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Two posts in one day!


This isn't necessarily my favourite song, but it is My Song.  And I'm amazed at all the nonsense I just found on youtube.

And I need you now tonight! )

And I found this website:  http://lulz.mn/totaleclipseoftheworld/
It basically lists all the languages in which the song has been performed and seems to have links, but I'm late to work and can't click any of them...

Silly people with youtube accounts and similar minds have done "covers" of it...

And I need you more than ever! )

There are also fanvids set to this song for every fandom I've ever had.  Not necessarily great vids, but nevertheless...

And if you only hold me tight... )

And here's something fantastic with which I leave you:

We'll be holdin' on forever! )
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I just felt like showing off some of the Christmas presents I've been churning out of late. So here are some pictures! Yay.

Old Gregg: This was a gift for my friend Ashley. I actually found some glow-in-the-dark paint for a lovely mangina effect. I didn't tell her this. One night, it will surprise her. Hopefully. These little Boosh guys were so small that I just used paint to give them some creepy faces instead of yarn, as I tend to do.

I got somethin' to show ya... )

The Hitcher: Made this one for my darling Kat, [livejournal.com profile] moon_dove , who was wonderful enough to be the Hitcher to my Old Gregg on Halloween even though, being in America, no one recognised her. I love her a lot, really I do, so this was her Christmas gift. Yayz. She also does a pretty wicked Hitcher voice for a lady.

I love you, boy. )

And here are the Hitcher and Old Gregg holding hands and being stalked by Little Ten and Little Rose, just because I'm a dork.

And then the present I did for my roommate Slagathor. She's addicted to Wicked, so I decided to modify an old pattern for a flip doll. And then I got mad at the flip doll pattern and totally abandoned it. Ever since Little Ten I've kinda stopped using patterns...

Wrote today. Wrote and wrote. Also watched Heroes and applauded the return of sexy!Mohinder. GTFO lizard skin.

GEEZ. Last season we were all panting for Mohinder to lose the shirt! This season he was unexpectedly naked (albeit covered in craft store cocoon web)!  Also, if Claire (or Peter) were to die I would do the happiest happy dance ever. But I know this will never happen. Only the awesome characters stay dead/invisible on Heroes. DL? Claude? I'm talking about you. And Adam, so far.

Aughhh the NaNo site is down whyyyyy I cannot show off how much awesome work I got done today.

Anyway, here.


41079 / 50000 words. 82% done!

Brown like the feathers of a soon-to-be-eaten turkey. As for me, I'll take a piggy any day.  Om nom nom ham.


[livejournal.com profile] suchcuriousity drew me the cutest picture ever of small boy!Richmond and small boy!Julian in a bubble bath playing with a rubber ducky. And then I spoke to someone who called gaydom "being liberal."  Hmm...

I didn't know I had so many thoughts... )

In a related note, I watched Einstein & Eddington today. I didn't expect to really like it too much, but I actually cried my eyes out over Tennant's Eddington's love story and the soldier and all that. Oh Tennant. It ripped at the scars I still have from Doomsday. Similar level of pain. But what a delightful little film it was!

Okay, so.

Nov. 9th, 2008 02:33 am
Well, I'm watching Peep Show, because I can now. It's lovely.

Catherine saw Les Mis today. I'm super jealous.

[livejournal.com profile] suchcuriousity and I had an amazing adventure that involved Target, giant salads, and a store that's actually called hhgregg's, as in Old Gregg, and had four giant spotlights wiggling about in the night sky above it. We were already extremely giddy over the concept of a TARDIS suit (for all you know Ten might be HUUUUGE!) and then the idea of four Old Greggs flashing their manginas to advertise a store with their name made us total giggling idiots.

I'm worried that I'll run out of plot in a bit. Never written a murder mystery before, though heaven knows I read enough Cat Who... books in middle school.


13068 / 50000 words. 26% done!

Oh!  Carolyn!  Earlier we were discussing nicknames and how Richmond DOES NOT APPROVE, and you had a specific question.  I was brushing my teeth and it crossed my mind that he wouldn't mind hearing "Rich... Rich... Rich..." if he knew the "...mond" was forthcoming.  (lol word choice.)

