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Okay, so it started out with Aidan Turner (you may know him as Mitchell from Being Human or the dick from Desperate Romantics or, more recently, the one hot dwarf in the Hobbit movie) showing up at my house and apparently we were old friends and I was actually the person to suggest him to an agent who got him a job as an extra in the LM film (he isn't in rl just to be clear) and later as that dwarf. Anyway, it also turns out that I had had a big crush on him before he left to be famous (makes sense) but here's the part that I find out that he also had a crush on me. So we're about to have dream!sex but he's a terrible kisser and I have morning breath, so in the end we kind of roll apart and walk away from each other, which is pretty disappointing.

Well, then I remember that today is the school musical at my old high school, and that the new head of the pit band is Nuno. So I go over to the school and find it set up for this little play, with Nuno sitting at the piano all ready to go. For some reason there are two stages with two audiences, and the one at the back of the room is just for the pit band, and the one at the front is just for whatever this play will be. I start to go to the pit band one but realize what the deal is and go to the other little theatre instead. While I'm sitting on these high bleachers, Nuno comes up to us and stares straight at me and asks if *someone* could come play second piano in the pit. I direct him toward these kids who went to high school with me because I feel animosity and am worried that Nuno is just trying to prove that he's a better pianist than I am. Then, while we're waiting for the show to start, I start wandering between the two theatres in a big circle. When I come back to the room where the show itself will be, it's filled with water so I decide to swim through it, but I get self-conscious that Nuno will think I'm a bad swimmer.

On the other side of the water is the performance space, and guess who the show is about--Flo! Who has moved to my hometown for some reason. In fact, the show is just about Flo wandering through his daily life. Later someone asks if it's good and someone else answers that if you already love Flo it'll be an amazing show, but if you don't know who he is you won't care at all. I go back to the bleachers where one of my high school bffs is sitting and I quickly tell her that since Flo is my biological father, that means I've accidentally committed incest. Because apparently in this dream me and Flo had hit the sheets at some point in the past. Also apparently I was adopted, because I had a photo and Flo and... Bérénice... hanging out together, so in this dream they were my biological parents? NEVER MIND THAT FLO IS ONLY EIGHT YEARS OLDER THAN ME. Also there was a lot of sex-related stuff in this dream which is pretty unusual for me but not disagreable.

So for a short while in the dream I was standing in for Flo as the "play" began, and basically I walked up to the front yard of his house loudly commenting on things in the way I assumed he would have done. When I got to the front yard there were skittles and candy eggs scattered around, so I started doing an Easter egg hunt which I guess was part of the show. There was also a big weird hole in front of the front steps leading up to the house, which I guess led into a basement, but it was gone later. There was also lunch set up on this picnic table, and apparently lunch was to be a glass jar filled with pasta. There was also a plate with a bit of butter on it, but there was a bunch of hair in the butter so ew. Well, I heard a cat calling for help inside the house, so I went in and found a ton more jars of pasta in the entryway to the house, and in two of them cats were trapped in the pasta. I was surprised because to my memory Flo only had one cat, this mean calico that he got to keep him company right after he moved to my hometown, but here were two adorable tiny kittens.

I freed the kittens from the pasta, and one of them (a talking kitten I guess?) took me on a tour of the house. Everywhere we looked there were more tiny cats, and by the time I reached the front room I had counted eleven. I looked out the window and saw Flo playing baseball, which I guess was part of the weird play he was doing, and I said something about how he was the best person ever. The kitten disagreed with me, saying he was actually a terrible master. I looked out the back window and saw my parents taking laps on a walking track that passed just behind the house. I could tell that they were all mad because they thought I was off somewhere losing my virginity (lol) so I called out to them and complimented them on the Snuggies they were wearing. My mom had a pink one and my dad had a blue one. They saw that I was fully clothed and not lying on my back somewhere and perked up. But then they came into the house, which made me uncomfortable because Flo didn't even know I was in there, and I was worried he'd be freaked out to see that that one fan (I guess we've dropped the idea that he's my biological father and we'd slept together) had broken into his hosue.

