Let's see.

1. The Merlin finale was perhaps the most perfect and beautiful finale ever and I've been listening to "You're the Voice" on repeat for about fifteen minutes at full volume.

2. The LM movie obviously wasn't a carbon copy of the musical or of the Book but for gods SAKE people it was one of the most accurate movie renditions ever and IT WAS ALSO THE MUSICAL *AND* THE GENERAL PUBLIC LIKES IT so anyone who wants to complain about it needs to expect me to roll my eyes HARD at your sorry ass.

3. The Hobbit was really good and I want to go back and see it in 3D because I missed PJ's cameo. So glad everyone else in the world loves Aidan Turner now. I read the book when I was a small child and don't remember a lot of specifics but if that dwarf dies I will be so so sad. As if losing Mitchell wasn't bad enough. NOBODY SPOIL ME.


4. oh yeah doctor who is still a show that's being made, almost forgot. I liked the Christmas special even though it didn't make much sense. Wish Clara wasn't flirting with the Doctor. We need more Donnas. But overall she was pretty great. Too much ableism from the Doctor directed at Strax, which made me uncomfortable, but the Vastra-Jenny-Strax team is great. Memory worm was unnecessarily gross. Why not just retcon people, Doc?
I'm having a hard time convincing myself to tell the story of my (probably) final encounters with the MOR Troupe from last Wednesday and my amazing PDS adventure from Sunday, so instead I'll say I saw 1789 again and I enjoyed it MUCH more the second time. Almost all of my questions/confusions were cleared up once I was capable of concentrating on the stage and hearing the dialogue. There are still some ridiculously silly moments and the chase scene is still way too long and I *still* hate freaking projections (if I wanted to watch I movie I'd go see a movie!) but it got me to thinking. So I've invented a new ratings system for my opinion of musicals and I'm sure EVERYONE will be DELIGHTED by that.

On a scale of 1-10, the things that are important to me are:
-use of dance/dancers
-acting talent
-singing talent
-use of projections

So let me rethink my ratings of ALL the French shows I've seen live!

Mozart l'Opéra Rock
Story: 8 (it's a little disjointed/uneven and a lot of the dialogue is sloppy but it's still an interesting and almost entirely-true story)
Songs: 10 (I think that's pretty clear)
Acting talent: 9 (I would have said 10 but then there's Mikele in the lead role)
Singing talent: 10 (considered bumping this down slightly cause Mikele's less awesome live but decided to give it to him since he's so fun to watch)
Sets: 9 (taking off a point for the pink wedding cloud, but otherwise it's a great use of columns, backdrops, and props to show tons of different spaces, and also I love the giant backstage framework)
Use of projections: 9 (hate the floating wedding scene flowers, love J'accuse mon père)
Use of dance/dancers: 10 (they never distract, they advance the plot, they work as extras, the choreography is organic and natural doesn't make you feel like you're watching a dance recital)
Costumes: 10 (they certainly aren't period-appropriate but that's the point of the rock thing, and i think it's best illustrated in the costumes--plus the dancers and guys show up once or twice in great period-appropriate looks)
Overall Score: 9.4

Story: 5 (VERY uneven, hate the use of voiceover letters to advance the plot, felt like I was going from song to song, can't tell where things are happening or how people are traveling so fast across Europe)
Acting talent: 6 (there are some heartbreakingly bad performances here, especially from Mina and Jonathan, our main characters)
Songs: 7 (took points off for terrible lyrics, but quite honestly I bloody love this soundtrack)
Singing talent: 8 (love the three stooges, don't love Jonathan/Marble Eyes/Julien AT ALL, cringed through most of his songs in fact, but man Lola is just a champion)
Sets: 8 (would have been t10 but I hate London as a white wall and I hated all the set pieces that looked like people-- also, minus one point for the "magic" wall alone)
Use of projections: 8 (projections as a backstory/setting change device? Totally down with that. Minus two points for the AWFUL 3D movie I had to sit through, though)
Use of dance/dancers: 2 (we know how I feel about acrobats in every scene and getting distracted by dancers instead of the plot, plus I HATE a tap-dancing man-beast as a scene change device so STOP IT OUALI! It's especially egregious since he used the EXACT SAME THING in Le Roi Soleil)
Costumes: 4 (I had to stop and think about this one cause some of the costumes are cool, but overall I just can't get behind slinky modern dresses in a Victorian piece, even if it is to make dancing easier. And Dracula's leggings were just NO. I don't even like Anais/Lucy's massive pink and red dress AT ALL. So no. I recognize the effort put into them, which is where the 5 comes from, but the only costumes I liked were Greggy D's and Lola's)
Overall Score: 6.0

