Here's the latest version of the upper thigh tattoo I want, now named the "fandom collision tattoo".

Obviously a real artist could make the words not sloppy, but this is a mockup to give me an idea. I also like to attempt to doodle it on me with marker every once in a while just to see how I feel about the idea, and I'm a lot more positive about it than I was the ribcage tattoo. That idea bit the dust immediately.

I'm waiting till Dr Who's 50th anniversary to actually spring for this, though, which gives me plenty of time to change my mind some more.
This is gonna have to be my new tradition. I also did 2009 and 2011.

Seems to me now that the dreams we had before are all dead, nothing more than confetti on the floor )

Ew I ended it on a sour note. Well this has been kind of a sour year. I mean for other people I guess it would be a fine year (minus nearly dying and finding out your friends don't care about you) but to fill out this quiz I was deleting my answers from LAST year when I had become the world's best groupie and recently been deflowered by my then-celebrity crush and followed that up with three first dates in one weekend, so like... deleting that and throwing in how stupid this year as been made me crankier and crankier.

Let's hope next year I'll be able to delete these answers and fill in something a lot perkier.
We all know I have vivre à en crever on my left foot

I’m also sort of planning a big thing on my upper right thigh kind of like this:

but where it says “ich bin nicht / das Eigentum von dir” I’m leaning more towards “chase the morning / yield for nothing” in order to even out that random French line in the corner and also to incorporate my fourth giant obsession from my happy college days and keep with the whole ass-kicking theme

BUT the thing is four years ago yesterday was my Granny’s funeral and she was my favorite person ever, like every time I’ve moved I have this tiny ceramic bowl of flowers from her house with me and the last card she ever wrote me and a bulletin from her funeral service plus my teddy bear is dressed in clothes I stole from her house. Anyway in the card I always keep there’s a line where she says “I am so very proud of you” in her handwriting and it’s all shaky because it was right before she died, and sob story anyway

I was thinking about getting that tattoo on me in her handwriting, but the problem is I can’t think of another good place… I want any tattoo I get to be VERY easy to cover up, and I’m not a fan of the stomach region of my body thus am unlikely to ever lift a shirt to show someone a tattoo there (I’m having enough stress imagining an artist having to look at my big old thigh for however long it takes to do that Rose tattoo if I still want it next year) and I don’t love arm tattoos, especially in case I ever get a fancypants job (yuh right) because I’d need to wear long sleeves all the damn time.

So does anybody have a suggestion on placement if I want to start considering that “I am so very proud of you” tattoo?
New version!


It's all three of the fandoms that defined me in college in one image. PLUS the font is the same as my vivre à en crever foot tattoo!

Upper/outer-ish right thigh since the foot tattoo is on the inside of my left foot.
lesmisloony: (poking DoctorDonna)
For some reason I've been obsessed with planning tattoos I will probably never get for myself.

The one I have was a special flower situation. It's over a year old now and I still love everything about it except how hard it is to find sandals to show it off.

I wanted place je passe on my side but I drew it there and didn't like it much, so I divorced that idea. Now I've decided I want "und will ich die Sterne dann finde ich selbst dorthin" from Elisabeth somewhere (it means like "and if I want the stars I'll find my own way to them") because it basically has the same effect on my soul as "place je passe" and I've already given MOR my heart and my virginity and my foot so maybe I should chill out.

Anyway yeah, I want that and I'm playing with an image of Rose Tyler as the bad wolf with her glowing eyes to go along with it, something like this, because like MOR I realize now that the era of Dr Who that I loved so much is firmly and totally over and I'm living in the past. And because Rose is my favorite companion because she was a spoiled, selfish, normal girl with a shitty job and average intellegence, but when she wanted to save the thing she loved she tore apart the time vortex and would have sacrificed herself for what was right. Also I am WAY attracted to Billie Piper and love everything about her as a real person.

I think that quote fits with Rose and I like it. And I want this high up on my thigh, toward the outside of it, so any skirt I own will hide it when necessary.

Except I have tattoo laws for myself now. Since my ideas change every few minutes, I have to consistently want something for a full year before I can start considering getting it. Tattoos are a big commitment, yo. But I think it'd be fun to have one with a picture now.

I know I remember myself being like OW OH SHIT THE PAIN I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN last time but I guess I'm having the sort of denial that makes people have second babies. Anyway the last one was on my foot and that's a particularly horrible area for pain anyway.

Idk, I'm going to sleep now.
Toying with the idea of getting a "place je passe" tattoo here

Roughly the same size as the tattoo on my foot, but on my right side so that if you're facing me from the right (and I'm nekkid) you can see them both, but from the left you can't see either.

Not sure about this, so I'm thinking if I get it I may wait till next summer just to make sure I'm serious. But "vivre à en crever" was my motivation to live my life as hard as I can and follow my dreams and all that fun stuff, while "place je passe" is my reminder that I have the right to be self-confident and break a few eggs to make my omelettes.

We'll see. And then maybe someday I'll get 24601 on my wrist like I used to say I would when I was little.


Aug. 10th, 2011 01:26 am
 1. I think my tattoo is finally starting to be itchy and have dead skin on it!  It never scabbed, but I don't bleed easily and it's just linework.  Next it has to peel and then I'll know if it's okay or needs a touchup AND I can stop having panic attacks every time it touches something!

2. Had a long conversation with my mother about sex and I finally understand why she holds her old-timey views and, more importantly, I firmly disagree with them and I know why I disagree with them!  I feel like I'm right and that's a huge relief.  For the first time, I honestly believe that I'm not making a mistake in my plans to loosen up a bit when I'm back in Paris.

3. Today I realized a life-long dream to dye my hair a dark shade of red that I think stems from being obsessed with Ariel as a child.  I like it.  And Kelley realized her dream of getting a pink streak in her hair after more than a year of wanting one.

Before hair:


After hair:


I'm a big fan of it.

4. I was wearing my tanktop again today, still trying to be confident and unapologetic.  Usually I expect people to give my belly weird looks but all that happens is guys stare at my boobs.  Awesome.  Today however, as we walked into a restaurant, a slutty sorority type finally lived up to my expectations and raised her eyebrows at my weight.  But I didn't feel ashamed like I thought I would when that moment came.  In fact, I wanted to take my bigass calzone stuffed with cheese and go sit next to her at her table and eat it there while she picked at her salad.  Bitch, you can judge my looks all you want, but in 31 days a hotass Frenchman is going to start texting me again and you are still going to be living in fucking Carrboro.  Enjoy your salad and your frat boys.

5. My epilator came in the mail.  It is definitely very sting-y, which is unpleasant but not impossible to deal with.  I'm not super happy with it because I did one leg and when I run my hand over it it feels quite scratchy.  Also there are red bumps but I'm sure they'll go away.  HOWEVER.  I used it on my underarms and it hurt like a mofo BUT. My underarms have never looked so hairless in my LIFE.  Hurray!  I don't know what the deal is with my leg though.  I got kind of emotionally exhausted after the leg and the armpits and I just called it quit for the night, so my other leg is still a jungle.  Does anyone on my flist find epilators to be a successful thing?  Do you have tips?

6. That man moved in.  He's very good at not being awkward, which makes me jealous.  I now live in the corner of the living room, but I'm extremely content with it.  I hate having too much space, and that whole room was unnecessary.  This corner makes more sense.  I like it here.

So here's me in my corner trying to model my tattoo...

Also, my hair.  I decided last night I wanted to dye it and today it's done.  I think now that I have a tattoo I've decided that nothing else is scary.

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