Today I woke up, went out to breakfast with my mom (she spent the night in my beautiful spare bed last night), played with my NEW MOZART L'OPÉRA ROCK PIANO BOOK for about three and a half hours, hung out with my friends for a bit, then went out to dinner with my parents and my friends.  Everybody had a good time, which was a nice change from the last time a group of my friends went out to eat and made my dad feel extremely uncomfortable.  This time my dad got to tell some jokes and everyone laughed and it was a good time.  Plus we all rode illegally in the back of the car.  Then we came back to the dorm, watched the new Doctor Who (OMG OMG OMG) and then watched Repo.  I feel really good about my life right now.

As the Graverobber says: Old grudges?  Old lovers?  Sometimes I wonder why we all don't move on...

So I'm just done with all of it.  Drama and talking crap have been such a big part of my life for two years, but it's so much better just to concentrate on having fun with my last few weeks of dorm life before I ship myself off to Paris for a year.

Oh, and by the way? Le Bien qui fait mal is AWESOME on piano.  I never would have expected that.

And!  Best of all (for my happiness; worst for my productivity levels), I fixed my Sims 3 game!  Something went wrong with the irritating way you have to install custom content in the Sims 3, and after about a half hour of playing I kept getting the blue screen of death.  So I went in and removed every last bit of custom content (byyye gorgeous hair!) and now everything seems to be running smoothly, if a bit more plainly.




Terrance's Epic Words )

lesmisloony: (wtf Ten)

I was in a stage play version of Repo at a high school and, ye Gods, I was Amber Sweet. I was backstage and looking over the script (I think it may have been a dress rehearsal: in any case, I was vastly underprepared) and in the next scene there was to be a GeneCo fashion show and I, playing Amber Sweet, was supposed to wear something slutty. Unfortunately, the costume was nowhere to be found and I had to go to my own closet, rushed because my entrance was coming up in just a moment. I was talking to someone at the time and saying "But what's the most cleavage-y thing I have?!?" We finally realised we would have to make to with a flannel shirt and a pair of shorts. The clothes were suprisingly Sim-ish. Or not suprisingly so. Unfortunately, having settled on an outift that was decidedly NOT slutty, I couldn't find a pair of shorts. The person I was with told me that I was wearing some right now, but in fact I was only wearing underwear.

Then I was watching the high school Repo performance on video with a boy I'm trying not to like. At the part where Amber Sweet is supposed to make an entrance, someone who wasn't me came out. I had to explain that, having rejected my costume and lost the self-confidence to dress scantily, I had given the part to someone else at the last minute. Good to know my self-confidence issues extend to my dreams.

The boy and I were on a train at this point, apparently going back to college from spring break. And college was in the French countryside. I remember telling myself I was going to study Basque (the dialect, not the character). The train was exceedingly narrow, comprised of only two rows where we could stand and hold onto those ceiling straps. As I was talking to that boy, someone else started talking to me. I turned around (every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never comin' round...) and saw THE GUY I LOVED IN HIGH SCHOOL. I was standing between the boy I don't want to crush upon now and the guy I loved in high school and still kind of adore despite the fact that I haven't seen him in years. I didn't know which to talk to. I had a brief conversation with the high school crush about cell phones. He was on his way to his college in Tennessee. Then I spent a long time wondering why I train heading to the French countryside was going to swing by Nashville first...

Anyway, that was basically it. Then my Dalek alarm clock went off and I wondered how many weeks I will have that thing before it wakes me up without giving me a mild heart attack.

To Do:
1. Homework. Finish reading Andromaque, read Le Cid, and study that history of the French language.
2. Find more disk space. Will probably have to delete my Doctor Who episodes. Meh.
3. Get a region-free DVD player! Might need to get paid first.
4. Burn some DVD's. Gotta free up that disk space.
5. Do something about the sudden loss of soundtrack for those two youtube videos. Megavideo, maybe?
6. Watch Monday's Heroes.

That reminds me!

Rather pleased thoughts within... )

Okay, now I'll pay attention to my professor for a while.
lesmisloony: (XD Shoujo Cosette)

Also, Katherine spilled water all over my futon.  That whore.

Also also, I'm working on a graph to illustrate my thoughts on the LM fandom.

Lastly, I have to write a paper and I don't seem to be doing it.  Maybe I'll at least go to class tomorrow. 

