imcatandimsnappy (4:33:44 PM): HUH????
David Tennant is really freaking cute. )

Lots of young!Boosh. )

Random other Noely pictures that make me drool and/or laugh and/or WTF and/or awww: )

Youtube is another source of happy. )

And, the number one thing that always makes me happy inside no matter whatever the heck else is going on ever...

Oh yuss. Because I was thinking today about what a serious impact my Montparnasse love seems to have on my general love of all other kinds, so I decided to make a leetle picspam of all the pretty pretty boys I love to stare at largely influenced by Montparnasse. Uh... two are cartoons... but the all rest are just pretty people!

You have to imagine this all practically mumbled with a straight face.  Like a srs conversation.

The Boosh hit our screens, but it took literally ten years in the making, I believe.  I'm sensing some McCartney-Lenin-esque arguments over what's funny, what's not, or is it plain sailin' all the way?
 Noel Fielding: We don't really argue, do we, about comedy?  We have very similar taste in comedy.
Julian Barratt: Yeah.
Noel Fielding: We've had about two arguments in two years.  One was over some laundry...
Julian Barratt: And the other one, you'd murdered my entire family.
Noel Fielding: Yeah.
Julian Barratt: I was a bit annoyed by that.
Noel Fielding: I know, but--
Hey, live and let live!
Noel Fielding: I know, they're quite annoying--well, they were.  ...with a spoon, I killed them all.  It took ages.
Julian Barratt: And that's what annoyed me.
Noel Fielding: What, the way I did it?
Julian Barratt: Yeah.
Noel Fielding: The way I executed it?  The execution?  With a spoon?  Salad spoon.
Julian Barratt: Wooden spoon.
Noel Fielding: It took ages.  Your auntie, she just wouldn't go down.
Julian Barratt: ...she's strong, my auntie.
Noel Fielding: She is.  She nearly done me.  She had me in a headlock at one point.
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Jonathan Ross: Julian, in the series, of course, your alter-ego Howard Moon, he's a jazz fan.
Julian Barratt: That's right, yeah.
Jonathan Ross: Are you yourself a jazz fan?
Julian Barratt: I am, Jonathan, yeah.
Jonathan Ross: Seriously?
Julian Barratt: Yeah, very much so, yeah.
Jonathan Ross: There's not so many of you out there, really.
Julian Barratt: No, we're a dying breed.
Jonathan Ross: You are, it is sort of dying out.
Noel Fielding: Like unicorns.
Julian Barratt: I am trying to bring it back, but, uh... *realises what Noel just said*
Noel Fielding: There's two of 'em.  *begins to mime* Wait, there's one, grab him!  Get the net!
Jonathan Ross: Unicorns never existed!  How can they die out?  
Noel Fielding: How dare you?


Sep. 17th, 2008 10:45 pm
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lesmisloony: ugh
lesmisloony: ARGH
lesmisloony: ARGH
lesmisloony: I AM MADE OF JEALOUSY
lesmisloony: GAH
lesmisloony: NNNNGAH

lesmisloony: http://community.livejournal.com/booshslashhaven/616078.html#cutid1
sunrisesunset: Jealousy?
sunrisesunset: ...I can see how you would be.
lesmisloony: there is no emoticon to express
lesmisloony: "I have bruises from being crushed into the barriers at the front, totally worth it. Actually most of them are Noels fault as every time he was pulled into the audience he was pulled back over me. So I was holding Noel up more times than I can count."

sunrisesunset: I'm quite sure that this was posted to make Erin cry.
lesmisloony: america sucks
lesmisloony: so much
lesmisloony: why am i american
sunrisesunset: Hmm?
lesmisloony: they dont come here
lesmisloony: they tour there
lesmisloony: not here

sunrisesunset: Ah. Lack of Booshness.
lesmisloony: they dont even have the show in region 1 dvds
sunrisesunset: Undershtood. 
lesmisloony: now im all glum
sunrisesunset: Cheer up, Loony! You know what they say...
lesmisloony: never trust a nun, never trust a nurse, never trust a cat?
sunrisesunset: Or perhaps something more like the looking on the bright side of life thing.
lesmisloony: I commented and said I was jealous
lesmisloony: and she said this
lesmisloony: [The hat] actually smells of Noel, very faintly. I remember him smelling really good when he reached down and kissed me on the cheek. He was really stubbly too, which I wasn't expecting. It was kind of nice in a way.

