I am going to get a little apartment in Paris someday.

I don't want it to be big: I have no use for more than two rooms. I want a bed with a firm mattress that doesn't give me back pain, a bathroom, and a little kitchen. Maybe a table and chair for sewing or writing. I don't need anything else.

I will have heavy curtains to block out all sunlight so I can sleep as late as I want on days I don't go to the job I will have. I will have a sewing machine, and maybe even one of those dress forms in my size. I will have a venus flytrap and a hot pink cactus on my windowsill. Maybe a jug plant. I will have my own wifi with a funny name and password and it will work really well. One day I even want a desktop computer with a ton of memory space for my Sims 2 AND 3 games, instead of having them on my laptop which gets hot and runs out of space quickly. The walls will be covered with my MOR posters.

I will have a normal job, maybe in a publishing company. I will have manuscripts to send to various publishing houses in the States. I will have a few really close friends.

Fuck everybody who keeps trying to shit on this dream.
I got my laptop fixed! My real laptop, not the teeny slow one!  I got my laptop fixed and I just got to reintroduce myself to my ITUNES which means ALL THE MUSIC I HAVE THAT ISN'T ABOUT MOR and and and and I am ROCKING OUT right now to No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and there's ABBA and Ke$ha and Jekyll & Hyde and it's just... THERE IS MORE TO LIFE AND I'M GONNA BE OKAY





Omg and like.  I love everything right now.  I haven't been this happy since I left Toulouse.

Also, I think in my book it should be a rock opera version of Dangerous Liaisons.  I am seriously thinking about calling it Les Liaisons DangeROCK or something equally ridiculous.  Valmont is a crazy glittery Italian, he has unnecessary amounts of UST with Chevalier Danceny because they rewrote the plot a little for the musical, and also Valmont's servant dude Azolan was on a reality show ten years ago and I'm his only fangirl.  Y/Y??



 I paid for airport wifi!

Three things and I'll go back to my Sims game.
I believe in angels like you )
Okay.  I'm sitting on the same metal bench where I spent the night that time I missed my flight in June.  Remember that?  Oh yeah.  Well, I'm back.  I can't check in for another, like, six hours.  Haha.  AT LEAST I WON'T HAVE TO SLEEP ON THIS BENCH TONIGHT.
I can't believe I'm home.  Like... I'm home.  I haven't been here since August and yet it's like I never left.  The dog got a haircut and that's the only thing that's different.

My family laughed at me because at dinner I was holding my fork upside-down in my left hand like a French person, but I genuinely could not imagine another way to eat lasagna.  And then out of habit I stacked everyone's plates and helped my mom clear the table (with my host family clearing the table is a team effort) and the SHOCKED look on my mom's face was a little bit amazing.

My brother is still a douchebag.  I found out that my overall Sorbonne grade was a SIXTEEN--I got a 14,5 on the written exam and, get this, 18,25 on the oral.  DUDE I AM A GENIUS.  I got that grade without paying ANY ATTENTION IN CLASS EVER because I was so busy doing things like this and this and this and this.

FLORENT MOTHE. If you ever stop by my livejournal again, I MADE AN 18,25 on my oral exam at the Sorbonne.  I am a GENIUS.  YOU SHOULD MARRY ME.  (I mean, we all drew a topic we'd discussed in class and I just *happened* to draw Demain dès l'aube, meaning my topic was VICTOR HUGO FOR GOODNESS'S SAKE, so really I lucked out.  But remember when I talked about dancing around my room to Victime de ma victoire instead of studying??  THIS IS THE RESULT.)

Anyway I was saying.  My brother was like eighteen? That's failing.  And then he made fun of my host family's name and he made fun of the gifts they sent my parents and he talked over everyone at the table about his life going to a party school at the beach, because THAT'S what we all want to hear about.  Not the girl who hasn't been home since August because she's been living in a foreign land.