Ooh, and I got Pets on the Sims!  Richmond and Julian are raising Petit Julien, the greyhound who is actually a girl but Julian insisted they name it for him before they knew this (that happened in my canon, not in, like, the game...) and Tara and I made cupcake dog.  I can't seem to figure out where the screencaps are being saved anymore, though... because I really need to post pictures of my Amis, the Patron-Minette, Valjean and the gang, and... like... everyone else.  Oh!  And though the best cheat ever, the Tombstone of Life and Death, I made the Doctor give birth to my child.  Yes, like that.  His name is Papageno Zydrate.

Also, this.  Oh my good Lord.


My Pavi mask!

Ten out of Nine will say... )

Alrighty, so now I need to talk about how freaking amazing my Sims game just became...
And I wonder why I'm so far behind in my reading... )

Can you tell I'm just procrastinating from studying?  I watched Repo for the seventeenth and eighteenth times last night.  Today we watch Amadeus!  I'm excited and not just for the costumes.
The first thing I did when I got up this morning after another rough night and another late late bedtime was to take my Sims 2 disc out of my laptop and put it far away from my futon in a very difficult to reach place. I have many things to do and when I have access to that game... fail.

However, yesterday I did play it, um, almost nonstop, and here are some of the exciting things that happened...

Shilob? Is your name Shilob? )
Sleep is for the weak!


Feb. 8th, 2009 03:05 am
apparently I am some sort of Sims prodigy, because now Nathan and Marni are married and Blind Mag moved in too (in a platonic way). Except now I have to keep up with four people and I was struggling a bit with two... er. Oh well.

Hey hey I got a couple of screencaps! Not many, though....

Yay I have no life! )
UM I want to go to sleep but I just saw a giant roach and am haunted by the unnecessary roach information that was on Terrance's blog. Urgh. Thank God my bed is high up. It probably doesn't make a difference except to make me feel better.


Feb. 7th, 2009 05:37 am
So, my Sims.  The ones that I haven't given up on.  Are all Repo characters.  I made Nathan and Shilo and tried to give them a house (a home) like the one in the movie.  But Shilo was being a twerp for a while and then Nathan became an EMT.  It's all good now, though.  I got it worked out and made Shilo an A student, yay me.

Then I downloaded all that extra stuff and was like DUDE I'MA MAKE NATHAN A WIFE.  Because he is lonely.  And then I found these weird eyes and this great hair and this gorgeous red and black corset-y pannier-y dress and decided I needed to go ahead and make Blind Mag.  So I made Blind Mag Jones and Marni Jones and moved them in next door to Nathan.  My ultimate plan was for Marni and Nathan to get married and give them a chance to be a big happy family.

BAD NEWS.  Nathan took forever to get his lazy butt over to Marni's house, and when he finally did show he poked her and made her cry, WTF.  They barely got along.  As soon as he left I was really excited that he and Marni were *almost* friends, but then Marni and Blind Mag started talking and I was going to click "Dance Together" and I accidentally clicked "Flirt" and THEY FELL IN LOVE.

Danggitttt.  I mean, I support femmeslash and stuff, but poor Nathan!



Clearly, this game has eaten my life.

(ETA: LOL MOODTHEME!  And also, do not adjust your dial.  That IS the right time.  I'm trying to convince myself to sleep now and not start that daggum game up again.  Arrggh.)
Oh my worrrrd.
My geekery is complete.

You guys.  I downloaded every single one of those and installed them.

Also I got a David Tennant, Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre, Voldemort, Vince Noir (zookeeper version, of course!) and the entire Cullen family (just for lulz). 

Someday I'll post pictures.  Today I made a pretty darn decent replica of the Wallace house for my new Sim family, Shilo and Nathan.  The house includes a random Marni grave and the hall of creepy Marni pictures!  And then alt!Richmond wandered over and immediately became friends with Nathan!  And then alt!Richmond sat there and played chess by himself in Shilo's room for what appeared to be twenty-four hours, but finally Shilo came over in her pyjamas to join him.  But they had some sort of row and Shilo stomped into the bathroom.  Then alt!Richmond came into the bathroom and they screamed at each other and he ran out of the house!  You guys... that was so weird.

Oh!  And then Nathan got electrocuted.  But he's okay.

I'm trying to convince myself not to go play with all my new dresses right now because I need to sleep for my exam at oh I don't know ELEVEN A.M.

