This is gonna have to be my new tradition. I also did 2009 and 2011.

Seems to me now that the dreams we had before are all dead, nothing more than confetti on the floor )

Ew I ended it on a sour note. Well this has been kind of a sour year. I mean for other people I guess it would be a fine year (minus nearly dying and finding out your friends don't care about you) but to fill out this quiz I was deleting my answers from LAST year when I had become the world's best groupie and recently been deflowered by my then-celebrity crush and followed that up with three first dates in one weekend, so like... deleting that and throwing in how stupid this year as been made me crankier and crankier.

Let's hope next year I'll be able to delete these answers and fill in something a lot perkier.
Well obviously I have a lot I need to post about after yesterday, but I don't know if I'll have time to give it the detail it deserves. It was a heck of a ridiculous day.

First, I went to meet some friends at the PDS, where one of them was holding a sign saying we needed tickets. There were four of us, and the tickets were GIVEN to us. We went in for free.

Tu voudrais pas qu'on s'salisse, qu'on s'fasse les vendanges... DA NA, NANA NA NA, DA NA, NANA NA NA! )

Unfortunately, I saw every single fan I'd been trying to avoid there (except my old pal A-Crazy). I was so unaffected by the show and uncomfortable being around those fans that I decided to skip the stage door and head on over to Le Manoir de Paris, a haunted house where my beloved Patrice Maktav was rumoured to be playing Sweeney Todd.

In the meantime I'll practice on less honorable throats )

So that was my ridiculous day. Every time I leave the house something ridiculous happens to me. That's why I love living in Paris.

(Before you leave your comment, remember that this is an unlocked post. This isn't.)
I'm in such a good place (geographically and emotionally) that I basically never feel the need to complain about life to you guys.  And when something fandom-y happens I have a flesh and blood person to talk to, because three of my friends watch Doctor Who and one watches the Mighty Boosh and all those other quiz show type things... plus one of my rl friends knows musicals.  The only thing I can't squee over with my hallmates is Les Mis, but for that I have Abaissé.  So yeah, I don't have any need to angst about anything.  And when I'm happy I don't have that much to say on livejournal.

Okay... so here's a picture I drew of Captain Jack Harkness.

Well, I found these clips on youtube yesterday and they made me happy.

Docteur... je vous aime... )

And I had a dream that I met David Tennant and we were holding hands.  And then Kelley texted me from the next room and told me to ask him to get us tickets to see the series finale of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (which is a live show in my dream, I guess) so David Tennant started haggling with Billie Piper over whether there were any tickets left.  Then I decided to go to bed.  David Tennant joined me (in a decidedly cute but non-sexy way) and used my snuggie as a blanket.  Then he grinned at me all guiltily and said, "I think I peed the bed."  And it was true.  So I got up and started pulling the sheets of the bed to wash them, but David Tennant started complaining because he just wanted to go to sleep.  I said "You cannot sleep in your own filth, David Tennant!" but he said that it was three in the morning and it was time for bed.  I snapped, "You can travel in time!" and then my Dalek alarm clock woke me up.

I wanted to share that dream because it's hilarious and horrifying.  And because I now have a mental image of David Tennant, wrapped up in a Snuggie, grinning and saying "I think I peed the bed." My life has changed.

Also, just to clarify to the world.  When it comes to Doctor Who, series two is my favourite series.  But Nine is my favourite Doctor.  But Tennant is my favourite person.  I have so much love to distribute evenly to everyone but River Song.

Whoops, I was going to end the post there but now I'm still talking.

Being Human is getting more and more upsetting but also more and more addictive.  I'm glad Mitchell is being a normal vampire, but I'm also distressed that he's doing it out of anger and not for the lulz.  But thank GOODNESS he knows about the Purple-Face Beeyotch now.  Maybe he can hurry up and save Allons-y George and stat.  Also, the end of the last episode had that Miserere Mei that plays in the Les Mis video game when you go up to heaven to ask for Victor Hugo's help.  I know because I (shockingly) need a lot of help when I play that game.  And because my game used to freeze there a lot.  Still, it's a gorgeous song and I love it now.

By the way, for those of you who aren't Kelley, I'm calling Lucy a Purple-Face Beeyotch because she's also the actress from Shadow in the North whose obnoxiousness was responsible for a death that made Billie Piper sad.  And because she literally had a purple face in that movie.  And because whenever she's in a show she ruins everything.  She made Billie Piper sad and she made Mitchell evil and soon she's going to make George dead.  I can't even deal with the Purple-Face Beeyotch all up in my sexy vampire.

