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First, my potential roommate is going through financial turmoil and isn't sure she's going to be able to commit to an apartment, but she needs to be in one by the end of January if she does decide to stay in the city. Giant sigh. She did the equivalent of "I'm fine, go on without me, save yourself!!" and I was all "I'm not LEAVING you!" or something, so I volunteered to find a third person since three bedroom apartments split three ways tend to come out somewhat cheaper than a studio or one bedroom split two ways, plus everyone gets their own room, and that third person and I would be in charge of nailing down apartment details while sort of unofficially counting her in, and if things sort themselves out and she decides she can't afford to stay in the city, this other person and I will just throw someone else in her place. The problem is I spent thirty minutes hunting through ads and had about eight profiles of people open to message, but then I had to go to work and when I got back my computer was acting weird and I got so distracted I ended up somehow losing my session on Opera aaaand now I'm at square one AGAIN. Sometimes I think I should just pull a blanket over myself and give up and live on square one.

Second, my health: I went to the official hospital doctor a while back and had a massive amount of blood taken to do a bunch of tests, and yesterday I went back to see what the deal was about that pulmonary embolism of mine. Did I mention that the French hospital reports said that the clot was so big it was blocking my entire aorta and even extending into some of the smaller veins on either side? Sweet French Jesus. That shit ain't kidding around. Anyway, the good news is almost every test came back negative. The bad news is that one showed that I have an unusually high amount of this one clotting agent fiber thing in my blood, meaning there's so much of that dude naturally that my blood is too thick and prone to clotting, so... he's saying I'll probably be on these blood thinners indefinitely. Meaning I have to restrict my broccoli and spinach intake indefinitely, which is awful. Also, that's one more thing for me to keep spending money on. Oh, I just realized that I'll also have to go get my finger pricked to have my INR tested once a month as long as I'm on this medication... great.

Third, a bunch of people quit Target after Black Friday, so I'm now working around 39 hours a week! It's confusing for me to deal with since I just spent months with absolutely NOTHING to do, and I feel like I've lost all my free time. I almost always work closing shift, so I haven't seen Jon Stewart or Conan in ages, which is sad. But I do need money, so even on the rare days when I'm not scheduled they sometimes call me in. However there are prerecorded ads that play in the electronics section, so whenever I'm in infant's or men's I hear this incessant, awful loop of songs that are slowly grating away my sanity. They've literally become the soundtrack to my dreams. The worst is that they're almost all wildly popular right now, so I get in the car after an eight hour shift and am all "ahhh" and crank it up only to have fuckin Ke$ha moaning at me all over again. Last night my shift ended at 8 so I got to watch Conan and GUESS WHO the musical guest was. Like, bitch, do you WANT to die young? Because if I don't get a break from this song of yours I will see to it that YOU DO. I don't understand how the people who actually work in electronics are holding it together.

Alright, off to work, but that's my life. Happy Mikele's birthday!
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