Adam et Eve. What the hell is it about? That's a trick question. You may read the title of the show, "Adam et Eve", and think, Oh, that's easy, it's a show about Adam and Eve! Well, that's where you'd be wrong. In a way you're right, because it is definitely a show about two characters whose names are Adam and Eve, but not the ones you're thinking of. So... what is it, then?

Don't worry, English-speakers. I'm here (in Paris) for you.

Rien ne se fiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiit )

All in all... the songs were alright, the choreography was good, the sets were good, the singing was good, and the energy in the room was incredible, but the story was so weird and thin and I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd seen it told a hundred times before, so... in the end I'd say it's maybe something like a 6/10, with Dracula being a 5/10 and MOR being like a 9. But that's on my personal scale of happiness.





Um so um. Well. Remember that time I tried to stagedoor "Danse avec les stars" for Floflo and the only picture I got from the whole night was this one? THEY'RE GONNA BE AT THAT SHOW TOMORROW. I can get there without getting lost for three hours this time maybe...!

So um... I mean... I guess I should go... buh goddammit here I go being a groupie again.

Should I go? I need to give in and make a tag for 1789 or my random obsession with Roddy J? That's what I call him. Roddy J. We're bff.

In case you missed the memo, I met him for like .24601 seconds after the MOR reunion concert and he is SUPER ATTRACTIVE in person and super charming and personable and I was like LET ME LOVE YOU RODDY J

For the first time I feel FEELINGS.

As soon as I started watching this my throat got all tight and I felt my heart getting happy and I wanted to bounce around dancing.


I think it's time to be a fan of 1789 on facebook.

ÇA IRA MON AAAAAMOUUUUR! The host family is leaving for the weekend and I plan to dance my ass off to this song the whole time and watch this video forever.



Who cares if the plot is ridiculous? I want COSTUMES and awesome music.

Now I *definitely* have to stay in France next year or I'll miss this show! I'll au pair for another year if I don't find something else.
Our last ever parody...

 I love my tattoo so much.  I can't stop looking at it.

Also, my Frenchman messaged me telling me to make sure I call him when I get to Paris.

I am really excited about both of these things but I cannot tell my mom about either one.


Pictures and videos of the tattoo experience to come!  Though since I've been posting the picture everwhere I figure I can go ahead and say



It hurt a lot, but I didn't mind.


And I wore a tanktop again! Hmph.
 When I work on my book it turns me into a character and everything that happened to me into fiction.  I don't know if that's good or bad, but it is helping me cope with the idea that even when I get back to Paris I may not see Patrice Maktav again.  It's also kind of making me think it never happened... haha.

I'll stagedoor that mofo if I have to.  It worked once.

Obviously my monthly Irma crazy is retreating at last.  Spent the whole day lounging around feeling sorry for myself and watching Horrible Histories, which is an amazing show.

I'd never heard of the mouseskin thing or the caulk... show, you taught me something about eighteenth century fashion!

Anyway, things seem brighter now.  Plus I can add that depression for my argument to get me on birth control.  Can't tell my mom that I actually want it because I HAVE MY OWN DOOR IN PARIS.

Well to be fair I haven't heard from the family themselves yet.  I am so attached to these kids now though seriously.  Ten and eight are, like, real people ages.  And tiny Nil is so presh.  Come on family, I need to talk to you before I can do this visa stuff and then get my ass back to Paris and then make use of MY OWN DOOR and shop at pimkie and feast on cheap bread and cheese and use euros...

Here's a tiny piece of my story!  It's a first draft written really quickly, so don't judge its clunkiness por favor.

Americans trying to Halloween in Paris ) 


Jul. 11th, 2011 12:37 am
 I just changed my religion to "Mozart l'opéra rock" on facebook (which, awesomely, was already a suggestion).

If/when my parents see it, they will not think it's funny.  I'm not convinced it's a joke.  But these are the same parents who, when I had comedic middle names like "Zydrate" and "Lestat" and "Musichetta", asked me if I was doing that because I was ashamed of my real middle name (which is the name of my grandmother who had recently died at the time).  These are the same parents who used to bully my brother so much about the pictures of him partying with friends that he eventually blocked them on facebook.

A few weeks ago my mother posted a status about her retirement.  A friend commented to congratulate her and my mom replied asking how the friend was doing.  The friend said fine, you? to which my mom said something about how she would be much better if her children had kept true to God's will like the friend's children and hadn't strayed so far.  I immediately commented too, saying something almost lighthearted like Wow, thanks for that, Mommy.  Then I saw that earlier that day my mother had left a comment on her brother's status about going drinking with her friends that said something about how her daughter's weird new ideas after living in Europe were driving her to drink too.

Since then I have strongly considered blocking my mother on facebook, the same thing my brother did that made the rest of us tease him for years.  But now that I'm finally becoming my own independent person and not a mirror of my mother's thoughts (after twenty-two years!) I understand what he was doing.  I guess he isn't the black sheep of the family after all; he's a normal, maturing person.

That's all.

Here, have a video of me singing my badass English lyrics to Le Bien qui fait mal.  Please do not judge my Southern-ass accent.  "Twisted duh-sahr."

I admit I find this one kind of terrifying.
Oh Caen, you were a bizarre and unexpected and thoroughly awesome weekend.

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And then I went home.

The only thing left for me is Toulouse...

If you have ever heard anyone say they had the best birthday ever, they are lying.  It is impossible.  Because I had the best birthday ever.  

And last year my friends parked a freaking TARDIS in front of the dorm.

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Ahh.  I love all the things.
 All better?  Or all in my head?  lol what am I doing with my life.