Also, we watched Merlin and then rewatched Midnight.  Oh, Merlin.  Such a silly show, and yet through the badness I can't help being addicted.  I wasn't sure why, but tonight it definitely became all about Merlin Jethro from Midnight Colin Morgan.  The last episode was completely stolen by the moment where Uther asked if he had some mental affliction and he responded "Probably," but today's became completely awesome through one line.  "I was doing some reading."  There's no way the awesomeness of the context and delivery could possibly be conveyed through text, so you'll just have to trust me.

Seriously, EVERYBODY on Frankers was the Joker tonight. There were so many Jokers and bananas it was kind ridiculous.

Sometime I amgoing to talk to you about my Old Gregg costume. Later on I shall tell about our Halloween misadventures. Or I might not, seeing as NaNo starts tomorrow. AHHHHH.

Also I found my missing earring!  It was sitting on the table waiting for me at work.  It's all gonna be okay.
"Vince disided to keep his feelings in check, making sure he didn't hint or blert them out again." 

Yeah, you can scoff and say, "Well, whaddaya expect from such a plebe-y fandom?"  But just shut your dirty mouth right now, cos I have discovered an AWFUL LM fic that actually made me laugh my head off.

Painful lulz on the other side of this link.

Actually, her stuff makes me want to write Eponine again.  But, you know, MY Eponine, the Eponine I write.  Except I've written everything I have to say about her.  What else is there to say about the most obnoxiously distorted then squeed-over character in the fandom?

A long time ago somebody challenged me to write a story in which Marius and Eponine fell in love, like forserious, and it totally blew my mind.  I thought about it, thought about it, then gave up and wrote another Cosette/Montparnasse.
Dear Mighty Boosh fanfiction:

Please stop using "Jazz Maverick" interchangeably with Howard's name.  It makes me laugh incontrollably through McCain and Palin's speeches. 

(Also, new moodtheme again!  It must have been tough to make an entire moodtheme based on Vince Noir seeing how Noel Fielding is more or less always smiling so endearingly.)
How can this sort of stuff NOT be hilarious?  The Jane Eyre one was pretty good, but now look at this!

Moulin Boosh by MB4ever
Summary: Mighty Boosh X Moulin Rouge. Howard Moon, a penniless jazz musician and writer unwittenly falls in love with Vince Noir, the star courtesan from the Moulin Rouge and finds himself fighting off Vince's affections with Dixon Bainbridge, the Duke.

Except then I started reading it and it was basically just all the words from Moulin Rouge but with the Boosh's names in it.  Boo.

Anyway.  I have to write another scene for creative writing.  I have my three characters and I know their story, sorta, which I'm gonna use for NaNo... I used Sophie in my character sketch and in my first scene because she's my protagonist, but now I want to write something with my boys, Richmond and Julian.  Yes, those are their names.  Shut up.  I just like those names for them, and I was sorta using them in my preliminary scribblings, and they stuck.

And I have some ideas for a scene.  In fact, I have one scene that I wrote out just for lulz, but I don't think I'm going to use it because it culminates in a big ol' kiss, and I'm too ashamed to write something like that and then have the entire class read it.  So.  I should be working on one of the other choices right now, but I'm not in the zone...

Anyhoo.  Heroes.  Just... wtf.  I did have a COMPLETE FIT when that future!Sylar thing happened.  SO GENIUS.  But really... future!Mohinder WOT?  I don't know.  That show has gotten so ridiculous.  Where's HRG at?  And why doesn't Molly AGE?  And if Tracy or whatever dies, will we have to have Ali Larter in the form of "Barbara" next season?  And why did they introduce us to Monica last year if we're never going to hear from her again??  And, most importantly... KRING.  TIM KRING, LISTEN TO ME.  FIND THIS LJ AND READ THIS POST, TIM KRING.  TAKING AWAY MOHINDER'S SEXY IS A REALLY, REALLY BIG NO-NO.  FAIL ON YOU, TIM KRING.  FAILITY FAIL ON YOU.

Seriously, I'm interested in Sylar and HRG and, quite frankly... all the rest of the characters, though I really do love some of them, can just shut up.  Especially Peter and Matt.

But yay David Anders is back?



Oct. 4th, 2008 01:49 am
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Jane Eyre vs. The Mighty Boosh  by Maestro

Summary: Vince Noiyre, a young governess, takes a position at Thornfield Hall under the watchful eye of Howard Moonchester. But what are those noises coming from the attic? Why does everyone think Vince is a girl? And how old is Naboo?

