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If you were a fan, like the kind of fan I am who lives and breathes and adores characters and invites them into her mental family, of the television series 21 Jump Street...

If you felt love feelings or any level of compassion for or attraction to Hanson or Penhall while watching 21 Jump Street and cared about those two characters...





If you don't want to be spoiled for that movie stop reading now!

Spoilers )

It would have been an acceptable movie if that hadn't happened.

(I could also argue that the original team was a black girl, an Asian guy, Johnny Depp (who's white but looks like he's from Europe), and another white dude. And their boss was a successful, compassionate black man. So where was the diversity in the movie? It was just a bunch of white people... except one gay black boy who served as kind of a punchline and the black cop who said himself that he was a stereotype. As for Asian representation... I guess there's the weird "Korean Jesus" joke? And that's it?

Sigh. It could have been pretty good.

Also... does this post make anyone worry about my mental health? Fifteen minutes of noisy crying... just me?
A million mental breakdowns last week.

One breakdown began when I finally started coming to terms with the fact that I was secretly expecting a relationship with my friend with benefits (I say benefits... right now we have only acted on our thing once) and I finally started coming to terms with the fact that it's not going to happen and I'm learning to be okay with that. I honestly am okay with that, I don't know why I was deep-down holding out for more. It's better this way, and this is what I really did want. I think the world had just convinced me that I'm supposed to be needy and require a lot of attention, plus I have the self-image issues and a constant desire for validation, so of course the man who isn't even my boyfriend lets me down a lot. I need to be honest with me or I'll never be able to be honest with him. I'm also getting better at accepting that he's not the only man in the world who would agree to sleep with me. Heck, there are probably even men out there who would fall in love with me! I hope I'll be collected enough soon to figure out how to meet more people.

Then my host family had a long talk about how life is a train and I'm standing at the quai hesitating to get on and how they're worried I'm going to ruin my future and stuff. Good to hear. They even got Shantelle the last year au pair nagging me about what I do with my free time and why I'm not doing yoga or something, I don't even know. I LIKE SPENDING FREE TIME ALONE. Why is that not okay with these people?

Though their conversation inspired me to go back in my room and cry until two o'clock in the morning, it was a kick in the pants. I've realized that my problem is saying I'll do something "in a second" and then never doing it. That's how clothes end up piled in the corner and that's how deadlines pass and that's why these people think I'm lazy. That's how things slip my mind.

The other thing I'm realizing is that I don't have any friends here. When something funny happens, there's no one for me to send a text to. I spend so much time alone that I've isolated myself from the other au pairs and I don't have a support network here in Paris. If I didn't have my internet friends and Kelley and Phoebe on skype I would have probably had this breakdown much earlier. I need to make friends somehow!

So I'm now waist-deep in information about how to continue living my life here. I probably will only be able to afford the teaching assistant program if I live with a roommate, and apparently a great place to start that search is that American Church in Paris. Meanwhile I finally found a place that does faxes and sent off for a copy of my transcript and I finally started investigating just what the problem is with the imagine R company and why my student navigo pass hasn't come yet. In an effort to appear to be someone who does things I went out alone last night and watched French Mamma Mia. It was a lot of fun, but the problem is that it cost me about €45. I just want to stay in my room and not spend my money and use the wifi. Why is that so abnormal?

Still, the mom did make a good point: I do need money, so why am I not going out looking for English lesson opportunities like ~*~*Shantelle*~*~ did? Oh. I just didn't think about it. I'm still hesitating. I'll go to that American church thing sometime and see what they have to offer.

Losing my fixation on the relationship to that man has opened my eyes to a lot of things. In some ways it feels better because I feel like an individual again, like a person who's worth more than he deserves and like a badass. In other ways it terrifies me, because I realize that my parents don't want to always be my safety net, and if things stop working out they aren't just going to send me rent money. I mean, they won't let me live on the streets, but it's time to be an adult now.