Also, we had a costume party this past weekend which was ridiculously fun.  I dressed up as Fantine.  Unfortunately, all of the pictures are unflattering and in going through them I was launched into a depression that lasted almost twelve hours, but I'm okay now.

Here is the picture that shows off the costume really well but also makes me look like a lardo.

But the pearls were in her mouth...? )

I guarantee that my chin isn't usually that... well, that.  I was doing my consumption cough into my bloodstained handkerchief.

Oh, and for the record, I made the cap and the stays I'm wearing here.  I'm proud of that.  The skirt is left over from high school, the shirt came from eBay, and the boa came from Hobby Lobby.  The handkerchief was from Hobby Lobby as well, and I smeared red food colouring all over it.

Okay, I think I'm done posting to livejournal now.

One-point-five months till Doctor Who comes back!
 Hi guys.  For two nights in a row I stayed up till 8:30 am playing the Sims 2.  Yes, I hate myself a little.  When you don't have a roommate to go to bed before you and make you feel guilty for staying awake, it's hard to remember normal human bedtimes.  As a result, I spent most of today (after work) sleeping through movies I'm supposed to watch for class.

But I have some pretty epic Sims now.  If you're interested in my mega-epic Sims 2 game from last spring, it's all posted about with pictures in an older entry under the "sims" tag.  I've brought that game back to me and now I'm adding on to the mind-numbing hilarity.  The Sims 2 is a beautiful thing.  I like the Sims 3 too, but in a completely different way.

First I'll tell you about a family I haven't actually played, but created just for the lulz.

I don't know how recognisable they are, but it's the cast of The Damon Show (known to most as The Vampire Diaries).  There's That Hussy Caroline, Bell-Elena, Damon, Stefanovich, and Crooked-Face Witch.  They're in the game as the Stefanovich family, which makes the angsty one Stefanovich Stefanovich.  I am amused by such things (I also have a Mr Rochester Rochester and Gillenormand Pontmercy and Jean Valjean Fauchelevant in the game, so).

Now a family that I actually did play...

Aren't they beautiful?  You love them, don't lie.

We made them a house with a second floor entirely devoted to Florent's angst.  We tried to make it look like the set of l'Assasymphonie just for the lulz.

Several pictures with guest stars. )

I also have a few pictures from my own characters... I'll post them to the other journal ([ profile] richmulian ) just so I can keep the two separate.
What have I been up to?

Oh, nothing.  Just getting involved in new television shows because without Conan O'Brien I don't know what to do with myself.

So, Marguerite was totally right about Desperate Romantics.  It's amazing and adorable and yes, the fella who plays Johnny Millais is possible the best Jehan I've ever seen.  Though I adore Fred, too.  And the girl who plays Annie is fantastic!  Oh, and I spied two waistcoats from The Shadow in the North: that terrible fugly orange and pink one was on Maniac at one point and Rosetti himself wore Bellman's hot black one with the green butterflies.

And I really wanted to love Rosetti, but he was such a complete and total tool that I found myself needing to slap him across the face every three minutes.  Like, I had to pause the show at the end of every scene in order to cover my face in my hands and fall backwards on the futon and groan.

So I decided to watch Being Human.  And it's beautiful!  I've only seen the first two episodes (and the pilot, which had a completely different cast but for Allons-y Alonso as Werewolf George) but I adore it.  And I am now able to adore Mitchell/Rosetti, who is a very sweet version of the cliché vegetarian vampire (can we get some Lestat up in here, please?) and makes me want to hug him and stash him under the futon with all the other people I want to keep. 

One wonderful thing about being a Doctor Who fan is knowing there is literally nothing--NOTHING--on British television that will not feature someone from Doctor Who.  Or someone who has been in something with someone from Doctor Who.  I firmly believe that every British telly actor ever is only two degrees from Doctor Who.  For instance, in the second episode of Being Human I saw Allons-y Alonso ask that beeyotchy cactus girl on a date thanks to the encouragement of William Shakespeare himself.  And in Desperate Romantics?  Why, that cranky old art critic man (not Ruskin, but the fugly one) was that soothsayer with the stone arm in Pompeii.  Seriously.  Try me.  

