Gah I'm at this part of my book where, like... it's a GOOD part, okay, and every time I go to write it I just want to read it, but it's not written yet so I can't, and it's a lot of pressure to write it as wonderful as it seems to me... and I can't stop thinking about it, but I can't actually get it out and written down?


Like I want to just make someone else write the books but then I'm afraid they won't be as in love with the characters as I am because these are my babies who have been with me for what like four years now, you know?


Omg I just used that icon and yep it's true I first wrote my first draft of book one of my ~*trilogy*~ for NaNo 2008 omg

And now FOUR YEARS LATER I'm finally writing out the first draft of book two??? Omg I will be in a rest home before these three books are presentable.

Let's not even talk about how I don't have my outline for book three in order yet AT ALL.

help i'm writing the final scene of my book and i kind of don't want it to be over
i've been working on this draft since August 22, 2010 by the way

which is why i know i could never be a professional writer

ETA: Oh lordy it's done. I can barely believe it. I'm going to edit the last few pages later on, maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow, and then it's ready for me to start emailing it to concerned citizens who have free time and wouldn't mind proofing it or offering suggestions or whatever... yay.

Unfortunately for the world, as it's technically the first part of a trilogy, there are a lot of small loose ends that are to be wrapped up later... I know what's coming, so for me it's not a big deal, but it could annoy an actual reader.
OT post: I've been using my free time lately to get back in the zone for working on my novel project (it's supposed to be a trilogy someday, but right now it's half of a second draft of book one) and I finally got to a point where I was ready to start writing again. Basically, every time shit!lit gets really popular and people knock it, I get super anxious that my writing isn't any better than these peoples' and I abandon all my projects for an undefined amount of time.

So now I'm coming off of my concern about whether or not I'm a better writer than E.L. James, and after having tweaked a few aspects of the plot (mostly the whiteness of all my characters!) I went back to reread what I had of my second draft. I don't know how long it's been since I read it, and I've forgotten so much of the other backstory (it's all scribbled down in a series of notebooks) that it's a bit like reading it as someone who isn't so involved in the story already. Like a new reader.


I was never super interested in my protagonist before, but in rereading what I have so far, I freaking LOVE her! She's level-headed and occasionally witty and, my favorite thing, totally not a Mary Sue. Bless you, Joséphine-Marie my darling. She's a plain 18th century French baroness who only wants to work her way up the social ladder, but then she discovers she's actually a time traveler from the future and blah blah blah alternate realities and her long-lost brother and his sexy boyfriend. One of my FAVORITE moments is when she teleports for the first time, a total accident that happened right in the middle of her masquerade birthday party, and winds up on a distant planet with two suns. Literally her first reaction, upon deciding that she must have been kidnapped, is to try to find her own way home because Rousseau "said something about man being more perfect in nature" and if people found out she had been a badass she would be the talk of society and it would really piss off her frenemy. I laughed gleefully at that moment for like a full minutes. GAH JO.

How did I CREATE a character this adorable and not immediately love her and congratulate myself? She is my BABY.

Meanwhile, I get to the introduction of my previous favorite character, and that scene... plays out perfectly. I remember thinking it was poorly written, but no, it's great and he has so much awkward UST with his future spouse and he's so loveable and pitiful gahhh if this ever gets published there will be SO MUCH FANFICTION.

Then I got to a moment no one knows exists in the story except Kelley (and let's be honest I'm sure she don't remember me asking her for advice on writing that scene a year ago so basically it's just meee) and it was such a thrilling turn of events and the mystery is so interesting that I literally punched my first in the air when I got to it.

PRIDE. I AM SO PROUD OF MY WORK. Let's just hope I don't ruin it as I carry on.

(I have a writing journal dedicated to the series called "[ profile] richmulian" where I usually put random ideas and backstory and stuff. I'm sure it's hard to navigate if you don't know what I'm talking about, but a good place, if you're interested in this nonsense, is to click the "second draft" tag, which should take you to my progress in uploading chapters as I write them. It's quite a few chapters behind where I am now, and things change as I write but I don't bother to go back and change them online, so ages and races and things might fluctuate... just go with it. Maybe someday you can buy the final version in a store! And you should. I'll autograph it for you and beta your slashfic.)
I just made my first post at [ profile] richmulian, my writing journal, since October 2010!