I mean, he doesn't mean any harm.  He's just really not fun to deal with.

I'm lying in my bed now--MY bed, my actual bed!--after a full night's sleep.  The train ride was pretty awesome.  I left Trenton at 8am, never got out of my seat, the lady next to me gave me some cake, and we ended up getting delayed for an hour in Washington.  And then we were ten minutes from home and we had to pull over for like thirty minutes while another train passed, and all the other people on the train were like losing their minds because they were going to be SO LATE and they were like NOOO I'M AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE and I was like I'M FOUR DAYS AND AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE but I was kind of laughing the whole time because honestly.  After what I've been through, I don't know if anything will ever upset me again.  Travel-wise.

I played Sims the whole way home, stopping every once in a while for MOR or Conan.  My game is pretty epic right now, but I'm going to post my screencaps later in a friends-locked post because I don't want to be ashamed of myself again.  Oh, and I spent an hour and a half making a much better Flo Sim than my previous one.  He's not in the game yet because my previous one still is, but you know he will be soon.  The new Flo has the Flonytail.

I watched the MOR video with my subs on the plane and again on the train (IT WAS RESEARCH) and caught like four spelling errors (emporer, reqiuems, fun stuff) and one sub that flashed by WAY TOO FAST.  I'm going to watch the video with my mom today who speaks no French, is an English grammar teacher, and has no idea what to expect to get her opinion (she'll finally understand me when I tell her stories about her unwilling future son-in-law!).  Then I fix my errors and SUBTITLES FOR YOU FOR CHRISTMAS, INTERNET!

I also have two more MOR reviews and three-ish more stagedoor stories to tell.  And that forum is definitely going to take shape soon.  I don't know much about such things, so I'm investigating to see if lefora is a better thing than forumotion or whatever... idk.

I went through all my clothes and put on a look-how-big-everything-is-now fashion show for my mom.  AND THEN!  Three years ago I bought this CHIC AS A MOFO coat thing with cape sleeves off eBay but it was too small.  It was SO CUTE that I just kept it in the back of my closet all these years.  Today.  It fits.  Oh my gosh, I'm going to be the most amazing person in France.  I'll post a picture of that life-changingly awesome coat at some point so I can blow all your minds.  I forgot I even had it!   I finally got on an American scale--I've lost forty pounds since I left America.

OH MY GOSH birds are tweeting outside my window.  I have seen nothing but pigeons since August.  BIRDS!  I forgot about living in the woods and stuff.  There are birds!

I don't remember if I had anything specific to say in this post other than SQUEE AMERICA.  Basically, I woke up at 6am and decided to internet.  I kept dreaming I was in airports or at the stage door trying to tell Flo and Mikele I got home safely (because they are obviously worried about me) and then I'd wake up, squint around and be like Wait, where am I?  And it would hit me--HOME!--and I'd cry a little and then go back to sleep.  And next time I go to sleep I'll wake up and it'll be Christmas!  Wow.
Okay so. My life is settling down into my weird French equivalent of normalcy now.  Seeing Mikelangelo Loconte and Florent Mothe wander around doesn't blow my mind (though it obviously still makes me EUPHORIC) and I'm not just lying around sniffing that cologne-soaked scarf anymore.  Largely because the smell faded, let's be honest.

But anyhow, I went back to the stage door yesterday, Saturday, after a matinée.  Terrible decision.  There were approximately a trillion children between me and the barricade by the time I showed up, and I couldn't bring myself to throw them out of my way.  So I basically took pictures of everyone from afar.  The cool part was that the wimmens came out with their hair and makeup still done!

Mets du fard sur tes idées pâles )

Anyway, I got home, shivering and whining dramatically in my head about the poster and the COLDNESS, and I thought... I want to play the Sims.

So I did, and that led to the following nonsense:

Je dessine mon univers comme je veux )

Anyway, that's my life!  Keep an eye on this livejournal and I guarantee you'll see me slipping further and further away from reality.
SO in case you haven't noticed, I've gotten back into the Sims.  Three this time.