(PS I hate Sim!Shilo.  She won't do her homework and keeps missing the bus.  She has an imaginary bunny bff.)
Dear Terrance Zdunich...

So, seven years ago I learned HTML from the middle. Like, I was on the internet and I needed to change my font colour and I googled it and that's it. The rest was sort of gradual. But my wonderful COMP 110 class (Chapter 1: Where is the Start Button?) is teaching me all sorts of exciting basic stuff that I should have known all along. I feel like a total HTML beast right now. I got so excited about it I completed my weird webpage assignment already and it's not due until the 2nd. I can do all sorts of cool HTML crap now. Like type Misérables without going to Word and getting the e with the acute accent.  Next up, I fix my own angelfire site.  It's in need of help.  It uses the word "timline."  TIM-LINE.  I can't spell.

Today was the first day I didn't watch Repo since last Friday, but I made up for it by obsessively stalking through websites, capping the film, making icons, and watching youtube clips of the old stage version and stuff.  Last night [ profile] suchcuriousity and I were waiting to watch it and in the process decided to attempt to put on Pavi and Graverobber makeup.  We only had this dark red lipstick, black lipstick, white powder, and black liquid eyeliner, but the end effect wasn't awful. Here's me on my roommate's bed in a successful attempt to terrify her.  We're special special people.  And then I found a website about how to MAKE PROSTHETICS out of, like, tissues and stuff, so I think I got this Pavi thing under control.  Now I just wish it was Halloween.  I might get bored and make my stolen face mask over spring break or something anyway.  And then put it on and run up and down the halls making people uncomfortable, which is fun to do.  I gotta work on my Pavi walk.  And then today Kat decided to dress up as Blind Mag, so I shopped some Mag eyes and pale-ified her face a little.  Here.  And here is a better one of my and  Graverobber.  Don't we look special.

Oh!  Epic win today in English.  Kat came in and just starts going, "I'll keep those vultures guessing.  I'LL KEEP THOSE VULTURES GUESSING."  And this girl goes, "I LOVE that movie!"  And we were all "...REALLY?"  And then we decided she was our new BFF.  We talked about Repo like crazy people until class started.  During class, I doodled a chibi!Pavi in a school uniform and a dunce cap with the caption "Little Pavi fails at fractions."  Ten out of nine, Pavi?  Either that or the ninth Gentern has two heads, which was my second doodle.  Let's see if I fail that class.  But then after it was over this dude (the only boy in the class) comes up and goes, "Hey, were you guys talking about Repo earlier?"  It r so famous.

Last thing and then I sleep!  My TA for Western Civ is extremely attractive and adorable.  I think he's the lovechild of my NaNo boys.  He has the hyper and the fluffy brown hair and the stubble and the skinny from one and he has the blue eyes and perfect skin of the other.  Oh my gosh, he's amazing.  He was wearing this little Simon Amstell-ish sweater/collared shirt/tie outfitand he had had four cups of coffee and couldn't sit down for more than a second.  Watching him would have made my moodtheme collapse in exhaustion, but I have never been so interested in Plato in my life.

The end!  Sleep nao.

ETA: I almost started buying the stuff to make prosthetics last night.  Would that be weird, if I made my Pavi mask, like, next weekend?  And why can't it be Halloween all the time?  I swear, when I move to NYC after college I'm going to cosplay at all sorts of conventions and stuff, because it's pretty much the funnest thing to do ever.  I want everyone to let me make their costumes every Halloween.  Like, everyone in the world.  Costumesssss.
I watched it three times in four days and it comes out on DVD tomorrow and I'm not sure if I should buy it RIGHT NAO or wait until I'm sure there's not going to be some kind of special edition.

You guys you guys you guys rent this movie tomorrow.  Or buy it.  I'm so serious.  Unless you don't want it to take over your brain.

*adds Repo tag* 

Also, I know I wanted to be Chantho earlier and I wanted to be zombie Marie Antoinette before that, but now I seriously want to be Pavi Largo for Halloween.  And [ profile] suchcuriousity is going to be Graverobber.  Ahhhhhhrepo.  I mean it this time.  I MEAN IT.

Also also also also Repo/Les Mis crossover!  It's in my brain.


Jan. 18th, 2009 07:27 pm
You have to go through four pages of my page to see anything but Repo...
-Someone's gonna hang if I don't get my coffee.
-I will shoot you in the face.

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