Another word on Being Human--I do like the idea of the vampires (turning victims with an exchange of blood, needing to be invited in, not showing up on film) but I'm a little confused by the sunlight thing.  I saw Mitchell with an umbrella in one episode (the pilot?) but usually he's just rocking some shades.  I mean, I'm not asking for stupid Vampire Diaries rings or, God forbid, Cullen-y sparkles (please anything but that) but Louis would really love to know why Mitchell is skipping through sunny streets while he's over here reading Eliot by candlelight.

A final word.  You Brits are so right in the way you do television.  I'm forced to watch episode after episode of Heroes as it grapples for plot and becomes more and more outlandish and terrible every week.  You guys know what you're doing.  Honestly, six episodes is a lovely length for a series of something.  Thirteen is okay if it's something epic like Doctor Who and six episodes would be NOT ENOUGH, but I was content with those six episodes of Desperate Romantics and I am content with each six episode series of The IT Crowd.  It forces the writers to focus and really pull out their best, most cohesive material.  It's good.  Heroes is pissing me off.  Also, six episodes per year makes it easier to follow a vast number of shows.

Oh!  Another thing I've been watching lately?  That Mitchell and Webb Look.  I can't even tell you how much I love Numberwang.

(Psst--I'm almost done with my study abroad application for real!)
Okay, so now I have watched a German version with some really sketch subtitles that I'm pretty sure were just the English translations, but at least they give some clue as to what's going on and a video of the original Broadway cast, and these are the thoughts I had. I basically decided I needed to open a notepad document and just type while I was watching, so these might be disjointed. I tried to go back and make them a little clearer, but the Serious Thoughts I had about the two versions still stand.

Sponges? )

And there you have it. Tanz fans, what do you think? Am I missing something about the original production or... or what's going on there?

Yesterday's Simming was so beautiful that I can't not report upon it. I am SO GLAD they still live.

In which four men have babies. )

I want to go over to the Vampire household and turn Claudia into an actual vampire and leave her out in the sun...
I luz youtube.

My videospam doesn't sparkle! Betch. )

Did I forget anything?





Apr. 1st, 2009 01:36 am

The Kamaras family: Death, Máté, Herbert, The Narrator, and Elisabeth.
I am rather in love with Herbert.

The Vampire Family: Akasha, Lestat, Louis, Armand, Daniel, Mojo, and Claudia.
Lestat is tan because I'm on the fourth book. Louis is permanently sad-looking, and Claudia is wearing Sophie's old dress.
Oh, and yes, Claudia is officially Louis and Lestat's daughter.

Please don't ask me how much homework I haven't done yet.
So, Leigh was asking for this link and because of that I will love her forever.  :D
Iz mah "novel"!  Warning: iz bad.  Will be better someday.

Also, since Howard Rice apparently SUES people who write fanfiction (WTF Howard Rice?!?) for her oh-so-ficworthy novels which I just can't not love having moved on past Baby Jenks, I've turned to the next-best thing: deviantart.  And I equally love the cuddly boys pictures and the comics.  Things like this, which made me snicker until I had hiccups.  That's the most hilarious and wonderful Louis I've ever seen.  Also he kind of reminds me of my Richmond.  In similar news, facebook!Montparnasse went on a friending spree that I find hilarious.

So, about Howard Rice (with whom I am eternally annoyed: curse her for enslaving my soul to her ridiculous and wonderful vampires then depriving me of fanfiction!  curse her I say!)... I've read the first three books and I love them a lot (except for Baby Jenks, who almost made me quit reading).  I ship Armand/Daniel hardcore, though I'm worried a little about Armand.  Especially after I saw Drew Sarich turn him into a moustache-twirling old-timey VILLAIN.  I mean, I know Armand has some serious problems, but he's not pure evil.  And Marius CERTAINLY didn't hate him!  WTF, Lestat musical.  WTF.  In other news, Louis and Lestat make for some adorable comics on deviantart.  As previously illustrated.

I made some comment on youtube about how I loved the sexy gay vampires and somebody tried to start, like, a philosophical debate on whether or not they were gay... I was like, dude.  1. It's a compliment.  I said I like them.  and 2. When I see a boy kissing a boy, I am going to say that that is homosexuality, mkay?  I don't care if they're vampires or humans or penguins.