I'm about to add Ambitions and am strongly considering skipping World Adventures. Partly because I got Ambitions off eBay and it's actually here, whereas I asked a girl on the French equivalent of craigslist about her copy of "Aventures mondiale" and she's being a bit flaky/nonresponsive about setting up a meeting to do an exchange.  She lives in Nanterre, which is about five minutes away by train at most. Hmph.  Also World Adventures seems WAY less awesome than Ambitions.

That said! I made a Sim of ME and she is living forever off ambrosia while the world moves on around her.  It's basically the best idea for a Sims 3 game I've had so far.

Anyway, I married Thornton Wolff (he's rich and he has sideburns) and had Cosette, Papageno, and Zydrate.  Then he died of old age so I had a liaison with a firefighter named Gregorio and had the twins, Mallarya and Alphonse (yes, Alphonse is a girl because I really can't see that as a boy's name).  All those kids were married off (grandkids: Josh, Andre, Estevan, Ada, and Chastity) except Mallarya, who is still living with me because I love her and she's the empress of evil.  Cosette actually died of old age.  Oh, and then I had a liaison with some thug from Mallarya's work named... something with an M... and had another set of twin girls, Octyabrina and Loretta.  Since Alphonse was an insane neurotic nerd and Mallarya was evil and hot, I thought it would be fun if these two were SUPER identical, but in fact one was born with really dark skin and blonde hair while the other has tan-ish skin and dark hair.  Buh.

That's my game in a nutshell.


Most awesome pictures ever. Seriously. )

Okay so I'm installing Ambitions right the eff now.
Today I woke up, went out to breakfast with my mom (she spent the night in my beautiful spare bed last night), played with my NEW MOZART L'OPÉRA ROCK PIANO BOOK for about three and a half hours, hung out with my friends for a bit, then went out to dinner with my parents and my friends.  Everybody had a good time, which was a nice change from the last time a group of my friends went out to eat and made my dad feel extremely uncomfortable.  This time my dad got to tell some jokes and everyone laughed and it was a good time.  Plus we all rode illegally in the back of the car.  Then we came back to the dorm, watched the new Doctor Who (OMG OMG OMG) and then watched Repo.  I feel really good about my life right now.

As the Graverobber says: Old grudges?  Old lovers?  Sometimes I wonder why we all don't move on...

So I'm just done with all of it.  Drama and talking crap have been such a big part of my life for two years, but it's so much better just to concentrate on having fun with my last few weeks of dorm life before I ship myself off to Paris for a year.

Oh, and by the way? Le Bien qui fait mal is AWESOME on piano.  I never would have expected that.

And!  Best of all (for my happiness; worst for my productivity levels), I fixed my Sims 3 game!  Something went wrong with the irritating way you have to install custom content in the Sims 3, and after about a half hour of playing I kept getting the blue screen of death.  So I went in and removed every last bit of custom content (byyye gorgeous hair!) and now everything seems to be running smoothly, if a bit more plainly.
 Hi guys.  For two nights in a row I stayed up till 8:30 am playing the Sims 2.  Yes, I hate myself a little.  When you don't have a roommate to go to bed before you and make you feel guilty for staying awake, it's hard to remember normal human bedtimes.  As a result, I spent most of today (after work) sleeping through movies I'm supposed to watch for class.

But I have some pretty epic Sims now.  If you're interested in my mega-epic Sims 2 game from last spring, it's all posted about with pictures in an older entry under the "sims" tag.  I've brought that game back to me and now I'm adding on to the mind-numbing hilarity.  The Sims 2 is a beautiful thing.  I like the Sims 3 too, but in a completely different way.

First I'll tell you about a family I haven't actually played, but created just for the lulz.