There is no way this fic will not be hilarious.  I haven't read it yet, but still.  Lulz.

Also, I started working on my Old Gregg wig today, but I ended up burning the shizznit out of my fingers with the hot glue gun.  My pinky has a giant welt and I'm typing with the pointer finger of my right hand and the first three fingers of my left.  It's slow going.  Oww.

Anyway, I'm using part of an old pair of greenish tights for the scalp-y part and a cheap green inflatable pool rafty thing from Walmart as the seaweed.  Unfortunately, once you unfold and start to cut up the raft, it becomes kind of see-through and flourescent, so apparently I'm going to have to paint it as well.  Meh.

Oww my fingers.  Dearest flist, never ever hot glue something that is ATOP YOUR HEAD, especially without carefully watching your progress in a mirror.  Owwwwww.
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lesmisloony (1:04:55 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:04:57 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:04:59 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:01 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:03 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:04 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:06 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:07 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:09 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:10 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:12 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:13 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:15 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:21 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:24 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:29 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:32 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:35 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:39 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:41 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:43 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:45 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:47 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:50 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:52 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:55 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:57 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:05:59 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:06:01 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:06:03 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:06:08 AM): Katherine?
lesmisloony (1:06:10 AM): Katherine?
kitkat (1:06:21 AM): huh? what?  what?
lesmisloony (1:06:28 AM): You know the black bits in bananas?
lesmisloony (1:06:34 AM): Are they tarantula's eggs?
kitkat (1:06:44 AM): Never speak to me again in your life.
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lesmisloony (4:57:36 PM): Wwwwwould you like a pie?
LunaLuna (4:58:15 PM): no...
lesmisloony (4:58:20 PM): ...
lesmisloony (4:58:25 PM): but it is a GOOD pie

LunaLuna (4:58:34 PM): nevertheless
LunaLuna (4:58:44 PM): last time you gave me a pie
LunaLuna (4:59:01 PM): I cut into it with my tiny pie cutter
LunaLuna (4:59:13 PM): and millions of birds flew out
LunaLuna (4:59:21 PM): hitting me in the eyes and the temples
LunaLuna (4:59:34 PM): I was confused
LunaLuna (4:59:42 PM): It was a trick pie!
lesmisloony (4:59:48 PM): WHY YOU NO LIKE MY PIE?
LunaLuna (5:00:00 PM): I just told you
lesmisloony (5:00:16 PM): I make you the pie
lesmisloony (5:00:19 PM): to show you I love you!

LunaLuna (5:00:37 PM): *moan*
lesmisloony (5:00:53 PM): *groan*
LunaLuna (5:01:17 PM): *moan*
lesmisloony (5:01:28 PM): *wail*
LunaLuna (5:01:43 PM): *wail*
lesmisloony (5:02:46 PM): *incoherent babblings*
LunaLuna (5:02:59 PM): *death*
lesmisloony (5:03:04 PM): Thanks a lot.
You have to imagine this all practically mumbled with a straight face.  Like a srs conversation.

The Boosh hit our screens, but it took literally ten years in the making, I believe.  I'm sensing some McCartney-Lenin-esque arguments over what's funny, what's not, or is it plain sailin' all the way?
 Noel Fielding: We don't really argue, do we, about comedy?  We have very similar taste in comedy.
Julian Barratt: Yeah.
Noel Fielding: We've had about two arguments in two years.  One was over some laundry...
Julian Barratt: And the other one, you'd murdered my entire family.
Noel Fielding: Yeah.
Julian Barratt: I was a bit annoyed by that.
Noel Fielding: I know, but--
Hey, live and let live!
Noel Fielding: I know, they're quite annoying--well, they were.  ...with a spoon, I killed them all.  It took ages.
Julian Barratt: And that's what annoyed me.
Noel Fielding: What, the way I did it?
Julian Barratt: Yeah.
Noel Fielding: The way I executed it?  The execution?  With a spoon?  Salad spoon.
Julian Barratt: Wooden spoon.
Noel Fielding: It took ages.  Your auntie, she just wouldn't go down.
Julian Barratt: ...she's strong, my auntie.
Noel Fielding: She is.  She nearly done me.  She had me in a headlock at one point.
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DON'T WRITE SMUT ABOUT TWO GUYS WHO ARE ACTUAL GUYS THAT'S JUST WROOONG.  They are PEOPLE.  This is creepier than Who Porn because the Doctor is still a character, you guys, but writing fanfic about hot sexxins between Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt after a performance or something is just weirdweirdweird.