All the way through college I was working on a trilogy of science-fiction novels. Basically, there's an eighteenth-century foundling raised by a baron who discovers that her real family lives in the distant future and she's a time traveler. Her brother and his mysterious sexy boyfriend kidnapped her as a baby and hid her in the eighteenth century in an attempt to prevent her from being murdered, but all they did was create an alternate reality. Confusing, right? And now she has to try to solve her own murder and decide whether she wants to continue living as the baroness Joséphine-Marie or try to fill the shoes of her dead alternate-reality self, Sophie.

Anyway, a year and a half ago I was so distracted by Mozart l'Opéra Rock that I had to put the whole project on hold, but recently I've decided to bring them back out into the light. I have a second journal where I try to put most of that stuff, richmulian, but I don't know how that's going to affect my journal/fandom-y stuff going on here. I don't even know if I'll start posting to the writing journal again.

What I do know is tha I was reading what I had so far of the second draft of the first novel, and I got so into it that I was profoundly annoyed when I got to the end. Usually I hate my stuff as soon as I step away from it, but this... this stuff I like. I'm rather proud of it.

Anyway, just thought I'd put that out there. The Twin Sunsets is coming back to fill the void left in my life now that the Troupe has left me!
Yesterday's Simming was so beautiful that I can't not report upon it. I am SO GLAD they still live.

In which four men have babies. )

I want to go over to the Vampire household and turn Claudia into an actual vampire and leave her out in the sun...
So, Leigh was asking for this link and because of that I will love her forever.  :D
Iz mah "novel"!  Warning: iz bad.  Will be better someday.

Also, since Howard Rice apparently SUES people who write fanfiction (WTF Howard Rice?!?) for her oh-so-ficworthy novels which I just can't not love having moved on past Baby Jenks, I've turned to the next-best thing: deviantart.  And I equally love the cuddly boys pictures and the comics.  Things like this, which made me snicker until I had hiccups.  That's the most hilarious and wonderful Louis I've ever seen.  Also he kind of reminds me of my Richmond.  In similar news, facebook!Montparnasse went on a friending spree that I find hilarious.

So, about Howard Rice (with whom I am eternally annoyed: curse her for enslaving my soul to her ridiculous and wonderful vampires then depriving me of fanfiction!  curse her I say!)... I've read the first three books and I love them a lot (except for Baby Jenks, who almost made me quit reading).  I ship Armand/Daniel hardcore, though I'm worried a little about Armand.  Especially after I saw Drew Sarich turn him into a moustache-twirling old-timey VILLAIN.  I mean, I know Armand has some serious problems, but he's not pure evil.  And Marius CERTAINLY didn't hate him!  WTF, Lestat musical.  WTF.  In other news, Louis and Lestat make for some adorable comics on deviantart.  As previously illustrated.

I made some comment on youtube about how I loved the sexy gay vampires and somebody tried to start, like, a philosophical debate on whether or not they were gay... I was like, dude.  1. It's a compliment.  I said I like them.  and 2. When I see a boy kissing a boy, I am going to say that that is homosexuality, mkay?  I don't care if they're vampires or humans or penguins.

Tara and I decided we wanted to make all the sexy gay vampires on the Sims.
OH DID I MENTION NO I DON'T THINK I DID MY SIMS ARE NOT DEAD THEY FIXED MY COMPUTER WITHOUT WIPING IT FOR ONCE YATTA.  Though they did manage to knock off one of those rubbery grip things on the bottom of the laptop...
In celebration we made the Kamaras family, which consisted of Mate, der Tod, Herbert, and The Narrator (Lucheni).  Three of them are very similar-looking brothers.  I'm in love with the Herbert one as a real person and was working on being in love with him as a Sim too, but instead he developed a crush on Pavi Largo and said alt!Julian was HOT.  Slight fail, though accurate.  Carolyn gets Mate and Molly gets der Tod and Tara gets The Narrator.  Also, the Mate one kept trying to kiss der Tod.  Lulz.