I don't know how recognisable they are, but it's the cast of The Damon Show (known to most as The Vampire Diaries).  There's That Hussy Caroline, Bell-Elena, Damon, Stefanovich, and Crooked-Face Witch.  They're in the game as the Stefanovich family, which makes the angsty one Stefanovich Stefanovich.  I am amused by such things (I also have a Mr Rochester Rochester and Gillenormand Pontmercy and Jean Valjean Fauchelevant in the game, so).

Now a family that I actually did play...

Aren't they beautiful?  You love them, don't lie.

We made them a house with a second floor entirely devoted to Florent's angst.  We tried to make it look like the set of l'Assasymphonie just for the lulz.

Several pictures with guest stars. )

I also have a few pictures from my own characters... I'll post them to the other journal ([livejournal.com profile] richmulian ) just so I can keep the two separate.
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This is why I effing adore eBay, you guys.

Sims 2 + Nightlife: $7.00
University: $3.99
Open for Business: $3.99
Pets: $3.75
Seasons $1.80
Bon Voyage: $1.25
Apartment Life: already owned
TOTAL:  $21.78

None of them had more than $5 shipping and handling (some had less!) so in the end I just paid about the same amount for the base game and all but two expansion packs that I would have paid for the base game alone had I bought it at a store. 

Now I just have to sit back and wait for all this booty to arrive in the dorm.


Abel Magwitch and Voldetta and Richmond and Julian and Sophie and George and Tara and Nathan and Marni and Shilo and Shilob and Blind Mag and Goopy and Montparnasse and Goopette and Astrolabe and Pootinani and Zombie Herbert and Jailbait and Voldina and Edward Cullen and Edwardo Cullen and Little Satan and Rotti Largo and Luigi and Pavi and Amber Sweet and Actual Satan and Marilyn Monroe and Lee Harvey Oswald and Marilyn Manson and Tara and Emo Boy and Gracie and Erin and The Doctor and Papageno Zydrate and Elphaba and the Hitcher and Mohinder and Sylar and Sylinder and Yo Yo Ma and Stacy and Captain Jack and Skippy and Edwob and Bartholemalla and Nikolai and Adephaide and Rose Tyler and Cloney and Jackie and Conan O'Brien and alt!Richmond and alt!Julian and the Batman and Katherine and Josh and Molly and Carolyn and Marius and Cosette and Fantine and Jean Valjean and Mlle Gillenormand and Gillenormand and Enjolras and Grantaire and Feuilly and Joly and Jean Prouvaire and Combeferre and Courfeyrac and Bossuet and Claquesous and Babet and Gueulemer and Sarah and Daniel Plainview and Agnetha and Benny and Bjorn and Anni-Frid and Eponine and Madame and Monsieur and Azelma and Gavroche and Bertha Mason and Rochester and Jane and Mrs Fairfax and Adele and Jasper and Stavros Scandaloso and Legolas and Aragorn and Arwen and Gandalf and Orc and Creepy Don and Ivy and Leigh and Diane and Slutty and Slaggy and Trailer Trash and Hookery and Skanky and Anna Curtis and Octyabrina and Astyanax and Sycorax and Broxholm and Xephysienne and Paradox Cat and Cupcake Dog and Gollum and Koko and Flossie and Petit Julien and Pilot and Ronroneo and Louise Take Two and Speshul Kat and Winkers and Russell Brand!

*deep breath*

Except that implies that I'll be gunned down by a Dalek right before I finish installing the last expansion pack...
 Dear internet,

I am buying the Sims 2 and its expansion packs (excluding Seasons and Free Time, as I was told they suck).  I have found each one on eBay for five dollars or less.  And it has become clear to me that things are much less awesome without them.

Love, Loony

PS... I will soon be failing at life again.  But winning at hilarity.  And that's what really matters.

PPS... NO ONE tell my mother what I am choosing to do with my free time.  She will disapprove so hard.  So hard.
Yesterday's Simming was so beautiful that I can't not report upon it. I am SO GLAD they still live.