Going back to school isn't quite an option. I hate homework and I can't afford the housing. There are JILLIONS of offers for English teachers here, so I'll just get my shit together and do that. I always swore I wouldn't become a teacher, but I also always swore that I would move to New York and die a virgin. You do what you gotta do. Life changes, you change, aspirations change, perceptions change.

I just don't want any obligations. I want free wifi and a pantry to raid and unlimited time and limited human contact. But I do what I have to do to not starve and to stay in the country where the little things make me feel amazing. Next year, TAPIF and finding my own housing. The year after that... who knows? Maybe a real job. Then it's two more years and maybe I'll want to stay, or maybe I'll go back to America and complain about everything for the rest of my life.

In other news, Grimm and Once Upon A Time are both AMAZING shows. Why did American TV get so good when I decided to leave?
 Okay, I have got to do my Chanson de l'Année post because I am running out of memory space in my head and my stagedoor stories need to be told too.  (About those: I would love to know who Mikele thinks I am and if Flo doesn't stop getting more adorable every time I see him I will never be able to love another human person again, but I accidentally lied to him tonight and now I feel kind of bad.)


On va faire tanguer les étoiles )

Anyway, that's the story of Chanson de l'Année.  No one knows when that show will air, but man I would kill to get a copy of it.  I actually already posted a request in a few places.  Joanna said she'll tape it.  Whenever it does air, I'll definitely be back home, rereading all these livejournal entries and weeping over how much less epic my life is when I'm on the other side of the Atlantic.

BY THE WAY. Today is my last day in this here country for the year of 2010, and Joanna has gotten us tickets for a final fling with Mozart!  I'm pretty pleased.  That'll make my grand total eight!
Les Mis, lifelong love, why am I ignoring you like this?  A mere train ride away and yet I don't deign to go visit you on your birthday when I know full well I will NEVER have such a chance again?

I'm going through some sort of... thing... right now where I can't stand any form of elitism or judgement, which is weird because the only way I decide someone is too judgemental for my taste is by judging them and where does it end??  But seriously.  I'm not currently active in any fandom at the moment.  It's weird.  But it's also the first time my real life has been so constantly interesting.  Right now my fandom is "wandering the streets of Paris." I think you'll agree that that's perfectly acceptable.

In other news, I may get tickets to a taping of Nevermind the Buzzcocks for, like, November 6th or something.  I put in a request for two just in case somebody wanted to join me at some point.  If these come through, that means I'm going to skip two days of class and take my British holiday that week in November...?  But I have to be back by Saturday afternoon for Mozart l'Opéra Rock!

GOD that would be a stellar week.

Except I just remembered [livejournal.com profile] misatheredpanda was going to come visit me at some point.  Uhhhhh.

Oh, and for everyone who responded to my vacation plans post, a group of friends from grammar class are already working on planning a trip to Italy in December!  After that most everyone else is going back to America (or wherever) and I'll be stuck in Europe.  Gah what a terrible situation.  I plan to go all over the place.  I'mma get me one of them eurail passes.  And oh man, can you imagine seeing the Neuschwanstein Castle in the snow?
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 Quick life update before I fall into one of those sleep/inertia/it's-really-cold-in-here comas.

Oh, and I love being cold, so when I make a statement about the low temperature that borders on complaint, that basically means you have NO GRASP of how cold I actually probably am.  My weather widget says it's about 46 Fahrenheit outside, and I haven't received any sort of commentary on use of the heater in my room yet, so I'm not going to mess with it.

Well, it's been too long since my last update for me to correctly log everything I've done, so let's see...

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I think most of my other Parisian adventures have been confined to, like, buying scarves.  I didn't expect my taste in clothes to change this quickly after getting to Paris, but a lot of the shirts I own which I have loved for years look really bright and tacky to me now.  I just want to buy things in shades of grey and purple and more grey.  And purple-y grey.  And I want to accessorise everything with a scarf now.  I have six scarves!  All of them are black- or grey-based.  Haha.  What am I becoming?


I've never actually sat through a full episode of this show, but I always happen to flip to it just in time to see him perform.  I'll be SO CRUSHED if he ever gets voted off.  He's through to the top ten!  You guys, he could really win this.  Especially now that the lightning band got voted off.




