Jun. 12th, 2013

Welcome to my third morning in my new place!  I left the neighborhood labeled Harlem and literally walked about fifteen blocks to a neighborhood labeled "Morningside Heights" which is, from what I understand, still Harlem but with a lot more white struggling actors lurking about.  I'm in a fifth-floor walkup (moving in was a bitch and my calf muscles are still hella sore and stiff) but now that I'm up here I'm OD'ing on joy.  I have my own little room with a loft bed and I built a little cuddle nook beneath it by folding up my futon mat and draping it with my quilt and reinforcing it with my pillows.  The guy who actually lives here has really classy taste, like everything in the room is gray and black and tan, and then there's all my hot pink shit shoved into corners.

My new roommates are pretty much never home the same time as me (I haven't even met one yet!) but are really cool when we run into each other.  My room gets dark at night when I turn the lights off, and there's a huge window for my plants to get all the sunlight they need.  Overall the apartment itself is at least twice as big as the one I left, with a pretty big living room area with a giant fold-out couch, an actual table with chairs around it, and a TV with a thing called Roku that basically means I can watch Netflix and Hulu Plus on it.  And there's a whole separate kitchen.  You can imagine that I might be very happy to be living in a safer place with nicer people and SO MUCH SPACE and all the appropriate cleaning supplies.  There's even a little five octave keyboard shoved into a corner which I plan to mess around with ASAP.

Anyway, I'm here till mid-August, after which I hope to move to that four- or five-bedroom geek girl paradise in Brooklyn that my new friends from the meetup club and I have been conspiring to found. I plan to go somewhere where I can paint the walls and will be able to stay for a matter of years, because I'm so tired of moving.  I want to put my blue suitcases away long-term.

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