Adam et Eve
Story: 2 (it was a good idea, but in the end the plot was worth fifteen minutes, not a 2+ hour musical)
Songs: 3 (I like Rien ne se finit, Le meilleur, Et dieu dans tout ça, and Ma bataille, but the whole rest of the show was just awful, and when the songs get stuck in your head they're there all day)
Acting talent: 8 (wooden, unlikeable lead)
Singing talent: 10 (yep, everyone was talented as can be)
Sets: 8 (that's right, I love one big stationary set that gets transformed into a million places, but I HATED the floating bubble prisons)
Use of projections: 1 (horrible. They get one point for the silly news broadcasts, but everything else was just abysmal, especially the screaming tattooed man during Game Over. Just bad)
Use of dance/dancers: 8 (this was a dance-heavy musical that I enjoyed, possibly because the plot was so thin, but I brought it down two points because a lot of the dance seemed same-y and silly, especially the Eden people having their elbows up over their faces and doing a Nazi walk)
Costumes: 4 (obviously the makeup WAS most of the costume in this show, so I'm mostly just giving them points for getting Nuno shirtless... the rest was basically a 70's yard sale)
Overall Score: 5.5

1789: Les Amants de la Bastille
Story: 6 (they tried to cover TOO much ground like with MOR, but here they took way too many liberties with history and then spent too much time on the lovers who, though in the title, are pretty boring)
Songs: 10 (love it)
Acting talent: 8 (it would be 9 but my issue is with Louis Delort from the Voice who is extremely forgettable onstage so I'm punishing them for taking that role away from Mathieu who is instantly fascinating and incredibly talented. -1 for Louis, -1 again for choosing Louis over Mathieu)
Singing talent: 8 (both Nathalia and my beloved Roxane have trouble not sounding flat/rough onstage, which could be attributed to the difficulty of their songs, but also Roddy J messed up his lyrics TWICE Sunday and he's one of the writers)
Sets: 4 (there basically ARE NONE, though there are a few good set pieces here and there like the printing press, but most of the illusion of a set is given by platforms, columns, and pieces of walls, which I dislike)
Use of projections: 4 (it works a few times, like in the dream sequences and when characters are walking somewhere, but it's especially egregious because the projections are visible ON THE ACTORS' COSTUMES)
Use of dance/dancers: 6 (they're a little too distracting part of the time. I don't need them to show off their backflips to me, just shut up and be onstage)
Costumes: 8 (there's no reason for the hot actress playing the hot Polignac to be so ugly in her wig and costume. Also, there are just TOO MANY costumes in too many scenes and I can't understand why a lot of choices were made. How come the men change costume every three minutes and the women have to wear the same Je veux le monde dresses all through act two?)
Overall Score: 6.8

There we have it! So I guess it's only fair for me to say that Adam et Eve is my LEAST favorite of the PDS shows I've seen. I support that strongly. Time is making me kinder and kinder to Dracula... haha.
I saw the premiere of 1789 last night! I'm still overall unsure how I feel. I spent part of the show bored-ly peering around the room trying to spot MOR cast members in the audience (I'll do a separate post for that) and another part gaping in offended horror at the way they portrayed Marie Antoinette and Louis, and then a few parts genuinely enjoying myself. Overall I'd say the music is pretty much great, as are the costumes, but the choreography is kind of hit-or-miss (better than Dracula, maybe on par with Adam et Eve), the story is kinda all over the place, and I actually couldn't understand the vast majority of it because a) they talk fast and b) the music was usually louder than the singing, so we'll see how much I can remember.

I've learned that I'm kind of a grumpy old curmudgeon now in these MOR-less days, and since nothing has succeeded in winning my heart since the death of my show, I just assume everything sucks. My life is sad here in France. I'm basically a ghost. But soon I'll have a fresh start!