Jul. 22nd, 2010 02:21 am

 So, I'm staying in this mega-nice "cabin" (psht yeah right... it's bigger than my HOUSE) in Martha's Vineyard with my family for my uncle's wedding... I'm horrified to find that one of my newly incousinated cousins is in fact incredibly attractive.  Yeah, how hick am I right now?  Well, doesn't matter... it's late and I'm exhausted, but I just kind of wanted to use my newly-uploaded Eleven icon.  It is my first and so far only icon for anything outside of RTD-era.  Mostly because I don't love the new series as much... yet?  Hopefully yet.  Hopefully someday Eleven will have a companion whose acting doesn't make me cringe or roll my eyes.  So far, Rory is my only hope, and he dies in every episode anyway.  I know Rusty was ridiculous (VERY ridiculous) but I just miss the heart he brought the show--especially in short-lived characters like Ross and Harriet Jones and Chantho.  Ah well.  I know I don't miss the outlandish series finales or the whiny angst of the Doctor.  Moff will catch on eventually... I mean, everyone adores Sally Sparrow, right?  And... Jack.  But not so much River Song... I mean, she was cooler there towards the end of series five than I ever thought she would be, but... oh well.  This is very stream-of-consciousness.  I need a Prince Poppycock icon.  He's my hero right now.  If you don't know who Prince Poppycock is... omg.  Google him at once!  Okay, I'm going to crash now.  This bed is SO CUSHY.  But the air conditioning isn't really kicking in and that makes me nervous.  I like to sleep in freezing climes.  Ooh livejournal has a new tagging method!  I like it.

I'm in such a good place (geographically and emotionally) that I basically never feel the need to complain about life to you guys.  And when something fandom-y happens I have a flesh and blood person to talk to, because three of my friends watch Doctor Who and one watches the Mighty Boosh and all those other quiz show type things... plus one of my rl friends knows musicals.  The only thing I can't squee over with my hallmates is Les Mis, but for that I have Abaissé.  So yeah, I don't have any need to angst about anything.  And when I'm happy I don't have that much to say on livejournal.

Okay... so here's a picture I drew of Captain Jack Harkness.

Well, I found these clips on youtube yesterday and they made me happy.

Docteur... je vous aime... )

And I had a dream that I met David Tennant and we were holding hands.  And then Kelley texted me from the next room and told me to ask him to get us tickets to see the series finale of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (which is a live show in my dream, I guess) so David Tennant started haggling with Billie Piper over whether there were any tickets left.  Then I decided to go to bed.  David Tennant joined me (in a decidedly cute but non-sexy way) and used my snuggie as a blanket.  Then he grinned at me all guiltily and said, "I think I peed the bed."  And it was true.  So I got up and started pulling the sheets of the bed to wash them, but David Tennant started complaining because he just wanted to go to sleep.  I said "You cannot sleep in your own filth, David Tennant!" but he said that it was three in the morning and it was time for bed.  I snapped, "You can travel in time!" and then my Dalek alarm clock woke me up.

I wanted to share that dream because it's hilarious and horrifying.  And because I now have a mental image of David Tennant, wrapped up in a Snuggie, grinning and saying "I think I peed the bed." My life has changed.

Also, just to clarify to the world.  When it comes to Doctor Who, series two is my favourite series.  But Nine is my favourite Doctor.  But Tennant is my favourite person.  I have so much love to distribute evenly to everyone but River Song.

Whoops, I was going to end the post there but now I'm still talking.

Being Human is getting more and more upsetting but also more and more addictive.  I'm glad Mitchell is being a normal vampire, but I'm also distressed that he's doing it out of anger and not for the lulz.  But thank GOODNESS he knows about the Purple-Face Beeyotch now.  Maybe he can hurry up and save Allons-y George and stat.  Also, the end of the last episode had that Miserere Mei that plays in the Les Mis video game when you go up to heaven to ask for Victor Hugo's help.  I know because I (shockingly) need a lot of help when I play that game.  And because my game used to freeze there a lot.  Still, it's a gorgeous song and I love it now.