Also, I watched Tanz der Vampire yesterday.  Maybe the problem was that I don't speak German or that I didn't realise Herbert's part was so insignificant, but oh my word I didn't really enjoy it.  I like that big crashing theme it uses once in a while, but I'm not sure what else I expected from a musical whose biggest number seems to be Total Eclipse of the Heart... Herbert's song is fun, though, as is the fast one that that old professor type sings.  I'm just very unsurprised that it was a huge fail in the US.  I suppose it might grow on me... or maybe I'll just stick to the Herbert parts.  Aww, Herbert.

HEY could the Anne Rice vampires make a vampire out of, like, a possum?


Anyway, this: Get Your Own Fledgling, Armand!, was the first fanart I saw that made me decide I needed a "lol deviantart" folder of awesome saved pictures.  The look on each of their faces!  Especially poor Louis, who just wants to read poetry and emote... Poor Louis.  We had a joke earlier this year about Louis using  a straightener... I drew a picture of him straightening his hair surrounded by dead poodles... lol Louis.

ETA: All ten Vampire Chronicles books and the .exe for Microsoft Reader, possibly the most wonderful program ever... something.
ETA: All thre

Alrighty, so now I need to talk about how freaking amazing my Sims game just became...
And I wonder why I'm so far behind in my reading... )

Can you tell I'm just procrastinating from studying?  I watched Repo for the seventeenth and eighteenth times last night.  Today we watch Amadeus!  I'm excited and not just for the costumes.
Well, I decided I needed to make Sims of my NaNo characters because I love them. And then I thought it'd be fun to have them start out as little kids. So I made threecharacters who looked about right and then shrunk them down to kids and tried to put them in a house, but the Sims told me I needed an adult. So I made the gardener/caretaker/babysitter George (sort of), but because he is naught but an old man I still needed an adult. So under the advice of Tara I made a horrific looking person named Voldetta with plans to evict her as soon as I could. But the children still needed parents, apparently. So I made Voldetta Sophie and Julian's mother. Still no dice because apparently orphans are not allowed. Whatever. So then I got out of Voldemort body, made it a girl, named it Voldina, and stuck her in as Richmond's mom. Then, once the family was all moved into the house that formerly belonged to the Goths (I KILLED Mortimer Goth because I HATE him and I evicted his family so there) I got Voldetta and Voldina to move out. Then I kept the kids happy until they turned into hilariously awkward teens with bad hair.

Screencaps! Not a great shot of Voldetta and Voldina, but I plan to move those lookers into a house of their own later.

Oh! And here is Death coming for Mortimer Goth. I hate Mortimer Goth. He's a horrid mean old man and he seems to run the neighbourhood. NOT ANYMORE, BIATCH. I walled him in at the Genterns' house, Slutopia, and now all my knowledge-aspire-y Sims can go somewhere to see a ghost. Ha.

Who'd have thought that the arrival of our long-awaited skeleton Edwob would not be my favourite part of this day?  Even when I came home from work to find Edwob sitting in our chair, dressed in a bunch of my clothes with my laptop on his knees, my headphones on his... ears?... and a box of pop-tarts under one arm. 

Because my favourite part of this day was... obtaining... a copy of the Sims 2 and all its expansion packs and having it actually work.  And then I created alt!Richmulian (since the real ones are doing just fine in Kat's Sims world thingy) and moved them into a house and got them jobs.  Of course, the first thing I did, even before the boys, was to murder an entire family that was already in Pleastant...ville... or whatever it's called.  We found a family with a mother called Mary Sue and a father who was cheating with the maid.  Well, we let the father make Woohoo with the maid and then had Mary Sue walk in.  Then we put the maid in the swimming pool and took out the ladders.  While she was drowning, the mother managed to set fire to the kitchen without our help!  Then some guy named Dominic came running in and died by fire.  Then Mary Sue died by fire.  Then we put Daniel (the dad) and his obnoxious teenage daughters (and their friend from school) in a room with no doors and fast-forwarded until they all starved.  