On s'en moque moque moque moque moque moque moque moque )

Anyway, I know it's a dodgy recap but I figured I'd share with you as soon as possible because I know a lot of people are itching to know what's going on over here. Also seeing this show was the only reason I prolonged my stay in France an extra two months. Now I've gotten everything accomplished that I wanted and I'm ready to call it quits with this lovely country. I don't know yet if I want to see 1789 again. Tickets aren't cheap and my funds are pretty limited. Plus I had enough trouble sitting through it at the premier... I got antsy A LOT and actually groaned a few times when I realized act one wasn't over yet. It might have been because I knew a lot of MOR people were in the room and was eager to hunt them down, or it might have been because the show dragged a little.

My overall feeling is this: when I watched MOR, I was excited about every notion of it. At the end of the show I wanted to punch my fist in the air and take on the world. That's the show that told me to vivre à en crever and gave me the magic words "place je passe" that were my mantra during this past difficult year as an au pair. I can tell you the messages of that show in a heartbeat. It means so much.

But what did this show mean?

During curtain call at one point I realized that I was only one row of people away from the stage, and in my head the sentence "It's weird how much I don't CARE" formed. I respect everyone involved in the show and hope it sees so much success and Dove can get one of those Scrooge McDuck gold pools, but... I don't care about it very much. My PDS groupie days are over. And I'm very okay with that.

Next stop: New York City!
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If you were a fan, like the kind of fan I am who lives and breathes and adores characters and invites them into her mental family, of the television series 21 Jump Street...

If you felt love feelings or any level of compassion for or attraction to Hanson or Penhall while watching 21 Jump Street and cared about those two characters...





If you don't want to be spoiled for that movie stop reading now!

Spoilers )

It would have been an acceptable movie if that hadn't happened.

(I could also argue that the original team was a black girl, an Asian guy, Johnny Depp (who's white but looks like he's from Europe), and another white dude. And their boss was a successful, compassionate black man. So where was the diversity in the movie? It was just a bunch of white people... except one gay black boy who served as kind of a punchline and the black cop who said himself that he was a stereotype. As for Asian representation... I guess there's the weird "Korean Jesus" joke? And that's it?

Sigh. It could have been pretty good.

Also... does this post make anyone worry about my mental health? Fifteen minutes of noisy crying... just me?
Saw Adam et Eve today! It was already much better than the première, which was pretty good by itself, so I'm glad for them!

Things that I noticed this time but not last time:
-new adlib from Solal in which he goofily tries to impersonate the rebels at the beginning
-there are references to Eden, the megacity, being formerly a garden but in an attempt for everything to continue being all perfect Solal made it crazy Orwellian
-the rebels living in the Other Side are people who were rejected by Eden, meaning I guess Solal said they weren't good enough for his creepy army
-still no idea what the fuck is up with Adam ordering Eve off Zappos, but first he creates Lilith (Solal's Stripper Daughter) and then he's like CANCEL and creates Eve instead
-Nuno now does a lot of hissing and moving an arm around like a snake before he introduces himself in his first scene
-these dancers are delightful
-Tall Sam changes hats and guitars like a hundred times during the course of the show
-there is still no plot

Also, they have now FORBIDDEN all video during the show, and during the finale only pictures are allowed! I saw guys in suits taking cameras away from people during the whole performance! THIS IS A DUMBASS MOVE, OBISPO. It's like a mini SOPA. But not.

Also, when Lara and I asked Tall Sam for an autograph, he went from speaking French to a sudden outburst of like Cockney, which was hilarious. He sounded like Mickey from Doctor Who. I was quite startled. So it's true, he's British. And Solal asked me where I was from. DAMMIT SOLAL I'M THE SAME PERSON AS I WAS LAST YEAR. But omg he was so nice to me and I love him so much more than usual since he put up that amazing facebook status the other day.

Adam et Eve. What the hell is it about? That's a trick question. You may read the title of the show, "Adam et Eve", and think, Oh, that's easy, it's a show about Adam and Eve! Well, that's where you'd be wrong. In a way you're right, because it is definitely a show about two characters whose names are Adam and Eve, but not the ones you're thinking of. So... what is it, then?

Don't worry, English-speakers. I'm here (in Paris) for you.

Rien ne se fiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiit )

All in all... the songs were alright, the choreography was good, the sets were good, the singing was good, and the energy in the room was incredible, but the story was so weird and thin and I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd seen it told a hundred times before, so... in the end I'd say it's maybe something like a 6/10, with Dracula being a 5/10 and MOR being like a 9. But that's on my personal scale of happiness.