In which four men have babies. )

I want to go over to the Vampire household and turn Claudia into an actual vampire and leave her out in the sun...


Apr. 1st, 2009 01:36 am

The Kamaras family: Death, Máté, Herbert, The Narrator, and Elisabeth.
I am rather in love with Herbert.

The Vampire Family: Akasha, Lestat, Louis, Armand, Daniel, Mojo, and Claudia.
Lestat is tan because I'm on the fourth book. Louis is permanently sad-looking, and Claudia is wearing Sophie's old dress.
Oh, and yes, Claudia is officially Louis and Lestat's daughter.

Please don't ask me how much homework I haven't done yet.
So, Leigh was asking for this link and because of that I will love her forever.  :D
Iz mah "novel"!  Warning: iz bad.  Will be better someday.

Also, since Howard Rice apparently SUES people who write fanfiction (WTF Howard Rice?!?) for her oh-so-ficworthy novels which I just can't not love having moved on past Baby Jenks, I've turned to the next-best thing: deviantart.  And I equally love the cuddly boys pictures and the comics.  Things like this, which made me snicker until I had hiccups.  That's the most hilarious and wonderful Louis I've ever seen.  Also he kind of reminds me of my Richmond.  In similar news, facebook!Montparnasse went on a friending spree that I find hilarious.

So, about Howard Rice (with whom I am eternally annoyed: curse her for enslaving my soul to her ridiculous and wonderful vampires then depriving me of fanfiction!  curse her I say!)... I've read the first three books and I love them a lot (except for Baby Jenks, who almost made me quit reading).  I ship Armand/Daniel hardcore, though I'm worried a little about Armand.  Especially after I saw Drew Sarich turn him into a moustache-twirling old-timey VILLAIN.  I mean, I know Armand has some serious problems, but he's not pure evil.  And Marius CERTAINLY didn't hate him!  WTF, Lestat musical.  WTF.  In other news, Louis and Lestat make for some adorable comics on deviantart.  As previously illustrated.

I made some comment on youtube about how I loved the sexy gay vampires and somebody tried to start, like, a philosophical debate on whether or not they were gay... I was like, dude.  1. It's a compliment.  I said I like them.  and 2. When I see a boy kissing a boy, I am going to say that that is homosexuality, mkay?  I don't care if they're vampires or humans or penguins.

Tara and I decided we wanted to make all the sexy gay vampires on the Sims.
OH DID I MENTION NO I DON'T THINK I DID MY SIMS ARE NOT DEAD THEY FIXED MY COMPUTER WITHOUT WIPING IT FOR ONCE YATTA.  Though they did manage to knock off one of those rubbery grip things on the bottom of the laptop...
In celebration we made the Kamaras family, which consisted of Mate, der Tod, Herbert, and The Narrator (Lucheni).  Three of them are very similar-looking brothers.  I'm in love with the Herbert one as a real person and was working on being in love with him as a Sim too, but instead he developed a crush on Pavi Largo and said alt!Julian was HOT.  Slight fail, though accurate.  Carolyn gets Mate and Molly gets der Tod and Tara gets The Narrator.  Also, the Mate one kept trying to kiss der Tod.  Lulz.

Also, I watched Tanz der Vampire yesterday.  Maybe the problem was that I don't speak German or that I didn't realise Herbert's part was so insignificant, but oh my word I didn't really enjoy it.  I like that big crashing theme it uses once in a while, but I'm not sure what else I expected from a musical whose biggest number seems to be Total Eclipse of the Heart... Herbert's song is fun, though, as is the fast one that that old professor type sings.  I'm just very unsurprised that it was a huge fail in the US.  I suppose it might grow on me... or maybe I'll just stick to the Herbert parts.  Aww, Herbert.

HEY could the Anne Rice vampires make a vampire out of, like, a possum?


