Loony: oh i was gonna say, i was stagedooring from 11 to 8pm today
Loony: there was a free concert of 1789 at the PDS this morning and it was so so great
Mommy: I thought you were getting tired of the drama in the whole stage dooring scene
Loony:: i'm really going to miss music i love sung by actors i love surrounded by pushy fans
Loony: today was the day i knew where to find mikele though
Mommy: There is nothing more moving than a live show
Mommy: I cry when the curtain opens
Mommy: Then I cry again when the music starts
Loony: after the concert i went to a famous theatre called the olympia to find mikele
Loony: i got there around 1pm and the show started at 8pm
Loony: there were already 50 people waiting
Loony: and as the day went on there were more and more
Loony: mikele showed up late for his rehearsal and just pushed through the crowd and i was too far away to see him
Loony: and now i have no guarantee i'll ever see him or flo again
Loony: so i went home and flopped on my couch and cried because i'm realizing that there is stuff i'll miss
Loony:: i mean i'll probably see them when 1789 opens, but they won't want to do photos because they're there to see the show
Loony: and i still have a dream that they'll come to new york when/if the american version opens
Mommy: Maybe you can see them there
Loony: and after that?
Loony: i know it's silly but i actually love them
Loony: like i care about losing them in my life significantly more than if i were to lose like
Loony:[the name of a person i took out to not be offensive should s/he ever see this blog]
Loony: or even [someone else]
Loony: you guys and kelley are more important than them though dont worry
Mommy: Thanks
Loony: and flossie
Mommy: Even when she pees?
Loony: as long as it's not on my head [one time when i was asleep the dog jumped onto my bed and was so excited to discover that I was up there that she peed everywhere]
Loony: mikele and flo have never peed on my head
Mommy: Flo and Mikele never pee when they see you. There is no joy in that
Loony: no but flo is all tease-y and precious and ive never seen him light up like that for any other fan
Loony: and mikele is the only person like mikele in the whole world
Loony: kelley says when i miss flo i can paint a beard on her
Mommy: She might get tired of that
Loony: tough
Mommy: Every morning you will make her late cause she will wake up with a new beard painted on during the night
Loony: people will wonder why flo is always asleep in the pictures i post on facebook
Loony: and propped into a sitting position
Mommy: That would be weird
Here's an update while I continue to procrastinate from sleeping for no reason!

My mom told me if I can condense my stuff down to three suitcases to avoid baggage fees, she'll buy me a whole new wardrobe when I get home! So I'm doing crazy stuff like giving away clothes I don't wear enough, giving all my shoes to the American student living here, throwing away the cases to my Sims games and keeping them in a zippy CD case thing, and knitting for the first time since Bercy in an effort to use up my yarn! Also, I've seen nine and a half seasons of Friends in a little less than three weeks.

Started stagedooring 1789 yesterday. I saw Yamin, who teased me and said wow nice tan and I was like b-b-but I dont get tans and he was like yeah I was kidding and i was like ohhhh. Also saw a very beardy Solal on a red scooter who was looking for Yamin. Also met Danton, or David Ban, and he was super nice!!! Also, it seems like Roddy J is ALREADY sick of fans, which makes me sad because when I saw him a year ago at the MOR reunion concert he was SO PRECIOUS AND CHARMING but now he always has a look on his face like he's anxiously waiting for you to shut up and stop bothering him. Boo Roddy J, I mean really what did you expect. Also, the little Dracula understudy named Sebastien who I didn't want to love, IS SO SWEET. And the new guy who replaced Mathieu has a lot of tattoos, including all over his neck... huh. OH and Tamara smiled and waved at me! She's so pretty and nice gah.

ALSO I WILL VERY LIKELY BE ABLE TO FIND AND SAY GOODBYE TO MY MIKELE ON SEPTEMBER 15TH. As for Flo... I just hope I'll catch him when 1789 starts up.