For the first time I feel FEELINGS.

As soon as I started watching this my throat got all tight and I felt my heart getting happy and I wanted to bounce around dancing.


I think it's time to be a fan of 1789 on facebook.

ÇA IRA MON AAAAAMOUUUUR! The host family is leaving for the weekend and I plan to dance my ass off to this song the whole time and watch this video forever.



Who cares if the plot is ridiculous? I want COSTUMES and awesome music.

Now I *definitely* have to stay in France next year or I'll miss this show! I'll au pair for another year if I don't find something else.
Well obviously I have a lot I need to post about after yesterday, but I don't know if I'll have time to give it the detail it deserves. It was a heck of a ridiculous day.

First, I went to meet some friends at the PDS, where one of them was holding a sign saying we needed tickets. There were four of us, and the tickets were GIVEN to us. We went in for free.

Tu voudrais pas qu'on s'salisse, qu'on s'fasse les vendanges... DA NA, NANA NA NA, DA NA, NANA NA NA! )

Unfortunately, I saw every single fan I'd been trying to avoid there (except my old pal A-Crazy). I was so unaffected by the show and uncomfortable being around those fans that I decided to skip the stage door and head on over to Le Manoir de Paris, a haunted house where my beloved Patrice Maktav was rumoured to be playing Sweeney Todd.

In the meantime I'll practice on less honorable throats )

So that was my ridiculous day. Every time I leave the house something ridiculous happens to me. That's why I love living in Paris.

(Before you leave your comment, remember that this is an unlocked post. This isn't.)
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Okay, so I haven't been completely silent about my preference for RTD over Moffat, but in general I'm pretty relaxed about the changeover.  Yeah, I miss RTD's characters and self-contained episodes, but a lot of people are really enjoying the new era and that's cool.

This weekend when I got back from Carowinds, there was a new episode of Doctor Who and a new episode of Torchwood waiting for me.

Read more... )

Well, there it is.
Um, wow, yet again I am in the minority of the Whoniverse.  One of few fans who prefers RTD to Moffat and now I'm apparently the only person on the whole internet who absolutely loved Let's Kill Hitler.  I had to pause the episode three times from laughing so hard.  It's the first episode of the Moffat era that I was able to watch and then immediately watch again.  Usually when I watch one of these newer episodes a second time I get frustrated/bored with it partway through because I've already seen it, but for once that finally wasn't the case! The only thing I would change would be to have some sign of Mels in earlier episodes.

If you have ever heard anyone say they had the best birthday ever, they are lying.  It is impossible.  Because I had the best birthday ever.  

And last year my friends parked a freaking TARDIS in front of the dorm.

Read more... )

Ahh.  I love all the things.
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Oh sweet Byzantine Jesus eljay is WORKING. Aight well I gotta try to post part two fast as possible before it EXPLODES again. Good gracious.

When last you heard from me, the show was beginning. I was in the centre of the room with an unobstructed view, a backstage pass, and a heart full of love for Patrice Maktav.

Read more... )

Tomorrow I leave for Lyon!
 CLEARLY it is time for me to educate you people about the pure magic beauty that is... NUNOZART.

I quite literally risked my life by travelling alone from the foreign country I live in to an even more foreign country with the intention of spending the night alone in a train station just to witness this rare phenomenon, and it was a million percent worth it.

I made a plan, in fact, that would allow me to take videos of EVERY INSTANT that Nuno was onstage.  Because I knew from youtube that he would do well in Je dors sur des roses and Tatoue-moi and Trublion, but what I really wanted to see was the rest of the show... For instance, hearing the infamous "la force publique" line delivered by someone who knows how to do acting.

Now.  I do love Mikelangelo Loconte.  In fact, based on his crazy bipolar behaviour and his questionable acting abilities, I'm thinking I even love Mikele far more than he deserves to be loved.  I find him amazing and if anything bad ever happened to him--anything at all! Even if he just got a papercut--it would hurt my soul.  But I also firmly believe that anyone who says Mikele's acting is good is just blinded by the glitter.  My love for him does not cause me to lie about his abilities or to try to talk him up when he doesn't deserve it.