I ship them like Petrellicest.  Like, I grin at it and pretend to see it in places where it more or less isn't, but I don't really care about whether or not it's trufax and I certainly don't want to read your smut about it because that is WRONG.


That said, Howard and Vince fluff is really really cute.  Fluff, though, like nervously  watching each other  or, my favourite, the ones where Vince has a nightmare and comes into Howard's room, and Howard's all "gah my love is so unrequited" and stuff.  Cuddles are cute.  The sexxins are awkward.  Ish.

Also, Halloween!  Even though I have the sexy white boots, I found a pair of flat white ankle boots at the Halloween store for ten dollars and bought them.  Because sexy ankle boots aren't exactly functional for roaming all about the place on Halloween, especially if I wear my costume to work.

So!  I have the tutu (it's technically two tutus, but once they're combined it's awesome), the jacket (just came in today, but it's my first leather jacket and I didn't expect it to REEK), the green tights, and the boots.  Now I need the black shirt, the green tie, and to make my wig.  And I need one rubber glove and to figure out how on earth to do that flippery hand...


I have all the fixins for my wig, incidentally, though it's going to be rather too bright for me to be completely pleased with it.

ETA: Hey hey hey!  Tis the one month anniversary with the Boosh!  I first watched Killeroo exactly a month ago... which is really really ironic, because I actually watched Killeroo in its entirety today just because I was putting off homworkings.
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Once upon a time there was a Cockney called the Hitcher. He was green and wore a giant polo over his eye. He liked eels. He also liked to urinate on people's faces, comin' out of 'im like a yellow cable. It was not funny at all and really quite disgusting when he did this, but it was his way of showing love. So was raping. But he didn't rape geezers.

Once upon a time there was a scaly man-fish called Old Gregg. He was green and wore a tutu. He liked Baileys. He also liked to show people his mangina until the light that came from it knocked them out. It was sort of funny but mostly really quite awkward when he did this, but it was his way of showing love. So was forcing people to marry him. He had his own wedding dress.

Alas, for Old Gregg the half-fish half-man and the Hitcher, who loved eels, have never met. But if they were, it would be true love. The Hitcher would try to rape Old Gregg and Old Gregg would force the Hitcher to marry him and the Piper Twins and the Funk would be bridesmaids. Naboo would perform the ceremony. Then Old Gregg and the Hitcher would ride a rocket made from wheat all the way to the Moon, where they would have a nice little honeymoon. Honeymoon. On the Moon. The original Moon. The full Moon.

And all their babies would be little green Noel Fieldings. Some would have seaweed, some would have polos, and some would have painted-on mustaches. Except one that would be pink and have tentacles instead of a body.

This is not fanfic. This is common sense. And it's our new OTP.

Artwork provided by Katherine:

Pictures or it didn't happen: )
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I've started assembling my Old Gregg costume.  It's been decided.  And [livejournal.com profile] capnspaulding32 , I'm totally going to follow you around or something.  Because I know how much you love Old Gregg.

BUT BUT BUT Kat is going to be the Hitcher and Leigh wants to be Naboo!

I'll save my lovely lady costume for later.

Oh!  And I found the greatest boots on eBay.  They're like Old Gregg's but better.  I'm going to be Old Gregg with sexy boots.  Look at them.

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I am singlehandedly bringing the Boosh to UNC.



So I've been making my friends watch bits and pieces, and Kat is obsessed with the Eels song, so we always end up singing it together... in public places. That and the moon's songs and the Soup crimp and... like... everything. We yell Mighty Boosh quotes together while on the street. People think we're mad. And that's okay.

Kat is our resident whiteboard artist. )

So that's all good.  And then today she was like, "I want to be the Hitcher for Halloween."  and, being as obsessed with putting together Halloween costumes as I am, I was like OMG YES YES YES DOO EET.  And she was like, "Will you be Old Gregg?"  But we have a friend, Ashley, who's been in love with Old Gregg via youtube for years (I'm knitting her an Old Gregg doll for Christmas.  It was a request.) so I was like, "Ashley should be Old Gregg."  And Kat was like "Then will you be HOWARD?  So we can fight over you???"