Alright, and about masters stuff, I started looking at the courses required for the translation masters at NYU that I was initially interested in, and after the first TWO it all becomes accounting and contracts and patents and my soul died just thinking about it. I don't have a good head for reality. THEN I discovered a literary translation master ALSO at NYU, but it was two semesters in NYC and then a summer program in... PARIS. And I was like GAH I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO GO BACK TO PARIS (though secretly it sounded amazing) and I was telling the family that's hosting my right now and they were like "Oh that's easy, just come live with us again!" I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.

But now I'm worrying again, because I never intended to do higher education and now I realize how badly I need to. But my GPA was 2.76, and apparently 3.0 is low for NYU standards. I could probably kick ass on the GRE (I'm not stupid, I just made a lot of dumb decisions in college including playing the Sims during class... often) and I have a lot of experience and could probably write a good letter of motivation or whatever in order to prove that I've changed in the what-will-have-been two years since getting my French degree... geez.

Anyway, so I don't know how coherent that was, but it was an update! I've been really hungry ever since I closed my bank account. I went from constantly eating everything in the pantry of the family I worked for to eating less than two meals a day because I don't want to spend all my money and I don't want to take advantage of the amazing family that's hosting me right now. My mom is sending my resume to places that'll hire me for "seasonal work" while I'm in North Carolina.

Oh I'm still typing? Okay sorry. I'll sleep now. Going stagedooring again tomorrow!
lesmisloony: (amazing Richmond)
Okay, update

So, about a month ago I went to Lille to stalk down the MOR Troupette for their teeny reunion.

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Okay, I have to deal with my job for a bit, so I'll tell my second and slightly less-interesting Lille story later.

So I decided to recount some of my Troupe stalking stories that have happened so far in 2012!

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So. Excuse me while I lie down on the floor and die.

I love this country.
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Decided on a whim to wander by the PDS where Adam & Eve is rehearsing and happened to arrive about half an hour before rehearsal ended! A few of the... dedicated... MOR and Dracula fans were there, and they filled me in on which dancer was their favorite and how apparently most of the troupe isn't even French! They said Nuno rarely comes out by the normal stage door (just like in Mozart times!) and maybe I'd get lucky but probably not.

There were a lot of dancers. I saw Nico! He has a chin beard now. Eventually one with crazy Greaser hair came out and the girls were like OMGGGGGGG and I realized he was the one they had been waiting for. He was American and adorable. I ended up translating between him and the girls a little bit and he was quite friendly and chatty.

The guy with the funny hat and the guitar came out and we took a picture. He was SO TALL HOLYSHIT and very nice! I like him.

We saw Solal leave with his family and his awesome new beard. We saw the Adam guy leave. The Eve lady came out and the American dancer went over to joke around with her and I got in on a picture with them.

Then most of the girls left and I was like... well... so should I wait for the Noonster?

My feet were frozen and I couldn't feel my hands despite my gloves. Finally, I took one step toward the tram...
..and the door opened and there he was! Nuno!

There were still two fans I didn't know very well hanging about, and they immediately put themselves in his path. I took one awkward step toward him--last time I saw the Noonster I was sobbing hysterically and it was seven months ago--and Nuno glanced up and suddenly I heard the familiar cry of "ER-RON!"

Of course at that I went ahead and joined the teeny crowd of fans and he was like omg bisous and I am SO tired and I was like you remembered me! and he was like OF COURSE and hey so you're back! and I'm like siiince September actually and he's like will you be staying for a while? when will you leave? and I was like ummm I might be able to find another job next year and stay? and he was like so you'll be here for a while and I was like oh yes and he was like so.. can we take the picture another time? I'm SO tired. And I was like suuure but only because I like you and he laughed and more bisous and I was like HNYAYYY NUNO REMEMBERS ME AND DOESN'T SEEM HORRIFIED BY MY CONTINUED EXISTENCE!