Of course, no one could ever claim that Mozart l'Opéra Rock is about acting.  If it was, I'm pretty sure that the main characters wouldn't be surrounded by scantily-clad dancers during all their big emotional songs.  And that's why Mikele makes a perfectly acceptable Mozart.  His crazy pouncing and glassy-eyed gesturing make the character really memorable and really kind of power the heart of the show, it's true.  But those things are MIKELE things, not Mozart things.  What you see onstage is usually what you get at the stage door.  We can compare him to oh I don't know how about Florent Mothe:  Salieri is stiff, haughty, and reserved.  Florent Mothe is shy, sweet, and kind. They are not the same person because Florent Mothe knows how to do acting.

Okay, I think that was a sufficient disclaimer.  Let's carry on to the actual review and... the videos!!

Elle a choisi Nunozart! )

This cast is so cute.  I love them all.

And yes, I promise I do love Mikele.

Let's talk about LILLE.

I don't know when I'm going to tell the story of my last night at the Palais des Sports... but the Lille stories MUST be told.  IMMEDIATELY.  Because omg just awesome.

Everybody dance around! )

Well, WEEKS have gone by and I have resisted typing up this review. I don't know why. I guess the longer I wait to tell my final MOR stories the longer I'll feel like it isn't all in the past.

The thing is, I don't have much to say about this performance. I took over 200 pictures and a lot of really good videos.
It was the day after Chanson de l'Année, so a few times I saw a piece of confetti drift down onto the stage. 

My seat was so close I could see absolutely everything. I got to use Porte A like a real, rich fan! 

Things were weird. Mikele's vest was undone during Place je passe and for some reason there was no sheet music for Flo to clutch during Le Bien qui fait mal. I had also never had a seat close enough to realise Flo has two different costumes in this show (you'd think that if I was good at doing one thing during MOR it would be staring at Florent Mothe, but apparently I need glasses more than I realised) so I had the idea that maybe he had accidentally put on an older costume or something? I don't know. But that was my mistake, not his.

The saddest part of the whole day was that Florent Mothe did not see me in the crowd. Not during the curtain call and not even at the stage door! I was right up on the fence, but some lady near me passed out and apparently that was distracting or something. Still, I got to see Flo be all caring and fetch a security guy all "Elle va tomber!" 

Maybe that's why I didn't care enough to write this review. I saw the show from an excellent seat, but apparently the toboggan I was wearing made me INVISIBLE to beautiful brown eyes. Sad. I actually spent most of that night and the next day thinking he had ignored me on purpose because he thought I was being too clingy or obsessive or something, but later conversations have informed me that it was the inviso-boggan's fault. Or maybe the fainting lady. But he actually had no idea I was there.

Anyway, now I'm just gonna drop off the best of the pictures and the videos below the cut.

I do, however, think this is my favourite Victime de ma victoire video I've ever taken )

Yeah, so then I went and stood out at the stagedoor, as previously mentioned, it was sad for me.  Some lady passed out (not sure if she was freezing to death or overwhelmed by Flo's beauty) and in the ensuing hubbub Flo totally skipped me.  Then again, I didn't have anything for him to sign or anything, so I decided to NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN.

And I didn't!
That Chanson de l'Année was pretty epic, but not as epic as it should have been.  As such, I continue to be alive.

Which is bad news for you if you're trying to study, because here comes the rest of the story of Saturday's Mozart antics!

Stagedooring )

Anyway, still gloating over Bravo Mozart Guy and my promesse de mariage, we went in for the evening show.

ARGH. I had this whole review typed up and all the HTML fail fixed and then I accidentally closed the tab and lost everything after my stagedoor stories.  I want to punch myself in the face.  Good LORD.  I am more than slightly outraged.  That was a really long review.


ALRIGHT.  I hate having to retype things that were already AWESOME the first time.

The Show! )

Anyway, I did my customary throwing aside and leaping over of small children in order to get to the stage door, and as I came sprinting out I all but collided with... Strasbourg!  Who is to be referred to as Joanna from here on out, since that is her name.  She had come a night early for a little extra stagedooring.

More Stagedooring and the Terrible Journey Home )

But those few hours of torment were NOTHING compared to the delightfulness of the day in general.  I don't just love Mozart l'Opéra Rock.  I'm IN LOVE with it.

And now I only have to tell you about Sunday and about Chanson de l'Année!  Except I'm going to the show again tonight.  I have a fourth-row ticket (expensive but probably worth it!) and my camera is alllll charged up.  Unless Joanna finds us a bargain for Saturday, this will be my last time seeing Mozart l'Opéra Rock.  I'm despairing a little.  Seven isn't enough!!