I HAD A SLIGHT THIS-WILL-BE-TOO-AWESOME ATTACK.  The only problem is... I've pretty much got my Les Mis!whore costume together already.  

So what should I do?  Go with a themed Halloween with all my friends or be a whore (as I've been telling people I would be for almost a year)?  And if I go with my friends, and Kat is the Hitcher, who should I be?  Old Gregg?  The Spirit of Jazz?  Howard?  Naboo?  Tony Harrison?  Milky Joe?  Eleanore?  Rudy?  (I've got too much bosom to be Vince or anything like that.  And I HATE the Crack Fox and Bob Fossil.)  Except for Vince's costume in Party.  I like that one.  OR I could be Richmond from the IT Crowd, but how random is that?


Sep. 17th, 2008 10:45 pm
lesmisloony: (The Moon D:)
lesmisloony: ugh
lesmisloony: ARGH
lesmisloony: ARGH
lesmisloony: I AM MADE OF JEALOUSY
lesmisloony: GAH
lesmisloony: NNNNGAH

lesmisloony: http://community.livejournal.com/booshslashhaven/616078.html#cutid1
sunrisesunset: Jealousy?
sunrisesunset: ...I can see how you would be.
lesmisloony: there is no emoticon to express
lesmisloony: "I have bruises from being crushed into the barriers at the front, totally worth it. Actually most of them are Noels fault as every time he was pulled into the audience he was pulled back over me. So I was holding Noel up more times than I can count."

sunrisesunset: I'm quite sure that this was posted to make Erin cry.
lesmisloony: america sucks
lesmisloony: so much
lesmisloony: why am i american
sunrisesunset: Hmm?
lesmisloony: they dont come here
lesmisloony: they tour there
lesmisloony: not here

sunrisesunset: Ah. Lack of Booshness.
lesmisloony: they dont even have the show in region 1 dvds
sunrisesunset: Undershtood. 
lesmisloony: now im all glum
sunrisesunset: Cheer up, Loony! You know what they say...
lesmisloony: never trust a nun, never trust a nurse, never trust a cat?
sunrisesunset: Or perhaps something more like the looking on the bright side of life thing.
lesmisloony: I commented and said I was jealous
lesmisloony: and she said this
lesmisloony: [The hat] actually smells of Noel, very faintly. I remember him smelling really good when he reached down and kissed me on the cheek. He was really stubbly too, which I wasn't expecting. It was kind of nice in a way.

sunrisesunset: I suppose that doesn't make you feel any better.
lesmisloony:: no
lesmisloony: no it really doesn't
lesmisloony: she has HIS HAT

sunrisesunset: I see.
lesmisloony: well
lesmisloony: when she met him he was sweaty
sunrisesunset: It seems as though this is causing you some level of distress.
lesmisloony: and his eye makeup was smeary
lesmisloony:so there
lesmisloony: so this is usually when I'd watch a youtube video that has always made me happy in the past
lesmisloony: but all my current favourites are of Noel Fielding
lesmisloony: which I think would just make it worse

sunrisesunset: Oh dear. Can nothing make you better?
lesmisloony: that's what I'm trying to figure out
lesmisloony: well
lesmisloony: I knitted Enjolras for President an iPod case
lesmisloony: and in return she sent me a gift box with a card that said
lesmisloony: "We want to play love games with you. Love Noel Fielding and David Tennant"
lesmisloony: and I've been letting it freak out my hallmates all day
lesmisloony: pretending I don't know who it's from
lesmisloony: just for lulz 

sunrisesunset: That's rather lulzy. 
sunrisesunset: I saw an Enjolras at the coffeeshop today.
lesmisloony: ...was he standing on a table? 
sunrisesunset: Well, no, he served me hot chocolate. But he looked like Enjolras. He was blond and pretty in the sort of way that if you really looked at him you couldn't find a flaw in his face but he sort of lacked the masculinity to make him attractive.
lesmisloony: prettyyyy
lesmisloony: omgcrap
lesmisloony: in recitation today they said the first paper was due next Thursday
lesmisloony: crap crap crap 

sunrisesunset: ...Oh dear.
lesmisloony: crappppp
lesmisloony: new facebook, jealousy, and a paper due tomorrow
lesmisloony: I've been putting off constructing an outline for AGES cos I thought I had another week 