Then I got a picture with Pascal Obispo who seemed OVER IT. Then I was like HOMG SO COLD and jumped on the tram and got my frozen ass back to my house.

I may go back tomorrow morning to see if I can get that picture with the Noonster on the way in.

I'm gonna classify this as "stalking mikelangeflo" because Nuno is from MOR.
Well obviously I have a lot I need to post about after yesterday, but I don't know if I'll have time to give it the detail it deserves. It was a heck of a ridiculous day.

First, I went to meet some friends at the PDS, where one of them was holding a sign saying we needed tickets. There were four of us, and the tickets were GIVEN to us. We went in for free.

Tu voudrais pas qu'on s'salisse, qu'on s'fasse les vendanges... DA NA, NANA NA NA, DA NA, NANA NA NA! )

Unfortunately, I saw every single fan I'd been trying to avoid there (except my old pal A-Crazy). I was so unaffected by the show and uncomfortable being around those fans that I decided to skip the stage door and head on over to Le Manoir de Paris, a haunted house where my beloved Patrice Maktav was rumoured to be playing Sweeney Todd.

In the meantime I'll practice on less honorable throats )

So that was my ridiculous day. Every time I leave the house something ridiculous happens to me. That's why I love living in Paris.

(Before you leave your comment, remember that this is an unlocked post. This isn't.)
Oh Caen, you were a bizarre and unexpected and thoroughly awesome weekend.

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And then I went home.

The only thing left for me is Toulouse...
After spending two days with some crazy wonderful German girls stalking the filming of the next series of Merlin at Pierrefonds (yep, I saw Colin and Bradley and the gang IN THE FLESH and then went off to bother Florent Mothe the next day) I swung back by my house in Paris, showered, changed, repacked, and set off for Rouen.
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If you have ever heard anyone say they had the best birthday ever, they are lying.  It is impossible.  Because I had the best birthday ever.  

And last year my friends parked a freaking TARDIS in front of the dorm.

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Ahh.  I love all the things.
 All better?  Or all in my head?  lol what am I doing with my life.

Seriously though it's all better.  But I'm sticking to the theory that Florent Mothe threatened Patrice Maktav's kneecaps because it just makes sense.  And because when I was being all dejected over Maktav not loving on me Floflo was all over me in a tragically non-literal way.  He stopped and talked to me like four times in under an hour.

DEAR DA PONTE.  It should not be easier to spend time with SALIERI than with you.  Quit it.

But seriously though it's all good again and I am sunburned and blistered and SO TIRED but I'm so content that nothing can touch me.

Rennes was really good.

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Voilà!  It was a good weekend and I am a happy fan.
Whatever happened to our love?
I wish I understood
It used to be so nice, it used to be so good...

lol okay.

So as you may have heard, Patrice Maktav broke my heart in Lyon.  And then a few hours later he stomped on it.  He honestly does not know or understand what he has done, but that does not change my melancholy.

But a lot of really good things happened too, and some of them are entirely thanks to Maktav!  So I will not give up on you, Patrice Maktav.  I will simply... I guess I'll just... gah I don't know.  I'm just gonna have to see what happens in Rennes.   I have not really changed my behaviour since Strasbourg, which was when I fell in love with him, and I have definitely not changed my behaviour since Dijon when he was banging on a bus window to wave at me, so I don't know what's gone wrong between us.

Here follows my CR of Lyon.

The best part was when Flo got jealous.

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We're going to Rennes Saturday.  I've already finished two dolls and hope to whip out a third maybe.  We'll see what happens.

But seriously, third party types... did I do something wrong here?  Did I overstep the fan boundaries or something?
Oh sweet Byzantine Jesus eljay is WORKING. Aight well I gotta try to post part two fast as possible before it EXPLODES again. Good gracious.

When last you heard from me, the show was beginning. I was in the centre of the room with an unobstructed view, a backstage pass, and a heart full of love for Patrice Maktav.