Anyway, if you get a chance to comment on this before I leave, is there anything in particular I should video tonight?  I'm definitely going to do all the Flo and Yamin scenes.  Because of my addiction.
 TOO MUCH IS HAPPENING.  How am I supposed to keep up with it??

Okay, we'll start with Saturday, of course.  When last you heard from me, I was running on two hours of sleep and the German girl (previously referred to as Amsterdam, she has now given me permission to reveal that she is Lara) had arrived for a full day of Mozart-ing.

Morning Stagedooring )

There comes a time when you have to stop stagedooring and go see the show, so I gave up on my Nuno-shaped dreams and sulked for about three seconds until I remembered I was about to see Mozart l'Opéra Rock FOR THE FIFTH TIME.  (And how can anybody who met the Bravo Mozart Guy be sulky??) 

The energy level in the cast and the audience was smashing!

The Matinée )

I have more stagedoor stories from Saturday night, PLUS a billion videos from the next show, plus we went stagedooring again on Sunday... but soon Joanna and I are off to the taping of La Chanson de l'Année (BECAUSE THE TROUPE AND CHRISTOPHE MAÉ WILL BE THERE AT THE SAME TIIIIME) so I'll have to make those into separate entries.  If you don't see an update here within the next twenty-four hours, my heart exploded and I died of happiness.
Sunday may have been Mikelangelo Loconte's birthday, but I doubt he enjoyed it more than I did. 

My new stagedoor buddies, Amsterdam and Strasbourg, had informed me that there's prime stagedooring action around 12:30, three hours before matinées, and had invited me to come along.  I'd witnessed Yamin mingling casually with fans once before a matinée, so I believed it.  I decided that, even though I had no ticket, I would come stagedoor with them, then try to amuse myself for a while, then return to ask how the show went and whether anything special happened for Mikele's birthday.

Well, I got a late start (as always) and didn't end up getting to the stagedoor until almost 2. I know, I'm an epic failure.  I found the girls pretty quickly and asked if I had missed anyone imflortant important.  They said no--well, wait, yeah, Nuno was here.


They were like, yeah, he was chatting with us and tried to spell something in German but totally failed and we got these pictures and look at the note he wrote us!


Anyway, we lurked for a while and I asked how last night's show went, since they had seen both the matinée and the evening understudy-fest.  Their expressions immediately darkened.  Apparently, IT MANAGED TO GET WORSE.  We commiserated for a while and complained about how lackluster it had been.  They told me that Mikele was messing up his lines last night and Merwan somehow had EVEN LESS ENERGY.  Apparently that's possible.  Then they commented on how excited they were to see the show today.

We stood around the stage door for a long time.  The girls got a picture with Marjolaine and with that one dancer Louran had said was hot during Saturday's curtain call.

And then everyone started freaking out.  Apparently, a certain birthday boy had just arrived.  The whole crowd lurched off to one side, squealing and passing up presents and generally being fangirls.  The three of us hung back, because quite frankly we've all been converted to Team Flo.

Remember a few entries ago when I said "No one can make me choose between Mikele and Flo"?  I was wrong.  Florent Mothe can.  He is magical.

And speaking of Team Flo, I glanced up at one point just in time to see a familiar jacket and furry hat slip through the crowd of screaming Mikele fangirls and tiptoe into the stage door.  Florent Mothe is apparently a genius who somehow perfectly timed his arrival so that everyone would be distracted by Mikele and nobody would notice him sneaking in behind them.  When I saw him my mouth went "HEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY that's Flo" because apparently members of the cast appearing before me in a crowd makes me lose control of my speech.  This was backed up later.

Then we hung around a little longer and watched Mikele basically collect presents from fans until his arms were full, stagger into the stage door, drop all the presents unceremoniously on the ground, and then come back out for more.  It was a little bit hilarious. However, if I had given him the one present that he accidentally dropped and then just kicked through the door, I would have been really hurt.  He wasn't taking photos or bisous-ing people or anything.  He was basically plucking presents out of the crowd like he was in a gift orchard. 

Well.  That was not a very satisfying stagedoor experience.  It did not correct the Merwan-induced pity party I had been hosting for the past twenty-four hours.  So I decided to see if I could get in to see the show.