sunrisesunset: I suppose that doesn't make you feel any better.
lesmisloony:: no
lesmisloony: no it really doesn't
lesmisloony: she has HIS HAT

sunrisesunset: I see.
lesmisloony: well
lesmisloony: when she met him he was sweaty
sunrisesunset: It seems as though this is causing you some level of distress.
lesmisloony: and his eye makeup was smeary
lesmisloony:so there
lesmisloony: so this is usually when I'd watch a youtube video that has always made me happy in the past
lesmisloony: but all my current favourites are of Noel Fielding
lesmisloony: which I think would just make it worse

sunrisesunset: Oh dear. Can nothing make you better?
lesmisloony: that's what I'm trying to figure out
lesmisloony: well
lesmisloony: I knitted Enjolras for President an iPod case
lesmisloony: and in return she sent me a gift box with a card that said
lesmisloony: "We want to play love games with you. Love Noel Fielding and David Tennant"
lesmisloony: and I've been letting it freak out my hallmates all day
lesmisloony: pretending I don't know who it's from
lesmisloony: just for lulz 

sunrisesunset: That's rather lulzy. 
sunrisesunset: I saw an Enjolras at the coffeeshop today.
lesmisloony: ...was he standing on a table? 
sunrisesunset: Well, no, he served me hot chocolate. But he looked like Enjolras. He was blond and pretty in the sort of way that if you really looked at him you couldn't find a flaw in his face but he sort of lacked the masculinity to make him attractive.
lesmisloony: prettyyyy
lesmisloony: omgcrap
lesmisloony: in recitation today they said the first paper was due next Thursday
lesmisloony: crap crap crap 

sunrisesunset: ...Oh dear.
lesmisloony: crappppp
lesmisloony: new facebook, jealousy, and a paper due tomorrow
lesmisloony: I've been putting off constructing an outline for AGES cos I thought I had another week 

sunrisesunset: Oh goodness. I do sympathise as a fellow procrastinator.
lesmisloony: ughhh
lesmisloony:I hate homework
lesmisloony: maybe I'll just go to sleep
lesmisloony: and then drop out of school
lesmisloony:and hide out in someone's suitcase
lesmisloony:on a boat
lesmisloony: and go to Britain
lesmisloony: and stalk the Mighty Boosh tour
lesmisloony: and live in a box
lesmisloony:and Noel Fielding will take pity on me
lesmisloony: and let me move into the bus with them
lesmisloony: and work as a stagehand 

sunrisesunset: It could happen.
lesmisloony: and then finally Noel Fielding will learn to love me
lesmisloony: because I'll be the best stagehand ever
lesmisloony: and maybe a French street gang will try to kill him for some reason
lesmisloony:and I
lesmisloony: with my French skillz
lesmisloony: will talk them down
lesmisloony: so he'll owe his life to me
lesmisloony: yeahhhh 

sunrisesunset: ...Eventually causing him to sleep with you?
lesmisloony: to MARRY me
lesmisloony: I'm thinking big 

sunrisesunset: Oh, I see. 
sunrisesunset: He is not currently married or in a long-term relationship, I presume?
lesmisloony: : /
lesmisloony: the latter 

sunrisesunset: Oh.
lesmisloony: but SHE won't save him from the French street gang 
sunrisesunset: Question: 
sunrisesunset: If Noel Fielding has a long-term girlfriend 
sunrisesunset: why are you madly jealous of the girl who has his hat?
lesmisloony: because she's a lowly fangirl like me
lesmisloony: who was just in the right place at the right time
sunrisesunset: Ah. So the girlfriend is high-and-mightier, I suppose?
lesmisloony: yes
lesmisloony: she's probably all glam and perfect looking 

sunrisesunset: Do you know her name? If yes, I shall Google her and judge.
lesmisloony: no, I dunno
lesmisloony: I avoid the subject because of the jealousy 

sunrisesunset: Oh dear, everything's so easy with Wikipedia.
lesmisloony: yeahhh
lesmisloony: did you look it up?
sunrisesunset: Yup!
lesmisloony: is she pretty? 
sunrisesunset: I can't really tell.
lesmisloony: I don't want to see her or know her name
lesmisloony: quite frankly

sunrisesunset: She's sort of all ... punk rocker-y makeup, which automatically disuades my brain from thinking of someone as pretty. But I guess she's plain-pretty.
lesmisloony: I can imagine she'd be quite punk
lesmisloony: just judging by him
lesmisloony: ...lol
lesmisloony: I just gave in to temptation
lesmisloony: and typed "Noel Fielding's girlfriend" into the google image search
lesmisloony: this picture came up first

lesmisloony: http://data4.blog.de/media/549/1606549_dab0ef1d04_m.jpg
sunrisesunset: ...That's special.
lesmisloony: I approve
lesmisloony: it made me feel better
lesmisloony: so did this



lesmisloony: (amazing Richmond)
Wait, you say!  Didn't I see this same exact post yesterday?
Why no, silly!  For I have updated it and given it twice as many pictures.  Oh yes.