Anyway, this: Get Your Own Fledgling, Armand!, was the first fanart I saw that made me decide I needed a "lol deviantart" folder of awesome saved pictures.  The look on each of their faces!  Especially poor Louis, who just wants to read poetry and emote... Poor Louis.  We had a joke earlier this year about Louis using  a straightener... I drew a picture of him straightening his hair surrounded by dead poodles... lol Louis.

ETA: All ten Vampire Chronicles books and the .exe for Microsoft Reader, possibly the most wonderful program ever... something.
ETA: All thre


Mar. 26th, 2009 02:35 pm


In other news, we'll be having a memorial service for my departed Sims.  And I managed to watch the Lestat with Hugh video last night before my laptop died and I have a DVD of Tanz.  I shall do what I can to make it an avi.


This post in loving memory of:
Nathan, Marni, Shilo, Shilob, Blind Mag, Goopy, Abel Magwitch, Montparnasse, Goopette, Astrolabe, Pootinani, Herbert, Jailbait, Voldetta, Voldina, Edward Cullen, Edwardo Cullen, Little Satan, Rotti Largo, Luigi, Pavi, Amber Sweet, Richmond, Julian, Sophie, George, Actual Satan, Marilyn Monroe, Lee Harvey Oswald, Marilyn Manson, Tara, Emo Boy, Gracie, Erin, The Doctor, Papageno Zydrate, Elphaba, the Hitcher, Mohinder, Sylar, Sylinder, Yo Yo Ma, Stacy, Captain Jack, Skippy, Edwob, Bartholemalla, Nikolai, Adephaide, Rose Tyler, Cloney, Jackie, Conan O'Brien, alt!Richmond, alt!Julian, the Batman, Katherine, Josh, Molly, Carolyn, Marius, Cosette, Fantine, Jean Valjean, Mlle Gillenormand, Gillenormand, Enjolras, Grantaire, Feuilly, Joly, Jean Prouvaire, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Bossuet, Claquesous, Babet, Gueulemer, Sarah, Daniel Plainview, Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn, Anni-Freid, Eponine, Madame, Monsieur, Azelma, Gavroche, Bertha Mason, Rochester, Jane, Mrs Fairfax, Adele, Jasper, Stavros Scandaloso, Legolas, Aragorn, Arwen, Gandalf, Orc, Creepy Don, Ivy, Leigh, Diane, Slutty, Slaggy, Trailer Trash, Hookery, Skanky, Anna Curtis
Octyabrina, Astyanax, Sycorax, Broxholm, Xephysienne
Paradox Cat, Cupcake Dog, Gollum, Koko, Flossie, Petit Julien, Pilot, Ronroneo, Louise Take Two, Speshul Kat, Winkers, and Russell Brand


Dang, now I'm on Twitter.


Let's talk about my Simpire before I go to sleep, mkay?

So, we left off with Sycorax ready to move out, yeah?  Well, she and Edward Fuchs moved into this house that looked a lot bigger at first, but oh well.  Then Sycorax built a robot.  A servo, technically, but I was REALLY amazed by it.  I initialised it as male but then named it Nana Simpire.  And Nana Simpire was insanely attracted to Sycorax, who was insanely attracted back.  Like, more than she was to Edward Fuchs.  Sigh.  And then Sycorax and Edward Fuchs tried, like, six times before she got pregnant.  And she had a son, which was good because he could keep the Fuchs name but bad because apparently I'm much more inclined to feel attachment toward lady Sims.  Though I liked Astyanax a lot.  Then again, he was nerdy looking and adorable, whereas the son, Broxholm Fuchs, was all goofy looking and gross like his dad.  Psht.  But I started him as a toddler and kept on throughout childhood and by the time he was a teenager Broxholm had a ton of skill points.  So I sent him off to college and went with him.  That's right, I actually put a Sim through university.  Just beforehand he met a girl named Barbara who I thought was purty enough and had enough skill points to be his fiance, so yeah.  During college he may have had two little trysts, but as soon as he graduated (perfect grades, I might add, and with all his skills maxed out, a gold badge in Robotics, and a butt ton of money) he married Barbara and they moved into a house WITH A BASEMENT.  It was amazing.  A BASEMENT.  I put a bowling alley in there.  I also found out that you can steal a bunch of stuff from college!  Just put stuff into your inventory!  It was awesome.