Seriously though it's all better.  But I'm sticking to the theory that Florent Mothe threatened Patrice Maktav's kneecaps because it just makes sense.  And because when I was being all dejected over Maktav not loving on me Floflo was all over me in a tragically non-literal way.  He stopped and talked to me like four times in under an hour.

DEAR DA PONTE.  It should not be easier to spend time with SALIERI than with you.  Quit it.

But seriously though it's all good again and I am sunburned and blistered and SO TIRED but I'm so content that nothing can touch me.

Rennes was really good.

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Voilà!  It was a good weekend and I am a happy fan.
Whatever happened to our love?
I wish I understood
It used to be so nice, it used to be so good...

lol okay.

So as you may have heard, Patrice Maktav broke my heart in Lyon.  And then a few hours later he stomped on it.  He honestly does not know or understand what he has done, but that does not change my melancholy.

But a lot of really good things happened too, and some of them are entirely thanks to Maktav!  So I will not give up on you, Patrice Maktav.  I will simply... I guess I'll just... gah I don't know.  I'm just gonna have to see what happens in Rennes.   I have not really changed my behaviour since Strasbourg, which was when I fell in love with him, and I have definitely not changed my behaviour since Dijon when he was banging on a bus window to wave at me, so I don't know what's gone wrong between us.

Here follows my CR of Lyon.

The best part was when Flo got jealous.

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We're going to Rennes Saturday.  I've already finished two dolls and hope to whip out a third maybe.  We'll see what happens.

But seriously, third party types... did I do something wrong here?  Did I overstep the fan boundaries or something?
Oh sweet Byzantine Jesus eljay is WORKING. Aight well I gotta try to post part two fast as possible before it EXPLODES again. Good gracious.

When last you heard from me, the show was beginning. I was in the centre of the room with an unobstructed view, a backstage pass, and a heart full of love for Patrice Maktav.

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Tomorrow I leave for Lyon!
 How can I not return Patrice Maktav's love?  Nobody has ever ever been this nice to a fan.

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Okay so now I have to go to class, but I will continue this saga tonight.
So there I was, zooming through the Alsacien night in a taxi, alone now that we'd deposited Bénédicte at her hotel, reeking slightly of Mikelangelo Loconte's cologne.  When I finally arrived at the Troupe's hotel there was quite a crowd there, which confused the poor taxi driver to death since it was one o'clock in the morning at this point.

I leapt out of the cab and pounced on Lara and Joanna, my first question being--  "DID I MISS MAKTAV???"

Joanna seemed ready to turn in for the night; she said Yep, Maktav had already come by.  I looked to Lara with giant puppy dog eyes of fangirl despair and she said "But he said he'd come back out to see you!"


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I'm gonna knit Maktav a TARDIS hat.

I had typed out the WHOLE of part two and then my browser crashed and took the whole thing with it.

Now it's late and I'm all mad and tired so instead of posting part two I'll just post all the videos from stagedooring and stuff.

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Okay those are all my videos relevant to stagedooring and doll distribution and such!

Victime de ma vivre à en crever 

That's right.  I went on a French road trip with my French friend and we sang French songs.  In France.

MOR UNITES NATIONS and studying abroad was the best choice I've ever made.
 CLEARLY it is time for me to educate you people about the pure magic beauty that is... NUNOZART.

I quite literally risked my life by travelling alone from the foreign country I live in to an even more foreign country with the intention of spending the night alone in a train station just to witness this rare phenomenon, and it was a million percent worth it.

I made a plan, in fact, that would allow me to take videos of EVERY INSTANT that Nuno was onstage.  Because I knew from youtube that he would do well in Je dors sur des roses and Tatoue-moi and Trublion, but what I really wanted to see was the rest of the show... For instance, hearing the infamous "la force publique" line delivered by someone who knows how to do acting.

Now.  I do love Mikelangelo Loconte.  In fact, based on his crazy bipolar behaviour and his questionable acting abilities, I'm thinking I even love Mikele far more than he deserves to be loved.  I find him amazing and if anything bad ever happened to him--anything at all! Even if he just got a papercut--it would hurt my soul.  But I also firmly believe that anyone who says Mikele's acting is good is just blinded by the glitter.  My love for him does not cause me to lie about his abilities or to try to talk him up when he doesn't deserve it.

Of course, no one could ever claim that Mozart l'Opéra Rock is about acting.  If it was, I'm pretty sure that the main characters wouldn't be surrounded by scantily-clad dancers during all their big emotional songs.  And that's why Mikele makes a perfectly acceptable Mozart.  His crazy pouncing and glassy-eyed gesturing make the character really memorable and really kind of power the heart of the show, it's true.  But those things are MIKELE things, not Mozart things.  What you see onstage is usually what you get at the stage door.  We can compare him to oh I don't know how about Florent Mothe:  Salieri is stiff, haughty, and reserved.  Florent Mothe is shy, sweet, and kind. They are not the same person because Florent Mothe knows how to do acting.

Okay, I think that was a sufficient disclaimer.  Let's carry on to the actual review and... the videos!!

Elle a choisi Nunozart! )

This cast is so cute.  I love them all.

And yes, I promise I do love Mikele.
 I AM GOING TO SKIP WRITING ABOUT THE ACTUAL SHOW FOR NOW.  I'll review it later.  It was fine.  Solal's understudy was on and Nuno was weirdly only semi-present, but Mikele was busting it out and Flo was having a pretty good day too (nothing like what we saw in Lille, though).  Ariane (Maman Weber) was being really silly and I liked it.

Je suis souveraine de mes rêves au milieu de fous qui se levent )


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