The Grim Reaper is HILARIOUS.  He makes a call on his cell phone to get the little white light to beam dead people up!

Anyway, *then* I got around to alt!Richmulian, though alt!Julian somehow looks like Nine.  Also, he's a pickpocket.  Even more hilariously, scalpel wielding murderer alt!Richmond is an EMT.

I haven't used *any* of the expansion packs yet.  Heck, they might not even work.  All that matters is I now have very little disc space and even less reason(who knew it was possible?) to do homework.

*bangs head against desk repeatedly*

Oh my word I need sleep so badly.

(PS- Edwob is on facebook!)


Feb. 3rd, 2009 03:12 am
lesmisloony: (squee ChanTho)
I know I told some people I was going to make an angry post, but I didn't.  Because.

I was playing my game The Movies... okay wait no let me start at the beginning.

We watched Madagascar on Saturday (I. LOVE. THAT. FILM.) and it made me want to play Zoo Tycoon.  So I went to my room to get Zoo Tycoon and it was tragically missing from its case.  The only other game I had was The Movies, so I put it in my computer and started playing that instead.  Then, tonight, during Heroes (um I didn't even pay that much attention, which is a bad sign) I got it out again and was mostly doing stuff during commercials.  And Kat was like, "That reminds me of the Sims!" 

Now, I had never played the Sims before, so Kat decided I needed to see them.  She got hers out, and before either of us knew what we were doing I'd badgered her into making little Sims of my boys from my novel.  And we worked for ages on getting their looks right (fun fact: Richmond would look ridiculous with a mohawk and in some hairstyles he starts to look like Joan Jett) and then she made them roommates and built them this adorable little house with a piano.  And then some aliens came to visit and they almost got bit by a werewolf and within two days (two hours-ish, our time) she had made it go from Richmond being annoyed at Julian's piano-playing to them "making woohoo" which was the most hilarious and awkward thing I'd ever seen.

And the best part?  Was that Julian's personality was somehow dead-on.  He would be in the midst of wooing Richmond and suddenly feel the need to start a waterballoon fight with the neighbours.  He often got urges to jump on couches and he always sulked when Kat told him to clean up after himself.  At one point Richmond was brooding in the kitchen and Julian was in a hot tub with some strangers, and Kat goes, "Wait, what?  Julian got in the hot tub?  Then you're getting in too, buddy!" and drags Richmond over there.  Also she gave them a big giant canopy bed with leopard print sheets.

The moment they fell in love little hearts popped out of their heads and harp music played.  And then Richmond immediately decided he wanted to get engaged to Julian.  At other points they had pillow fights and tickled each other.  You guys.  You guys, it was so beautiful.

When the Sims 3 comes out I am BUYING that thing.

I will make the Doctor and I will make my friends and I will make characters from Les Mis you guys.  And I will get bored with it really fast.  And I will still somehow manage to let it keep me from my homeworks.
So, seven years ago I learned HTML from the middle. Like, I was on the internet and I needed to change my font colour and I googled it and that's it. The rest was sort of gradual. But my wonderful COMP 110 class (Chapter 1: Where is the Start Button?) is teaching me all sorts of exciting basic stuff that I should have known all along. I feel like a total HTML beast right now. I got so excited about it I completed my weird webpage assignment already and it's not due until the 2nd. I can do all sorts of cool HTML crap now. Like type Misérables without going to Word and getting the e with the acute accent.  Next up, I fix my own angelfire site.  It's in need of help.  It uses the word "timline."  TIM-LINE.  I can't spell.