By the way, for those of you who aren't Kelley, I'm calling Lucy a Purple-Face Beeyotch because she's also the actress from Shadow in the North whose obnoxiousness was responsible for a death that made Billie Piper sad.  And because she literally had a purple face in that movie.  And because whenever she's in a show she ruins everything.  She made Billie Piper sad and she made Mitchell evil and soon she's going to make George dead.  I can't even deal with the Purple-Face Beeyotch all up in my sexy vampire.

Also, we had a costume party this past weekend which was ridiculously fun.  I dressed up as Fantine.  Unfortunately, all of the pictures are unflattering and in going through them I was launched into a depression that lasted almost twelve hours, but I'm okay now.

Here is the picture that shows off the costume really well but also makes me look like a lardo.

But the pearls were in her mouth...? )

I guarantee that my chin isn't usually that... well, that.  I was doing my consumption cough into my bloodstained handkerchief.

Oh, and for the record, I made the cap and the stays I'm wearing here.  I'm proud of that.  The skirt is left over from high school, the shirt came from eBay, and the boa came from Hobby Lobby.  The handkerchief was from Hobby Lobby as well, and I smeared red food colouring all over it.

Okay, I think I'm done posting to livejournal now.

One-point-five months till Doctor Who comes back!
What have I been up to?

Oh, nothing.  Just getting involved in new television shows because without Conan O'Brien I don't know what to do with myself.

So, Marguerite was totally right about Desperate Romantics.  It's amazing and adorable and yes, the fella who plays Johnny Millais is possible the best Jehan I've ever seen.  Though I adore Fred, too.  And the girl who plays Annie is fantastic!  Oh, and I spied two waistcoats from The Shadow in the North: that terrible fugly orange and pink one was on Maniac at one point and Rosetti himself wore Bellman's hot black one with the green butterflies.

And I really wanted to love Rosetti, but he was such a complete and total tool that I found myself needing to slap him across the face every three minutes.  Like, I had to pause the show at the end of every scene in order to cover my face in my hands and fall backwards on the futon and groan.

So I decided to watch Being Human.  And it's beautiful!  I've only seen the first two episodes (and the pilot, which had a completely different cast but for Allons-y Alonso as Werewolf George) but I adore it.  And I am now able to adore Mitchell/Rosetti, who is a very sweet version of the cliché vegetarian vampire (can we get some Lestat up in here, please?) and makes me want to hug him and stash him under the futon with all the other people I want to keep. 

One wonderful thing about being a Doctor Who fan is knowing there is literally nothing--NOTHING--on British television that will not feature someone from Doctor Who.  Or someone who has been in something with someone from Doctor Who.  I firmly believe that every British telly actor ever is only two degrees from Doctor Who.  For instance, in the second episode of Being Human I saw Allons-y Alonso ask that beeyotchy cactus girl on a date thanks to the encouragement of William Shakespeare himself.  And in Desperate Romantics?  Why, that cranky old art critic man (not Ruskin, but the fugly one) was that soothsayer with the stone arm in Pompeii.  Seriously.  Try me.  

Another word on Being Human--I do like the idea of the vampires (turning victims with an exchange of blood, needing to be invited in, not showing up on film) but I'm a little confused by the sunlight thing.  I saw Mitchell with an umbrella in one episode (the pilot?) but usually he's just rocking some shades.  I mean, I'm not asking for stupid Vampire Diaries rings or, God forbid, Cullen-y sparkles (please anything but that) but Louis would really love to know why Mitchell is skipping through sunny streets while he's over here reading Eliot by candlelight.

A final word.  You Brits are so right in the way you do television.  I'm forced to watch episode after episode of Heroes as it grapples for plot and becomes more and more outlandish and terrible every week.  You guys know what you're doing.  Honestly, six episodes is a lovely length for a series of something.  Thirteen is okay if it's something epic like Doctor Who and six episodes would be NOT ENOUGH, but I was content with those six episodes of Desperate Romantics and I am content with each six episode series of The IT Crowd.  It forces the writers to focus and really pull out their best, most cohesive material.  It's good.  Heroes is pissing me off.  Also, six episodes per year makes it easier to follow a vast number of shows.