Meanwhile the kitten wanted to show me a hiding place where she thought another cat might be. There was a little water statue thing in the living room, and when she pressed a button it, like, cracked open dramatically and the water drained out and a big plant rose from beneath the floor. The kitten, who was in a human body at this point, started pulling the plant's pods apart because she thought that mean calico was sleeping in one of them. But all she kept finding were Jack's magic beans. Meanwhile, my grandmom and my parents were making dinner in Flo's kitchen and I was like GUYS WHEN FLO FINISHES PLAYING BASEBALL HE'S GOING TO COME IN HERE AND BE REALLY WEIRDED OUT. And then I finally woke up.

Idk, just wanted to share.

 This was all happening a few blocks away from my happy little dwelling.  I was afraid.

Tara and I watched out my window as people ran down the street in front of our dorm (which leads to the street where the madness happened).  We laughed at them because they looked insane.  It was a lot of fun.  They were like... like herds of gazelles that had been startled by... I dunno, a jeep.  Or like those... you know how the streaking Sims run?  Waving two arms above their heads like total morons?  Not saying these people were total morons... just saying... well, okay, some of them were.  Not all.  But some.  I mean, for Chrissake's, LOOK at them.

Even more frightening, my wonderful little cinema is right in the middle of this block, usually just outside of the frame of this video.  And considering how everyone was apparently trying to climb crap, I had this terrible idea that some particularly moronic moron would take it in his head to get atop our poor, fragile marquee and that the whole thing would collapse and people would be crushed and die and would sue Mr Stone and he would go to jail or something and and and and D= ...but I'm sitting in mah box office window right now and the worst thing I can see is a little pile of toilet paper-esque debris near the front door.  But seriously!  There were people climbing all over the awning on the Starbucks!  AN AWNING.

So, in short, I was terrified and mildly outraged.  But I'm really not, like, UPSET about it... just sort of... let's say bemused.  I did think ripping down the street sign was disgusting, but the bonfires and stuff were just sort of to be expected, you know?

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] capnspaulding32 , I just thought you should know that I wasn't lying about all that insanity that was happening last night...
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 I mean, obviously it's Tanz der Vampire, but LOLOMGWTF.  I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.

And what a ham!  All the girls are all "WOO WIR LIEBEN MATE!" and he's like *mugmugmug* and I'm like "WOO ICH LIEBE MATE!"
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You guys.  I was going to go to sleep, but then I found this and now I don't think I'll be able to.  I'm really quite afraid.

 Terrifying?  Y/Y?
I'm kind of freaking out, because I was reflecting on my quest to slash Montparnasse with every character in Les Mis before I die in one way or another, and I got bored just now and made a list of as many characters as I could think of.  Well, I got to the double quartette and all of a sudden I remembered that I WROTE A FIC about young Montparnasse hanging out with Fantine and baby Cosette!  And I was like, "Holy crap I never finished that where is it???"  (I talk in run-on sentences when I get worked up.)  And I went plunging into the bowels of my laptop and all my carefully-sorted fanfiction (My Documents > Fanfiction > Les Petites > Montparnasse or Les Petites > Fantine) and I found NOTHING.  

But I'm POSITIVE I started this fic a while back (a while back could be many years...).  POSITIVE.  

In the meantime I found of ton of other abandoned ficlets ranging from one about R that I saved as "Comically Drunk!" and will probably never even look at again to a decent one about Fantine getting dumped to a weird one about Babet's misplaced family, but nowhere did I find that Montparnasse and Fantine fic.  

And then I thought maybe I'd written it in a notebook somewhere and not on the computer at all!  So I got up and tore through my room for a while, only to realise that I took all my notebooks with writing and doodle sections to school and left all but the most recent one in my dorm over the holidays.  FAILLLL.  