sunrisesunset: Oh goodness. I do sympathise as a fellow procrastinator.
lesmisloony: ughhh
lesmisloony:I hate homework
lesmisloony: maybe I'll just go to sleep
lesmisloony: and then drop out of school
lesmisloony:and hide out in someone's suitcase
lesmisloony:on a boat
lesmisloony: and go to Britain
lesmisloony: and stalk the Mighty Boosh tour
lesmisloony: and live in a box
lesmisloony:and Noel Fielding will take pity on me
lesmisloony: and let me move into the bus with them
lesmisloony: and work as a stagehand 

sunrisesunset: It could happen.
lesmisloony: and then finally Noel Fielding will learn to love me
lesmisloony: because I'll be the best stagehand ever
lesmisloony: and maybe a French street gang will try to kill him for some reason
lesmisloony:and I
lesmisloony: with my French skillz
lesmisloony: will talk them down
lesmisloony: so he'll owe his life to me
lesmisloony: yeahhhh 

sunrisesunset: ...Eventually causing him to sleep with you?
lesmisloony: to MARRY me
lesmisloony: I'm thinking big 

sunrisesunset: Oh, I see. 
sunrisesunset: He is not currently married or in a long-term relationship, I presume?
lesmisloony: : /
lesmisloony: the latter 

sunrisesunset: Oh.
lesmisloony: but SHE won't save him from the French street gang 
sunrisesunset: Question: 
sunrisesunset: If Noel Fielding has a long-term girlfriend 
sunrisesunset: why are you madly jealous of the girl who has his hat?
lesmisloony: because she's a lowly fangirl like me
lesmisloony: who was just in the right place at the right time
sunrisesunset: Ah. So the girlfriend is high-and-mightier, I suppose?
lesmisloony: yes
lesmisloony: she's probably all glam and perfect looking 

sunrisesunset: Do you know her name? If yes, I shall Google her and judge.
lesmisloony: no, I dunno
lesmisloony: I avoid the subject because of the jealousy 

sunrisesunset: Oh dear, everything's so easy with Wikipedia.
lesmisloony: yeahhh
lesmisloony: did you look it up?
sunrisesunset: Yup!
lesmisloony: is she pretty? 
sunrisesunset: I can't really tell.
lesmisloony: I don't want to see her or know her name
lesmisloony: quite frankly

sunrisesunset: She's sort of all ... punk rocker-y makeup, which automatically disuades my brain from thinking of someone as pretty. But I guess she's plain-pretty.
lesmisloony: I can imagine she'd be quite punk
lesmisloony: just judging by him
lesmisloony: ...lol
lesmisloony: I just gave in to temptation
lesmisloony: and typed "Noel Fielding's girlfriend" into the google image search
lesmisloony: this picture came up first

lesmisloony: http://data4.blog.de/media/549/1606549_dab0ef1d04_m.jpg
sunrisesunset: ...That's special.
lesmisloony: I approve
lesmisloony: it made me feel better
lesmisloony: so did this




Sep. 15th, 2008 03:41 am
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There is a big empty hole in my life that is shaped exactly like a DVD of the Mighty Boosh live.  Stupid fuzzy youtube nonsense.  I want screencaps!

Oh, have some bonus Noel as Richmond from The IT Crowd pictures (I just downloaded both seasons, watched them all, and deleted all the episodes with no Noel.  It's a really cute show, but not cute enough to eat my disk space.)

And finally, the most beautiful screencap ever:


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The reason I adore the Mighty Boosh, besides Noel Fielding being pretty, funny, and talented and besides my obvious anglophilia, is that every time I see it, it's funnier.

That doesn't happen a lot, okay?

For instance, watch this:

 Just ignore the part at the beginning with annoying Bob Fossil and his annoying voice.  And, by the way, the one annoying member of the group?  American.  Go figure.

Okay, the first time I saw that, I giggled.  The second time, I lol'd.  Then, someone just *linked* me to the video, and I had an absolute laughing FIT just THINKING about it.  Ow, chicka chicka!  Am I right?

And then I was walking back from class and I started imagining a fanvid about Howard's relationship with the Spirit of Jazz set to "Confrontation" from Jekyll & Hyde and I started cracking up out in public for reasons no one around me could see.

The Mighty Boosh has become an addiction, seriously.  *twitches*

(Also, the Spirit of Jazz?  Played by Noel Fieling, of course.)

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