Oh!  Another thing I've been watching lately?  That Mitchell and Webb Look.  I can't even tell you how much I love Numberwang.

(Psst--I'm almost done with my study abroad application for real!)


Nov. 8th, 2009 01:14 am
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"I do believe I'm gonna strangle someone. By accident."

I have so much respect for Taylor Swift all of a sudden.  Though I still think her music is borderline terrible.
Things I learned from the Sims:

Life is really good if you set a few aspirations for yourself every day and then accomplish them.  Yesterday I saw Lost and Heroes and Scrubs and an episode of MST3K, and even DID SOME HOMEWORK.  Oh, and did I mention I made my Pavi mask?  Pictures forthcoming.  I only played the Sims for a couple of hours.  Shilob grew up into a kid and unfortunately inherited his dad's funny cheeks and got weird-looking lips from somewhere.  But he has the cool hazel eyes I put on Marni, so that's good.

Also, I love controlling people's lives.  It's fun.

And now, a brainstorm I had that will make my life easier.

Slightly Spoilery for, um, Everything )

Maybe I should go to bed earlier.
So.  I've been painfully sick since Tuesday.  Monday was fun, though.  Went with [profile] moon_dove  to see a certain movie in the theatre with the hopes of being able to mock it but, after about three minutes, were joined by a very intimidating couple who could have killed us with a thought.  We tried and failed to keep it down.  As soon as they left at the end we yelled "FAIL!" through the credits, though.  Then we ate Italian and flirted with a waiter.

And then Tuesday I was supposed to go shopping for clothes and a DVD of Interview with a Vampire, but I suddenly felt awful and decided I'd better stay in bed.  By the end of the night I had a temperature.  I tried to going to work Wednesday but barely made it through conscious and my parents came all the way out (a thiry-minute drive) to take me home because I didn't feel good enough to make the commute back myself.  I thought I was going to pass out on the highway.   I had to get people to cover my shifts Thursday and Friday.

I have had cold chills all over my body, dizziniess, a stuffy nose, weird cloggy ears, a cough, a throat sore from all the coughing which has now begun to swell and bleed, headaches, an occasional burning sensation in my feet, sore muscles, and lots of lots of exhaustion.  I have gone through two boxes of tissues but every time I clear my nose it clogs back up again almost immediately.  And now my lips are chapped from breathing through my mouth.  WHIIIINE.  The PAINNNN.  Still, my fever seems to have broken and now I'm just left with the throat and sinus issues.  Owwww.  And I move back into the dorms Sunday and classes start Monday.  And my mom just now brought me some of that nasty cherry throat spray with an expiration date from 2005.  I became suspicious when I saw it was covered in dust.  lol my parents.

Anyway, because I've been lying in bed with my laptop for four days (passing out every few hours), I've been able to do some catching up.  I saw The Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the North, that one episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl with Matt Smith, AD/BC (AMAZING!), Living Till The End, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (also amazing), the first two episodes of Scrubs season eight, The Next Doctor (again) (lol Tennant), The New Earth with in-vision commentary (aww Tennant), two episodes of The IT Crowd from s2, the pilot of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and then I went through my iTunes and tidied up all the file names and stuff.  And I just now got a copy of Repo squeeeeee.  Also I'm almost done reading Interview with a Vampire.  Yayy for French bloodsuckers with capes who sleep in coffins and DON'T SPARKLE!  I want to see Claudia and Renesmee Edwob Charlislie Jasplice Rosemett Mikssica Carlie in a fight.  Because I have no doubts about who would win.  And it would be glorious. 

Ahh my mom just came in with some Vicks VapoRub and, just to be sure I checked for the expiration date: 2003!  Jeez, people!  It's probably going to burn a hole through my chest or something!  Also, lol.