I really hope that fic is around somewhere, because, if I remember correctly, it was almost finished.  And it will haunt me until I write it.   But I don't want to have to rewrite it.

This is all REALLY BLOODY STRANGE because I'd completely completely forgotten it existed (or almost existed) until a few minutes ago, and now it's all I can think about.  Fic, where are you??

ETA:  Yayyy the newest Opera update is slightly less buggy when it comes to livejournal!  Meaning when I enter a tag and type the comma, the cursor doesn't mysteriously bounce back over to the beginning of the bar and force me to go click at the end of the bar to enter another tag!  (I really like tagging entries.)

ETA again: Knitting update!  I all but finished that little dog I'm doing for my relative Anne (I'm still not sure *how* she's related to me, but I know she's at every family function, so I'm positive she is...) and then all I have left to do for family members is that prayer shawl, which I'll be able to whip out quicksmart, I'm pretty sure.  Especially if my mom takes me to a bunch of movies at The Theatre Where I Used To Work.   Knitting on a pattern + a movie theatre = FINISHED PRODUCT.  But I always like to dress real purty when I go over there, cos that's where The Ex works.  Still.  ANYWAY.   Once I've done the family presents, next on my agenda is Little Jack.  Because my lovely Stacyfacy LOVES Jack (I don't know why.  I'm so over Jack and John Barrowman right now...) and if I make her a Little Jack then whenever we watch teh Who together I can cling to my Little Ten and she can cling to Little Jack.  And Little Rose can watch us jealously.  I feel daft putting Little in front of their names, but it's the best I can come up with.  So there.  Also, it's almost 4am.

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I was doing a really good job on my NaNo today. I was on a roll. I came back to the dorm and I was all ready to write EVEN MORE even though I'd done well over two thousand words today...

10663 / 50000 words. 21% done!

But!  Then I checked my email and saw this from the TA to whom I emailed a paper on the day of my Granny's funeral with an explanation.

I will talk to Dr. Evens about your appeal when I see him tomorrow. Although I thought I saw you in class yesterday, I must have been mistaken (there are an awful lot of people in there); more importantly, it would have been appropriate for you to let us (Dr. Evens or I) know about your situation before the paper was due-- in which case he probably would have given you an extension. Considering that this paper and explanation came in 4 hours after the paper was due, when the syllabus states clearly that no late assignments are accepted without a written formal notice, I do not know what the verdict will be. Additionally, we are not able to open your attachment. I will let you know if you need to resubmit the paper after I speak with Dr. Evens.  


If they don't accept that paper three is no way I won't fail that class.  Now I'm all distressed and too worried to NaNo any more.  Which SUCKS, because I was totally into it and I had a really good thing going.  I could have probably written tons more.  BUT NOW I CAN'T.

In happier news, our automatic bubble blower came in today.  So that was nice.


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Ohh, I'm watching this 1930something Jane Eyre movie and not ONE detail has made me happy.  It's, like, completely crap in every way.

First off, Jane is a blonde and everyone keeps saying how pretty she is.  Also she loves telling people off.  Even as a kid she was a total brat.  And they sent her to an orphanage where she acting like a brat, became a teacher, and then acted like a brat some more.  And then she met Rochester via the horse crash, but she, well, told him off.  Like a brat.  And then once they hit Thornfield she always wears these gorgeous dresses and has little tea parties with Rochester, who just acts like a gentleman.  Also it has NO SCORE.  At all.  Which makes for all these long awkward sequences with no tension.  (How interesting that the last movie I saw that had no score of No Country For Old Men... speaking of tension, I mean.)  There are whole sequences that are silently watching a pen move across paper and slowly reading what Jane's writing about, even though it's usually just needless repetition of scenes that just took place.  And, um, who exactly is she meant to be writing to?

Adele is in no way French and is Rochester's niece.  Also, she's apparently a klutz because she keeps falling over or getting stuck in trees and flowerpots and  then bursting into noisy tears.  Also, [livejournal.com profile] capnspaulding32 , she totally looks like a mini you.