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Tomorrow I leave for Lyon!
 How can I not return Patrice Maktav's love?  Nobody has ever ever been this nice to a fan.

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Okay so now I have to go to class, but I will continue this saga tonight.
So there I was, zooming through the Alsacien night in a taxi, alone now that we'd deposited Bénédicte at her hotel, reeking slightly of Mikelangelo Loconte's cologne.  When I finally arrived at the Troupe's hotel there was quite a crowd there, which confused the poor taxi driver to death since it was one o'clock in the morning at this point.

I leapt out of the cab and pounced on Lara and Joanna, my first question being--  "DID I MISS MAKTAV???"

Joanna seemed ready to turn in for the night; she said Yep, Maktav had already come by.  I looked to Lara with giant puppy dog eyes of fangirl despair and she said "But he said he'd come back out to see you!"


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I'm gonna knit Maktav a TARDIS hat.

I had typed out the WHOLE of part two and then my browser crashed and took the whole thing with it.

Now it's late and I'm all mad and tired so instead of posting part two I'll just post all the videos from stagedooring and stuff.

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Okay those are all my videos relevant to stagedooring and doll distribution and such!
Sweet French Jesus.  You guys, I think Patrice Maktav may have stolen me away from Flo.

It freaks me out to think that in the space of a few days I can totally ditch an obsession that's been the only thing in my brain for three months, but then again it only took a few weeks for me to abandon my first MOR love Mikele, with whom I'd been obsessed for over a year, when Flo was being so nice and amazing at the PDS.  Maybe all it takes for me to be in love with you is for you to cyberstalk me, and Maktav being all up on my facebook was slightly more delightful than Flo telling me he'd read my livejournal once.  Or maybe it's just easier to adore Maktav since you don't have to fight off the entire female population of France to get his attention.  Or maybe it's because I don't think anyone in the world has ever been nicer to anyone else than Maktav was to me this weekend.

But since it's finally time for me to buckle down and tell the magnificent stories of my adventures in Strasbourg, you guys can be the judge.

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But since I've made you beautiful people wait THREE DAYS to hear details, I'm gonna stop my adventure right here.  I'll tell the rest of the stagedooring stories within the next twelve hours, I promise.  But here's you something to read while I get to my favourite part.

And it is gonna be... MAKTAVSTIC.
 How's it going, you ask?

Oh, no big deal.

Girl on the Florum won two free tickets and backstage passes to see MOR this weekend in Strasbourg and gave one to me just because I run the Florum.  You know, the usual.

Sent one of those fannish friend requests to Patrice Maktav on facebook and he responded by going through my pictures liking and commenting on things that related to my love of him and Da Ponte.  So yeah, not that exciting.



But you know.  No big deal.  I'm chill.
 What have I done???

I've waited so long to tell the story of my last day at the Palais des Sports that I barely remember everything.  Fortunately, there are pictures.  I'll put those over here and see if anything comes back to me.

These include Upgraded Latino Mikele and Flo refusing to accept that I was leaving him.  Also, MAKTAV and Nuno!

Before, before my roots turn to chains )

When I got back at the beginning of this semester I considering going down to the PDS, sitting alone on the steps to the stage door, and using my self timer to talk the saddest picture in the world.  But now that I hear there are new posters up and stuff, I've decided I shall never ever go down there again.  Palais des Sports is over for me.

But I'm a real fan now!
 I don't even know.


Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy?? )

Clearly I have done something amazing to deserve the life I have.
 I AM GOING TO SKIP WRITING ABOUT THE ACTUAL SHOW FOR NOW.  I'll review it later.  It was fine.  Solal's understudy was on and Nuno was weirdly only semi-present, but Mikele was busting it out and Flo was having a pretty good day too (nothing like what we saw in Lille, though).  Ariane (Maman Weber) was being really silly and I liked it.

Je suis souveraine de mes rêves au milieu de fous qui se levent )


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