Anyway, yeah, Broxholm married Barbara and they immediately got busy (because I wasn't that interested in Broxholm.  Because he is a boy.)  And before long Barbara popped out a girl.  I named her Xephysienne, just to keep the x and y trend going and because I'm addicted to that Frenchy Frenchy suffix.  Xephyse might have been better, but I couldn't resist.  Anyway, she got a big white wig and an 18th century ballgown, because I cannot stay away from them for very long.  I also kept accidentally thinking of her as Sophie, but that's because I'm an idiot.  So I did the skill points thing again and invited Nana Simpire over to move in.  You see?  He's, like, the housekeeper for the entire Simpire forever because he's can't age!  Though apparently there is a chance of him running amok and being all destructive someday.  Anyway, Xephysienne became a child and then she became a teenager and she qualified for, like, a million scholarships.  Awesome.  She won't have to build robots to get herself through college like her dad.  And she won't have to move into a sketchy sketch house solely redemmed by its BASEMENT.  But oh!  She also got a girlfriend as a teenager.  I haven't decided if she's going to, like, engage herself to said girlfriend later.  She might meet someone in college.  Haha, Sims is so lifelike: you just don't stay with the high school relationships through college, kids.  Unless it's twoo wuv.

Oh!  Also, they had dogs named Russell Brand and Winkers.  Winkers and four puppies named Einz, Zwei, Drei, and Fier.  I gave them away because none of them were green, like Winkers.  WHO IS GREEN.

Okay, I think that's all.

AWWW LOOK AT THAT SAD LUIGI FACE IN MY MOODTHEME!  I screamed Repo all the way to and from work today.  It was glorious.
So, I was started to get bored with my Sims method of creating characters from TV/literature/movies and dropping them all into a neighbourhood and being amazed at their interactions and performing breeding experiments with cheats. I decided I needed change. So I left all those characters in Pleasantview and I journeyed over to the unfamiliar territory that is Strangetown. And I began... a SIMpire.

...which means a Sim empire. Not a Sim vampire. Though I had one of those too.

The First Two Generations IN DETAIL. )
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Javert is a superhero by day and a werewolf by night.  He builds robots in his spare time.  I love the Sims. 
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Today I geeked out harder than ever over the Sims, but was lonelier than usual because no one else understood my geekery.  That's right; today I began my Les Mis empire on the Sims 2.

The first family I moved in were the Thenardiers: Monsieur, Madame, Eponine, Azelma, and Gavroche.  Sorry, nameless boys.  I decided to make them look generically trashy since I didn't have appropriate clothes, though I did find some swell hair for Madame.  Monsieur is in a dirty wifebeater and long pants.  He has shoulder-length brown hair.  Madame has this awful pink dress on and her face is suitably terrifying.  I love them.  Sort of.  I made Eponine in a sort of musicalverse because I can.  She has strangely voluminous long, black hair, a white tank top, and a khaki skirt.   She's uglyish, though, so it's all good.  As for Azelma, I decided she was too cool for her crappy family and had started dressing like a hip (slightly slutty) teenager, plus I gave her two long braided pigtails because I thought it worked.  Then I gave Gavroche khaki overalls.  I also used a cheat and now Madame is FURIOUS with Gavroche, whatever that means.