But if Rochester is just a nice Gary Stu to everyone and Jane is just generically pretty and finely dressed, what on Earth is the conflict?  And if Jane is a total brat and Rochester is a total flat... character... how come this movie is even called "Jane Eyre"?  Also, Blanche Ingram isn't very pretty at all.  Um?

Oh, did I mention that Rochester occasionally looks like Nathan Lane?  If Nathan Lane were one of those tall gentleman types from the 1930s?

Okay, so it just got to their wedding day, and they're getting married in the house.  And Bertha just kind of wandered in, looking identical to Blanche Ingram, and was all "Oh, Edward, dear, are we going to get married again?  Is this young lady one of the guests?" and no one has any emotion in their voices at all expect Mrs Fairfax.  Anyway, the priest was all, "WOT'S ALL THIS THEN?" and Rochester was like, "Well, we're getting our marriage annulled soon." and the priest was like "Call me when that works out, then!" and took off.  And then there were screams from off camera and Mrs Fairfax comes running in like, "Oh, we can't control her, she's so violent!" and then Jane looks all abashed and leaves.

Apparently she takes work in a nun kitchen or something and "the reverend," whom she calls Mr Rivers, tries to marry her so they can all (all?) go to India together.  But that's also THIS IS HIS ONLY SCENE.  I just don't feel I've had ample time to understand his character and motiviations...  Then Jane agrees to marry him and is working in the kitchen while some lady whose accent *might* resemble Cockney tells her how lucky he is.  And then Sam Poole, Grace Poole's husband DUH, shows up at the soup kitcheny place where she's working and tells her about the fire.  She flips out, demands to know where Rochester is, and is told it's the caretaker's cottage.

Okay, so he did go blind, but he does have both hands.  And in the big reunion the acting remains at the same crap level it has been the whole time.  No chemistry, no interest level.  Damn, he just said this:

"You pity me.  Yes, pity, pity.  Strange.  You pity when I'm blind, and yet when I was worse than blind you had no mercy.  We don't belong to each other.  We never did.  You went out of my life once.  Please go now."

UM.  Sorry, NO?  What about all the clutching and holding and  I thought you were a dream?  And then he says "Mrs Fairfax, has she gone?" and Jane grabs him and goes "No, I haven't gone!  And I'm not going!  You want me, you know you do.  Nothing has changed.  I belong here with you.  I'll never leave you again!"  and then Adele runs in and says "Uncle Edward, it's our Jane!" and hugs Mrs Fairfax and that's the end.  Which is GREAT, except Rochester still looks pissed off that Jane's forcing a cuddle on him.


And I'm sitting on my futon wearing my Old Gregg wig, watching this on my laptop.  The door's open, so people walking by in the hall keep backtracking and laughing at me.  I totally don't mind being a weirdo, of course.


Oct. 16th, 2008 12:54 am
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Guillaume Depardieu died a few days ago.  Of pneumonia?  How random.  And how upsetting for his father! 

Guillaume played Champmathieu in the 2000 miniseries, remember?  And he actually looked NOTHING like Valjean?  Aww.

I kind of want to watch the miniseries again, actually.

I love Gerard Depardieu.  Don't know why, but I just do.


Oct. 13th, 2008 10:35 pm
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How can this sort of stuff NOT be hilarious?  The Jane Eyre one was pretty good, but now look at this!

Moulin Boosh by MB4ever
Summary: Mighty Boosh X Moulin Rouge. Howard Moon, a penniless jazz musician and writer unwittenly falls in love with Vince Noir, the star courtesan from the Moulin Rouge and finds himself fighting off Vince's affections with Dixon Bainbridge, the Duke.

Except then I started reading it and it was basically just all the words from Moulin Rouge but with the Boosh's names in it.  Boo.