Today was the first day I didn't watch Repo since last Friday, but I made up for it by obsessively stalking through websites, capping the film, making icons, and watching youtube clips of the old stage version and stuff.  Last night [ profile] suchcuriousity and I were waiting to watch it and in the process decided to attempt to put on Pavi and Graverobber makeup.  We only had this dark red lipstick, black lipstick, white powder, and black liquid eyeliner, but the end effect wasn't awful. Here's me on my roommate's bed in a successful attempt to terrify her.  We're special special people.  And then I found a website about how to MAKE PROSTHETICS out of, like, tissues and stuff, so I think I got this Pavi thing under control.  Now I just wish it was Halloween.  I might get bored and make my stolen face mask over spring break or something anyway.  And then put it on and run up and down the halls making people uncomfortable, which is fun to do.  I gotta work on my Pavi walk.  And then today Kat decided to dress up as Blind Mag, so I shopped some Mag eyes and pale-ified her face a little.  Here.  And here is a better one of my and  Graverobber.  Don't we look special.

Oh!  Epic win today in English.  Kat came in and just starts going, "I'll keep those vultures guessing.  I'LL KEEP THOSE VULTURES GUESSING."  And this girl goes, "I LOVE that movie!"  And we were all "...REALLY?"  And then we decided she was our new BFF.  We talked about Repo like crazy people until class started.  During class, I doodled a chibi!Pavi in a school uniform and a dunce cap with the caption "Little Pavi fails at fractions."  Ten out of nine, Pavi?  Either that or the ninth Gentern has two heads, which was my second doodle.  Let's see if I fail that class.  But then after it was over this dude (the only boy in the class) comes up and goes, "Hey, were you guys talking about Repo earlier?"  It r so famous.

Last thing and then I sleep!  My TA for Western Civ is extremely attractive and adorable.  I think he's the lovechild of my NaNo boys.  He has the hyper and the fluffy brown hair and the stubble and the skinny from one and he has the blue eyes and perfect skin of the other.  Oh my gosh, he's amazing.  He was wearing this little Simon Amstell-ish sweater/collared shirt/tie outfitand he had had four cups of coffee and couldn't sit down for more than a second.  Watching him would have made my moodtheme collapse in exhaustion, but I have never been so interested in Plato in my life.

The end!  Sleep nao.

ETA: I almost started buying the stuff to make prosthetics last night.  Would that be weird, if I made my Pavi mask, like, next weekend?  And why can't it be Halloween all the time?  I swear, when I move to NYC after college I'm going to cosplay at all sorts of conventions and stuff, because it's pretty much the funnest thing to do ever.  I want everyone to let me make their costumes every Halloween.  Like, everyone in the world.  Costumesssss.

Also a pretty jacket and some other stuff, but mostly omg disco ball.

And I never finished that Christmas story, but here's another creative writing assignment of funtimes and stuff. This was when Richmond was weird and bitter about his childhood. He's more chill now. As is Julian. Obvs. Also, Richmond's voice changed, um, A LOT.

Also, when I turned this in the creative writing professor said it didn't make sense and needed more concrete details and he didn't really know what was going on, but I remain convinced that there's plenty of information there. In fact, because he failed to understand this story, I think he's probably a bit slow. That is all.

Do I need a Richmulian tag? )


Dec. 12th, 2008 05:08 pm
Vacation is upon me, and I feel the need to do another LM movie recap. I've sort of abandoned the '78 one because, as I've said in multiple places though no one seems to notice it, my version of the movie was abridged. I just can't continue to antagonise John Gay knowing that the Coffin Escape really WAS there but was cut from my DVD.

So I got out of bed this (afternoon--I stayed up all night giggling with Tara and Molls for no reason) and was like, "Today I shall begin a new recap!" but then I couldn't decide which movie to do and wound up just reading my old recaps and staring at my LM collection and eating leftover Pokey Sticks with some delicious ranch dressing given to me by [ profile] suchcuriousity for Christmas.

Speaking of which, I epically failed at finishing her present before she went home, so I swore to finish that Christmas story I was working on. Well, even after staying up till 7am I failed at that too, so instead I'm just gonna post my creative writing assignment from a few months ago. Now, when I wrote this I had no idea who Sophie and the boys were. This was the first time I got them out to play with them. In fact, I don't think I even knew that Julian was her brother. It makes me smile because they're extremely different from what they eventually became. And because I clearly had no clue what was going on in her bewigged head.

lol what? )

So, I finished my NaNo, but the boys are not finished with me. And for some reason I like second person today. And I've bedridden myself so here have a slashy Richmuliany thing.