Actually I started this post with the intention of whinging about a certain amount of self-absorbed spamming that's going on at MdN and how it's really starting to irk me, but now that I've whinged about my ILLNESS I'm out of steam.  Maybe that's good.  Don't need to go around making enemies on the netz.

Also, can someone help me here? It is unacceptable for David Flipping Tennant to lose to that sparkly b*tch lovechild of Conan O'Brien and Rick Astley.

ETA: A final whinge.  Tomorrow would have been my day to see the Signature Theatre Les Mis with Emma before she goes to study abroad in Ireland.  Highly doubt I'm up for that.  And no one in a black box theatre would want to hear me snorting into tissues every two minutes.
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I'm sick.

Right after Heroes last night I started feeling AWFUL.  It was probably all that icky het.  Thank God for Sylar being Sylar again.  But Mohinder's FACE!  WHY???  Gah, I used to be proud to be a Heroes fan, but now I'd rather admit to adoring Merlin than Heroes.

Speaking of which.  MERLIN.  I.T. CROWD.  WHY WERE THEY BOTH SO AMAZING THIS WEEK?  And even more amazing?  Those video diaries from the Merlin DVD!  It was the most amazing thing EVER.  AMAZING I SAY.  Bradley James and Colin Morgan are SO. HILARIOUS.

And the I.T. Crowd is proving that it doesn't even NEED the magic of Richmond Avenal to be awesome. Unexpected!Hitler last week, and the amazing technique to distract the cops this week?  I LOVVVVE THAT SHOW.  Srsly guys, Ayoade for Eleven and Colin Morgan for companion.

"Je m'appelle Angel.  Je suis LOSER."
"Oh, je ne clean pas le room pour no loser!"
"And once again the balance is restored to nature."
"It was just complete euphoria from start to finish.  It was like the greatest moment of my life.  All rolled into one day."
"If our names were actually representation...al... of who we are, I'D be called Angel.  She'd be called ... ... ... HUSSY."
"We don't really understand the French but what he think [the radio] is singing is... 'We're all going to die.'  We're GOINNNG to that great big rollercoaster in the skyyyyy!  To join themmm!  ...in a MINute."
"Bloody he-- I mean, holy-- I mean... whatever.  OH MY GOD.  YEAHHHHHHHH.  AOOGA.  AOOGA."
"I think we keep getting warnings in French for me to turn off my camera.  But don't worry, Merlin fans, it's not gonna happen.  Cos I have the magic phrase.  (singing) Je ne comprends pas!  Je suis anglais, heh-hey!"

I had no idea Anthony Head was so awesome.

Basically, [livejournal.com profile] suchcuriousity and I are going to Parc Asterix.  As soon as I'm well enough to stand up.  We're going to hijack a bus and go.

I randomly wrote something that might be considered fanfiction for my own NaNo last night.  I may or may not let anyone see it.
Oh Listolier the laptop, when will you stop torturing me?

But at least he waited till the day after NaNo to explode, the poor dear.  I talked to the nice I.T. guy, and instead of saying "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" (A: Yes.) he explained that sometimes hard drives just go bad.  Fortunately, The Twin Sunsets was already backed up.  UNfortunately, the part of the hard drive that went bad was my desktop.  Whiiiich included all my I.T. Crowd (RICHMOND), Merlin, Mighty Boosh, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 and 2007, and my half-finished Mighty Boosh fanvid to "Guy Love" from Scrubs... *sigh*


BUT.  I really really want to write more random Richmulian-y stuff.  Oneshots.  And revision on The Twin Sunsets.  AND I CAN'T.  Mehhhh.