I got up to the ticket window and the nice lady informed me that there was basically one ticket price left--forty-nine euros.

FORTY-NINE EUROS??? I AM TOO POOR FOR THIS.  I told her I needed to think and stepped off to one side.  And then I said to myself, can I really imagine walking out of this theatre right now, standing around in the cold for two and a half hours, and then hearing all about the show I missed from the girls?  No.  No I can not.  But can I really afford this?

And then I decided I am not going to Austria this month.  I am sorry, Máté Kamarás and Tanz der Vampire, but you are not as appealing as Mozart l'Opéra Rock and Mikelangeflo.  You lose.  Maybe next semester?

So I bought the ticket.

I REGRET NOTHING. The show was so good I could barely breathe.

Extremely detailed review FULL of videos )

So as soon as I heard Mikele's "We lahv yooo!" I took off to the stage door.  Even though I had nothing to sign.

 I had an okay spot at the barricade, but then I saw my stagedoor buddies and let this really pushy kid take my spot so I could go squee with them.

Stage door stories )

So that is basically the end of the tale.  I am so incredibly happy I could explode.  That was the best use of fifty euros I can think of.  And Austria?  I'm guessing it'll still be there next semester.

ETA: Instead of studying for my oral exam I elected to stagger around my room with a water bottle wearing my flowy black sweater, re-enacting Flo's Victime de ma victoire with my iTunes.  I think that was time well spent.  Anyway, off to fail a test!
As I have told people before, you all need to just learn that I am right about everything.

Louran (her name was changed from "Lauren" due to a comedic spelling error on my part and an annoying resemblance to "LaureL," who is basically my number one MOR buddy) had had enough of my constant chattering about my obsession with Mozart l'Opéra Rock and finally decided she needed to see what all the fuss was about, so we got tickets to see yesterday's matinée.  Oh man I was excited.  We had to take our final exam for French class at eight in the morning, and after it was finished we found ourselves standing in the middle of a massive snowstorm (which my host mom later referred to as "une tempête!") right outside the Panthéon.  I lead an epic, epic life.

Anyway, then I started nagging Louran that I wanted to get to the Palais des Sports already, which baffled her as the show wasn't starting for about two and a half hours.  SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND.  Neither do I, to be honest, but I really wanted to get down there.

She made me wander around a Monop' with her (which was fine as I realised I hadn't actually eaten yet all day) and finally gave in to me and we were off!

There was a bit of a crowd lurking at the stage door, which gave me hope that we might get to see someone wonderflo wonderful before the show started.  I figured I'd ask someone.  I heard two fans speaking English, so I busted into their conversation and asked who had already been out.  They turned out to be from Amsterdam and Strasbourg, two girls who had taken the train in for the weekend to see the show.  And their friendship began based on seeing MOR together!  It was another one of those conversations that starts out kind of slow until we both realise we have found someone equally obsessed and then it becomes "OH EM GEE I *LOVE* NUNO!" and "HOW ARE FLO'S EYES SO BEAUTIFUL?" and "ISN'T MIKELE'S DIVA ACT ADORABLE?"  

Unfortunately, my stagedoor buddies were more educated than I, and when I expressed love for Flo one of them went, "Yeah, it's a shame he won't be here today."  


Not only was Mister Flo missing, but there was no Maeva or Estelle either.  I saw Merwan as Salieri, Marjolaine as Nannerl, and the lady who plays Mozart's mom as La Cavalieri.

If you had told me a year ago (or even a week ago!) that I would one day find myself sitting in the Palais des Sports watching Mikelangelo Loconte pounce around singing Le Trublion live with my arms crossed and a pout worthy of a four-year-old on my face, I would have thought you were ridiculous.

I mean, it was fine.  Louran thought it was spectacular, and I guess it was.  It just could have been flo much better.

On the other hand, since Merwan had to boring up the role of Salieri, that left a big slot open for "rapist clown," and guess who stepped into those brightly-coloured shoes!


Rambling review with lots of videos and pictures under the cut.

Taisez vos satanées complaintes... )

And there you have it.  I am right about everything.  Or at least, I am right to love Florent Mothe.

My new buddies invited me back to the stage door today, so I'm going to try to see if there are any tickets left I can afford.  Meaning I shall now post this and go get me a shower.

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