Anyway.  I have to write another scene for creative writing.  I have my three characters and I know their story, sorta, which I'm gonna use for NaNo... I used Sophie in my character sketch and in my first scene because she's my protagonist, but now I want to write something with my boys, Richmond and Julian.  Yes, those are their names.  Shut up.  I just like those names for them, and I was sorta using them in my preliminary scribblings, and they stuck.

And I have some ideas for a scene.  In fact, I have one scene that I wrote out just for lulz, but I don't think I'm going to use it because it culminates in a big ol' kiss, and I'm too ashamed to write something like that and then have the entire class read it.  So.  I should be working on one of the other choices right now, but I'm not in the zone...

Anyhoo.  Heroes.  Just... wtf.  I did have a COMPLETE FIT when that future!Sylar thing happened.  SO GENIUS.  But really... future!Mohinder WOT?  I don't know.  That show has gotten so ridiculous.  Where's HRG at?  And why doesn't Molly AGE?  And if Tracy or whatever dies, will we have to have Ali Larter in the form of "Barbara" next season?  And why did they introduce us to Monica last year if we're never going to hear from her again??  And, most importantly... KRING.  TIM KRING, LISTEN TO ME.  FIND THIS LJ AND READ THIS POST, TIM KRING.  TAKING AWAY MOHINDER'S SEXY IS A REALLY, REALLY BIG NO-NO.  FAIL ON YOU, TIM KRING.  FAILITY FAIL ON YOU.

Seriously, I'm interested in Sylar and HRG and, quite frankly... all the rest of the characters, though I really do love some of them, can just shut up.  Especially Peter and Matt.

But yay David Anders is back?


My French grammar class is a very textbook sort of class, taught by the lady who actually WROTE the textbook we'd been using since forever ago, right? I like her. She looks like a small Blon Fel Fotch Passameer Day Slitheen, actually, (in Margaret form: I'm not saying my French teacher is a big slimy green alien) but she's rather friendly. Still, the class is usually quite serious.



If you don't speak French, she's basically like, "Hi, I'm Mrs Vandertramp! Let me tell you why the name of our town has changed!" and then she goes outside and her neighbour is like "Our baby was born! Come look at it!" and she goes, "Oh, it's not a normal baby!" and then it turns out the mother is a t-rex named Betty. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

And then her cat gets stuck on the roof and by the time the fire truck gets there it gets down by itself.

And then some random diabolic villain comes in and says "THIS TOWN IS MINE NOW!" but is defeated by Betty! Which is why the town is now called Bettyville.


Other amazing ways to learn the Vandertramp verbs:

The Umbrella Song This one is actually really cool. The following ones are a bit lame.
A Rap Performed by an Obnoxious Chunky Kid
Something About a Pedophile and a Battle with Homework

Also my roommate is very sick and has a horrible cough and I'm worried about her cos I love her.

Also I started watching Merlin and it's loltastic.


Oct. 4th, 2008 01:49 am
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Jane Eyre vs. The Mighty Boosh  by Maestro

Summary: Vince Noiyre, a young governess, takes a position at Thornfield Hall under the watchful eye of Howard Moonchester. But what are those noises coming from the attic? Why does everyone think Vince is a girl? And how old is Naboo?

There is no way this fic will not be hilarious.  I haven't read it yet, but still.  Lulz.

Also, I started working on my Old Gregg wig today, but I ended up burning the shizznit out of my fingers with the hot glue gun.  My pinky has a giant welt and I'm typing with the pointer finger of my right hand and the first three fingers of my left.  It's slow going.  Oww.

Anyway, I'm using part of an old pair of greenish tights for the scalp-y part and a cheap green inflatable pool rafty thing from Walmart as the seaweed.  Unfortunately, once you unfold and start to cut up the raft, it becomes kind of see-through and flourescent, so apparently I'm going to have to paint it as well.  Meh.

Oww my fingers.  Dearest flist, never ever hot glue something that is ATOP YOUR HEAD, especially without carefully watching your progress in a mirror.  Owwwwww.

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