Then I stuck in the Fauchelevant family I made some time ago, giving them a house with a huge yard.  I geeked out some more over Cosette's overgrown garden and was disappointed that I couldn't find a stone bench to place just inside the wall (I went with a wooden one in the end).  I even gave Cosette this huge, airy room and gave Valjean a tiny one (I considered building him a little place out back just for the lulz, but the house was so big I couldn't bear to).  I think I sort of want to move Fantine out and replace her with a Toussaint, but oh well.  Screw accuracy.  And then I grew Cosette up and gave her a pretty dress.  And, you know how when you move new Sims into a house, how three Sims from nearby houses come to visit?  Well, a few minutes later Eponine, Monsieur, and Madame showed up.  I almost cried with laughter as I watched them assemble by the big barred gate... then Monsieur and Madame immediately managed to get in a fight with Fantine and Eponine followed Cosette around.  It was INSANELY BRILLIANT.  Valjean was upstairs playing with an exercise machine.

THEN I MADE THE PATRON-MINETTE.  You guys nothing can help you understand the awesomeness that ensued.  I made a big, chunky dude with no hair and stubble as Gueulemer, and thin Luigi Largo-esque guy in a top hat as Babet, and an attractive young pale guy with gorgeous hair and a suit as Montparnasse.  HERE COMES THE EPIC WIN.  I got to Claquesous and was like "Ohhhh no this will be fail."  BUT!  I found under "makeup" this little Robin-esque eye mask.  That would have been good enough for me, but omigosh one of my expansion packs came with some kind of ninja hood that covered everything but the eyes!  So my Claquesous's face... IS HIDDEN.  You guys I almost peed my pants I was so excited (except I'm wearing a dress today, so that wouldn't really work out).  Then I got them a house and painted it all green to make it blend with the grass and took out all the windows and stuck in those bare lightbulbs.  It looked wonderfully eerie and sketch in there.  And then Cosette came over and I almost fainted when Montparnasse started talking to her.  And then I made them become friends.  ALSO!  Claquesous made Montparnasse cry and I didn't even do it!  You see?  I've known all along about their mutual hate!    Claquesous and Montparnasse are now ENEMIES.  Ooh.  Anyway, then the welcome party arrived and it was George, Sophie, and Richmond from my novel The Twin Sunsets.  And you guys.  Suddenly, when they were all in the same room, I was like "Oh God Sophie looks just like Cosette and oh no Richmond looks a lot like Montparnasse."  As if I didn't know it all along, but still.  They're not identical by any means, but the similarities were REALLY clear.  Then George randomly started rocking out on the electric guitar (this is funny because George is a dotty old man) and Claquesous made Cosette cry.  Tsk.

THEN I moved in the Pontmercys.  And their welcome party was George again, Fantine, and Sophie again.  I made Marius chat with Fantine and then, just to amuse myself, I decided George and Gillenormand should be friends.  But they kind of didn't like each other.  Meanwhile Aunt Gillenormand never even came downstairs to see the visitors.  She sat up in her room and read a book, no lie.

THEN.  This was my favourite part except for the Patron-Minette.  I went back to Cosette's house and had Fantine invite Marius over.  I sent Cosette out to greet him and while she was waiting IN THE GARDEN FOR MARIUS night fell.  So it's dark and Cosette lets Marius into her overgrown garden through the barred gate.  I was internally FREAKING OUT at this point.  And I got them chatting and appreciating and entertaining and finally I saw the little pink hearts of crush.  No first kiss, but that's fine.  We'll get there.

Anyway, my amazing town lacks Javert and the barricade boys.  And SOMEONE needs to become a vampire.  I'd do it to Montparnasse, but nah, I don't want to ruin any of his awesomeness.


Feb. 16th, 2009 02:44 am
NOOOOO THE DOCTOR DIED AND WE WERE IN LOVE!  He was trying to repair our broken computer and he got electrocuted and flopped onto the floor and the Grim Reaper showed up and Captain Jack started pleading for his life but he failed and Death took the Doctor away from us and left me alone.  :([Poll #1349984]Hahaha I waste so much time.

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