Tara and I decided we wanted to make all the sexy gay vampires on the Sims.
OH DID I MENTION NO I DON'T THINK I DID MY SIMS ARE NOT DEAD THEY FIXED MY COMPUTER WITHOUT WIPING IT FOR ONCE YATTA.  Though they did manage to knock off one of those rubbery grip things on the bottom of the laptop...
In celebration we made the Kamaras family, which consisted of Mate, der Tod, Herbert, and The Narrator (Lucheni).  Three of them are very similar-looking brothers.  I'm in love with the Herbert one as a real person and was working on being in love with him as a Sim too, but instead he developed a crush on Pavi Largo and said alt!Julian was HOT.  Slight fail, though accurate.  Carolyn gets Mate and Molly gets der Tod and Tara gets The Narrator.  Also, the Mate one kept trying to kiss der Tod.  Lulz.

Also, I watched Tanz der Vampire yesterday.  Maybe the problem was that I don't speak German or that I didn't realise Herbert's part was so insignificant, but oh my word I didn't really enjoy it.  I like that big crashing theme it uses once in a while, but I'm not sure what else I expected from a musical whose biggest number seems to be Total Eclipse of the Heart... Herbert's song is fun, though, as is the fast one that that old professor type sings.  I'm just very unsurprised that it was a huge fail in the US.  I suppose it might grow on me... or maybe I'll just stick to the Herbert parts.  Aww, Herbert.

HEY could the Anne Rice vampires make a vampire out of, like, a possum?


Anyway, this: Get Your Own Fledgling, Armand!, was the first fanart I saw that made me decide I needed a "lol deviantart" folder of awesome saved pictures.  The look on each of their faces!  Especially poor Louis, who just wants to read poetry and emote... Poor Louis.  We had a joke earlier this year about Louis using  a straightener... I drew a picture of him straightening his hair surrounded by dead poodles... lol Louis.

ETA: All ten Vampire Chronicles books and the .exe for Microsoft Reader, possibly the most wonderful program ever... something.
ETA: All thre
  • 04:16 Is the Lestat musical supposed to be funny? Saricch's Armand was CRAP. Panaro wins. Love those sexy gay vampires. Sleeping nao. #
  • 12:45 Laptop even more broken. I want to die. #
  • 12:24 I spent all weekend angsting about a project I didn't think I could do. I finally started it today. It took six minutes. #
  • 13:47 F MY LIFE ALL THAT ANGST AND THEN THE T.A. WASN'T EVEN THERE TO TAKE THE PAPER. But two adorable guys just walked by holding hands. Squee. #
  • 14:54 I'm so tired. Dang sexy gay Rice vampires, keeping me up all night. It's my own personal brand of heroin? #
I was trying to think of a way that the RIDICULOUSNESS of Twilight could be made more obvious, but then I just started thinking generically about ~*sparklepires*~ and how insane that general concept is and how I'm glad no one in any of MY fandoms sparkles (possible exceptions: Vince Noir and Cybermen) and then I thought...

...what if Montparnasse was a sparklepire?


*imagines a sparkly Gueulemer*

Let's all hope together that nothing comes of this errant thought.

But I laughed my head off when it surfaced in my mind.


Ohhh gosh need sleep. I'm sure this post will shame me in the morning.

So I guess

Nov. 8th, 2008 01:21 pm
I guess I'm the only person out there who doesn't really care about Ianto (or Janto) and thinks John Barrowman's funny borders on annoying...

Well, maybe he was in a particularly obnoxious mood when he did Buzzcocks. Just... wow.

Also, Simon Amstell is far more attractive than Barrowman, anyway.

Oh! And I fiddled around with GIMP in my procrastination and made this terrifyingly shoppy cover art for my nano:

lol shoppiness )

I like that the Tennant one's head is, like, ten times the size of his companion's.  Clearly I should have my GIMP license revoked.  (And, yes, I cast Tennant, Noel Fielding, and Virginie Ledoyen as my main characters.  Why not?  I've been saying I was in love with my characters... now you know why.)

ETA: Okay, I'm gonna talk some more.  I just watched the trailer for Twilight, and the "romance" stuff made my teeth curl inside my head.  In a bad way.  But I have such a weird thing for vampire types (Richmonnnnd I love you) based probably on Montparnasse for some reason.  No, I haven't read Twilight and I never want to.  But anyone who's been around me lately can tell you I have a fascination with capes and top hats and vampiric-ness.  So I might give in and see that movie, but definitely not in theatres.  I wouldn't be caught (un)DEAD watching it in theatres.  And no way will I financially support it.

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