I'd say it's PG-13. Definitely the most... er... specific thing I've ever written. I wouldn't suggest reading it if you don't like slash or you know me in rl and don't want your opinion of me to be changed forever. Um, and it has no proper ending and it's not very well written at all but it may help you with your slashy needs? It helped ME with MINE.

That said... story time! Merry Christmas, [ profile] suchcuriousity !

You love it, you slags. )
Wrote today. Wrote and wrote. Also watched Heroes and applauded the return of sexy!Mohinder. GTFO lizard skin.

GEEZ. Last season we were all panting for Mohinder to lose the shirt! This season he was unexpectedly naked (albeit covered in craft store cocoon web)!  Also, if Claire (or Peter) were to die I would do the happiest happy dance ever. But I know this will never happen. Only the awesome characters stay dead/invisible on Heroes. DL? Claude? I'm talking about you. And Adam, so far.

Aughhh the NaNo site is down whyyyyy I cannot show off how much awesome work I got done today.

Anyway, here.


41079 / 50000 words. 82% done!

Brown like the feathers of a soon-to-be-eaten turkey. As for me, I'll take a piggy any day.  Om nom nom ham.


[ profile] suchcuriousity drew me the cutest picture ever of small boy!Richmond and small boy!Julian in a bubble bath playing with a rubber ducky. And then I spoke to someone who called gaydom "being liberal."  Hmm...

I didn't know I had so many thoughts... )

In a related note, I watched Einstein & Eddington today. I didn't expect to really like it too much, but I actually cried my eyes out over Tennant's Eddington's love story and the soldier and all that. Oh Tennant. It ripped at the scars I still have from Doomsday. Similar level of pain. But what a delightful little film it was!
It's 4:35 and my eyes are crossing and I feel like I might fall over at any second but I finally caught up... and then pulled ahead two hundred words.

It's the weirdest tangent ever. The gang (including alternate reality!Richmond) have all gone back to that restaurant in NYC in the eighties and now they're trying to help the owner of the restaurant get her lame ex-boyfriend and his bandmate, whose names are Not Johnson and The Eric, to get their lazy butts out of her flat. But I tell myself that this way you get a chance to see what a freak alt!Richmond is and I get a chance to thank all my friends who are helping me with this story by making Not Johnson and The Eric go on and on about how lovely two of the members of another band, May Contain Nuts, are. And yes, they have the hots for Coco Nut and Hazel Nut. They also mention Macadamia Nut in passing, because Molly helped too. No word on whether or not this scene will still exist after I hit 50,000 and NaNo is over, though it also gives a little peek into the shenanigans that were the life of the gang before the whole Sophie Dying In The First Place thing happened.

26841 / 50000 words. 54% done!


OH ALSO!  It looks like Emma and I might take another last minute trip to see Les Mis next month!  Oh my word, I've missed it so much.  Four hour drive?  Bah, totally worth it.

More NaNo.

Nov. 13th, 2008 02:17 am
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My story has no title. I was thinking about it, and I just don't know that it even has a potential title. The Maybe Maybe-Not Tragic Tale of Some Epic Manlove and Also Sophie The Long-Lost Sister?

Hm, I like it.

And, because I told suchcuriousity I'd put it online, it's spastic dork Julian trying to explain my version of timey-wimey to his eighteenth-century-bred sister.


Let's play count the DW and LM references! )

And in case you read that and weren't aware because you've been avoiding all my posts this month but had a sudden change of heart today, the boys are in loooove.  Sophie is just oblivious.

20250 / 50000 words. 41% done!
Draw a pig and see what it says about your psyche:

Click to view my test results!

And Julian and Richmond had a fight today.  I've almost finished with my exposition!

18716 / 50000 words. 37% done!

Tomorrow I have class with the TA who saw my evil twin last week.  She did ask for a hard copy of the paper, but no word on whether or not she would grade it.  Let's see how that beeyotch likes my note from Rich & Thompson.

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