Okay. So, I was IM'ing with [livejournal.com profile] capnspaulding32 and I started spamming her with Noel Fielding pictures. And I KNOW she doesn't care, but I was like OMG THIS IS PURTY. So now, to give her a break, I decided to just spam YOU lovely people.

And even if you have no idea who I'm talking about, just click the cut. Because he is very pretty, okay? Trust me on this.  I'm lesmisloony, and I approve this picspam.  That I made.

She wishes her boyfriend looked more like... ) 
Also I'm in the middle of another massive icon shakeup.  I think I'm gonna replace my little waving Doctor for an Old Gregg icon I have that says "Hi there."  And I might actually bring myself to replace that Amadeus icon with a Tennant icon that says "ded of lulz."  As for right now, I chucked the "made of awesome" Nine icon for this Richmond "Do I amaze you?" one, and I've thrown out that crappy "this is relevant to my interests" Noel Fielding icon and replaced it with Donna and the Doctor poking at the screen.  *nods*  Just thought everyone should know.  
Also, I have a crush on my Richmond icon at the moment.  *stares*  Yes, Richmond, you amaze me.

ETA: This is what Noel Fielding has to say about his own looks:
I never did that badly with women when I wasn't on telly, but it's a bit out of control now. Women try it on with me more than I'm comfortable with. It's strange, because I think I look like a troll wearing a woman's wig backwards.

Oh dear.

Sep. 15th, 2008 12:39 pm
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 Noel Fielding mentions my state... and yet I find I'm terribly ashamed.

(Interesting to note that more or less every post of late has had the tags "Noel Fielding" and "youtube"... just further proof that I really HAVE spent all my free time youtube stalking him.  I did stop earlier today to finish an essay for French class... and, this is true, incorporated Noel Fielding into the essay.  *nods*)


Sep. 15th, 2008 03:41 am
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There is a big empty hole in my life that is shaped exactly like a DVD of the Mighty Boosh live.  Stupid fuzzy youtube nonsense.  I want screencaps!

Oh, have some bonus Noel as Richmond from The IT Crowd pictures (I just downloaded both seasons, watched them all, and deleted all the episodes with no Noel.  It's a really cute show, but not cute enough to eat my disk space.)

And finally, the most beautiful screencap ever:


lesmisloony: (wtf Ten)
Well, we all know the Doctor keeps getting younger and cuter...

...you know where I'm going with this.  I read it on someone else's page and couldn't help but repeat it.

Noel Fielding for 11!

(...I know.)

I beg you.

Sep. 13th, 2008 10:19 pm
I don't care who the heck you are.  Just watch this.  If you have about an hour free.  Just watch it.  I laughed until I cried.  I have a stomachache from laughter.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbD6Kk0nM3U  Here's the link to part two.  And from there you can find the rest rather easily.

(Other possible side effects include falling in love with Noel Fielding.  And freaking out over not one but TWO fandom collisions:  that 2006 Jane Eyre movie, Doctor Who, and, of course, the Boosh.)  

And apparently he was on the show the next year!  *runs back to youtube*


Here's something for you DW fans who don't know why I'm still talking about Noel Fielding and have said NOTHING about Tennant in about forever and a half.

Same show, but Tennant instead of Noel Fielding.

lesmisloony: (Eels)
The reason I adore the Mighty Boosh, besides Noel Fielding being pretty, funny, and talented and besides my obvious anglophilia, is that every time I see it, it's funnier.

That doesn't happen a lot, okay?

For instance, watch this:

 Just ignore the part at the beginning with annoying Bob Fossil and his annoying voice.  And, by the way, the one annoying member of the group?  American.  Go figure.

Okay, the first time I saw that, I giggled.  The second time, I lol'd.  Then, someone just *linked* me to the video, and I had an absolute laughing FIT just THINKING about it.  Ow, chicka chicka!  Am I right?

And then I was walking back from class and I started imagining a fanvid about Howard's relationship with the Spirit of Jazz set to "Confrontation" from Jekyll & Hyde and I started cracking up out in public for reasons no one around me could see.

The Mighty Boosh has become an addiction, seriously.  *twitches*

(Also, the Spirit of Jazz?  Played by Noel Fieling, of course.)
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You guys. I heard that song (via[livejournal.com profile] squeegee_burble) about a week before I knew what it was about. And then I heard it again, and I was like... trufax.

And dude. Vince/Howard DOES THINGS to me. Like, Monty/Cosette things.

Oh my word. I just discovered the live Boosh show thinger on youtube. I found it at 4am last night and watched the WHOLE THING. I was up till, like, 6:30. It was worth it. Ohh the Old Gregg and Howard things that happened.

When did I become such a fandom gypsy anyway?

Oh youtube. )

Why am I American?

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