ETA: Now that I'm on the loaner computer I must verify that I only lost Einstein and Eddington (*sniffle*), the Merlin video diaries (*sigh*), a few tracks from the Mighty Boosh Radio Series (they're on my iPod anyway), the Jonathan Ross interview with Tennant and Catherine Tate (I already had it on megaupload), and a particular movie I had downloaded about sparkly creatures of the night only to let my friends watch it without supporting it financially.  So, I'm in the process of replacing these things.  It's gonna be okay.  AND I get a free new hard drive out of the deal!  Whooooo.
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Well, first let me say that I stayed up till SEVEN THIRTY IN THE A.M. last night because I decided to watch the last episode of Firefly, which was BRILLIANT, and then I was like, eh, what the heck, I'll watch Serenity. I got finished right before Molly's alarm clock went off, so I leaned over the side of my bed and went, "MOLLY LOOK I'M STILL AWAKE DON'T LET ME SLEEP THROUGH MY TWO O'CLOCK CLASS!" and scared her out of her mind.

Dear Serenity: NO. I REJECT YOU. YOU ARE NOT CANON. NO. Love, Loony. P.S. Thanks for the David Krumholtz and a few lulz near the beginning. Oh, and a couple of awesome fightings.

But the last episode? Was AMAZING. I really had no idea what was going on there at the end (trying not to be spoily for the sake of my dear Sarah) until the big reveal, and then I literally punched the air and had to surpress a squee. Because that bounty hunter guy was amazing, but then River and Simon became equally amazing! Amazing! It was amazing! Seriously, the show got cancelled just when it was threatening to steal mah brainz.

But I'm home now, sitting in front of a working telly but watching mah kitteh take a nap in front of a fire. I forgot how much I loved having dinner with my family. My dad is hilarious. My life is so good. I did cry a few times, though, because when we drove by Granny's house the light was on, and then when I walked into our house there were all these things there that were hers. Like a Christmas present I made her when I was in elementary school, a planter made of a laundry detergent scoop with a cactus inside, which was suddenly on our windowsill instead of hers. Meh.

Speaking of good, I was writing on my NaNo when I SUDDENLY GOT THE GREATEST IDEA EVER and I completely freaked out. All I had to do was adjust a few details in the first chapter and everything is all set up for a final sequence that's going to make me squee myself. Until I cry because I'm not sure how it'll end, but I *am* pretty sure it won't be good for at least one of my poor characters. If I pull it off well, though, the big reveal at the end of my story will be good, but this little reveal will be even better. Because anybody with half a brain can probably guess what the big reveal is. The little reveal, though... muahaha.


43011 / 50000 words. 86% done!

And look!  So close!  My new goal is to finish it  by Friday, or at least by the time I go back.  I want to be able to print off a copy for my mom to read and work her English teacher magic upon before I go back to school on Sunday.

Oh well.

Nov. 24th, 2008 03:47 am
Didn't make it to 40k today, but I have no choice but to do so tomorrow.

I DID, however, finish watch Princess Tutu with Kat (FAKIR. OMG.), watched the greatest Batman movie ever (Wow! Let's commandeer a taxi!), organised my schedule for next semester (I better do better than this one, let me just say), cleaned my room (SIX PIZZA BOXES), and did fifty percent of my French homework. All in all, most productive week I've ever had. And I DID write over two thousand words today, which was pretty thrilling. Then I got bored and made Sophie pass out. Because I suddenly realised she hadn't done that yet, and all good French ladies MUST pass out at least once. XD

39027 / 50000 words. 78% done!

Today's word count meter is Carolina blue.  Because it should be.

I'm also in the process of making my own moodtheme.

OH!  And plz to be signing this: Petition to Save Pushing Daisies
I only got about two hundred done Friday, so I'm slipping a little.

Wonder if there's any chance I'll be able to break 40.000 by the end of Sunday (today/tomorrow, depending on how you look at time).

Probably not.  But I'm going to try.  I'm grounding myself off AIM until I hit 40k.  Which might be stupid, as chatting with [livejournal.com profile] suchcuriousity is the way I get through most of my big brainfarts.

36282 / 50000 words. 73% done!
Today's word count is TARDIS blue because it's TARDIS Day!  Yayyy.

Oh.  And Merlin tonight was one big present to the slashy shippers.

And I went looking for an ABBA or Amadeus moodtheme, but neither seem to exist.  Big fail, internet.  BIIIG fail.

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